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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.3


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by thundergirl3

Chapter 2.3 – Black Belly Brothers

Nuo Nuo’s position is a planning/writer, while the seventeenth floor is the Planning Department Headquarters, she originally joined the company with the respect of settling in on the seventeenth floor. The results of the first day of work, the HR Manager explained, “Too many people on the seventeenth floor,” and she was told to temporary work on the third floor.

Working on the third floor for a period of time, she found out one secret. Turns out that in addition to the HR Department on the third floor, there is still the Fine Arts Department, Technology Department, Resources, etc. New employees and scattered colleagues all have one thing in common – they all have not been transferred to full-time employment.

So everyone was quite clear, not because there’s not space on the seventeenth floor, but afraid that newcomers that pass the probation period, moving around is too much trouble. The seventeenth floor is Big Boss office place, naturally caution. So now Lin MM suddenly informed Nuo Nuo to move to Headquarters Planning Department, for a probationary employee it’s definitely good news.

But … …

The thought of anything involving Big Boss, Nuo Nuo was not happy even if it was good news. Heavens, she have not had time to answer when she heard Lin MM next sentence: “Also, Xiao Zong said before you move office, to find him.”


Tragedy, Nuo Nuo’s women intuition tells her, this time she would surely not return. She lolled to Xiao Yi’s office, only to discover pieces of God’s great secret.

Xiao Big Boss was actually playing “Plants vs. Zombies”.


This was ridiculous as a sixty or seventy-year-old uncle doing ballet, like her gossiping Mother suddenly caring about national affairs, Nuo Nuo’s eyes fell on the floor.

Normally the Big Boss is very serious, now had his trouser folded back playing “Plants vs. Zombies”, for a moment Nuo Nuo was dumbfounded.

Xiao Yi saw Nuo Nuo come in, he did not stop the game, only when he finished did he looked up at her, to see the other gloomily pouting. Xiao Yi lightly cough, his eyes slightly closed: “Using lunch break to play a game, not illegal, right?”

“No, no,” Nuo Nuo gestured furiously, “It’s just——”

Just she didn’t expect Big Boss would play such a childish game, she always thought he only fit to similar large-scale action games like “Prince of Persia” or CS (Counter-Strike).

Nuo Nuo swallowing her saliva, swallow back to the words into her belly, she drew a diversion: “Xiao Jun has been very good these two days, after school he went straight home and did not mention the confession incident.”

Nuo Nuo said as she instinctively glanced at Xiao Yi expression.

In fact, since taking the bus home with Xiao Jun, every day on time Nuo Nuo will send a private e-mail to Xiao Big Boss, reporting Xiao Jun daily activities. So she didn’t know why today Xiao Yi specially call her come up, was he not satisfied with Xiao Jun’s report?

Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo added a sentence, “And the day before yesterday, Xiao Jun also asked me to teach him maths, so……”

Her words not complete, Xiao Big Boss suddenly looked up, and said with his cold eyes, “So you two went out on a date?”


Nuo Nuo choked speechless, she would like to say, “So Xiao Jun is a child who really love to learn, he will not fall into the wrong path because of love. Xiao Zong, you can let me not catch the bus with him every day?”

The results……

Nuo Nuo’s tears ran again, “Not a date, just teaching guidance.”

It is actually very simple, the bus ride on Friday, Xiao Jun suddenly said he had a few maths problems that he do not know how to solve. Nuo Nuo as a good big Sister naturally offer to help, then Xiao Jun said tonight there wasn’t enough time, so made an appointment with Nuo Nuo to meet at a restaurant tomorrow morning to learn more.

The next day, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Jun had a one on one tutoring lesson, and when they finished they found out it was already noon. Xiao Jun’s eyes teary said, his older brother had overtime, his parents in the medical field as tour lecturers. So, the two ate lunch together, in the afternoon accompanied Xiao Jun book shopping, he bought “N” guidance materials. Xiao Jun heart’s was content went home.

So all day Saturday, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Jun was together.

Although Nuo Nuo also think things did looked like suspicious, but she thought of Xiao Jun’s innocent and handsome face, felt like a villain in her heart. But now it seems, she isn’t the only one with the villainess heart. Nuo Nuo sighed and she looked at Xiao Yi, he originally called her up to demand her for her crimes!

“Nuo Nuo, I forgot to tell you,” Xiao Yi habitually rubbed his temple just looked up at Nuo Nuo, in a leisurely manner said, “Last month Xiao Jun was the state representative in the National Mathematical Competition, although his results were not great, but do you really think he needs you to teach him those maths problems?”

Nuo Nuo was startled, stayed completely away.

So, she was played by an eighteen years old?

“But, he clearly ——” Nuo Nuo thought that Xiao Jun hungry for knowledge appearance, her tooth itched. She should have known, Xiao Big Boss’ little brother “pure”, “good” those beautiful word were to hang a bait?

She actually fell for a five-year old boy’s tricks, perhaps when she was seriously solving maths problem, the brat leaning next her was squinting a smile.

Burning with shame and humiliation! Burning with shame and humiliation!

Nuo Nuo’s head – smoke appeared, “Today when I see him,  I’ll teach him!!”

“No need.”

“Huh?” Could it be Big Boss have lost confidence in her?

“Anyway, that brat in a couple of months have college entrance examination, the school will arrange for night classes, so you don’t have to catch the bus with him any more.” Xiao Zong said blazingly.

Nuo Nuo stood still, she spent great efforts to digest Xiao Yi sentence. Although to be played by Xiao Jun was very depressing, while being around Big Boss was also very uncomfortable. However, the main point is she did not have to accompany Xiao Jun on bus rides any more, her own part-time job crisis was automatically solved.

Nuo Nuo was happy, she gave Xiao Yi a smile: “Thank you, Xiao Zong. Today moving me to the seventeenth floor, is this the reward for accompanying Xiao Jun on the bus for half a month?”

Nuo Nuo finished saying this, she immediately regretted it, because listening to the words, the corners of Xiao Yi’s lips flickered a smile, and her women’s intuition told her, she’s also unlucky.

Sure enough, Xiao Big Boss rubbed his chin, he thoughtfully pondered, “It seems like…… recently the Planning Division, some very interesting things has happened?”

Nuo Nuo titled her head, she suddenly felt goose bumps on her back. Xiao Jun is just an appetizer, Big Boss asked her for a private chat, is the main topic just beginning?

Previously she never thought Xiao Jun’s young age could be so scheming, could it be genetics or did he learn this from a Black Belly guy? For example, now sitting there, the well dressed Xiao Big Boss?

suteki: hahaha I laughed so hard when I read Xiao Yi playing Plants vs. Zombies! Why? Because my 4 years old son loves playing Plants vs. Zombies too! Both with great taste in games hoho~

And our Nuo Nuo is just too naive to fall for Xiao Jun’s tricks.


10 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.3

  1. haha 😀 I bet Xiao Juns night class will be the one she does secretly 😀 can’t wait for more… thanks so much… you’re so fast!!! It’s amazing 🙂 thanks again


    1. Hi giginka,

      I’m glad you like it! I love Xiao Jun! XD

      There’s one more part in chapter two, that I will post tomorrow to complete black belly posting for this week.


  2. Can’t you have both of them??
    They are so funny and sure can make my day!
    Xiao Jun, don’t give up! Fight for her! 😀
    Right now I ship for the little bro.


    1. Yes Xiao Jun is an option since Nuo Nuo is only 24, while Xiao Jun is 17 or 18 (5 – 6 years gap). It can still work out if Nuo Nuo does not mind dating a younger (smart and outstanding) man.

      Our Xiao Yi is 27 which makes him 4 years older than Nuo Nuo which I think is perfect. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I never think so much about age, but now that you say it….
        *gaps* so demonic translator, trying to make me change the ship!! XD


  3. Xiao Yi is playing zombies vs plants…
    – so… he’s a human after all. human with humor xD one game makes all the perfect pesona imagination i have on him shattered into pieces.. xD

    So, she was played by an eighteen years old?
    – nuonuo is too naive lah… or she’s too stupid to think n guess?? ahahahaha… nuonuo, did you left your brain at home?


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