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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 4.2


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Pepe Le Pew

Chapter 4.2 – Xiao Pineapple Mulberry (萧菠萝桑)

Mrs. Xu decided to worship Buddha tomorrow.

The Daci Temple Buddha is very effective. This morning she went to burn incense and made a vow, hoping her daughter will find a good family then this afternoon her daughter actually brought home a person!

Just thinking of the moment when she opened the door, seeing the scenario of a strange guy holding her Nuo Nuo, Xu mama’s heartbeat jumped twice. This is the colleague Zhang, her husband mentioned last time. He’s quite okay, as a civil servants he’s stable. Good… good.

Xu mama was very satisfied with this son-in-law, but also her heart ached about Nuo Nuo’s foot, she kept nagging, “Alas, you child what should I say? Was fine when you went matchmaking, how did you end up hurting yourself?”

Nuo Nuo heard the word “matchmaking” afraid that Xiao Big Boss will blow up; secretly stole a glance at Xiao Yi. She didn’t see much of a reaction, he still is leisurely drinking tea, she only pouted and said, “Mommy’s big mouth, how it can be serious as you say it’s just an ordinary sprain.”

After she finished talking, her mother could not answer, Xiao Yi has put down the cup, “I remember the doctor saying you sprained your ligament, it is best to rest for one more week.”

One week?!

Nuo Nuo big eyes bulged, this is so unexpected but the Big Boss obviously know that the day after tomorrow is Monday, and so to speak——

Xu mama shouted, “Yes, this time you must take care or your bones will grow crooked, when that happens you’ll become a cripple, and nobody is going to want you! Quickly you give a call to Xiao, Xiao that pineapple to ask for a sick leave”

Nuo Nuo spewed a mouthful of tea, when she usually consulted her father on company things, she rarely called Xiao Yi “Xiao Zong”, and would usually just say “Boss”, since her father was trendy and he worked with a younger generation and hanged out with a younger crowd; He accepted his daughter’s way of addressing people. Nuo Nuo wondered what her mother heard from the side conversations.

On a previous occasion, her mother finally cannot hold the question in her mind, she run to ask her other half, “Old man, say Nuo Nuo’s new boss at the company is so strange. We have so many Chinese words, why didn’t he pick out a beautiful name? Why call him pineapple? Did his mother while pregnant with him particularly like to eat pineapple?”

Her father laughed until his belly hurt, but in order to avoid his wife becoming embarrassed he held back his laughter, “Not pineapple, it’s Boss.”

“Persia?” Xu mama said, “Persia candy? We might as well call him pineapple!”

This little joke, her mother’s humorous talk caused her to almost burst in tears. Nuo Nuo never have thought in a thousand years or even her imagination that her mother would misunderstand that the person who sent her home is her blind date; even more so to imagine her mother to be so brave in front of Xiao Yi’s face to call him the “pineapple” nickname.

Nuo Nuo hastily explained, “Mother, is not, our boss is not called pineapple, he’s called——”

Halfway through what she’s saying Nuo Nuo looked up and saw Xiao Yi’s eyes, she saw Xiao Big Boss shook his head slightly, indicating she should not say. Ah? So Xiao Yi feels very ashamed about sending an employee home? Or …… is he afraid that her mother would be overwhelmed by an unexpected favor?

Mrs. Xu, “What his name?”

Nuo Nuo swallowed, she gritted her teeth, “In fact, he is called pineapple > __ <”

Her mother happily left the living room to peel an apple for her future son-in-law, Nuo Nuo obediently said, “Xiao Zong sorry, seems like my mother misunderstood you are my blind date, so……”

Xiao Yi interrupted Nuo Nuo, squinting, “I am not your blind date target?”

{{{(> _ <)}}}

She stepped into the minefield.

“Or, you want to find that blind date to take you home now?”

“No, no,” Nuo Nuo tears ran. Why was it so hard to say a word with Xiao Big Boss, “I just feel about…… mother misunderstanding you. Sorry.”

Xiao Yi saw Nuo Nuo’s head droop; he knows that if the mood’s too stifling it might scare someone. So he hurriedly tapped her shoulder and said, “Have you not told aunt and uncle about the last blind date thing?”

Nuo Nuo shook her head like a rattle, the events of that incident, how is she supposed to talk about it? Her mother and father will automatically assume “Daughter disdained the matchmaking candidate (not satisfied)”.

Xiao Yi chuckled, gently leaned back on the sofa, his eyes unconsciously softened as he saw a gentle, slightly tense and stiff Nuo Nuo.

What a funny little white rabbit.

Nuo Nuo looked at him, eyes blinking, trying to change the subject, “But Xiao Zong, why not tells my mother that you are my boss?”

Hearing the words, Xiao Yi’s handsome eyebrows stretch, he carefully said, “Because I am not ready to meet them.”


If Nuo Nuo wasn’t sitting she probably would have vomited blood.
Big Boss ah Big Boss, I am so casually asking, in fact, you do not have to give such…… an official answer. My parents are ordinary people, you as a big boss to personally send an employee home; they would have shed tears of gratitude, what is this “not ready to meet”, is it because you are intentionally embarrassing me?

Nuo Nuo didn’t look at Xiao Yi in the eye. Her eyes flashing, she looked everywhere else: at the ceiling, then the sofa sets, the atmosphere is awkward when her mother holding the fruit bowl came in.

“Young man, come and eat the apple.”

“Thank you, aunt.”

Xu mama look lovingly at her future son-in-law, she made persistent efforts, “Nuo Nuo you entertain the visitor and I’ll go buy food. Child, stay here tonight for dinner.”
Hearing these words, Xiao Yi got up and politely declined, “No, I got something to do at the company.” And it was completely false, originally Xiao Yi was processing the files at home, he noticed that the small white rabbit climbed the wall, this is an unscheduled excursion.

“I will help Nuo Nuo ask for leave, let her rest at home for a week.”

“That’s so thoughtful of you. Let me know if Nuo Nuo gives you trouble.” Xu mama’s eyes were smiling happily that it’s squinted in a line she thinks that the son-in-law is really good. Nuo Nuo also did not think he will help her ask for sick leave, or to be considerate or be stronger than her own father.

Nuo Nuo heard Xiao Yi had to go and she’s rejoicing, she hurriedly said, “Xiao…… You have something? I shall not keep you, with my leg… walking is not convenient but my mother would help me send you off.”

Xiao Yi’s eyes hid a smile, with vigorous strides he walks to the door and suddenly looked back, Nuo Nuo’s heart skipped a beat, and Xiao Big Boss turned to her mother, “I’m sorry to have disturbed you today.”

“My pleasure, next time come again for dinner.”

Xiao Yi said, “Certainly. I know a good home massage place in Xishan Street; they can heal a lot of bruises and sprains. Nuo Nuo’s foot is swollen, in fact, even with hospital medicine, it would be better to go get massaged every day.”

Hearing these words, Xu mama pretended to be embarrassed, “Good is good, but it’s not very convenient for Nuo Nuo to go downstairs now and since my husband will be going on a business trip tomorrow… I am an old woman how do I carry ……”

Nuo Nuo listened to her mother complaining, how it is that she feels the two echoed each other. Being dazed to see Xiao Yi’s smile, “This is easy to arrange and I have a car. That’s good. I’ll come every afternoon to pick Nuo Nuo for the massage.”

Xu mama, “Really? Oh, then we have to trouble you”

“It’s all right”

A bomb went off——

Nuo Nuo stiffly sat on the couch feels thunderstruck.

“No, that’s not right, you are so busy, to come over every day—” Nuo Nuo feels like vomiting. Just a little sprain, to rest one week is much exaggerated. Also massage? Daily massage?

Unfortunately, the two people by the door completely did not hear her little protest.

“After that, if there is time will come to disturb aunty.”

“Not so, Nuo Nuo will be glad to have you come visit, won’t you Nuo Nuo?” Xu mother smiled, but she did not hear a response from her daughter, strange she said, “Huh? Nuo Nuo? Nuo Nuo! Child, why are you speechless?”

Here, Xiao Yi mouth slightly smiled, “You do not call aunty, and she has buried her entire face in the quilt.”

Behind Nuo Nuo continued play deaf, Mother, you connived with a stranger to cheaply sell me?

suteki: hahaha Nuo Nuo’s mother is simply too funny Xiao Boss turned into Xiao pineapple~


15 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 4.2

  1. I like how her mother and Xiao Yi seem to be on the same wave xD
    They are scheming so obviously in front of Nuo Nuo… Ah poor Nuo Nuo, now you won’t have any time for you anymore (at least for a week lol)


    1. You can say that their getting to know each other which is the same is seeing each other, unofficial date. Their relationship is quite ambiguous at this stage.


  2. This chapter shows Xiao Yi’d cute side, he’s definitely into Nuo Nuo 🙂 Thank you so much for translating this, I’m really glad to have found out your blog 🙂


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