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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 1.2


my ideal Nuo Nuo

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Pepe Le Pew.

Chapter 1.2 – Matchmaking Alternative

Prior to the interview at the company, Nuo Nuo made full preparations. Her more experienced father warned her that in an interview to show determination of “I want to work in your company eight or ten years,” because company or Personnel Managers will not like a prospective hire who shows instability, since it not only guarantees the stability of the team it also gives company outsiders the illusion that the company is “very stable, benefits are good, employees are unwilling to leave.” Also it takes away from over-emphasizing on additional learning because learning means learning a skill you might run away with. No matter what, the HR manager should feel you’re very stable.

Nuo Nuo listened to the advice, of course it was really effective.

While going through company formalities, she hesitated before filling in the “status” column as “married”. This was her father’s second advice. In large companies, competition is fierce and if you want to remain in your position a married woman’s identity will not make colleagues and bosses wary. As a married person, they will assume that you are more family focused and will not pose as a major threat. Compared to single girls, married women are more calm and less impulsive.

Indeed, after passing the file to Personnel Manager, he cast a look of approval. We as colleagues will get along very well. However, Nuo Nuo absolutely did not expect that Big Boss Xiao Yi would have such good memory, he only lightly scanned her records and could clearly remember her individual status.

Nuo Nuo subconsciously turned the tea-cup. Lying this time will only make the situation worse, so she bit her lower lip and answered, “Because a married status will let the leaders feel I’m very stable, mature and more reliable.” Xiao Yi’s long eyebrows lifted slightly, obviously very satisfied with this answer.

“What about home towns? I remember your resume says you’re local, your identity card’s not fake, right?”

Nuo Nuo is getting really embarrassed. One mishap resulted in a lifetime of regret, Big Boss has began to doubt her character. She hastily explained, “I really am a local, the information for the blind date says I’m C city person, because my mother was afraid of someone taking advantage of my local permanent residency, isn’t it very popular now? My mother is highly paranoid.”


Nuo Nuo finished her explanation feeling a little depressed. When her mother was giving false dating information, she already said no, the it resulted in, “People now are dangerous, they want your identity to get money, these days more people expects the mother-in-law to buy the house. After getting married you go cry.” and so her no was completely rejected.

Now… Look, look newspaper report here!

After having said that, the Big Boss personal profile is also false, maybe because he also afraid people might fancy his money. He and her mother is really “wily as monkeys”.

Mindful of this, Nuo Nuo rose slightly and glanced at Big Boss. Xiao Yi’s eyes flashed a smile. She was surprised and immediately lowered her head, heart pounding wildly. Oh, no, no, he’s not interested in her, right? Ah ah ah, what is she supposed to do? Although Boss is very handsome, but she’s still “yellow flower [1]” : naive, simple, a newbie……

Just as she was immersed in her own little world, Xiao Yi utter a sentence that extinguish her little thoughts.

“On your blind date profile.. it says your hobby is reading, but your company resume doesn’t.. you won’t get distracted reading fiction novels at the company, right?”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo extremely admired Xiao Yi. Does he have a human brain? His is a precision instrument, just one glance at the profiles and he can compare the company and blind date information and find the faults. Xiao Zong, you really are worthy of the name Great Big Boss.

Xiao Yi randomly threw a few more questions thereafter and Nuo Nuo cautiously replied.

Half an hour down the blind date, it had turned into a sweat-dripping-live interview.

Nuo Nuo tears ran, she heard that only company managers that needs to rise into the mid-level administrators will have a face to face interview with the Big Boss. She is only a little rookie, a good weekend had turned into accepting the boss’ incomparable psychological torture.

At the end of the blind date, Xiao Yi did not mention words like sending Nuo Nuo home and left first. She was sitting on the bench, breathing a sigh of relief. This feeling… it feels worse than the year she had her college entrance exam!

At the same time, Xu mama thought of calling her daughter to ask about the blind date. Nuo Nuo saw the ID caller, picked up the call and sighed heavily. Nuo Nuo’s mother after listening to her estimated it was unsuccessful, “Never mind, next time mom will you find a better……”

Her soul has drifted away as she waited for her mother to finish. “Mother, matchmaking can kill a person..”


Over the weekend, Nuo Nuo was nervous. Even in her dreams, she sees the HR manager indifferent face telling her, “I’m sorry, you did no pass the probationary period.”

After several years ago of playing games, Nuo Nuo knew that the Owl Wing production company’s reputation is famously based on “honesty”. Game content on one disc, they do not deceive people with three or four discs, changing nothing and never cutting corners. They are not inferior in terms of quality to other game competitors. It is this sincerity that touched many game players. Gaining genuine support, the company’s size gradually increased resulting with today’s market success.

It is precisely for that reason that Nuo Nuo wanted to work at Owl Wing production. But less than two months on the job and because of her father’s workplace advice and her mother’s dating tips, she risked losing her job.

So following Monday at work, she especially had become dispirited and because of this she was actually late.

The company was very generous about lateness. They allowed employees to be late no more than three times a month before wages are deducted. Because of today’s unexpected road traffic accident, a lot of working employees taking her same route were as late as her. But no one is as unfortunate as her, she encountered Big Boss in the elevator early in the morning.

A month ago, Nuo Nuo and other new colleagues in the training classes learned about the founding history of the company. Shen Xiao Xi from the Creative Department complained about why the Big Boss lives in the floor above the seventeenth floor, never eats at the cafeteria, never participates in any department meetings, never personally inspects the work, and even has a special VIP elevator, completely unable to have a “lovely encounter.”

It is truly a miraculous thing, the completely impossible “lovely encounter” actually happened to her. However, it’s not lovely at all, but rather “brutal”. First the blind date, now the two people in the elevator.. making the space become increasingly constrained, Nuo Nuo’s embarrassed and almost breathless.

Struggling for a long time, she tries to squeeze out a smile that looks even worse than a cry, “Xiao Zong, good morning.”

Standing opposite her, Xiao Yi wore a silver-grey suit, white shirt, lining his outstanding aura. Even though the space was cramped, they stood close nearly face to face, nose to nose, almost pressed together. Xiao Yi did not even bother to take a look at her, in a deep voice coldly said, “Not early, you’re late.”

Nuo Nuo face wrinkled. Of course she know she’s late, it was just unfortunate he caught her on the spot. Leaving Xiao Yi a bad impression, will she not pass the probationary period?

Nuo Nuo was thinking of random thoughts when the elevator *dinged*. Her heart silently cheered, she walk to the side ready to say good-bye to Xiao Yi. The words “Xiao Zong, this is my floor!” haven’t left her mouth when she almost choked on them.

This, this, and this is not …

Xiao Yi strolled from behind her out of the elevator. He coldly said, “This VIP elevator goes directly to seventeenth floor, you can take a normal elevator down.”

*three black lines*

Nuo Nuo finally understood, not because her character’s too good but because after being late and in such a hurry, she carelessly shared the VIP elevator with Big Boss.

[1] 黄花 Yellow flower; the expression is equivalent in English is green as grass.

suteki: looks like Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi are destined to be together, out of all the people he had to be her blind date, and out of all of the people.. only she would find herself stuck in a tiny elevator with him.


11 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 1.2

  1. “Half an hour down the blind date, have turned into a sweating dripping live interview.” Poor unlucky Nuo Nuo. She felt so uncomfortable and terrified in this blind date. So far, I’m not liking our male lead. But, kinda romantic the elevator scene. Nose to nose closeness. hmm..


    1. Yes, I think at the moment Nuo Nuo does not harbour any special feelings for Xiao Yi. I thought the elevator scene was romantic too but definitely for the opposite for Nuo Nuo


  2. I enjoyed this chapter, thanks.

    While reading I was like: “where are her co-workers? Are they not late like her? Why is she the only one (+he) in the elevator?”
    And then I came to understand why… LOL


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