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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 1.4


My ideal Xiao Jun

Chapter 1.4 – Matchmaking Alternative

When Nuo Nuo first entered Owl Wings production company, she found it very strange.

Everyday the instruction sheets are always sent to her inbox, and at the end of the day she’s required to email her supervisor on her work progress, this process goes through to the production team leader, head of planning, relevant managers before reaching…. Xiao Yi.

Nuo Nuo then thought, Xiao Yi as boss, each day how many similar emails does he receive? She’s just a mere rookie, to send email reporting work situation, everyday his inbox must be full, right?

Nuo Nuo did not know that, everyday there’s a full-time clerk to handle Big Boss inbox, organizing each email separately one by one, as urgent, important, not important, personal and work, and then report in accordance with the order of priority to Xiao Yi.

Therefore, usually Big Boss was really busy, no time to personally check his emails, extremely lucky, unexpectedly heaven trap trouble for her. This weekend, Xiao Yi just finished replying to an urgent email, barley having enough time to close the mailbox, when an alert came through *Ding*, ‘you have a new mail.’

So, Xiao Yi just readily click…

Just one click, which has opened a weekend training course, although she’s not clear with the situations, but its rare millennium that the Big Boss actually taking the time to reprimand her this little rookie, her boss really has nothing better to do.

Obviously everyone including her, are willing to tend to the former.

But this situation now, Nuo Nuo was a little unsure.

In the conference room, instructor Mo Zi Yuan impassively lectured while writing on the blackboard, Fei Long team members all eyes widened, appeared to be very focused, thriving for knowledge, while Nuo Nuo was entirely the opposite.

Just a moment ago, before Boss Xiao Yi reached the conference room, Fei Long team members were still laughing, or asleep, playing mute mobile phone games, although Mo Zi yuan didn’t do much, but occasionally he will talk about games or explain some little story.

Fei Long boss tugged Nuo Nuo’s hand, with a look of remorse. Seeing this Nuo Nuo felt embarrassed, before the training started, she profusely apologize, but of course, if not for her damn email, those who sleep late could sleep in, go out can go out, accompany husband or mother accompany child can do so… rather than accompanying her.  As a result, Fei Long team listening do not response much to her apologies, Fei Long boss sigh, “This is well… I really do not blame you, blame it on your bad luck”

“Oh?” Nuo Nuo did not understand, blinking at her mentor.

Mo Zi Yuan nodded, whispered, “The game creator is Xiao Yi”


Nuo Nuo chin fell to the ground, all but… silence.

No wonder Big Boss had such a strong reaction, who can bear their own employee insisting their work was not good?

Nuo Nuo has not come back to her senses when Fei Long boss added, “Actually, the emotional interaction of male and female in the game, our team was really doing the relevant changes, MM Creative Team also helped us draw CG propaganda game maps, the results was axed by the boss.”

“Yes, yes.” Another team member that agreed with Fei Long nodded, “Xiao Ge is clearly suppressing it too much, he really is abusing power!”

“Oh? Abuse of power? So is there a need for a revolution?”

Started, Nuo Nuo subconsciously turned around, looking at the door she did not know when Xiao Yi arrived.

What is revolution? To naturally suppress violent? Xiao Yi sat down next to Nuo Nuo during the lecture, the atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly dropped to below zero. Her memory stop, once again begins to suspect her boss must be really really bored, suddenly replying to her email, then without warning personally attend the training course during the holidays.

Throughout the morning, whether it was the person who was training or being trained, everyone felt exhausted thus declining Nuo Nuo’s lunch request, those who wanted to go home went home, those who accompany their wife to see a movie, did so too. Before the end of the meeting Xiao Yi went out to answer a call, also disappeared without a sight. Nuo Nuo voluntary clean the conference room, presumably Big Boss probably will not come back, prepared to catch the bus home.

As a result, while waiting for the bus, something very embarrassing and frustrating has happened to her.

While waiting for the bus, Nuo Nuo thought of a “not to be subdued by force, poverty can not be changed” nickname for Xiao Big Boss – The WEEKEND Killer!

Yes, the Big Boss is a cold blood weekend killer, whatever young girls, young women or old women are all out of it, just at look her Xiao Big Boss, specifically taking advantage of people most relaxed free weekend, just last week the blind date caused her not sleep well for two days, this week is training course, next week….

The thought that next week will be another weekend killed Nuo Nuo shivered slightly.

She was distracted, when a shy seventeen – eighteen year old boy appeared in front of her asking for directions.  She did not mind that the two of them were not that far apart either, two – three boys around the same age as him poked their head out curiously looking their way.

“Oh…” Nuo Nuo was aware of this situation, he was not asking for directions, but manage not to speak first. Looking at the boy’s school uniform he seems like a student from the XX middle school in the front.

“That… that…” He grabbed his hair, stuttering a long time before completing a new sentence saying, “that, can you tell me how to get to West-wood Park?”

Nuo Nuo blinked, realised, oh so his really asking for directions.

“Wait here for the No. 12 bus, go left about three minutes to reach West-wood.”

“Thank… thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The little boy faced the road, face still unwilling, for a long time suppress a statement, “that… can I ask for your phone number?”

“……” Nuo Nuo blinked again, enlighten, oh! So asking for directions was just an excuse, this is his real intentions, but isn’t this little boy too young? She’s at least five years older, actually dared to ask for her phone number?

The little boy seeing Nuo Nuo remained silent, thought she was anxious, refusing to give up, scratching his head for a long time before saying, “I’m afraid if I can’t find the way, I can call to ask for the directions.”


Little brother, could you come up with a better reason?

Nuo Nuo thought for two seconds, head tilt, “Oh you need my phone number just to ask for directions?

Little boy heard this, half blushed, Nuo Nuo’s sweet smile of encouragement left him speechless, “No, not really… In fact I… I have often seen you waiting for the bus.. I.. can we be friends?”

From behind booed and laughter gushed as the group of boys heard the boy confession,

“Oh, the brat finally said it, he practised for days!”

“Well, if I were you, would have court her in less than half a month, who knows perhaps now we would have kissed.”

“Ha ha ha …”

Nuo Nuo heard the wicked group of boys teasing, head emit green veins, fingers grip more tightly. The little boy looked slightly nervous, hastily explained,

“You, you don’t mind, they’re..”

Words not finished, Nuo Nuo had transformed into a “Fire Queen”, glaring demanded,

“How old are you?”

“Huh?” The little boy has not react, Nuo Nuo said again, “How old are you? Actually learning how to confess?”

Her words immediately left the little boy dumbfounded, the little devil hid in the corner. Nuo Nuo think it was not fun, criticises “you so young, not well-educated, if sister, I do not find your teacher and parents… “

“Cut!” Not finished speaking, the kid with a demon profile said, “Pretend to be old? Don’t think just because you don’t wear school uniform you can pass off as a white-collar.”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo head struck by lightning, petrified in place.

This kid… actually regarded her as his school mate?

No wonder he had the guts to ask for her phone number.

For a time, Nuo Nuo was tear-less. She admitted she looked like a little kid, no matter how she dressed, her round face was very similar to a student, however she had work in the society for more than two years! Even without weathered, her face must have traces of maturity, right?”

Why, why…

This little kids has muddle Nuo Nuo’s mind, unexpectedly an important moment of confession, wasn’t she thinking about teaching these little brats a lesson? Wondering how to refused the little boy in front of her, the same words has been hovering her mind:

Look at any rate, I was a college student! Why am I seen as a high school student? Humiliation, ah humiliation!

The little boy sees Nuo Nuo’s pale white face, thought his friend booing caused has upset her and wanted to cry, so quickly tried to comfort, “You don’t like this, we … I didn’t mean anything bad. If … If you don’t want to give me your phone number, how about from now on every day after school you and I can ride the school bus home together, okay?”

Again four words “together after school” lightning flew, still no time to react when a black Volvo has slowly stopped in front of the bus station.

suteki: And that concludes the end of chapter 1, phew! *pats myself on the back* I hope you all enjoyed it 🙂 Xiao Jun is just too cute, don’t you think?

19 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 1.4

  1. This time is AWESOME.
    You’re extremely fast, if only other translator were an half of you..

    I truly liked how the “chance” seems to make them closer and closer, first the mother, second the elevator, after this the email (truly lucky-or not), and then the car? Xiao Yi is quite different from the resume, will we ever get a glance at Xiao Yi feelings?
    Even if I know it’s only a novel, I hope Nuo Nuo will get smarter, she us way too naive…
    And as always thank for the chapter


    1. Hi Rudy,
      Thank you for your kind words, translating is actually a really long and tiring process. It takes a lot of dedication.

      Yes we will get to see Xiao Yi true feelings, there’s a love confession in Chapter 7 or 8, but do we get a few of clues on his feelings towards Nuo Nuo before those chapters.

      Yes I do love them too, it’s hard to find images of my ideal characters. But I think their somewhat how I pictured them when I was reading the novel. 😉


  2. This story is getting better with each translated part. I’m so glad I found your blog! Can’t wait how it will progress. Thanks for your work. And also I absolutely adore your choice of pictures each time. They just tempt me to continue reading. Can’t resist.


  3. NEW READER HERE… i was bored so i find something to read…

    “Oh, the brat finally said it, he practised for days!”
    – the boy is cute, he’s been practising.. kihkihkih

    This kid… actually regarded her as his school mate?
    – this is not a bad thing i think? means she looks young, isn’t it?? when you are at my age, you waking up in the morning hoping you are 18 again..


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