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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.2


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by thundergirl3

Chapter 2.2 – Black Belly Brothers

Nuo Nuo is a hard-working girl.

At college, Nuo Nuo took advantage of the holidays to teach middle-school students algebra; later because of good reputation, parents recommended her a part-time teaching job at a private education institution. Because the classes are in the evening, it did not affect her daytime job. So until now, Nuo Nuo has been tutoring part-time and working.

According to Xu mama’s words, compared to those go home lying dead or children who play too much games, Nuo Nuo can enrich her life by earning her own living expenses rather than living a leisured life.

In fact, Nuo Nuo didn’t think a few night classes were tiring, but now the problem is that Xiao Big Boss suddenly asked her to send Xiao Jun home every night. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday night she has to go home in the opposite direction to her classes.

How can she take the bus home with Xiao Jun?

Seeing her part-time secret about to be uncovered, Nuo Nuo was worried.

Although after work was employee’s free time, her part-time job never did not affect her main job, but Nuo Nuo clearly understand that no boss will like their employee to work part-time. Such actions would make your boss feel you are not contented and have intentions of quitting.

What is she going to do?

Nuo Nuo thought and thought, no other choice but only to start with Xiao Jun. After all, the little brother is much better than his brother. As long as he hates her, and doesn’t want to go home together with her, that will do.

Plan A: I am a gold digger.

A child, who did not experience society hardships are relatively simple. Their so-called “love” is based on the appearance, personality, if you show the love of money appearance. Xiao Jun should be very offended, right?

So the first day on the bus ride with Xiao Jun, Nuo Nuo express disgust. “Kid don’t get me wrong, I’m on the orders of Xiao Big Boss to catch the bus with you.”

Hearing this Xiao Jun slightly buried his head, leaving Nuo Nuo feeling pain in her heart. In fact, Xiao Jun is…… not bad. A few more years, maybe even more beautiful and handsome than his brother, a kind gentle personality, many girls will definitely love.

Although Nuo Nuo practical sense not to destroy the Ancient Flowers, but for the sake of her and Xiao Jun future happiness, she continues to act. “So speaking Xiao Jun, give me your older brother’s mobile phone number, in a few more days I’m thinking of inviting him to dinner. Hey, you know, your brother is handsome and rich, and our company’s CEO. As long as I’m close to him I will have enough to live comfortably, and wealthily, I’ll be set!”

Nuo Nuo exaggerated a smile, seeing Xiao Jun buried with no response, she continuing on his shoulder and said, “So from now on we’ll treat each other well, you pretend to be a good brother, and I play a good employee. As long as you do not expose me, I’ll also pretend I have not seen anything when you go out to play.”

Xiao Jun dragging his school bags did not speak. Nuo Nuo started worry – is she too eager for quick success and scared the child?

For a long time, Xiao Jun finally looked up and whispered, “Older brother have said he is not ready to get married before his companies is listed. I calculated, according to his current company’s development speed and capital. It will take at least five years, and a few days ago my Mother forced him on a matchmaking date, so……” Xiao Jun took a deep breath and lowered his lips nervously, and stammered, “So, so if you wait for my brother why don’t you wait for me instead, I will be more outstanding than my brother.”

Nuo Nuo was completely floored. Brother tiger is no match for the younger brother, it seems that Xiao Jun heart is higher and further than Xiao Big Boss, “You are not angry I’m eyeing on you and your brother’s money?”

Xiao Jun blushed, his head shaking like a rattle, “You considered the economic situation, expressing your true intentions wanting to marry a person a lifetime, not just playing around, I ……I’m very happy.”

Nuo Nuo was mouth twitching – she was speechless.

Gold digger plan failed.

Plan B: I have a boyfriend

“I have a boyfriend.”

Although the reason really sucks, very old-fashioned, but Nuo Nuo is still trying give the impression that she began dating a long, long time ago, she had dated a number of boys, dumped many men, play with many heart, putting a “wonton” label on her face.

As a result, waiting for Nuo Nuo to finished speaking, Xiao Jun just patiently took a step forward, his dark eyes shining, “Nuo Nuo, thank you.”

“?” Nuo Nuo was dumbfounded. Why thank her?

Xiao Jun scratched his head, shyly smiled, “My Mother and Father are surgeons, always busy discussing scientific research, often so busy with emergency operation without feet touching the ground. Since I was young, elder brother basically brought me up, so…… I know my brother worried about me, and told you to accompany me fear I would delay my learning. In fact…… I really just like you, no other meaning…… it will not affect the college entrance examination, so you don’t need to smear yourself to make me give up.”

Nuo Nuo was startled, blinked.

Saying this, she was exposed right from the beginning?

Nuo Nuo was stunned for two seconds. She was anger; she didn’t believe this is not repression of an eighteen year old kid. “How did you know I am just smearing, not telling the truth? Sister, is so much older than you, having a few ex-boyfriends is very normal!”

Hearing the words, Xiao Jun clear eye carefully gazed at Nuo Nuo, shaking his head, “No, it’s not as you say.”

Nuo Nuo sweat dripped, passage, not so accurate……

Xiao Jun words vibrated, “When you were my age, you didn’t love at all.”

This time, Nuo Nuo finally widened her eyes, inarticulate, “How did you know?”

Xiao Jun smiled friendly, “I can see from the appearance, others say, phrase from the heart. During summer vacation with my spare time, I follow grandpa and learned physiognomy, ‘Book of Changes [1]‘. Nuo Nuo, you look like good and pure girl.”

Xiao Jun used the word “girl” to refer to Nuo Nuo, since she began working no one had refer her to that any more. But at the moment it is not important, her eyes twinkling with stars exclaimed, “Amazing, then do you also read palms? Uh, help me see when my monthly salary will be tens of thousands?”

“Well, this is quite difficult to predict, but not impossible. I will go back tonight and have a look through the book, help you have a look tomorrow.”

“Good good.”

Unconsciously, Nuo Nuo has completely forgotten her own worries, she had agreed to another matchmaking date.

Therefore, dragon born dragon, phoenix born phoenix, son of rats trained to make a hole. The Xiao’s family have a scheming brother, how stupid would the brother be.

Dissolute woman plan has failed, the woman had been kidnapped.

Nuo Nuo and Xiao Jun caught the bus for more than a week, yet she still have not thought of a solution. So she just pretend to go back home with him, arrive at the destination and then took a taxi to teach the children, every day she suffer unspeakably.

Nuo Nuo was helpless, little and big incident arises at the company.

At noon that day, Nuo Nuo finished having her meal in the cafeteria, she was ready to return to the office and sleep, and saw a girl from the Administration Office name Lin MM [2] happily waved at her. Because Lin MM appearance look small and delicate, so everyone affectionately calls her “Lin MM”.

Not two or three steps, Lin MM has jump in front of her, laughed and said, “Xu Nuo, oh I congratulate you.”

Nuo Nuo listen to this, her scalp numb and she had a bad feeling, “Congratulations on what?”

Lin MM held her chin, “Xiao Zong wants me to inform you, that lunch break at noon is moved to the seventeenth floor.”

“What! What!” Nuo Nuo eyes winded, her chin almost fell to the ground.

Lin MM thought someone was overwhelmed by an unexpected turn of events, so she sophisticated patted Nuo Nuo’s shoulder to comfort her, “Surprise? Oh, don’t worry, Xiao Zong actually very easy to get along. Generally speaking, you can move to the seventeenth floor, becoming a permanent employee should not be a problem.”

Nuo Nuo eyes darken, she lamented in her heart, “The surprise was there, but as for being excited she didn’t see it.”

[1] 易经 Book of Changes: The book contains a divination system comparable to Western geomancy or the West African Ifá system; in Western cultures and modern East Asia, it is still widely used for this purpose.

[2] MM: Often written as “MM,” which usually refers to a young girl or pretty girls.

suteki: Nuo Nuo moving to the seventeenth floor a series of funny events will place. With a black belly brother like Xiao Yi, Xiao Jun is just as smart hence, this chapters title.

17 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.2

  1. Hi Suteki,
    I’m not chinese nor english so can you please tell me more about having a black belly please?

    Anyway, thank for the chapter!!


    1. Hi Rudy,

      Black Belly basically translated as ‘scheming’

      decembi explained it her blog in a bit more detail.
      “In case, anyone is not familiar, c-novel readers usually describe a male character as 腹黑 (Fu Hei) which is literally translated as black belly to capture the black, often sadistic, humour of the male lead, who likes to bully and laugh at the girl. Classic black belly characters are Feng Teng in Come Eat Shan Shan, Dong Hua in The Pillow Book (probably the most popular one?) and about every male lead in my modern recommended list (see sidebar).”

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      1. Oh thank!!
        I have not seen the post, it must be long ago…
        Or that I’m stupid 😛
        Anyway thanks, now I can understand the title 😀


  2. Xiao Jun is such an outstanding young man. I can easily imagine him to be main male character making Nuo Nuo fall in love with him instead of with his older brother. However something about the story made me think they could have adorable sister-brother relationship instead. Anyway, thanks for another translation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I will be more outstanding than my brother.
    – i believe you kid, if at your age, you already paid attention to the company development and even calculate about it… i think you can be more outstanding. rooting for you!! jiayou!!

    Saying this, she was exposed right from the beginning?
    – this is so embarrassing, when a smaller kid is smarter than you, you’ll feel like you want to dig the ground and hide your head in the hole.

    ps: thanks for the black belly meaning..i was wondering about it for a long time.


  4. “So, so if you wait for my brother why don’t you wait for me instead, I will be more outstanding than my brother.” Omg. I prefer Xiao Jun so far hahaha.
    Thank you, sutekii~

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Just found this story by chance (was googling about Black Belly *lol*) Anyway, thank you so much for translating it. I didn’t feel much about Big Boss yet but my heart went *dokidoki* when Xiao Jun spoke:

    “So, so if you wait for my brother why don’t you wait for me instead, I will be more outstanding than my brother.”

    What confidence! So straightforward! I adore little brother! *ahahaha*


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