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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 1.3


My ideal Xiao Yi

 Chapter 1.3 – Matchmaking Alternative


Nuo Nuo had tears in her eyes, still manage argue, “You pressed the elevator door before I came…”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi slightly paused, turned around looking at her, “Just who shouted at the door and made me wait, huh?”

Nuo Nuo was petrified, staring at Xiao Yi having absolutely no idea how to answer.

It… seems… she did really say she was waiting for the elevator..


Hands on her head extremely frustrated and completely confused.

Without turning his head Xiao Yi went straight into the office.

And when she fully recovered from looking at Big Boss beautiful shadow, only to find, “Ah! Late!”

Nuo Nuo had originally thought, after the elevator and blind date incident, Xiao Yi will definitely fired her. The results Monday no movement, Big Boss was very busy, had a lot of meetings to attend; Tuesday no movement, she heard the Fei Long (Fat Dragon) production team projects is to be listed, Big Boss was conducting marketing ideas; Wednesday no movement, Thursday to Friday still no movement, then Nuo Nuo finally started to think:

Maybe, probably, the Big Boss did not take it to heart, and bluntly, this little rookie is inadequate to Xiao Yi, so he had forgotten her existent a long time ago.

One side Nuo Nuo was excited, on the other hand something very strange arose in her heart, she was actually… a little bit disappointed. Generally novels are not written like this…… The male and female met because of some misunderstanding, small friction occurs at work, and then the male begin to realise the female is actually very cute…

Nuo Nuo grins at the mirror while grimace in pain, actually her appearance was fairly average, plump round apple face, big round eyes, round dimples, well rounded figure.

Overall Nuo Nuo looks very similar to a porcelain doll, very lovely, and very cute. Chubby face making people want to pinch it, a pair of almond round eyes, medium body shape, little more meat but there’s still curves. However, Nuo Nuo may still look like an immature student, so comparing to a beauty that has a hot body, her “cute” was inadequate.


Sure enough, its only reasonable Big Boss likes girls who are mature and sexy.

For three second Nuo Nuo was sad for her “cute” face, placing the thoughts of Xiao Yi in the back of her mind, threw herself back into work. Overall, Big Boss not remembering her is for her own good. Thinking her marriage lie has not been exposed, there is still hope, Nuo Nuo blood boiled with passion again.

In fact, as a new employee, Nuo Nuo’s work is also very simple, which is to become familiar with the company’s culture, projects and operational processes. Perhaps, in other companies, similar training is boring, but in Owl Wing, to become familiar with work is to play the games.


Each day’s work is done according to her task list, playing company or competitors games, then discuss about her feelings based on the plots and characters designed. Finally by Friday she finished playing “Fired” 《会被炒》, writing the game experience report went exceptionally well, not long after sending an email to her supervisor, a reply came through.

Reply: (6.23) “About the game analysis on the Doomed Man《注定之人》plot, you have given an in-depth analysis, a lot of professional ideas, has totally exceeded my expectations. The Doomed Man《注定之人》is the company‘s new year‘s masterpiece, it’s main emphasis on graphics and combat system, the issue the thin plot” Xu Nuo pointed out is actually harmless, but analysis of the emotional aspects and recommendations are fairly in-depth, insightful, very good!

Mo Zi Yuan”

Nuo Nuo saw this response, her fox tail ascend to heavens. The company’s gold producers, a straight face mentor who would never to say a word or two actually praise her! Her cheeks flushed slightly, in fact, she also considers herself rather clever.

Since the first day in the company because Big Boss cruel blow Nuo Nuo began to think, why the Owl Wing? How come no female writers stayed? Really in terms of gaming, female sensitivity, familiarity are not males strong areas, for overall consideration of the company, having a female writer is also quite normal.

When comparing herself to previous female writers could they be much better? Nuo Nuo not sure, but thinking, she decided to match up.

Her Father said, although so far there are no females in the company’s Planning Department, but they did not stated “only recruiting males” so in that sense the Planning Department still demand female writers.

So, Nuo Nuo started to think, what strengths does she have that those men don’t? More attention to details, more subtle emotions. Thus, Nuo Nuo’s game analysis will add some female gamers perspective and emotional aspects.

Although The Doomed Man《注定之人》plot is very moving, but the emotional interactions between men and woman are somewhat lacking. She deliberately proposed a number of advice and ideas, did not expect praised from her supervisor!

Nuo Nuo is happy, email again. Open email to incredibly see, Fei Long team boss has personally reply. Due to company CC regulations, an email copy is sent to the relevant personnel, she never thought Fei Long team producer will personally response to this little rookie own email, she nervously clicked open the email.

Reply: Reply: (6.23) “About the game analysis on the Doomed Man《注定之人》plot.

The Doomed Man《注定之人》is Fei Long team’s work, viewing Xu Nuo recommendations, it is indeed worth considering. We previously thought more on a male player’s point of view, may have over looked some requirements in the emotional aspect of male and female in the game for female gamers needs.

(受教) Educated!

Fei Long

Nuo Nuo stared at the screen for half the day, and carefully reading the email content over again before deciding this is true. She actually got two producers affirmation, and Fei Long team producers also used the two words “educated”.

Nuo Nuo chin fell to the table, completely immersed in a pink bubble of happiness. These two ace producers affirmed her, soon she should be an official staff, right? Maybe less than two months she will be able advance to…

Feeling arrogant, the mailbox came with another *Ding* sound, she held her breath, can not imagine who it was, with eyes closed and clicked open the email.

Reply: Reply: Reply: (6.23) “About the game analysis on The Doomed Man《注定之人》plot.

The Doomed Man《注定之人》the PC game was created to target the primary players, streamlining the plot to the game more smoothly. As an inventor, first based on the original top element to create the game, we must respect the pyramid principle when making the game.

Major elements of The Doomed Man《注定之人》situated in the combat system and background, according to the top while the story is mandatory to choose the detailed required. Xu Nuo as writer, her proposal only considers the plot, does not respect the invert pyramid principle, order reversed. Zi Yuan as a mentor does not clearly teach these basic production knowledge, considered negligence; Fei Long as game producers because a few suggestions and gave up the principle deemed unwise.

So starting Saturday Nuo Nuo is to implement re-training courses, Zi Yuan as the instructor, Fei Long Planning team as observers.

Xiao Yi

In the end, Nuo Nuo looked completely stupid.

Xiao Big Boss, who manage hundreds, personally reply her email to… scold people.. she was sure enough… he hates it!

suteki: we get a brief description of what Nuo Nuo looks like. In the next part a new character appears, Xiao Jun, Xiao Yi’s little brother. His encounter with Nuo Nuo is super cute and quite hilarious. >.<


13 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 1.3

  1. Not as exciting as the last post but still good to read.
    I like how Xiao Yi take attention of Xiao Nuo, just to scold her!


    1. Are you referring to when does Nuo Nuo starts to like Xiao Yi?

      If I remember correctly it’s around chapter 3 after Nuo Nuo sprained ankle, or could be after Xiao Yi goes on a business trip. I will have to reread and double check on that


  2. Just started reading this and I thank you a million…it has just the right amount of cuteness and love…I love it!!!

    Thank you!!!


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