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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 5.4


Xiao Jun being dragged away by Xiao Yi

Chapter 5.4 – Real Boyfriend

Xiao Jun: “How is that possible? At this time older brother clearly should be doing overtime.”

Nuo Nuo: “Usually he would not come so early!”

Then, the door squeaked open, exposing Xu mama’s radiant apple face and Xiao Yi million years unchanged ice face.

“Oh, Xiao Zhang, I told you that your brother is in here!”

No, no shade not well, her head titled asked, “Mother what is——”

Xu mama feel exalted around her head, “I see Xiao Jun here, I immediately gave Xiao Zhang a call, said his younger brother was here, would he like to come for dinner.”

Nuo Nuo:{{{(>__<)}}}

Xiao Jun:-__-|||

Nuo Nuo & Xiao Jun: “Mother (Auntie), you have let me down!”

Xu mama’s desire to have the two brothers for dinner, naturally could not be achieved.

Xiao Yi with “younger brother studies hard, there will be a week of college entrance examination” as an excuse, he pulled a dredging to leave Xiao Jun. Xiao Jun pitifully clinging at the door, unwilling to let go. A pair of wet eyes looking at Nuo Nuo, she could not help but think of abandoned cats and dogs on the roadside.

Nuo Nuo could not help but worry, Xiao Big Boss is so cold and violent, Xiao Jun is so weak and pure (Nuo Nuo, you have successfully been mislead by Black Belly Xiao Jun), Big Boss took him home, will not abuse him, right? When Xiao Yi expressly forbid Xiao Jun to say goodbye, results——

So, strange images appeared.

Xiao Big Boss on the left, he took Xiao Jun left hand; Nuo Nuo on the right, two fat round paws holding Xiao Jun right arm. This situation …… How you see it, it’s like the play “A man to remember.”

Xiao Yi realized that even a small white rabbit can revolt, he dangerously squinting, his voice cold three points, “What are you doing?”

“Uh……” Nuo Nuo listen to Xiao Big Boss speak, she subconsciously wants to retreat, but looked at Xiao Jun, she gathered up her courage, “In fact, eating a meal does not take too much time, and Xiao Jun also needs to combine work with rest!”

Hearing these words, Xu mama has also come forward, eyes winking, “Yes, yes, a meal can not delay much time, but I see Xiao Jun so clever, college entrance examination will be no problem.”`

Xiao Jun saw a play, he also nods to pound the garlic, “Yes, brother, going back home still have to cook, lets just eat at aunt’s home, okay? I just saw aunt makes ice fire lotus white fungus stew soup, don’t you like to eat——”

Xiao Yi did not wait for his brother to finish and said, he intercepted and nodded: “Nuo Nuo.”

Nuo Nuo reflex, attention then, “Here”

“You now know why today Xiao Jun came over?”

“Uh ……” Xiao Big Boss is so strange, why do you ask, didn’t he catch the bus over here? Xiao Jun had told Nuo Nuo, the two at home only know how to play operation knife Frankenstein. In fact, with no money, Xiao Yi from completely civilians struggling with this situation today.

So treating his younger brother, Xiao Big Boss is very strict, although now has his own house and car, but still insisted on younger brother catching the bus to school, never give pocket-money, no luxury brand-name clothes, shoes and so on. Nuo Nuo had heard, see Xiao Jun with a look of adoration, says older brother “well-taught [1]“. But Nuo Nuo opinions are, Big Boss is stingy + an immoral acts of abuse in young adolescents.

At this moment, Xiao Big Boss suddenly cares about his younger brother, is it right? Also explains that he has a conscience, preparing to transport his younger brother go to school? Or buy a sports car for him?

Nuo Nuo seriously hesitated before saying, “Should have driven the car over right? Now the weather is hot, these few days you are sending him to the examination room is also very good, ha ha.”

Xiao Yi glistening eyes flashing, he is clearly not satisfied with Nuo Nuo no relevance to the answer, thought for a moment before every single word and phrase, “Just then, Xiao Jun teacher calls me, said today the students’ organization psychological counselling courses, Xiao Jun did not go.”

Paused, Xiao Big Boss concluded, “He was skipping class to come here.”

Clear! Day! Strike! Thunderbolts!

For a time, Nuo Nuo felt her head had a burst of thunder shock, say so, she is really a sinner, psychological counselling course exam seems to be a very important course, Xiao Jun actually because of seeing her……

Xiao Jun pouted, muttering, “The teacher is really noisy, but also complain about such a trifling matter.”

Xiao Yi was silent for a while, he did not speak, and again said goodbye to her mother, “We’re leaving, we will discuss this when we return home.”

Nuo Nuo was depressed, any individual can hear Xiao Big Boss meaning, not “leaving, discuss this when we return” is more like “when I return, I’ll deal with you (as in dealing with Nuo Nuo)”. Xiao Jun knows how things come out, do not struggle against, with his head drooping behind his big brother. Nuo Nuo is not really heartless, think again of Xiao Jun secretly run to here, is to give herself “secretly send news”, so she doesn’t get infatuated with Big Boss.

So gritted her teeth, and finally Nuo Nuo was shouting at the two men to take the door, “You go back and do not scold Xiao Jun, I let him come here to me.”

Xiao Jun: O__O

Indeed, she is only too kind. Afraid Xiao Big Boss once returns home will be furious. So just put all the fault in her own body, but the fact is, Nuo Nuo’s good intentions are only doing more harm.


In fact, since Xiao Yi arrived at Nuo Nuo’s home, see Xiao Jun really here already suppressed his tolerance. Two people knee and knee sitting together chatting and eating fruit scene. Xiao Big Boss heart was mad with envy, hurriedly took his younger brother away, again, who knew Nuo Nuo would unexpectedly speak up.

Those words not said would have been better, Xiao Big Boss opened his mouth exude out a low pressure ten-mile radius angry chilly wind. Xiao Jun sees this, he quickly pulled out his older brother to leave, “Brother don’t say any more, you drive me to school now, maybe the psychological counselling courses have not finished yet.”

Silly Nuo Nuo also not clear with the situation, she shook her head, “It was my fault. You don’t get angry with him, is it all my fault.”

Xiao Yi stood in the place, he did not move, a long time before he looked up, his mouth curved mystifying “Oh” sound, “You tell me, Xiao Jun doesn’t have a mobile phone, how did you contact him, let him come here to see you?”

Nuo Nuo was dumbfounded, she is supporting her chin look towards heaven, “That……”

Xiao Jun beside was in tears, fear Nuo Nuo will bring up the mobile phone thing again, he grabbed his older brother directly rushed out of the door. Xiao Yi was pulled by his younger brother, he did not resist, just step out the door at the moment, as soon as he looked back——

Nuo Nuo’s heart beat slow down by half, for a time, as if there were no longer around, layer upon layer of white mist, only Xiao Yi threatening handsome face, and…… Resentment eyes.

Yes, it is resentment. Nuo Nuo was convinced she did not see wrongly, Xiao Big Boss look like a good husband’s resented who has been wronged. She was not dazzled? Obviously, being abandoned and used was herself, she should be the one who’s sad, isn’t it?

At the same time, see two brothers leave, her mother with a sigh and nagging, “Gee, why already left? I also made ice fire lotus white fungus stew soup! Xiao Jun said both brothers loved to drink.”

Nuo Nuo was startled, she tilted her head, “Well …… Mother, in fact, I just would like to ask, what is the ice fire lotus white fungus stew soup?” Seemingly, she never heard her mother would make this dessert?

Hearing these words, Xu mama gloating her hips, “Hey, ice fire lotus white fungus soup is …… red dates white fungus soup.”


Mother, you’re too arrogant.

[1] 教导有方, skilful in teaching and able to provide guidance.

suteki: And that concludes chapter 5.

When there’s anything involving Xiao Jun we smell trouble! And Xiao Yi can’t even stand Xiao Jun getting close to Nuo Nuo, what a protective lover he is already.

Have a great weekend, as usual I shall be back on Monday with regular updates.

7 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 5.4

  1. Xiao Yi million years unchanged ice face.
    – million years… kihkihkih

    Nuo Nuo, you have successfully been mislead by Black Belly Xiao Jun
    – Xiao Jun is just as bad as Xiao Yi… but better in acting…Nuo Nuo fall into his trapped way too easily la..

    Xiao Big Boss opened his mouth exude out a low pressure ten-mile radius angry chilly wind
    – OMG…this is creative line!!! xD

    because Xiao Jun has feelings towards Nuo2 so Xiao Yi being like this.. if Xiao Jun just like Nuo2 as a big sister, i think they would have a happy dinner together..

    ps: omg..why so sleepy.. T.T


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