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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 4.3


“The Evil Kirin” male protagonist. 

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Pepe Le Pew

Chapter 4.3 – Xiao Pineapple Mulberry (萧菠萝桑)

More than a week later, Nuo Nuo is working from home.

Although she could not attend the office meetings, fortunately since it’s the digital age, as long as Nuo Nuo have a computer she can do her work and when it’s completed, e-mail it to supervisor Mo Zi Yuan. As for her injures, Mo Zi Yuan also did not say anything and only lightly asked about it once or twice.

Nuo Nuo didn’t take it to the heart, as Mo Zi Yuan the person who is so talented in making games, is so utterly ignorant of the traditional code of conduct (low EQ). He treats anyone coldly and Nuo Nuo has long been accustomed to it. Just two days later, Nuo Nuo found out the seriousness of the problem.

On this day Nuo Nuo’s catching up on her QQ game writing tasks, the Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi’s picture suddenly flashing up.

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Nuo Nuo Nuo Nuo, are you there?

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: ?

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Hey, I knew you were there. Is your sprained foot better?

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo]:  (cute smile) Ah, thank you, it’s getting better, next week I will be able to work normally.

Even before finishing this sentence, Nuo Nuo can’t help but sigh slightly. With the daily massage plus dressing how can it not get better? Xiao Yi would arrive every day on time at her home to pick her up, but also carried her up and down the stairs, and with his car, isn’t it is too striking to the eye.

Yesterday the building’s Wang grandma cheerfully asked Xu mama, “Just then was that Xiao Nuo Nuo’s boyfriend?! He’s very handsome.”

Nuo Nuo not had time to explain although Xu mama has triumphantly shook her head, “Oh, you’re too kind. What’s the use of people that are good-looking? Also can not be eaten (I think her mother is referring to being good-looking/handsome is not edible), the main thing is to be considerate of our Nuo Nuo, have a good personality. Wouldn’t you say that’s right, ah, Mrs. Wang?”

Xu mama’s meaning is, we have a son-in-law who’s not only good-looking, talented, there is really nothing he can’t do …… he totally dominates. In fact, Nuo Nuo wanted to tell her mother, Xiao Big Boss is not their son-in-law, not one of her father’s colleagues either, but just did not know how to open her mouth.

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Nice, I hear you’re full-time now. Yeah, congratulations!

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: (blush face) Not yet, I have not passed the probation period!

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Hee hee, you lied to me, the notices are posted out today!

Nuo Nuo was surprised staring at the screen, crackling lines quickly came.

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: What notices?

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: The Project Notice. Today, the Administration Department issued notices and said the development of “The Evil Kirin [1]” game has officially launched. The project team was established, I saw the Planning Writer section with your name.

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Who doesn’t know that getting into the project team is equal to full-time employment, and now you dare deceive me, *poke!*

Nuo Nuo was startled, Xiao Xi’s right, Owl Wing production company’s policy to ensure the quality of the game, one of the biggest feature is the team stability in the development of every game. The project team personnel guarantee of full time employment is excellent and provides stable talent pool, therefore having having part-time/probationary employees in the teams are absolutely impossible. In other words, Nuo Nuo getting into the project team, can only means full-time employment. Being reminded of this in Nuo Nuo’s heart bloomed numerous, beautiful, white flowers. Does this mean that tough probation period is finally over?

At the other end of the screen, Xiao Xi is still chattering.

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Well …… really jealous of you, instead of suffering like me… And in fact, Nuo Nuo ever since you moved out of the third floor, I sensed that you are not far from full-time employment.

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: It does not matter, your probation period coming is also ending soon too right? I have faith in you.

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Hey, don’t butter me up. In fact, there is a problem that has been bothering me for a long time, Nuo Nuo since we’re all newcomers, considering our relationship, can you tell me something?

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: What ?

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: You and Xiao Big Boss  …… this and that …… hey, you know! The company’s recently passing baseless rumors, is it really true?

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: ……

Nuo Nuo banged her head on the table, first the confusing circumstances of moving onto the seventeenth floor, then joining the project team, also being forced to bring lunch and wash the dishes every day, how can her colleagues not found it strange? Ah ah ah – leaving Nuo Nuo depressed, she did not know how the Big Boss thinks.

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: Nuo Nuo, do not get me wrong, I do not doubt your ability to work, just that… you and the Big Boss thing is already abundantly clear……

Nuo Nuo extremely depressed and would like to remind Xiao Xi “abundantly clear” is a derogatory term, not be used on Xiao Big Boss’ brilliant and handsome body..

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: What did we do?

[ Creative Department Shen Xiao Xi ]: (surprised) Big Boss did not tell you? Our company do not have a super group, every morning those who take leave of absence, Administrative Department Lin MM will be posting a bulletin out. This Zhou Yi Lin MM send out announcements about your absenteeism, it resulted in Xiao Big Boss suddenly jumped out to say—— “Nuo Nuo had request with me for a week of sick leave, not absenteeism.” Wow kaka, you weren’t there at the time of the scene when the entire office people stared at the screen while looking over the floor trying to find their chins.

Nuo Nuo horror gave her goose bumps with Xiao Xi’s description, but more importantly, she had fully understood her situation now: Perhaps before, everyone is just guessing, secretly discussing her and Xiao Yi’s affair, now…… everything is beyond dispute.

That afternoon, Nuo Nuo heard the full version about her project team assignment from Fei Long boss.


suteki: This is what a Kirin creature looks like

Originally, not long ago Nuo Nuo wrote an ancient Chinese script of an immortal swordsman, called “The Evil Kirin”. Since childhood the male master was burdened by evil spirits and regardless whether it’s family or friends, those who simply approach him will suffer light internal injury and being possessed by the Devil, while their life was in danger.

The village people think the male master is a demon and wants to quickly kill him. While trying to escape, the male master was rescued by eminent monks. With the monks he practiced cultivation for more than ten years in an immortal pool and he learned how to control evil spirits. And just at this moment, he unexpectedly met a young maiden who is not afraid of his body’s evil spirits, while an eminent monk told him, his parents are not mortals. After he found out, he went down the mountain and encountered….

In fact, the whole story is a collection of myth and gore, fantasy, action and etc kind of  a story. Originally, when Mo Zi Yuan wanted Nuo Nuo to write the script, she knew that this work is certainly for practice purpose only so there is no burden or pressure at all, it’s entirely creative imagination.

When Nuo Nuo handed her initial draft in, Mo Zi Yuan also did not evaluate fully. He superficially evaluate for “ambitious world-view, the ups and downs in the story, and noted there is a small bug : the emotional interaction needs polishing and so on..” Under his guidance, Nuo Nuo tinkered the story numerous times, but she didn’t think that Mo Zi Yuan was really ready to use this platform to start a new project, even more expected was she didn’t think he would really hand the script to Xiao Yi to review, Xiao Yi actually approved this story, and set up a new project group.

Holding the phone, Nuo Nuo’s palms sweating slightly, “Fei Long boss, you’re not lying to me? That time Mo Boss has said the name ‘The Evil Kirin’ was not good, the word ‘Yi’ was bad luck, players seeing the name would not want to play any more.”

On the other side of the phone, Fei Long boss chuckled, “You are right, Xiao Boss strongly disagree with the name, he also felt the whole framework of the story is too common but Project Manager Li Shu Geng firmly opposed, he said your script with the evil spirits as the main line is bad luck. The hero is so unlucky and lonely, it’s easy for game players to produce a dark sense, to give up the game, but——”

“But what?” Nuo Nuo was too nervous she couldn’t speak. In fact, Nuo Nuo had anticipated what Xiao Big Boss and Li Shu Geng (Uncle Li) said. Especially during the draft review when Mo Zi Yuan’s cold and stony facial expression proves to be sharper than words is pouring cold water over her.

Nuo Nuo also admitted to the truth that even with the female heroine, and couple’s quests to vanquish evil spirits created the story’s clear rhythm, but the story itself has always a touch of sadness. The hero’s life, his abandonment due to evil spirits can make a person feel emotionally suffocated.

Stories that rely on women with skimpy clothing, seduction and some love to develop the script is simply a no brainer. If Nuo Nuo is a producer, considering the market reason, will probably give up the “The Evil Kirin”, so she didn’t expect Mo Zi Yuan would approval such a controversial script and even presenting it to Xiao Zong.

It’s Incredible!

Fei Long boss gave a loud cough, “Zi Yuan gave his reason for selecting the script. He said, ‘This story will let each game player have an unforgettable experience’.”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo was stunned, instantly silenced.

She once heard a senior say, with a good story it does not matter how beautiful the writing is, how properly the words and sentences are. What matters is understanding the essence of the story, how to tell the story to the world, and what emotion is presented to the readers. A good story, no how much time passes be it ten years, twenty years, the details and the feelings are difficult to forget in the hearts of the readers. Every re read will have new insights and experiences, the story becomes incomparable.

Nuo Nuo holding onto the phone, her lips overflow with a sweet smile suddenly developed a strong appreciation for Mo Zi Yuan. “Just a question, did Big Boss just agreed?”

“How could that be?” Fei Long boss scoffed, “Xiao Nuo Nuo, I’m telling you, you really have to come back next week to thank Zi Yuan boss, you did not know in order to use this script in this project Xiao boss and Zi Yuan almost got into a fight.”

“……” Nuo Nuo is dumbfounded. It’s not right, Xiao Big Boss and Mo Zi Yuan two men nosily arguing, what would the scene look like? Very scary……

“Hey, Xiao Boss eventually withdrew, leaving a sentence, ‘You are the producer, you watch’ turning around and leaving straight away. Say Xiao Nuo Nuo your life is good these two days because Zi Yuan went against him. Boss’ face turned ugly as hell, we can not avoid him, unlike you hiding comfortably at home…… “

Ding dong.

Fei Long boss did not finish, Nuo Nuo’s door bell rang.

Nuo Nuo know, this point the visitor must be “the one who was recently mood is a bad mood with the difficult to read facial expression” Xiao Big Boss is here to pick her up to the massage.

Nuo Nuo hung up the phone, she subconsciously looked back in fear swallowing her saliva. Nuo Nuo hoped that Xiao Big Boss will not make her into a punching bag, right?

[1] 麒麟煞 The qilin or kirin (Chinese: 麒麟; pinyin: qílín) is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known throughout various East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler.

suteki: and that concludes chapter 4, I’m done posting Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run for this week. Have a nice weekend fellow readers! Be sure to come back on Monday for new updates! This is part of chapter 4 was nothing interesting, I got a bit bored translating it, and it took me awhile too since the sentences were a lot more tricky. Especially the games part.


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