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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 3.3


Nuo Nuo might look like on her second blind date. 

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by thundergirl3

Chapter 3.3 – Enter the Wolf’s Den

Half an hour later, Nuo Nuo return to the tea house, but this time the object for a personal chat. Waiter thought “This girl had a really efficient day, two blind dates in one day,” envy plus astonished presented the two with tea.

The interrogation has officially begun.

Nuo Nuo sitting opposite Xiao Yi, she’s unable to describe the mood, perhaps crazy was a simple word to describe it.

When texting, she was afraid of confusing the two names “Xiao Yi” and “Xiao Jun”, Nuo Nuo also looked and looked, Caller ID was Xiao Jun’s mobile phone number, but why was the result so miserable?

Nuo Nuo was petrified, her mind only filled with the three words “The Weekend Killer”. Xiao Big Boss really deserves this nickname, every weekend he can really cause her sleepless nights.

Xiao Yi drank some tea with satisfaction, still in a daze to see Nuo Nuo, he slightly raised his eyebrows, “You want to work overtime? There’s a problem with the documents?”

Nuo Nuo was tasting the fruits of one’s self-inflicted actions. It’s good as being dead, using Xiao Yi as a shield. Nuo Nuo understand that this time it is best not to lie, or with Big Boss IQ is bound to expose herself and she will die miserably.

Nuo Nuo feeling helpless, she decided to clearly explain the situation. Xiao Big Boss looks really a third ugly.

Nuo Nuo seeing this, her body can not wait to shrink further until Xiao Yi could not see her. But, the situation now is the Big Boss is angry that she tried to use work overtime as a shield and disturbed Xiao Jun learning?

Thinking it over, Nuo Nuo decided to change the subject to relaxed the atmosphere, “Say Xiao Zong …… how is Xiao Jun mobile phone in your hands, ah?”

The voice just fell, Xiao Yi sharp eyes shot up, his voice stiff, “After work hours don’t call me Xiao Zong.”

Nuo Nuo’s tears ran, the Big Boss is so tacky, struggling for half a day, she hesitated before shouted, “Xiao Yi.”

Because of the college entrance exam, the implementation of “patriarchal” Xiao Yi mandatory confiscated his little brother’s mobile phone. The result was he’s at home today looking at company documents when he suddenly received Nuo Nuo’s strange distress message.

Picking up he could not even talk yet, the other side come a crackling burst talk, then hang up the phone. Xiao Yi’s intuition tells him the small white rabbit has a problem, but in front of the French window he couldn’t help but bend the corners of his mouth, the first blind situation gradually floating in front of his eyes.

At the time, it was also unexpected. The always reserved calm Xiao Yi being surprised, he had to rub his eyes. The person he had little impression, is a new company employee. Being mindful of this, Xiao Yi mind automatically emerge out of the resume, beautiful handwriting with sweet smile photograph, very clean and tidy.

The blind date had officially begun, he questioned and challenged throughout the process, Nuo Nuo was nervous enough. She had absolutely no idea, it’s just a prank when Xiao Yi was in a good mood, commonly known as “teasing”. The next day, at the company always seem to come across unintentionally scared just a docile small white rabbit, is obviously afraid, her dewy eyes were always stealing glances at him from time to time.

At that moment, Xiao Big Boss heart stood motionless, firmly unshakable. After the “Dish Washing Sister-in-law” rumors spread. Xiao Yi slightly heard someone has invaded his consciousness; he naturally transferred the small white rabbit from her more recent place, pet show.

But now, Xiao Yi heart could not tell what it is, this woman and Xiao Jun seems to be very close, one call “Xiao Jun” unusually intimate, even when in crisis, first thought of his younger brother. While the most hateful thing is, she very respectfully called him, “Xiao Zong”

Xiao Yi heart ached thinking about it, he dangerously squinting, “Nuo Nuo, how dare you ……”

Nuo Nuo heard immediately threw herself at mercy, “I’m sorry Xiao Zong, I did not mean to disturb Xiao Jun’s study, nor intentionally take you as a shield, hum, I was wrong, really wrong.”

Xiao Yi hesitated slightly before cough, “I’m not talking about this.”

Nuo Nuo completely knock the tables, she looked up blinking.

Not this?

In addition to these two points, what else has she done wrong?!

“Uh ……” Nuo Nuo was in silence, then what is it that Big Boss really pissed off at?

Xiao Yi drank the tea, his eyes that flashed anger had put on a joking face, said: “Nuo Nuo, today you dressed nicely.”

(⊙ o ⊙)?

Nuo Nuo was at loss, and just said …… this topic have a connection?

Nuo Nuo thoughts wandered, Xiao Big Boss seems to think it was a funny thing, his chin propped an alluring smile that brought calamity to the entire country, “Compare to the last time we have a blind date, you’re a lot more well-dressed. Just…… our last blind date seems to have not end?”

Paused, before Nuo Nuo fully digest these words, Xiao Yi eyes squinting, and he finally spit out today biggest grievances, “How can you already have a blind date but at the same time, then go on another blind date, ah?”


No doubt, Nuo Nuo completely petrified.

Nuo Nuo’s pleated white skirt was brought at last year’s mall event “Buy three, get back three hundred”. Because it is a consequence of impulse shopping, after buying it Nuo Nuo regretted it.

Not that the skirt does not look good, on the contrary simple style, generous bow emphasize Nuo Nuo’s body clear curves, playful and lovely. However, the big problem is that this bubble skirt is very short, above the knee, sat down and more …… And because the entire skirt wrapped very tight, when Nuo Nuo sit back, tightness around the stomach, can not breathe. By far the most depressing is that skirt look good though, it takes a woman’s stiletto heels to look better. Nuo Nuo tried on all the flats she owns and still did not feel right.

In summary, it does not matter how Nuo Nuo wears it she still felt it didn’t tied right, more than twice put on the skirt, went to the side. Originally, the main purpose is not to look good in the clothes, but to be comfortable.

This blind date, old Xu Comrade very seriously emphasize that their daughter dressed too casually, not one hint of woman taste at all. Nuo Nuo did not want to spend money to buy new clothes, and not go against the old Xu’s meaning, it turned out the bottom of her draws there was a skirt, and borrowed her cousin five cm high heels, and there was look Xiao Yi can now see.

Gentle, elegant and fresh, tender.

But the hateful thing is, she’s so well dressed, to another man, and the last, and his own blind date, the little girl was dressed quite casually! Xiao Yi thinking of this, he has always have been resolve around by others, eerily smirked, he smiled and squirmed toward Nuo Nuo, “The last blind date, did I not satisfied you?”

“No, not at all” Nuo Nuo was depressed, I dare to be not satisfied with you Big Boss?

“Material basis does not comply?”

“Is not.” Big Boss, your car and house as well as appearance, really Millennium epic proportions, ah epic proportions.

“Personality clashes?”

“……” Nuo Nuo choked completely she cannot keep up with the rhythm of Xiao Yi’s thinking. Obviously after the last blind date, Big Boss did not express any interest, herself dealing with an amusing incident, and now how’s this——

Before Nuo Nuo had time to speak, Xiao Yi has said, “If not, you’re carrying a blind date again attend another blind dating, is not too much?”

Nuo Nuo broke down in tears, “I was wrong, really wrong.” She turned around and looked out of the window, trying to think of ways to amend, “So, how about we do this? I invite Xiao Zong to eat beef hot-pot as an apology?”

Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss dangerously narrows his eyes, in a deep voice he said, “Nuo Nuo, does the company give you a very low salary?”


“Castle Peak Road, Thailand cuisine is also good.”


Nuo Nuo feeling wronged pinched her withered purse, her heart bled to grit one’s teeth, “Well, we eat Thailand cuisine. >__<”

suteki: and that concludes chapter 3 *WEEE* Nuo Nuo is like a girlfriend who went behind Xiao Yi and cheated with Xiao Wen Shu.

Xiao Yi is jealous that Nuo Nuo intimately calls “Xiao Jun”, jealous she spent the time to nicely dress herself for her blind date with Xiao Wen Shu instead of him, jealously hints in left, right and centre.

And since I have long weekend this week I shall be posting Chapter 4 part 1, 2 and 3 respectively tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday! Anyone happy about that? 🙂


13 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 3.3

  1. I’m so glad we could spend more time with Xiao Yi. And even better know for a short time what he is thinking. I hope this will continue so that Xiao Yi as a character will became more appealing than Xiao Jun. Hard to forget this boy. 😀 Hope he will appear soon.
    Once again thanks for translating!

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    1. Have no fear Xiao Jun will reappear in chapter 5. But before he does we will get to know Xiao Yi personality more. As the novel progresses you’ll fall in love with Xiao Yi


      1. I have my own blog and I know how it feels…so I really like to comment 😉 I’m always so happy to know someone care…and it’s fun, it’s like I found new friends 🙂 and, you are great, so of course I have to tell you so, right? 😉

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      2. Ahh yes I did check out your blog when you first commented but unfortunately I do not know how to read the language it was written in or else I’ll definitely leave a comment and show my support.

        And yes it is like meeting a new friend, talking about the passion you have for the same thing. 🙂


  2. First I like the pictures you post with the chapters , too good
    Also I liked that the author mentioned about the male lead inner thoughts , so we know what both male and female thoughts , other romance novels would tell the female thought and describe the male as cold person without telling his inner thoughts
    Thank you for translation ^_^


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