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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 5.1


Chapter 5.1 – Real Boyfriend

Giving the guest a cup of Chrysanthemum Tea, Nuo Nuo looked at the other person, she pulled an ugly laugh worse than a cry, “Big, big brother, you are so busy, also come to see me, really sorry.”

This Xiao Wen Shu really know when to pinch time, he chose when her mother went to buy groceries, Xiao Big Boss visit approaching. Nuo Nuo’s small woman’s sixth sense tells her that “Big Brother” sudden visit will be very troublesome.

Xiao Wen Shu shook his head, said mysteriously, “Nothing really, just heard from Master Xu, while on travel you have sprained your foot, so I came to have a look, also, Xu Nuo, what Master Xu said seems a little strange.”

Nuo Nuo was speechless, needless to say what happened. That night when she sprained her foot, her father was on a business trip, so he hasn’t seen Xiao Big Boss appearance. Her mother just holds the phone, boasting how thoughtful and considerate Xiao Zhang (Xiao Wen Shu) was, her father on the other side also laugh and said Xiao Zhang was very honest.

So the two old people in a completely not clear situation, speak the same language, each finds their son-in-law perfect. Xiao Wen Shu here, she estimated her father gave him a call, grateful for him every day taking his daughter to massage.

Xiao Wen Shu cough, his eyes twinkling, “Master Xu said, he feels really embarrassed letting me pick you up every day, also encourage me to…… Make persistent efforts.”

Nuo Nuo held onto her forehead, sure enough…… Father, can you be any more of a gossip?

Xiao Wen Shu, upon seeing this also sigh, “Injustices sin ah injustices sin——”

“?” Nuo Nuo also had no reaction to overcome how “Big Brother” suddenly pulled injustices sin in as a topic, Xiao Wen Shu excited, spoke with fervor and assurance, “Xu Nuo, this is wrong. I remember the first time we met I told you very clearly, I went on the blind date because I did not want to miss any chance to look for my past life lover. But you’re not…… Although I also regret, after all, you and I are the same type of people, so we able to talk, but you shouldn’t put feelings in such a person as me. I also dreamed of her a few days ago. I told her, if I could not find her, I would rather die alone……”

Xiao Wen Shu affectionately gazes out the window, his tone has softened, “You really shouldn’t, not…… People like me, you are destined to be burdened. Why did you make me paranoid? Even paint me out a beautiful allusion before your parents.”

Nuo Nuo’s lips twitched, Big Brother, you read too many romance novels!

Where is all of this? Xiao Wen Shu thought her in front of her father was talking nonsense, outlining a beautiful fantasy, so her father just misunderstood?

Nuo Nuo was ravel.


Vomits blood.

“No, I didn’t——”

Nuo Nuo’s words, not finished when Xiao Wen Shu once again interrupted her, he stormed in anger, “Do not say it! Your foot is the best proof, because of your fall I was restless. Alas, is a sin a sin! Xu Nuo, I know this is very cruel, but I am here today to tell you that I have decided that, if I can not find my past life lover within three years, I will follow the master, converted to Buddhism. For the common people, for the world to accumulate blessing and virtue, or lead the way those who are evil soul troubled by their past debts, so you really……”

Xiao Wen Shu eyes were moist, sob unbearable gazed at Nuo Nuo. She stared at him, also wanted to…… cry.

Father, where do you usually only see the young, talented and handsome Xiao Wen Shu ah? Apart from his advocacy of superstition, distorting thoughts of the Buddhist, but also has severe paranoia. Not only past lives, lovers or something delusion, even paranoid thinking people like him!!

Nuo Nuo clench her fist, she took a deep breath to remind herself to stay ladylike, “Xiao Zhang comrade, I think there was a little misunderstanding between us, I need to explain it to you.”

Xiao Wen Shu steep, bright eyes, he rather abruptly grabbed Nuo Nuo’s hand, “You’re a good girl, why are you not her——”

Ding dong.

Caught off guard by the doorbell again.

But the situation is different, the person who rang the doorbell did not wait for the owner to open the door, but more is warning the people inside “claw attention”, because…… Lame Nuo Nuo know Xiao Big Boss is approaching, she was too lazy to open the door twice, since Xiao Wen Shu came in, the door was unlocked.

Imposing tough, beautiful Boss enters in the house, his eyes with terrifying evil spirit, hugs his chest, “Nuo Nuo, if we don’t go to massage, others will close.”

Even the foolish Xiao Wen Shu, also felt a much different atmosphere because of Xiao Yi’s arrival, obediently claw, strange, “Xu Nuo, who is this?”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo, back straighten, she valiantly dashes (actually a limp) walked next to Xiao Big Boss eye-bending, “Big Brother, I’ll introduce you, this is my boyfriend Xiao Yi.”

“……” Even if Xiao Wen Shu has no shame, this moment, is killed by Nuo Nuo.

On the way to the massage, Xiao Big Boss has this shallow hook laugh, he laughed until Nuo Nuo got goose bumps.


Although there Xiao Yi didn’t have Mo Zi Yuan’s facial paralysis so fierce, but has also stern, divinity serious look. Now driving all along the way he self-obsessively laugh, making one’s hair ends stand. Moreover, Nuo Nuo know the “recently Big Boss is very unhappy” situation. To see him smile, where is he is not happy? Where uncomfortable?

She supports her head, hesitated for a long time, Nuo Nuo decided to argue a little bit.

“Xiao Zong, the thing that just happened …… I’ll explain to you …… that person was my last blind date Xiao Zhang, he came to my house to see me, looks like to me a little misunderstanding, you just turn up, so ……” so, I naturally take you as a shield.

This sentence, Nuo Nuo also do not know how to say it.

Now recall the situation, Nuo Nuo wanted to hit the door, how can she be so bold, in the presence of Big Boss to say such outrageous words ah ah ah—— when taking anyone as a shield can definitely not take Xiao Big Boss ah, it is not obvious treachery, flirting with company leaderships?

Nuo Nuo was very depressed, while sending Xiao Wen Shu out she been wondering how she would die, her death will definitely look ugly.

Xiao Big Boss just lightly patted her on the head, coaxing her like a small cat, “Let’s go, the massage master waiting is loosing his patience.”

Nuo Nuo frown, so to say Boss, this animal a difficult wandering creature, she really can’t make any sense of how he thinks. Fei Long boss obviously said these few days his face looks pale… …

Xiao Yi heard Nuo Nuo hesitantly, darted a glance at her, raised his eyebrow, “So what?”

Nuo Nuo grit her teeth, she also takes a deep breath, “Xiao Zong, I know that having you pretend to be my boyfriend this behavior is shameful, however, I’m begging you, you do not have to laugh and laugh, frighten me——”

Before the sound of her’s voice had died away, Big Boss slam on the car’s brakes, Nuo Nuo did not finish, her whole body pounced forward teeth knock lip stinging. When she reacts back, she sees Big Boss fury handsome face.

Xiao Yi dangerous eyes narrowed with a mouth of silver fangs.

This small white rabbit means, his laugh is very frightening? Scary?

Very well.

Nuo Nuo, you have successfully angered me.


suteki: the more we read about Xiao Wen Shu the more I think his a major psycho, so delusional! And Happy Queen’s Birthday everyone in Australia!


19 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 5.1

  1. Nuo Nuo is really dense and doesn’t realise that Xiao Yi already likes her and sees her as his girlfriend. Xiao Yi won’t go so far to pick her up for massage daily, not to mention climbing up and down. So of course Xiao Yi was upset when Nuo Nuo apologised to him using him as a “shield”


    1. Yes all the clear signs are there, any fool can see Xiao Yi is infatuated with Nuo Nuo. But once our heroine knows her place she will take the grey wolf by its tails and have full control.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Suteki! I’ve been silently reading and enjoying the last 4 chapters. Thank you for the effort and dedication.

    That Thai restaurant scene I found hilariously funny, but of course, I sympathized with Nuo Nuo’s plight. She was such in an intense panic mode on how to settle the bill. And falling flat on her face on the floor as well.

    Our Xiao Yi — what a big black belly character he is indeed!

    Are we going to see plenty of this Xiao Wen Shu person in the next chapters? He’s weird and out-of-this-world! (Nonetheless, he still o.k., as long as he’s not dangerous.)

    Nuo Nuo seems to be mega-oblivious that Xiao Yi is wooing her. The guy picks her up everyday and carries her up and down the building. All that sacrifice and she does not stop for a sec to ponder why would Xiao Yi shower her with lots of time and attention knowing he’s a busy person?


    1. Hi inno!

      I know there’s quite a few silent readers lurking around, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the novel so far.

      As for your question about Xiao Wen Shu he does not reappear anymore after this if I remember correctly.

      So far I’m up to chapter 9 drafts translations and no Xiao Wen Shu. But one of Nuo Nuo ex-boyfriend does come into the novel to spice up the competition 😉

      As for Nuo Nuo, Xiao Yi black belly personality comes off too strong that her common sense is thrown out the door.


  3. Hi Sutekii! It’s first time I read your blog, and I like it so much 🙂 thank you for the translation. Btw I like Xiao Jun more than Xiao Yi hahaha. Will he appear again soon? 🙂


  4. I really believed Xiao Yi was the one who rang the doorbell. So I was shocked Xiao Wen Shu suddenly appeared. This person… I really don’t know what to think about him. It’s as if he came from another dimension. All the talk about his past lover…. If the genre was supernatural it would make sense but this way… o_O

    I really wanted the mom to come back home too. It would be real mess then. B-)

    Hehe, she’s slowly starting to show what the little rabbit is capable of. Perfectly shown in the last picture.

    Thanks again for another great chapter!


    1. I think that was the author’s intention.. making us believe it must be Xiao Yi but instead we were in for a surprise with the psycho lunny Xiao Wen Shu.

      I thought the gif was so perfect ^^”

      Glad you like the chapter 🙂


  5. hi suteki…. thank you for translating. i’m really enjoying the story. it’s kind of remind me come to eat, shan shan and i have to brush away shan shan’s boss feeling. but overall it’s refreshing enough. in this chapter i like the rabbit with a bloody knife. qeqeqeqe……..


  6. i thought only girls can be this delusional.. seems like some men are delusional funny.

    i don’t know why when i read this story i easily fall asleep. when i first read, i gave up at chap 1.2… then after days i start again today.. i i fall asleep thrice while reading this story… now i feel sleepy again.. why oh why.. this story is interesting enough but why i am so sleepy?? T.T


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