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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 3.1


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by thundergirl3

Chapter 3.1 – Enter the Wolf’s Den

Mother, I don’t want my bones to be eaten and removed. 

When Nuo Nuo moved away from the third floor, all the newcomers were staring at her with madly jealous eyes. Arguably, out of all the rookies, Nuo Nuo should be the most likely to be PIA out, because as everyone knows, before Nuo Nuo, the Planning Director and Boss Xiao Yi had kicked out several female writers, and the reason was: “The employee could not fit in with the company culture.”

For this reason, the Planning Department Manager Li “the old housekeeper” also feels it is harsh, he even secretly complain about the boss not recruiting employees, but was simply choosing a wife.

And with Nuo Nuo mediocre performance, evidently will not be the last female writer, based on his professional knowledge she will not last long as a female writer. However, just more than a month, Xiao Big Boss himself has opened his golden mouth, allowing her move upstairs. This had everyone stunned.

The HR Manager heard this, simply called the Department staff to open an emergency meeting to discuss this case. The Personnel Manager was required to mention Xiao Yi had ordered for Nuo Nuo to advance to full-time employment.. Even more incredible is that the company rumors, in the afternoon before Nuo Nuo moved to the seventeenth floor, and she was in a secret meeting in Xiao Big Boss office….

So when Nuo Nuo move the computer upstairs when all newcomers were wondering with a face of clear doubts. This small woman and the Big Boss must have deep relations.

This conjecture, was further confirmed at noon on the following day.

The next day, Nuo Nuo went to have a lunch, in addition to her own lunch boxes, her left hand side there was a three-story heat insulation barrel. Canteen Aunt Zhang eyes, she long recognized the heat insulation barrel and gestured Nuo Nuo to the small window to the left, carefully placed a variety of dishes into the heat insulation barrel.

While busy, Canteen Aunt Zhang side grin, “Little girl, I haven’t seen you before? Are you new to the Administrative Department?”

Nuo Nuo frown, she unrolled her tongue and replied: “Yes——?”

The company provided lunch, but not generous to staff to this point, the fried dishes, the exquisite boxes belong to Xiao Big Boss one person to enjoy. Xiao Big Boss likes numerous happiness not equal sole happiness (众乐乐不如独乐乐) [Xiao Yi simply likes being the envy of others], he does not usually eat at the canteen, so the Administrative Department’s secretary will send Xiao Yi lunch up daily.

Zhang Aunt seeing today sudden changed of person, she become talkative ask a question. Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo, but couldn’t help sigh. Speaking of which…… she could not keep her mouth shut.


Yesterday Xiao Yi suddenly told Nuo Nuo that “Since you’re so fond of washing dishes, so from now on you will pack my lunch, and there’s no salary”, Nuo Nuo’s heart was outraged, but also daring, pretend to be surprised, “Xiao Zong, you also eat?”

Any individuals can hear Nuo Nuo was scolding, Xiao Big Boss who’s brilliant , could he be scared? Xiao Yi turned his chair and smirk, “Since you don’t know I could eat, I’ll give you a chance to let you know what I personally eat every day. ”

And then ——

So ——

Nuo Nuo entered into the elevator button to the seventeenth floor, feeling defeated.

From the start she should have not challenged the great Xiao Big Boss, moving to the seventeenth floor is really not as good. For example, bringing Xiao Yi’s  lunch, such as talking to Senior Mo, someone besides will gossip. She only just getting along with the sisters from the third floor, moved to unfamiliar surroundings having to start again; she was the only one female on the seventeenth floor……

Nuo Nuo thought of the last point, she almost choked from suffocation.

Prior to moving to the seventeenth floor, Nuo Nuo also had a little desire to move to the Planning Department Headquarters, but after experiencing the real Planning Department, her dreams were shattered, thoroughly shattered. She should known earlier, in the Planning Department she was the only girl, a person single-handed sat through all the Planning Department’s men teasing, what kind of situation is this?

Do not put “very outstanding or eye-catching [1], a thousand dote admiration on one person words so beautiful onto Nuo Nuo body, her status is just—— a small white rabbit lost in the grey wolf’s den.

Men, are animals that uses their lower body half to think. So when a pack of wolves are together, always more or less talk of some color issues. For example, when Nuo Nuo and working group of colleagues discuss a new project of the game plot, Nuo Nuo seriously said, “I think men and women can be set as childhood sweetheart, within time fall in love……”

When Nuo Nuo finished, only to find everyone’s extreme ambiguous eyes staring at her, long after Zi Ya said, “Within time fall in love? Ah ha ha ha ……”

{{{(> _ <)}}}

In fact, Owl Wing as game production company, the working atmosphere was very relaxed, and the Planning Department’s boys joked daily did less compulsory work, but Nuo Nuo as a girl, was getting dizzy from her colleagues’ dirty jokes.

First Problem: Why the seniors have to tell dirty jokes?

The problem is far more than this, making her feel awkward, and the restroom problem.

Speaking of which when a day in a certain month or year, a Fei Long team members finished using the bathroom will come out cruising, “Damn it, which brothers bleed the glory? Even with blood paper in the toilet trash, calcium oxide! Really his mother as a woman——”

Saying so, Ben suddenly remembered staring at the office corner, automatically silent. Fei Long heard his subordinates being silly, he also quickly from inside walk out, cough, “Why blindly yelling? Got nothing to do?”

Ben had the boss help to smooth the awkwardness; he swiftly retracted inside the office. Fei Long thought and thought, fawning a smile pace behind Nuo Nuo, cleared his voice, “Nuo Nuo, since you just came, sometimes it’s easy for the brothers to forget…… you don’t mind.”

When he finished, facing Nuo Nuo the old man quickly ran. Nuo Nuo was left sitting in front of the computer, face red and then blue, then white.

Second problem: Mother, I do not want to each time my “good friend” comes, the whole company knows.

>____ <

Nuo Nuo thought of all the things she encountered since coming up, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. For a while, her lost soul wandering in front of Xiao Big Boss.

Xiao Yi sees Nuo Nuo standing there in dazed after placing the lunch box, also subconsciously stop his slender fingers typing away on the keyboard, and said, “Not going? You want to have lunch with me?”

Nuo Nuo frowned, her chin drop and hesitated, “Xiao Zong, there is something I want to ask you.”

“Say it.”

“Well,” Nuo Nuo arranged her words, she grind her teeth and said, “I have not passed the probation period yet? Why do you put me to the seventeenth floor?”

Xiao Yi slightly look up, “I already said, lively atmosphere.”

Nuo Nuo sigh, she finally understand Xiao Yi. To put a small white rabbit into the wolves den, this is like transporting sardines on the way, in order to prevent the deaths of sardines – sharks are placed. To avoid being swallowed by the shark, the sardines can only swim to the middle, to reaches of the tank, and then they should start fighting for their lives.

The sardines effect, early on Nuo Nuo knew old company uses this, but she never thought one day the boss would apply this effect to on her. A sad reminder, sardines excites natural enemies here; she have to be on high-alert.

Her reason for existence in the seventeenth floor was to present food, before eating the big bad wolf would prey on his food, eager to show off his filling ability.

Nuo Nuo tears ran, Mother, I don’t want my bones to be eaten and removed.

She did not want to be the small white rabbit, but she doesn’t know how to tell Xiao Yi.

So Nuo Nuo went home to extremely work office experienced Comrade Xu for ideas, Xu papa listening to his daughter complain, he put aside the newspaper and sighed a little, “You are still a baby, could not stomach the hardships. Also you only just moved up to the seventeenth floor a few days ago, becoming full-time, it was not easy, and things start to look positive and facing a little minor setback, you can’t even stand it?”

Nuo Nuo hesitantly wanted to tell her father about the little white rabbit and the wolf story, but she thought about it and swallow back her words, “But upstairs are all the boys and I’m not used to it. Father, say if I mention I want to move down, what will happen?”

Nuo Nuo was her father phrase “This person I’m interested in,” striking her soul into pieces, of course this was not that her father meant, but Nuo Nuo still think magnificently. Sure enough, the Planning Department boys has badly influenced her.

Nuo Nuo poke her fingers, “So to speak, there is no way to change things?”

Hearing these words, the old comrade evil laugh, “Well… not completely. Nothing is un-achievable, only people who has intentions to (has the heart), with your father, who has decades of experience, such a little problem is not difficult for me …”

Nuo Nuo heard her father’s playfully tone, she knew this game, and quickly swoop past held his thigh, “Old comrade Xu is brilliant, wiser then the world …… Zhu Ge Liang [2]‘s  recreation, quick to help me think of a way.”

Her father satisfied cough loudly, “I can give you ideas, go matchmaking.”

Every time Nuo Nuo seeks help from the old comrade Xu, his principles are simple “receiving a person help, in return help them out”. So every time Nuo Nuo ask her father for advice, she has to honor a smoke, or deduct some of her pocket-money.

But Nuo Nuo never expected that this time her father’s condition is going match …… making?

Nuo Nuo angrily said, “Father you’re going overboard, last time Mother had me go on a blind date, you were still on my side, say I’m young, don’t worry about dating. Now two days later, I have been betrayed!”

Her father carrying his smile, flattering, “Oh, if isn’t your blind date was a failure the other day? Why ask when you stayed quiet, your Mother is trying so hard to find one for you. But she was too embarrassed to tell you, the old woman, buzzed in front of me every day. Your mother nagging invincible magic you should know, so your father had no choice but to come an agreement.”

Nuo Nuo mouth pursed up, in fact they can still talk about last blind date, her mother agreed to stop since then. There is a shadow Nuo Nuo’s heart, anything her mother said she refused to see any more matchmaking candidates.

“Is it if I don’t go, you will not help me find a way?”

Her father heard this, nodded firmly.

Nuo Nuo felt discouraged, “Okay, where is this young man?” Finish saying Nuo Nuo imagine a young talented man, his piercing eyes stares, she cannot help but produce goose bumps.

Here, Xu papa didn’t noticed his daughter’s reaction, he simply said, “Xiao Wen Shu is just a simple department clerk, surname Zhang, who not only looks gentle and delicate, he is a big talent. During his leisure time he likes to writes poetry, and I’m sure you will have something to talk. He lives in the same building as us, has a secure job, wages are also good … “

Her father was still full of praises, Nuo Nuo thought she heard wrong, “Our building?”

After saying that, her father choked.

Nuo Nuo’s eyes wide open, she continue to ask, “This Xiao Wen Shu is in our building?”

Mr. Xu choked, grasping for air, weakly said, “Yes, very good boy.”

Hearing these words, her father knew his lies were thoroughly debunked, he cleared his throat and roared, “Anyway, you don’t go, I will not give you ideas!” He finished, holding a newspaper bitterly looked away.


Nuo Nuo sighed; her father now really can not take a joke.

[1] 万绿丛中一点红: a single red flower in the midst of thick foliage

[2] 诸葛亮 Zhu Ge Liang was a chancellor of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He is recognised as the greatest and most accomplished strategist of his era.

suteki: Xiao Yi got Nuo Nuo nice wrapped around his fingers, she can not escape his black belly tricks. And old comrade Xu? He may be a grey wolf in-disguise. In the next part we meet a new character but his only plays a minor role in the story.


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  1. Oh Nuo Nuo, how can you still believe you can free yourself from Xiao Yi’s scheme?

    A long and funny chapter, thank you.

    (Want to see the encounter soon haha)


    1. You won’t be disappointed because this new character is just indescribable. . Not in a good way either.

      Chapter 5 will consist of 3 long parts. Since I thought it ended better on each part that way instead of 4 parts.


    1. She has to deal with colleagues dirty jokes and Big Boss’s attention.

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      Btw the picture is absolutely adorable!


      1. Hi kaara,

        Yes I knew you didn’t finished commenting just by looking at the first comment.

        I actually thought her male colleagues are hilarious.

        The picture is perfect for the whole small white rabbit and grey wolf theme. XD


  2. I thought they were hilarious too. Nuo Nuo takes everything differently than them that is also reason these situations are more funny.

    I still sympathize with her. God knows if restroom scene happened to me I would be changing colours similarly. 🙂


  3. …She’s making a mountain of a mole. So many working women have to put up with harassment and abuse to feed their family, but she complains over being the only girl? Grow up, woman. That immaturity is why an 18-year-old can fool you!


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