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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run (腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!) – Chapter 5.2


Chapter 5.2 – Real Boyfriend

Nuo Nuo tears ran, still unknown to what she did wrong, “Xiao Zong I was wrong, that time my head was in a mess, so……”

“The last time.”

“Huh?” Nuo Nuo confused, Xiao Yi face was getting more and more ugly, it just feels like its all finished. .

“For the last time I’m telling you, after work hours do not call me Xiao Zong!”

Although Xiao Yi did not raise his voice, but the anger still accurately went to Nuo Nuo’s ear. In the passenger seat, curled up in a ball, Nuo Nuo choked, “Xiao … … Yi.” Indeed she’s stupid, still infuriated the Big Boss.

Xiao Yi upon seeing this, he understands that he has frightened the little white rabbit, for a long time before sighing slightly, and softly said, “Nuo Nuo, you don’t have to apologize, I was willing to pretend to be your boyfriend.” Paused, Xiao Yi was reluctant to add the sentence: “Weren’t we originally blind date targets?”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo’s pupils dilated, enlarged, then magnified. Did she just hear it right? Xiao Big Boss meaning is … … it does not matter, either way, he will sooner or later will become her real boyfriend?

The idea had Nuo Nuo shortness of breath, startled, ostrich Nuo Nuo decided to give up thinking about key issues, drew around poking fingers, “Well, I heard I got into the project team.”

Xiao Yi started the car again, he stared at the front, “Um…”

Nuo Nuo continue poking her fingers, “I heard you looked unhappy.”

Xiao Yi heard without the slightest discomfort, he openly raised his eyebrows, “Not unhappy, just think that your current experience and experiences, is not suitable for general script project planning. The story framework is full but the details still need to be modified and there’s too many bugs, following, you and I Yuan will be very busy.”

Nuo Nuo nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “I know, I know, in fact, I had never thought this script would pass the evaluation, Xiao…… Yi to think that you think of the overall situation to determine the outcome, I just feel very strange, since there are so many unfavorable factors, why you finally agreed with Senior Mo?”

Indeed, Xiao Big Boss did not look like a person that would compromise.

Xiao Yi’s eyes glow, serious and said, “Zi Yuan is the chief planner of the project, since he protective of your script, it shows that he is responsible for the overall outcome, have a steel yard in mind, or that he think your script is desirable. Since that is the case, as the overall coordinator, I should delegate.”

“Then why did Fei Long boss say you recently been pulling an old long face?” Finished, Nuo Nuo took the lead a bit, because Xiao Big Boss had heard these things, he has turned away to stare at him, evil smiling.

“Nuo Nuo, you’re going in circles before. In fact, you just wanted to ask this?”

“Hehe.” Is it possible for Xiao Big Boss to have psychic powers, how did he predict so correctly?

Paused, Xiao Yi winked, “You guess”


Big Boss, do not play with people like that.

Xiao Yi, age is not old, but among peers is a rare calm, coupled with keen observation and superb technology skills. Three years after graduating from college, he saved his first pot of gold, with a few like-minded brothers established the “Owl Wing production company”.

These brothers, Mo Zi Yuan are among one of them.

Owl Wing studio from a few people development until today several hundreds people famous production company. In addition, thanks to Xiao Big Boss sophisticated business and accurate market insight, and Mo Zi Yuan gifted creative talent can also be inseparable.

Mo Zi Yuan is the company’s veteran, Xiao Yi believes that his professional knowledge and producers of intuition. So in the selection matter of Nuo Nuo’s script to fight, noisy, and did not cause least estrangement between Xiao Yi and Mo Zi Yuan. But these few days Xiao Big Boss bear anger, pulling a handsome long face the truth is——

That the project meeting beginning to end, Xiao Big Boss sees the time he usually take Nuo Nuo to the message has arrived, went out to make a phone call, the little white rabbit has been obediently at home waiting for a while. Returned to the conference room, at the door heard the following dialogue.

“Zi Yuan ah Zi Yuan, you still have a temper to change, although Xiao Boss is our brother. But after all, he is now the owner, we obviously see in recent years of his grasp of the market, for Xiao Nuo Nuo, is it worth it?”

“Anyway, he said, I’m the producer, I’ll do as I see fit.. This script will I definitely use.”

“You! Hee hee, you want to please Xiao Nuo Nuo, also no need to be so impatient?”

“What nonsense!”

“Come on, don’t think us brothers do not know, every time you came to Nuo Nuo’s side, your eyes filled with color (sexual), you old man show (perverted).”

“Hey, I also can see. Mo Ge (brother) if you like just say so, I see Dishes Washing sister-in-law is also very interested in you. To everyone else she calls ‘brother’, ‘senior’, but only you, merely ‘Zi Yuan Ge’, saying with such affections.”

“That is, her sprain foot the only person she told was you. You also really puzzled with amorous feelings, did not say to have a look.” (indicating Mo Zi Yuan should have visited Nuo Nuo)


Xiao Big Boss stood in front of the conference room for a long time and still didn’t get in.

He also felt, his own little white rabbit was encroaching.

First time in his life, Xiao Yi regretted. First, should not have transferred Nuo Nuo to the seventeen floor. In a few days, Xiao Big Boss did not give a good face to the seventeenth floor group of wolves who led astray his small white rabbit.

Such truth, immanent Xiao Big Boss naturally will not tell the little white rabbit, so when asked, “Why recently unhappy?” Xiao Yi used the most stupid, the most earth approach:

“Have a guess.”

Just a few simple words, Xiao Yi had the front seat passenger Nuo Nuo frightened out of her’s wits [1], sure enough…….and Xiao Big Boss one ratio, his own speed and attack power to strike people is so bad so bad.

Nuo Nuo sat in the seat dumbfounded, unable to find an answer. She never expected Xiao Big Boss to have such a lovely/cute response, even “innocently” winked at her, OTZ … … Now what should she do?

Nuo Nuo grit her teeth, once again, she try to divert the attention, “Today’s visit, the doctor said that my foot is good enough, I can go back to work next week.”

Fighting against Xiao Yi obsidian-like eye winking, a moment later Nuo Nuo’s faintly said, “Well”, continued to drive in silence.

Nuo Nuo head facing out the window and sighed.

Xiao Yi recently, has been really strange. He won’t let her him “Xiao Zong”, he had no time to discuss working hours, blaming Nuo Nuo for cheating on a blind date, and even … … every day came to get herself for a massage. Nuo Nuo is no fool, she would naturally think and guessing like everyone else.

Could it be … … ever since after their matchmaking date, Xiao Big Boss has started to have an interest in her?


Each time the answer is obvious, Nuo Nuo is red in the face, hold on hold on! Xiao Big Boss around so many … … beautiful woman, so many … … beautiful woman, herself is merely a little rookie, how is that possible? The thought of Xiao Yi and her gaps, Nuo Nuo continued to bury her head like an ostrich.

Ostrich Nuo Nuo was tangled for a moment, arrived at the destination. Massage, home, mother retains Boss for dinner, watched Xiao Big Boss leave … … a few hours later, heartless Nuo Nuo smooth the “Is Xiao Big Boss interested in me?” proposition back behind her mind.

[1] 魂飞魄散 when one’s souls fly away; though I used wits instead in the translation.

suteki: Xiao Yi is so jealous, he can not have anyone take his Nuo Nuo away. Nuo Nuo mind is in a mess trying to figure out Xiao Yi affections for her.


7 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run (腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!) – Chapter 5.2

  1. hahaha….really so funny couple 😀 and even if his action are so clear I too would think like…ah it’s impossible, perhaps think too much … and soooooooo thanks for your fast updates, its really small piece of heaven every day 🙂


    1. you’re more then welcome giginka! Glad I can brighten up your day all the time.

      If I was Nuo Nuo I think I would self doubt if this wonderful handsome yet intimidating man likes me


  2. Yes!! Finally a start I’m satisfied with!
    Nuo Nuo, now you have to hold him in your palm, not let him go away.
    Xiao Yi, it’s your turn to suffer now!
    Ho ho ho ( imagine a woman laughting, like in manga)


    1. Step by step Nuo Nuo will have Xiao Yi tightly under her grasp. I can’t wait to share the other chapters with yous because it’s gets a lot more exciting in terms of chemistry and romance


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