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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.4


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by thundergirl3

Chapter 2.4 – Black Belly Brother

Recently the Planning Department, had has indeed undergone a little thing.

Originally, this thing can be said to not worth mentioning, but due to her colleagues’ hype, eventually it spreads to Xiao Yi ears. Nuo Nuo was depressed, she did not know which version Xiao Big Boss has heard, not even one-third is true.

The incident happened at noon last week.

That day when Nuo Nuo finished eating, holding out her lunch box walked to the canteen sink, because it was rush hour, Nuo Nuo usually had to wait a long time just to wash out her lunch box.

Her mentor Mo Zi Yuan had also finished his meal, holding the tray leisurely shook his tray. Nuo Nuo turned around and said hello, then continued to wash the dishes. Senior Mo, this man.. everything is good, treat new employees with such patience, is quiet making others a little hard to adapt. Nuo Nuo increased her speed, thinking of quickly handing over the sink to Senior Mo, finished the dishes, then she looked up, Mo Zi Yuan was gone, but his lunch box was set beside her.

Later, Fei Long team boss — Fei Long interview the male lead, Mo Zi Yuan calmly said, in fact, the sun was feeling a little stiff, and the sink was too crowded. He intended to leave his lunch boxes there; wait until everyone was done washing, when the position was empty would go wash it himself.

It’s like college study nights, the same reason students who did not come will leave their books on their seats. But Nuo Nuo completely misunderstood Mo Zi Yuan’s meaning. Nuo Nuo stared at Senior Mo lunch box for half the day, she was wondering if he wanted to her help him wash it, but was too embarrassed to ask. So just directly placed the lunch box and left. Nuo Nuo thought it over, she bluntly told herself, it does not matter if this is Senior Mo meaning, washing another lunch box she will not lose a piece of meat. Wash it!

So, Nuo Nuo thought it as pleasing her supervisor, and also washed Senior Mo lunch box.

Predictably, even the accustomed Poker Face Mo Zi Yuan, seeing the clean lunch box in the sunlight shimmering also stared in shock. In contrast, Fei Long team boss Fei Long seems relatively calm, his eyes smirking said, “Xu Nuo, Xu Nuo, your vision are very good.”


Although Nuo Nuo didn’t understand Fei Long’s words, but she is convinced that it’s not a good word.

Throughout the lunch break, Nuo Nuo tried to comfort herself, helping an immediate supervisor wash his lunch box is just a small matter. And the entire Planning Department are real men, real man should not gossip like a woman, right?

Indeed, true to Nuo Nuo words, real men never gossip, they will only in the presence of others …… official joke.

The next day, due to working reason Nuo Nuo was on the seventeenth floor to find Mo Zi Yuan to discuss the game plot. The results once she was in the office, a handsome guy sitting in reception named Qing Chuan blew a whistle, “Mo Ge, dish washing Sister-in-law has arrived.”

Mo Zi Yuan face darken, Nuo Nuo’s face was even more black.

Dish…… Bowl…… Sister-in-law……

What is it called?!

Fei Long heard Nuo Nuo has arrived, from inside the small office he quickly walked out, his eyes narrowed and friendly call, “Nuo Nuo, you came? Come and sit down! Sit, Zi Yuan, why you not even saying hello?”

Mo Zi Yuan clenched his teeth, “If I remember correctly, Nuo Nuo is a part of my team, she has nothing to do with your Fei Long team.”

Hearing these words, Fei Long smiled evilly, “Tut? Also has short protection. Don’t worry, I am a married man, I will not to make mistakes. So Nuo Nuo, your vision is not generally intoxicated, out of all the producers, our Zi Yuan is one of the most talented, but also the one and only who has not married. Well, I now officially give him to you.”

Finishing, Nuo Nuo don’t know who but Mo Zi Yuan was pushed to her, causing her little face to flush. The entire office laugh. Child molested by a group of men is more terrifying than a group of women gossip.


Since then, the people on the Planning Department’s consistently and affectionately call Nuo Nuo as “Dish Washing Sister-in-law”, as long as Nuo Nuo came to the seventeenth floor looking for Mo Zi Yuan, there will be a play special dish washing show.

“Hey, I think I’m a stately and handsome metro-sexual man, and I don’t even have someone to wash my dishes, sadly unfortunate…..”

“Mo Ge don’t be afraid, Xiao Nuo Nuo will help you do the dishes.”


Nuo Nuo thought of her colleagues exaggerated dish shows, she burst into tears.

Recollection from the long memory and raised her head, Nuo Nuo said, “Xiao Zong, things are not what you think……”

Xiao Yi slightly raised his eyebrows; he obviously doubted and thought for a moment before, “I found that as long as you’re on the seventeenth floor, the office atmosphere is very alive.”

Nuo Nuo did not catch the Big Boss’ main point, and she only weakly explained further, “That day…… I really had no other meaning, I just conveniently helped Senior Mo wash a bowl.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi’s lip corners curved, “Conveniently?”

She nodded, again indicating her position, “I think of Senior Mo as a brother, completely beyond the inordinate ambitions outside of work!!”

So, Xiao Big Boss stared at Nuo Nuo for a long time, he seemed to consider the authenticity, she spoke for a long time, he finally opened his golden mouth, “Since it is convenient, from now on wash my bowl too.”


Life of a washing sister, began from behind the gorgeous curtain.

suteki: and so that concludes Chapter 2! YAY! *high-five* this part was a bit short but I just didn’t know how else to divide chapter 2 without it flowing nicely.  This will be my last post on Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run for this week. I shall see you Monday for new updates.

What can I say about Xiao Jun? His just a cunning as his older brother, maybe even more smart than with a hint of mischievous that Xiao Yi doesn’t have. No one would believe if they said they weren’t brothers.

And Xiao Yi? Equally as cunning. The bowling washing scene was too funny.


11 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 2.4

  1. 😀 so funny…men are sometimes really worst in gossips … I’m not gonna wash bowl for any friend, don’t wanna be called dish washing sister-in-law 😀 and thanks for nice chapter… nice weekend!


  2. Hahaha I laugh so much !!

    Oh Nuo Nuo how can you be so naive? So easy to bully? So funny!
    Hey Big Boss don’t bully her too much or else she’ll run to your brother!
    Anyway, thank you for the update 😀


  3. ah…. i think its convenience to work at place where there’s more men than women if they respect women well.. but if this kind of men… aiyoo.. so hard to work with la..

    is he jealous or something?? ahaha… poor naive nuonuo will be a dish washing girl in their office.


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