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Manga: The Pearl Grudge (珍珠怨) – Ou Bi Feng


Author/Artist: Ou Bi Feng

Status: Complete, 4 Volumes, 18 Chapters


This is based on a legend in Ancient China: Luuzhu (Green Pearl) is a beautiful pearl gatherer from a small Southern village in Ancient China. Due to her family’s poverty, she was sold by her parents to be the mistress of the wealthy but abusive and old Lord Hong.

However, Fate is not so cruel to the gentle Luuzhu. Just before her marriage to Lord Hong, Luuzhu met a young, handsome nobleman named Ji Lun on the beach at night. Dazzled by Luuzhu’s grace, Ji Lun purchased her from Lord Hong for ten bushels of pearl (most generous amount at the time).

It turned out that I Leon is one of the richest men in Ancient China! However, Lord Sima Lun, who usurped the throne, now desires Luuzhu for her legendary beauty. He is even willing to go to war with Ji Lun for her!

Will Luuzhu become just another plaything for the rich and privileged, or will she averts from that terrible fate? Or perhaps, will her celestial beauty bring woe upon her and her loved ones?

(credits: mangafox)

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance.




This manga is not exactly one of the best manga’s out there, but for a light read it is enjoyable. Our female heroine is a weak character, nothing but a pretty face. But she does do herself justices by her scarifies at the end of the manga.


As for our male lead, Lord Sima Lun, Ji Lun he’s also your typical rich lord. Accomplish, smart and rich. Has countless beauties within his residents but no one captured his heart as much as Luuzhu did. To him she was a goddess sent from the heavens. Towards her, his very attending and lovely to Luuzhu. Their love faces many trials ending with an open ending for reader’s own imagination.

So if you have time for a light read, this might be the manga for you, you can find the manga here


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