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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.1


 And since the author already describes Nuo Nuo appearance as student like I decided to put a face to character instead of the first picture I posted up of her. I choose this picture because she gives me a young sweet student vibe 🙂 

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by thundergirl3

Chapter 2.1 – Black Belly Brothers

Mother, you’re right, when a man invites you to dinner it’s never with good intentions. 

Because the Volvo appear too garish, Nuo Nuo and the group of kids forgot to pinch themselves. At the same time, they involuntarily tilted their head to look. The car windows slowly lowered revealing a cold face. Nuo Nuo struggled to yell out the two words “Xiao Zong” before the boy next to her said,


This time, even Nuo Nuo doesn’t know what kind of expression is on her face, just innocently staring at Xiao Yi dangerous set of eyes.

“Xiao Jun, you should be on the bus home at this time.”

Hearing this Xiao Jun can sense trouble, he immediately scratch his head saying, “Ah lost some time at the school”

The group of boys seeing Xiao Big Boss appear was also aware of the surrounding air dropped and they ran for the exits.

“Xiao Jun, your brother is here to pick you up, we’ll go ahead.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow”

“Xiao Ge [1], good bye.”

Nuo Nuo laughed, estimated the boys wanted to say “never see again” right?

In an instant, the bus left the station leaving Nuo Nuo, Xiao Jun two people, and one gorgeous car, one handsome driver.

But apparently, the handsome driver was not ready to acknowledge her, he didn’t even lift his eyelids, “Get in the car”

Xiao Jun took a glimpse of Nuo Nuo, got onto his older brother’s Volvo. Nuo Nuo decided to not move, the car did not start, Xiao Yi slowly spit out the words, “You, also get in the car.”


Nuo Nuo’s eyes wide open, she look left and right. The entire station, she’s the only person left, he’s telling her to get in the car? No way, did Big Boss hear a word or two and he thought she was seducing his brother?

%> _ <%

Her tears ran, thinking of the words “seduce” frightened her. Ancient flowers destroy, it’s a big offence, if Xiao Big Boss misunderstood, she will be fired!

Xiao Jun listened on the side, he anxiously bit his teeth and explained, “Brother, just now… I … it wasn’t her fault, why are you telling her to get in?”

Nuo Nuo stared into the distance, choking back the tears. Little fool, don’t you know “wasn’t her fault” is typical of trying to deny something, thus admitting their guilty? And your facial expression, “If you get the car, my brother will destroy you”, instead won’t boss abuse me more? I’m done for, finished, Xiao Yi certainly misunderstood.

Before Xiao Jun could say words again, his brother gave a killer look. Xiao Yi cleared his throat and said, “She’s an employee at my company, is there a problem seeking her for business matters?”

This time, Xiao Jun left dumbfounded, he automatically stared at Nuo Nuo, a look of disbelief, “You, you’re really not a student in my school? I thought you just dressed a little mature.”

Nuo Nuo started to sweat, she did not say anything and obediently got into the back seat.

All the way was silence.

In the car, Nuo Nuo did not even dare to breath, let alone ask, “Where they were going.” Until the car firmly turned into the Zi Wei Garden residence, she reacted unconsciously. Big Boss is sending his brother home, right? The idea pop out, she automatically derived from numerous synonymous sentences.

—Xiao Jun home is Big Boss home?

—Now its close to noon…

—Is Big Boss going home to eat lunch?!

Nuo Nuo sat in the back sweating profusely. First, the blind date incident with Big Boss has been very embarrassing. Today met his brother, the confession, and now he is not ready to take her home for dinner, right?

While Nuo Nuo is having random thoughts, the car has approached the house downstairs, Xiao Jun unbuckle his safety belt, he looked at Nuo Nuo then looked at his brother, speechless, “Brother, you ——”

“Get off,” Xiao Yi cleanly interrupted his brother, “Your aunt and I have company business, you tell Mother I’m not coming back for dinner.”

Nuo Nuo had no time to rejoice not having to go to Xiao Yi home because the word “Aunty” completely surprised her. Although she understands Big Boss’ mood, wanting Xiao Jun and her to form a distance so he indicated the age difference, their positions are difference, but, “Aunty”…

In the corner, Nuo Nuo drew circles of resentment – is she that old? The word “Aunty”, not only is she Xiao Jun’s elder, she is also Big Boss’ elder, but she’s obviously several years younger than Big Boss.


Even though thousand million not reluctant, Xiao Jun obediently went home for dinner. In the car only Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi left, the atmosphere became dignified. Nuo Nuo could not find the words; she smiled and said, “Xiao Zong, you just said that you’re looking for me regarding business matter, what is it?” Xiao Yi stares ahead carefully driving and spat out the words, “Dinner”.

This meal is destined to indigestible.

Along the way, Nuo Nuo thought of the words her mother has taught, “A biscuit would not fall from the sky for no rhyme nor reason, even if one drops, it will be a poisonous biscuit!”

So unexpectedly Nuo Nuo comes face-to-face with an opportunity to eat with Big Boss, she firmly and definitely believe it is “poisonous biscuit”, commonly known as the feast at the Hong gate [2].

Indeed, at the restaurant, Xiao Yi was very overbearing, he did not ask Nuo Nuo slightest opinion on the dishes, when the waiter walked away he was straight to the point and said, “Just at the station, I heard Xiao Jin and your words.”

Nuo Nuo silently sobbed, so this meal is a showdown?

Xiao Zong ah, this you can’t really blame me, blame it on my Mother and Father, make me too young. Actually, I have been trying very hard, very hard to dress up a little bit more mature, but I still unintentionally attracted your brother.

One side Nuo Nuo biting the vegetables day-dreaming, on the other hand she was trying to come up with an explanation for Xiao Yi, but before she thought of any words, Xiao Big Boss added, “Xiao Jun is still a young, if he offended, I hope you can forgive him.”

Then, Nuo Nuo choked on the vegetables she just swallowed.

Just now…… Big Boss apologize on behalf of his own brother?

Apologizing to her, this little rookie?

Nuo Nuo was stunned for two seconds, she repeated waved her hands, “It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, Xiao Zong also say Xiao Jun is still young, and as a sister how could I be angry with a child, you don’t have to invite me to dinner.”

Nuo Nuo intentionally emphasis the two words “older sister”, in fact she is actually still very young.

The results Xiao Yi hearing these words gave a slight frown, “Did I say I invite to you dinner to apologize?”

o( □ )o

Okay, just for dinner, Big Boss you … … no little intention at all.

Nuo Nuo could not speak, Xiao Big Boss ability to make people speechless is very strong, and the elderly says that you really strenuous.

“That Xiao Yi, you are——”

“I would like to invite you from now on everyday to drive my younger brother home.”


The corners of Nuo Nuo’s mouth twitched, sure she must have misheard, mishearing it.

Xiao Yi upon seeing this, his eyes narrowed excitedly, “As you know, Xiao Jun has come to the rebellious age, this kind of thing the more you scolded, the more he does the opposite, since there’s one Xu Nuo, definitely going to second, third, so——”

“So, you decided to retreat, let me be his good big sister to cut off threats of other sisters, and then gradually enlighten him?” Nuo Nuo finished Xiao Big Boss words first. Xiao Yi is obviously setting her into a trap, and if she’s actually stupid, she’ll really put her head in.

Nuo Nuo realised, she’s unable to refuse, Xiao Yi’s eyes sparkle nodded, “This matter, I will depend on you”


Nuo Nuo tears ran, what intimate sister, how annoying!

Mother, you’re right, there are no good intentions when a man invites you to dinner!

[1] 哥 Ge: Elder Brother.

[2] 鸿门宴 Hong Men Yan: “Banquet at Hong Gate” was a historical event that took place in 206 BCE at the Hong Gate (鴻門) outside Xianyang, the capital of the Qin dynasty.

suteki: Our heroine is getting herself more and more tangled up with Xiao Yi and Xiao Jun brothers.


12 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.1

  1. I love you ❤
    Such an extremly fast translator!!
    May I refer you as a god ?

    Anyway, I want to believe that when Xiao Yi said "aunty" it was not the usual aunty but the reaaally close aunty, more like the futur sister-in-law 😀


    1. Hi Rudy!
      Hahaha thank you for your kind compliment! 😛

      Xiao Yi may be indicating to his position with Nuo Nuo as you said..
      but Nuo Nuo surely does not think that way, we obviously know by her reactions and inner thoughts.


  2. nice!! so nice….I really love you too!!! I liked this book, but since I don’t know Chinese I was so sad…google translation is no good…but now, there is light in my life!!! Thanks so much!!! 🙂


    1. Hi giginka,

      I’m glad you like this book as much as I do. 🙂
      Google translation is too bad, you understand like 50% of it, but not without your brain hurting.


  3. Hi sutekii1,
    I don’t want to be rude but I feel it’s more appropiate to use right counting in the language you are tranlating in. For examle when Xiao Yi refered to Nuo Nuo as aunty

    “… the three words “aunty” completely surprised her.”

    I do not know if this word consist of three characters in Chinese. However it’s not mistake to modify the counting to the language you are translating into. This way it will make more sense to readers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Xiao Jun is so obedient. hahaha.. cute boy.

    “Xiao Zong, you just said that you’re looking for me regarding business matter, what is it?”
    – lol… this part is so funny..

    Mother, you’re right, there are no good intentions when a man invites you to dinner!
    – xD they always have hidden agenda..


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