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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 3.2


My ideal Xiao Wen Shu – perfect for a loony like him XD

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof ready by thundergirl3

Chapter 3.2 – Enter the Wolf’s Den

Saturday, for family harmony, being obedient Nuo Nuo went to the matchmaking date.

After all, he is someone who her father fancy, how bad can it get? Arriving at the agreed place, sure enough, the person was just fine. Xiao Wen Shu was a head taller than Nuo Nuo, thin and slightly pale skin. Although there are several small face acne, but his facial features was good, at night will not scare people.

Two people sat at the East La Tea House, they had a conversation from her father’s unit to the recent best seller, new films. Although Nuo Nuo did not experience the wonderful feeling of love at the first sight, but also was completely off guard against him. To think her Father’s unique vision should not be mistaken, if Xiao Wen Shu later wants to keep in contact can do so.

But just as Nuo Nuo hesitated to exchange numbers, the situation suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Xiao Wen Shu inadvertently glimpse at Nuo Nuo chest Jade Buddha, he suddenly excited, “You…… You also believe in Buddhism?!”

“Huh?” Nuo Nuo subconsciously touched her chest jade, this last year for leisure her Mother went to a major temple of spirit, prayed to the spirit, begged for it. Although Nuo Nuo was not Buddhist, but it was hard to turn down her Mother’s warm-hearted offer, so she occasionally would wear the jade pendant.

Today for the blind date, Nuo Nuo specially brought a new white pleated skirt. Among the waist a black ribbon in a butterfly knot, revealing her slender legs, very gentle and moving. But before leaving, Nuo Nuo taking a closer look, felt something was missing on the neck, she didn’t have a sparkling necklace. So casually picked up the jade pendant, the result Xiao Wen Shu sharp-eyed noticed it.

Before Nuo Nuo could answer, Xiao Wen Shu speaks with fervor and assurance, “I can’t believe we’re both kindred spirit, hey, now there are not many Buddhists. I hate it when people hear that we believed in Buddhism, superstition, fuss says you’re so young. They don’t get it, superstition and belief are completely two different concepts!”

Nuo Nuo sweated slightly, on the surface she tried to smile, she told herself, never mind, never mind, as long as it’s not Dharma Wheel Practice [1], belief in the Buddha is something acceptable.

Xiao Wen Shu sees Nuo Nuo laughed to herself, he also seems to be greatly encouraged to claw away, “Since we are Buddhist, I also not equivocate. In fact…… I have been looking for my past life lover.”

Nuo Nuo hearing these words, almost sprayed out the sip of tea.


Past life lover?!

Xiao Wen Shu looked out of the window, he suddenly felt dejected, “To be honest, I can see some things you can’t see, the memory of previous life did not completely eliminated. My past life…… was a foreign prince.”

Nuo Nuo thoroughly know Buddhist propaganda karma, compassion she knew, however, there is propaganda memories of past lives? What is that? Also, a foreign prince …… God Jesus.

Xiao Wen Shu seems to have been completely immersed in his “Buddhism” world, can not see the cold sweats on Nuo Nuo’s head, still mumbling, “I was too proud, for the country, Fu Huang [2] kill too many people that his life was doomed to suffer. Entangled in what was magic I have recognized, the heavens hate injustice, so I have memories of past lives, Yue Lao [3] did not snapped the red string between her and me. So in this world always dreamed of her vague figure. Although I could not see her face, but I know that she is my past life concubine.”


Nuo Nuo felt herself pass through, completely pass through.

In fact, she is want to interrupt Xiao Wen Shu to ask. Is it true that Yue Lao some time travel to western, so lend Xiao Wen Shu and his concubine a red thread; or Cupid thought God paid too little, had a job strike, so Jesus had no other way, only hired foreign aid?

Nuo Nuo extremely admired her own infinite imagination, Xiao Wen Shu continued, “In fact this blind date, I have a glimmer reading. I was hoping you are my past life lover, but I see you at first sight I know…… Hey, because Master Xu is usually very good to me, so I just did not leave immediately. Since you and I are Buddhists, I say it like this, you do not mind, right?”

“Don’t mind not at all. ” Nuo Nuo smothered laugh, shaking her head. Fortunately she’s not his Princess, after all if he did consider her, that would have been terrible.

Hearing these words Xiao Wen Shu heart calmed down, spoke loudly and told Nuo Nuo a lot of Buddhist scriptures, from “Diamond Sutra [4]”  to “The Great Compassion Mantra [5]“, and then to his usual see the facts, has been referred to the Jade Emperor. Nuo Nuo heard thought it’s extremely strange, but seeing Xiao Wen Shu getting more and more ruddy, felt shy to interrupt.

After about half an hour, Xiao Wen Shu finally stopped. Nuo Nuo was ecstatic, she immediately wished she could stand up and say good-bye, but because of old Xu’s pride continued to appear lady-like. The results, Xiao Wen Shu swallowed his saliva said ——

“Since you and I are so destined, though in this world can not become husband and wife, but because Buddha would have arranged Ella Wheeler Wilcox. A few days ago I was bored, when cross back to the past to play, our country’s high priest said I have decreed by fate to meet a small junior apprentice sister. Now I think about it, its probably you.”

Nuo Nuo heard this, her chin fell straight off the table, a small junior apprentice sister? He was bored so went back to the past to play?

Dear God ……

Nuo Nuo did not know what to say, “Big Brother” (大师兄) already speak in excitement; he patted Nuo Nuo on the shoulder and said, “Let’s go, I take you to see the master.”


Old comrade Xu, what kind of blind date have you are introduced me to!!

Nuo Nuo did not want to follow “Big Brother” and to listen to the Master Buddha chanting, did not want to reject the spot, refuted “Big Brother” face, go home to an anger old comrade Xu. So using her quick wits, taking advantage of when Xiao Wen Shu gone to the bathroom, she sends a text message to Xiao Jun.

“Emergency! SOS!! Call me in five minutes.”

After five minutes, “Big Brother” returned from the Restroom, just as Nuo Nuo was being dragged to worship Master, her very punctual mobile phone rings. Nuo Nuo hastened to pick up the phone, not waiting for Xiao Wen Shu to speak, “Hello? Xiao Zong? Ah? Made a mistake on the last document? Oh oh…… Good! I’ll be back soon. Bye.”

Nuo Nuo takes a deep breath, just to see Xiao Wen Shu embarrassed pouting, “I’m sorry, my company executive suddenly called me and said the scheme has some problems, may have to return to the company to work overtime.”

Hearing these words, “Big Brother” showed extreme tolerance and understanding, two people have exchanged phone numbers, so next time they can arrange an appointment see the Buddhist monk, went home and find her Mother. Nuo Nuo’s second dating activities, finally a successful conclusion.

Out of the tea house, Nuo Nuo instantly felt the sky was so blue, passers-by are so lovely. What a blind date, it’s really not reliable, the next time no matter what Mother and Father says, she will not matchmaking.


Nuo Nuo was wandering in the street, while doing a blind date summary, her mobile phone rings again. She looked at the caller ID, she answered, giggling away, “Xiao Jun!”

The other end was silence for three seconds, before a calm male voice came, “Nuo Nuo, I think …… you should give me a reasonable explanation.”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo instantly stopped nail in place. The scorching summer, Nuo Nuo feeling there was cold sweat dripping, again she looked at the caller ID to determine above there was two words “Xiao Jun”, but just the voice, speaking the overbearing tone ……

If she did not guess wrong ——

Nuo Nuo felt her hands trembled a little, but just tearfully shouted, “Xiao Zong.”

[1] 法轮功 Falun Gong: is a Chinese spiritual discipline that combines meditation and qigong exercises with a moral philosophy centered on the tenets of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

[2] Fu Huang: Imperial father.

[3] 月老 Yue Lao: the old man under the moon — the god who unites peoples in marriage.

[4] 金刚经 “Perfection of Wisdom” genre, and emphasizes the practice of non-abiding and non-attachment.

[5] 大悲咒 It is a script often used for protection or purification.

suteki: Haha past lover?! Poor Nuo Nuo stuck with the loony like Xiao Wen Shu! I’m not Buddhist but a little of me do believe in re-carnation, does that make me equally crazy?


14 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 3.2

  1. so funny….describe his looks as “at night will not scare people” – really interesting 😀 and such a date, I would run away…….and I do little believe in reincarnation too, it would be nice, if it’s true 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Xiao Jun is not at camp but is studying for his college entrance examination.

      What will happen? I shall let Xiao Jun explain to you himself in the middle of chapter 5 🙂


  2. Wow… Such an interesting character…
    I do not know if I should label him as a funny guy or as acrasy one.

    He’s quite… Special…

    Nuo Nuo, how will you explain it to your soon-to-be husband?


    1. Yes Xiao Wen Shu is such a strange character I find it hard to use words to explain him.

      I’m not very fond of him which explains why I used the above picture as my ideal Xiao Wen Shu..


  3. “In fact, she is want to interrupt Xiao Wen Shu to ask. Is it true that Yue Lao some time travel to western, so lend Xiao Wen Shu and his concubine a red thread; or Cupid thought God paid too little, had a job strike, so Jesus had no other way, only hired foreign aid?”

    Sorry for asking but I just do not even understand what she us trying to say in this paragraph? I assume it is a joke but the translation doesn’t make sense to me. Please explain. Thanks Ginny


    1. Yue Lao is the love God in the Chinese culture, while cupid is the love God in Greek culture. Nuo Nuo is trying to say Yue Lao has been hired by God because cupid went on a job strike. In other words she think Xiao Wen Shu is baffling, a bit crazy and telling lies


  4. Hahaha, Thank you. I reread it, now I get it. what a perfect way to describe that crazy guy. Her Dad can sure pick them. I thought he was very scary myself. HAHA You are a peach for taking the time to explain. Have a wonderful day.


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