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Introduction: Black-Bellied Dad (腹黑小爸) Prologue – Yin Su (罂粟)

Hello readers! I recently started reading Black Bellied Dad after reading the review and discussions on bookshushengbar. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I love novels where the male lead are “black belly”. I’m not sure if I’ll pick up this novel to translate since I’m currently translating “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run

This novel only consists of 10 Chapter which is considered a short novel. To give readers a feel of the novel I’ll start off with translating the prologue. If you know how to read Chinese you can find the Chinese novel here 🙂

腹黑小爸》- 罂粟

Brief Novel Introduction

She, Huang Shang Rong, is a demoness who runs her office with an iron fist.

He, Xu He Jun, is her miracle cure, no, personal assistant, who got the job because his ancestors have done a lot of good deeds and blessed him with a strong Yang aura.

Just by touching him or drinking his coffee is enough to chase away her blues and curb her bad temper. But why did he apply for long leave suddenly? Turns out that he has a baby on the sly, and the mother abandoned his baby at his door, causing an upheaval in his life and nipping his budding romance with his current girlfriend.

Ay, so poor thing. This young man was already dirt poor, how could he afford to take care of a baby?

As his boss, she decided to step in and help him manage his time, manage his finances, set up an infant care at the office, and even volunteered to be the baby’s God mother.

Looking at his second-hand furniture, she even helped to buy a Simmons and ended up testing the new mattress with him. When he brought her back to meet his parents, she got a shock to find that they were staying at Di Bao (a high-class residential zone). So he is actually a rich man pretending to be poor? Why did he deceive everyone?

(Credit: this part was translated by Moonblossom on shushengbar)



Early in the morning, a quiet red car and neatly parked in front of an old apartment building, for quite a while there haven’t been any movements inside, on the side of the road there were two-three several people running pass in the morning, the park adjacent there were grandmothers and grandfathers who had the habit of getting up early to exercise, the yellow street lamps still flash light, has not yet ended.

In an instant, the horizon, exposed gray dawn, morning clouds stained a faint purple-blue, wearing a thick down coat quietly slipped out, from the figure, it is not difficult to see that is a young woman, her arms tightly grabbed a large bag of the unknown object, hats down, as if afraid of people seeing her own shadow.

“Hoo, hoo!”

A man with a dog ran pass the woman, too focused on his dog, he didn’t notice how strange this woman was. Not far from dawn the dim street lights went out.

It’s time! To do it, don’t hesitate!

Seem determined, the woman lowered her hat, self-assured no one there, lowered her head, there’s no continuous monitoring drilled into the old apartment building.

Third floor, third floors … … found it.

The woman stops in front of the maroon iron door, than gently put down the object that was formerly tight in her arms, from afar looked like a couple of quilts. Looking down, the woman seems to hesitate for a moment, her hands sweeping across the quilt, and then she heard clung clung alarm sounds coming from the house, suddenly jumped up, one glance at the ground, determined, then got up and ran downstairs … …

“What.. is.. this?”

“So loud in the morning, what are you doing?” Last night drinking with friends all night, today also met with an early morning, a moment his head still dizzy from hypertension, can not endure friends shouting.

“Well, the door, there’s … …”

“There’s what?” Compared to the confused friends, the man was abnormally calm, as if whatever was lying outside, a corpse or explosives don’t scare him.

“Well, that … …” A friend opened a corner of the rags on the ground.

“What is this ah—” The men yelled and screamed, then jumped three steps, the coffee in his hands soaked his pyjamas, only half of a cup remained, his long pair of legs nailed in place, a plaster-like, motionless.

“I think this is for you.”


“Otherwise, why else would the blanket be on your doorstep?” A friend’s raised an eyebrow.

“Why is this thing in front of my house?”

“This, we’ll have to ask you!” Oh pity, do not know which ex girlfriend it since he had so many.

At this time, at the center of the rags a friend found an envelope.

“And there’s this.”

“On, what is written on it?” The man asked, had chicken out so his friend reads on his half—

Dear Mr. Xu:

First of all, congratulations on your upgrade on being a father, I trust being suddenly being a parent is no less surprised than I was. This child is yours, if you don’t believe you can go do a DNA test, the evidence is not fake.

I spent ten months to adapt, I am sorry, just to give you ten seconds to accept the truth, then I’ll make a long story short. I’ve been responsible for the nine months of pregnancy and giving birth, I do not want to complain about how much pain it is to give birth to a child, if you’re still curious, you can go home and ask your mother ……

I am responsible for the birth, you are responsible for support, which is very fair it! Don’t blame me for being heartless, but the social reality is that men are superior to women (a son is more favorable compared to a daughter), an unmarried mother no matter where I go it is not convenient, in comparison, an unmarried father should be a lot easier. I’m not a heartless mother, originally intended if a daughter was born, I will accept fate and raise her up, but I didn’t think it would a fat boy, since it is meant to be, I had to give him to you, boys and girls half and half probability, you can’t blame me.

My ten months of pregnancy, one month of confinement, the time spend on the child, no less than eleven months …… you take care of him for the remaining year, help give him choose a name to your liking, a year later, I will come to discuss with you the child’s custody, during this time, I hope you can take good care of him. Don’t worry about looking for me, but if I have the opportunity to go back and see him, I know you may not be comfortable in hand, I will fix a few thousand dollars into his account……

A total of five long pages here, in addition to the previous self introduction at the beginning of things, followed by some trivial matter of taking care of the baby, the man listened to, only stiff, stops breathing, pale, heart is not strong enough, unable to support himself fell to the ground…..

“He is my little child?”

Men look at the hands of his friends picked up the little meatballs, then finger-pointing at himself. He picked up the baby who wasn’t even a few ounces, compared from eyes, nose and mouth to face……

“Should be.”


What’s the first thing he should do?

Call the company for sick leave? Calls his mother and father to tell them they have another grandson? DNA testing?


Had a fairly good little baby in his arms suddenly kick up his mouth, burst into tears, two people act with confusion flip him over, only to find out that, an indescribable smell came from the baby shares the following…..

“He went!”

A father’s first lesson

To help change the baby’s diaper!

13 thoughts on “Introduction: Black-Bellied Dad (腹黑小爸) Prologue – Yin Su (罂粟)

  1. Oh I love your brief introduction, I know it’s too much to ask, but since it’s only 10 chapter and with your speed, can you translate this novel? Not now if your busy but as a next project??

    Anyway thank for showing us this novel.


    1. Hi Rudy,

      I’m actually not that fast at translating, the reason why you see such fast updates is I try to translate 1 chapter ahead so I don’t need to rush and readers don’t need to wait too long. It’s all been draft ahead of time.

      I do have intentions of translating ‘Black Bellied Dad’ in the future but first I’ll like to focus on ‘Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run’.

      I might start translating this novel when I hit half way mark on ‘Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run’


  2. i saw an american movie which have almost the same story except for the baby part
    the female lead needed the male lead help to get a green card


  3. Bahaha Di Bao? The author must be Taiwanese. That place is literally a palace (tons of guards, marble floors, etc.) and is famous for having former presidents living there.


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