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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 4.1


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Pepe Le Pew

Chapter 4.1 – Xiao Pineapple Mulberry (萧菠萝桑)

Mother, you connived with an outsider to cheaply sell me? 

Fried chicken with basil, Thai red curry, grilled crab, fresh and spicy shrimp, tom yum soup, matched with incense and soft Thailand glutinous rice, boiled vegetables, fruit salad … … a meal, the guest is eating happily, while the host is sad.

The shark’s fin…… Although she can afford to eat this stuff sometimes but why spend several months of wages, ah?

In the restaurant, staring at the magnificent hall, Nuo Nuo was another vertigo. OMG, this place is how you see it on TV, only accepts credit card to eat, buy wine on the side, and next time you come here to dine will be able to order the waiter/waitress to bring out?

The most important thing is as they sat down, the waiter graciously leaned over Xiao Big Boss and he totally did not give Nuo Nuo the opportunity to see the menu, he unceremoniously place five or six dishes, and without exception are signature dishes.


On the side Nuo Nuo bit down on what she really wants to say, “That is enough, two people won’t be able to finish that”, but she held back the words since she said she’s treating, no matter how you say it, it will sound a bit stingy.

Because she’s not accustomed to eating Thai food; and because she did not see the menu, did not know the meal prices; and because Nuo Nuo didn’t take credit/bank card out today and only had three hundred cash on her……

This meal, Nuo Nuo had the inability to taste the food.

Sure enough, eating together with Xiao Big Boss gives her indigestion——

Nuo Nuo staring at a variety of exquisite cuisine, biting her silver chopsticks daydreaming for a long time. In a moment she had to pay and does not have money to pay, the Big Boss’ face will be like dark like rain, at that moment the restaurant’s owners will be cursing her like she’s a free-loader. Finally, Nuo Nuo could not stand it any longer, she went to the bathroom passage but slipped away to the front desk.

Seeing a guest at the front desk, the attendant smiled politely and asked, “Hello, may I ask what can do for you?”

Nuo Nuo smiled, it seems that big restaurant are not the same, and the girl’s smile is particularly sweet, “Hello, I want to look up the spending of that table by the window.”

Hearing these words, the waiter was startled, strangely staring at Nuo Nuo.

Nuo Nuo’s white face burst into various shades of red. With her head huddled down, she insistently asked while smiling, “Help me look it up.” The result… she did not bring enough money and the only choice left is to find nearby friends to quietly come over.

OTZ, she have never been so humiliated, Nuo Nuo is thinking of which friends to call when the waiter checked the bill came over to tell her an alarming figure.

Nuo Nuo swallowed her saliva, “Are you sure you’re talking about currency? Dollars not yen, Taiwan dollars, or Korean won?!”

The waiter gave an embarrassed grin, “I’m sorry but it is indeed the price.”

Nuo Nuo’s tears fell. What is this? The Black Market?! Yes, the layout is a little more nice, the waiter are little more beautiful, dishes are presented lavishly but who actually want to eat her whole months’ worth of salary?! With her back against the wall moved side by side and made her way back.

The two attendants at the front desk wondered increasingly.

Waiter A: “This girl is so strange, her husband is a VIP here, and the bill is deducted directly from the VIP membership card without her having to pay. Why does she look indignant?”

Waiter B: “You do not understand, do you? Definitely, the girl being considerate, she’s distressed about money but how do you know they are husband and wife, what if——?!”

Waiter A: “Hey, do not do your big spring dream. The gentleman said in advance that his wife enjoys spicy, so today’s food to make it extra spicy.”


Nuo Nuo hiding in the bathroom trying to call her friends; all the friends that heard the figure were speechless. Nuo Nuo cried. She should have known better. Usually borrowing money was okay but now it’s the end of the month, where would the money come from?

Because she was not able to borrow the money and did not have the guts to call her mother and father for help, a defeated Nuo Nuo made her way back to the table and looked like in a trance. So she carelessly walk in a wide eight figure and had a near collision with a gentle mother.

Xiao Yi heard noises and looked from behind the screen. He saw a tearful, small, white rabbit face down on lying on the floor, looking dead.

On the restaurant carpet, although she’s not seriously hurt, when Xiao Yi went up to Nuo Nuo, her eyes were red, staring at Xiao Yi with wet eyes and a red bitten-lip.


“Get up.” Xiao Yi has always been cool and calm which made his spoken words sound harsh and command-like but it was originally caused by worry. Nuo Nuo heard it and started to resent him in her mind.

Nuo Nuo tried to stand up but lost her balance and fell back to the ground. This time Xiao Yi’s eye twitched when he saw Nuo Nuo’s leg posture, his vision moved to the thin high-heeled shoes and…… already swollen ankle.

Nuo Nuo cried, “I’m sorry, I did not mean to lose face, usually not used to wearing stiletto heels. My cousin’s shoe was so high, I——”

She stopped halfway through what she’s saying and Nuo Nuo automatically became mute because the handsome and brilliant Xiao Big Boss allowed no more explanation as he leaned down to pick up Nuo Nuo princess style.

………… (> _ <) …………

Nuo Nuo gawked, her mind is focused only on one thing: In every woman’s mind she has a held like a princess moment.

Being held in the arms Xiao Yi, enjoying the moment, Nuo Nuo started thinking this is a lucky moment: Is this not a blessing in disguise?

Xiao Yi took Nuo Nuo to get her leg checked, the doctors announced that she only hurt her muscles and should be okay after a few days of rest.

Nuo Nuo suddenly remembered a very important issue, “Huh? When we just came out of the restaurant we did not seem to pay?”

The waiter did not to stop them, the security has not chased after them, she did think of free-loading the meal, but…… never thought it would go so smoothly.


Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss raised his eyebrows, “Did I say I wanted you to treat me?”

“Uh……” from beginning to end, she indeed only herself said so.

Xiao Yi saw Nuo Nuo’s glum appearance change to a good mood. He opened his mouth to say: “Never mind, this meal is not without reason treating you.”

“Oh?” Nuo Nuo dazedly replied.

Xiao Yi clasped his chest while looking out the window, his eyes blinked, “I haven’t seen someone who is so embarrassing in a long time.”


The implication, Nou Nuo today fell very well, she made his Highness have a good laugh so his treating this clown a meal is worth it.

For a second, Nuo Nuo had the impulse of try to pounding Xiao Yi’s forehead with her high heels.

After her foot was bandaged, Xiao Big Boss condescended to personally drive to her home but after arriving her building’s lobby Nuo Nuo encounter a problem. With only one foot, Nuo Nuo will have difficultly climb the stairs by hopping, it’s really a bit difficult specially now with an injured foot and still wearing her cousin’s stilettos. With this painful lesson, if the Big Boss was not present, Nuo Nuo would not hesitate to take off her shoes and walk barefoot. But now——

Nuo Nuo sat quietly in the passenger seat to see Xiao Yi’s expression that still has a poker face, “I’ll send you up.”

Hearing the word “send”, Nuo Nuo thought that the princess-hold and her face immediately blushed, “No, today I have trouble you enough. I’ll call my father to come down.”

After a slight pause, Xiao Big Boss turn slightly, his eyes full of smiles, “You sure your father the old man…… can even move you?”


Nuo Nuo wanted to bite this person.

This weight topic is something women cannot tolerate!! Obviously, Xiao Big Boss clearly doesn’t care, he then said, “Don’t worry, I usually exercise, you just weigh a little heavier than my dumbbells at home.”

Nuo Nuo clenched her fist, okay, since you are heartless; I’m also going to do you an injustice!

“My family lives on the eighth floor, there’s no elevator.”

“……” The omnipotent Xiao Big Boss finally, was finally silenced.

suteki: ahh isn’t every girls dream to be carried and embraced by a charming handsome man? Nuo Nuo is so lucky!~ hoho eight floors? Good luck to that Xiao Yi!


17 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 4.1

  1. Oh, was it a date? 😀

    Hope we can see a gentle Xiao Yi soon, because the more I see him, the more I wish that Nuo Nuo end with Xiao Jun…

    I know some people love the kind of character (being a bully and all) but it starting to be too much…

    Well hope to see some change soon.

    Anyway thank for the chapter 🙂


    1. Rudy! Hang in there, don’t give up on Xiao Yi 😦

      For me I think Xiao Yi expresses his interest like an elementary kid, they think being mean to the person they like as a form of love expression.

      His bit of a poker face but I promise you there are sweet moments to come for our OTP


  2. Ha, eighth floor. Good luck Big Boss! He so didn’t expect it coming. I can’t wait how it will continue. You always seems to cut chapters at the right places making me eager to know continuation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what I’m trying to do, I find when I read translations I sometime miss important things because I’m trying to absorb everything that’s been thrown at me all at once.

      So I hope the way I’m cutting the chapters is to everyone’s liking.

      Hope you enjoyed it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for fixing the link to chapter 4.1!

    Haha, this is so funny. These boss-employee stories are all so cookie-cutter, but I still like them, anyway. Poor Nuo Nuo, hiding in the bathroom, trying to figure out how to pay the restaurant bill. I agree that being on the receiving end of the bullying is not much fun, but this is just like grade school. Boys will only torment the girls they like and be ever so polite to the ones they don’t like. 🙂

    Sutekii, I love the pictures you post at the beginning of every chapter. I think the ones of Nuo Nuo are really cute and lovely. I can totally picture her as very youthful, cute, with innocent wide eyes and a sweet smile. I am beginning to think all black belly bosses are attracted to adorable, young, innocent women because they are so fun to torment. The calm, sharp-tongued girls are just not fun. Haha. I also find it very funny that the female leads in these stories are always so dense! They never seem to understand any of the clues their bosses are dropping left and right about their interest in them!

    I think it’s hilarious that the little brother is already showing signs of black humor, like his older brother, tricking Nuo Nuo into tutoring him math. Perhaps there will be a sequel on the little brother?

    Great job, sutekii!


    1. Hi Melanie!

      I think most black belly novel have very similar trend as you mentioned above. But it’s always fun for the reader to read, just not so much for the female heroine though.

      I actually really like Xiao Jun he sounds like such an outstanding young man. So I wouldn’t mind if the author dedicated a novel entirely about his love life and more in depth on him as an individual.

      Btw do you have a blog? I would love to read your creation.. decembi said you’re amazing at writing ancient wuxia novels, I did happen to email your hotmail. Not sure if you checked your email yet.


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