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Prologue: Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof by Pepe Le Pew

Hi readers, I totally forgot to translate the prologue of Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run, so as a treat I shall present it to you now, hope you all enjoy it.


Xiao Yi stood in the bright center stage, looking around at the circle of twelve blind date candidates feeling slightly hypocritical.

This is C City local TV station’s recently upgraded version of a foreign hit show, it is superficially modified to avoid speculation and fraud, to attract viewers and render a pleasant atmosphere that attracts attention. Producers are hesitant to borrow vulgar language, and such elements to boost ratings.

And in Xiao Yi’s eyes, it’s still a garbage-like program and he actually came to participate. Standing on the central stage with lights flashing, in a suit and leather shoes, Xiao Big Boss shows he has taste. This program is really boring, Xiao Yi thought he will encounter some fun things, but the result is still the same: intimate links, self introduction, appearance, Q & A, and after a series of steps later will be asked which from the twelve girls will he choose to ask to go out with in front of the red light.

In order to stimulate the fun side of the production, and even break new grounds in grandstanding created a “Mother’s Group”, the Mother Group’s mamas have the opportunity to observe every male candidate. After the male guests get on the stage, the host will arrange them to go center stage from a small lift, and starts throwing difficult questions. If the answer does not satisfy the group of tiger aunts, they will press the “down” word button, the male guests will then disappear from the stage and miss the opportunity to have a dialogue with female contestants standing mercilessly in the background.

Xiao Yi after several major hurdles, finally stood in front of the mother group. Sure enough, one of the tiger aunts began to create difficulties for the audience’s viewing pleasure.

“You young man claiming to be a group of big boss, I think you’re very charming, talented (property) and polite, and how come have no girlfriend? You don’t have any unmentionable disease, right?”

Then, under the stage the whole room roaring with laughter.

Xiao Yi Yun with his enticing lips gave an insipidly miss-ish the answer: “I don’t have some unmentionable disease, my fiancée should be clear of this, why don’t we ask her to come up on stage to answer your question?”

Hearing these words, the host’s big eyes widened, this, this, how did the “fiancée” things came out? Where did the director hire this actor from, please? This is not professional! Does he not know this is a live broadcast? But he being a professional host, held the microphone and smiled to smooth things over, “What Xiao Zong said was his former girlfriend, she——”

His words are not completed when Xiao Yi interrupted, he shook his head, “No, it’s my current girlfriend.”

“You!” someone from the Mother group could not sit still, “Young people today are too irresponsible, why do you have a girlfriend and still joined the hit show?”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi’s eyes flashed brightly and uttered a single sentence, “Because …… I’m here to catch that person.”

Everyone became silent, a female contestant secretly stood from the semicircular booth while his answer caused a minor stir. The girls started whispering among themselves, someone has started to quietly back away. Xiao Yi never looked at the back, but he sighed, “Nuo Nuo, do you think you can escape?”

For a time, the entire stage was quiet.

As she was just getting ready to sneak out, Nuo Nuo stood still, petrified.

Xiao Big Boss’ head slightly turned back, his shiny eyes are full of hostility and strode towards Nuo No. Nuo Nuo seeing this.. used her quick wits, and moved out of the red light and said: “We are equal blind date candidates now, I already stepped out of your red light, you can’t take me away!”

“Oh?” Xiao Yi raised his eyebrow slightly, he stepped back with his eyes narrowing dangerously into a line. On the side, Nuo Nuo swallowed her saliva, she knew Xiao Big Boss, it shows that he is angry, really…… Angry.

When Nuo Nuo was preparing what to say next, she felt her body suddenly lifted, and heard the stage in an uproar — she herself was directly being carried away by Xiao Big Boss.

Nuo Nuo wails didn’t work, there is no way to resist, everything’s haze, all she could do is just listen to the host shouting, “Dir….director comes quickly, somebody been’s kidnapped (the actual translation was hit the field but I didn’t think it made any sense)……”

Pepelepew: The expression “hit the field” is an idiomatic expression, it means “to take off and run without permission aka run away”


suteki: I thought this was hilarious, as I was reading this I thought Xiao Yi would never go to these stupid dating shows, maybe his mother forced him. Who knew, it was because of our Nuo Nuo XD


16 thoughts on “Prologue: Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》

  1. The way it was, made me hope for the situation to happen in the novel …
    I guess we’ll never know why Nuo Nuo was in this show…


    1. I’m actually not certain if this is in the novel because I read this a while ago. And besides the 24 Chapters there’s the elipogue and 3 chapters of their life after marriage or side story’s which I have not read.

      Translating this book is like rereading the novel all over again. I’m in this experience with you readers


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