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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 5.3


Xiao Jun sneaking to see Nuo Nuo (LOL forgive me Xiao Jun for the pink raincoat)

Chapter 5.3 – Real Boyfriend

Originally, mother says a lot of things will take care of itself, the ship will naturally reach the bridge, Xiao Yi’s thoughts, it is better not to guess. If Xiao Yi has intentions, the answer will automatically jump in front of her. Nuo Nuo comforted herself, she felt less tangled.

But she had no idea, the answer will automatically jump in front of her. On Sunday, Xiao Jun——

Xiao Jun and her mother simply…… feel like old friends at the first meeting [1].

Xu mama heard the boy with big and bushy eyes is “Xiao Zhang dear little brother”, heart was immediately delighted. Oh, usually see their own Nuo Nuo silly, did not expect at a critical time would be so fast, so soon has taken care of his brother, and did not even mention it. Have infiltrated into the internal department, others little brother came to see sister-in-law. In this situation, it seems she needs to be ready to see her mother-in-law.

Nuo Nuo see Xu mama with a look of contemplation, her ageing mother wants to know more, ignoring this said to Xiao Jun, “What are you doing here?”

Hearing these words, Xiao Jun grievances lips pursed, “He can come to see you every day, I can not?”

Nuo Nuo fear that Xiao Jun will spill the beans, after Xu mama went away, she pats Xiao Jun’s head, “Not that you can’t, is……” is afraid of your brother. If Big Boss today was having a bad day, and if known Xiao Jun is not studying hard, sneaking into her house to play, will also tidy her up?

Nuo Nuo related in detail how they encountered on the blind date, and how she send a text message to Xiao Jun, how she met Xiao Big Boss to explain things to Xiao Jun to listen. When she finished, she found Xiao Jun face fist angrily, “Too sinister!”


“Actually seeing others text messages, my brother was so sinister.”

Nuo Nuo hollow laugh, was speechless. In fact, Big Boss has frankly admitted that, since the confiscation of Xiao Jun’s mobile phone. This kid’s mobile phone was constantly on receiving text messages, but Xiao Big Boss only opens one message to read, unfortunately, that person was herself.

Xiao Jun complained for a while, from bosom produced a new mobile phone, shook, “Do not be afraid, Nuo Nuo, I’ll use this new number to contact you, enter your number.”

Nuo Nuo upon seeing this, her eyeballs falling out, “Where did you get a new mobile phone from?”

Xiao Jun handsomely stretch, scratching his head shyly, “I tell you, you don’t laugh at me. Oh … … recently I contributed my articles to magazines, save a little pocket-money. Older brother has been too tight, mother and father are both Frankenstein and totally ignored me, so this time the pocket-money was a big help.”

Nuo Nuo was surprised, she flips the mobile phone over to see, and even TV recently advertised the new mobile phone as identical as this one, gorgeous logo also told Nuo Nuo it’s not a copycat. Last time how much money did her friend say the mobile phone cost? Six thousand or eight thousand?

Nuo Nuo vomit to internal injury, my god, where did Xiao Jun cast his manuscript, he can actually earn so much? And then compared her own poor salary, she felt ashamed.

Xiao Jun see Nuo Nuo toss the mobile phone, not to lose the number, also worried, “You quickly enter ah, last time did not expect older brother to confiscated the mobile phone, did not remember your number, this time I definitely will memorize it.”

“No, that’s okay.” Nuo Nuo’s lips twitched, she stiffly entered her number. Two brothers, one’s passionate, one’s cold as ice, causing people unable to cope.

Xiao Jun took the mobile phone, while wagging its tail saved Nuo Nuo phone numbers, look at nature, “Well, do you remember that time I saved this number on my mobile phone as someone else’s name. Elder brother is very smart, just in case one day he sees the numbers, maybe he’ll follow the clues and catch me.”

Nuo Nuo nodded, she thought and changed the two words “Xiao Jun” to “Little Brother.” Why does she get feeling that the two engage in a love affair? And, still betraying Big Boss. Nuo Nuo think the last time betraying Big Boss going on the blind date, Xiao Yi facial expression after knowing, some fear, can not help but weakly ask: “Xiao Jun, we do this behind your older brothers back, it is not too good, right?”

After all, as an employee, she should timely report the situation. Plus Xiao Jun is still so young, her as an older sister should guide, education only, but how is instead led by the nose by the child?

Who knew Xiao Jun hearing these words, he was overwhelmed with anger, “How is it bad? This is called a taste of his own medicine, against older brother a man so insidious, can not be soft-hearted. Nuo Nuo, do you really think he was so kind to take you to a massage? Hum! He had a purpose!”

“Huh?” Nuo Nuo was speechless.

Had a purpose? What purpose? The boss treating an employee well, is already the most absurd thing in the world, but also objective? Nuo Nuo laughs until her intestines started knotting, an intimate older sister touches Xiao Jun’s head. The results a still angry Xiao Jun said, “What I’m saying is true!”

“Today I secretly came to see your foot injury, in addition is to tell you the truth. Recently my parents’ hospital came a female surgical doctor, post-graduate, I heard she is beautiful and talented. So my mother and father is tempted, every day took my brother to the hospital, one time told him to send something. While another he told to drop and pick them up. Older brother and that female physicians are not fools, they all understand. But my older brother’s vision may be too high, that woman’s appearance did not phase him, on the pretext that he already has a girlfriend. My mother and father didn’t believe, who knew not even two days he would take you to massage every day. And Nuo Nuo, do you know who is the master to help you massage? It is that girl’s doctor grandfather!! My brother deliberately did it for her mother and father to see.”


Silence, silence, still silent.

For a moment, Nuo Nuo even did not know what her emotions were.

In fact, she had never held hopes on the assumption that Big Boss likes her, she just has to remind herself they are just pure subordinate relationship, but when the real answer is before her, Nuo Nuo, being a tortoise to think chickened out and did not want to touch the truth.

But a voice in her mind has been wondering: Are you being taken advantage of! ! !

Whatever thoughts Nuo Nuo had been instantly gone, she felt ashamed and was preparing what to say to Xiao Jun when the door came the sound Xu mama of an exaggeration, “Xiao Zhang came, quickly come in!”

Hearing these words, Xiao Jun and Nuo Nuo looked at each other like a pair affair lover caught on the bed.

[1] 一见如故; another express is hit it off

suteki: oh no our Nuo Nuo and Xiao Jun has been caught red-handed by Xiao Yi with the help of Xu mother!

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  2. I really love this book, it was really funny. I was reading it at work(on my lunch time lol) and i cant help but giggle like a kid. My workmates thought im crazy. Thank you for translating this book😘


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