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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 6.1


Obviously our Nuo Nuo would not just come to work with just a top giving Xiao Yi lunch. XD

Chapter 6.1 – One soup, two sent. 

The next day, Nuo Nuo’s one spirits was flourishing to go to work.

After all, starting today, it will be the first days she works as an full-time employee at the company, but she also entered the project group, she will be very busy! So all daydreaming on Big Boss will have to come to a stop. But before that……

Nuo Nuo holding the heat insulation barrel, she station in front of Big Boss’s office door, her head feels slightly swollen.

Because last night, Xiao Big Boss was reluctant to stay have dinner, her mother’s one night of nagging. Her mother bluntly pointed out that, known Xiao Zhang for more than a week, every day pick her up to massage, but refused to stay for dinner, there definitely is a problem with their own daughter.

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo feeling discouraged shrink her head, Xiao Big Boss is afraid…. afraid that her mother, father and herself will misunderstand? Taking her to massage is merely so the female doctor can see, but if he stayed at the Xu home for a meal, then it’ll seem as if his really interested in her, it’s the same as her bringing a boyfriend home for dinner, so Xiao Big Boss did not agree?

Nuo Nuo sighed, said, “Perhaps Xiao Zhang was too busy.”

Even so, her mother was complaining for one night, the topic revolves around the “ice fire lotus white fungus stew soup”, from ingredients, and talked until all afternoon she worked so hard cooking it, heard the two brothers loved to eat, two people didn’t even see the white fungus soup and left.

For her ear not to be destroyed, and not to crush her mother’s confidence and continue cooking, Nuo Nuo finally agreed, second day she sent some white fungus soup to “Xiao Zhang”. So it is this irresolute scenario that Nuo Nuo’s holding the heat insulation barrel standing in front of Big Boss door.

Tangled for a long time, Nuo Nuo still knocking at the door before entering the office, muffled, “Xiao Zong, your meal is here.”

“Ah” Xiao Big Boss eyelid did not look up, still engrossed in numerous data, his pen in his hands writing something. Usually in this situation, one can say that Xiao Big Boss is super busy, has no time to answer the little white rabbit, Nuo Nuo also will consciously put the heat insulation barrel down and went out.

But today, Nuo Nuo always feel the atmosphere somewhat embarrassed, seemingly with yesterday’s eyes of resentment. Nuo Nuo felt a deep breath suspended in mid-air, although Xiao Big Boss is the boss, the boss ask her go east she would never go west, helping the Big Boss with a week of “love drama” is absolutely no problem, also the ride have their own mutual benefit. But Nuo Nuo’s heart is somewhat 99, with pressure air in the office suddenly dropped to zero.

Nuo Nuo stood motionless and she did not leave, Xiao Big Boss did not look up or told her to leave. Nuo Nuo angrily stare at Xiao Big Boss for about half a minute, staring until she felt her eyes hurt. The stubborn wolf still did not lift his head up, Nuo Nuo finally shrugging surrender, elongated voice said:

“Xiao Zong, work is very important, but eating is also very important, don’t wear down your body.”

Then, the tip of Xiao Yi’s pen heavily press down on the paper, from the beginning he did not know he used the pen randomly drew a small hole. The small white rabbit…… is actually concerned about him?

Xiao Yi looked up, staring at Nuo Nuo, suddenly, Nuo Nuo was shocked, she blush red and look away, “Also, Xiao Jun said that you love to eat red dates white fungus soup, just…… Just made a little at home, also brought you some, if you don’t mind drink some.”

Finished, Nuo Nuo ran out of the office, leaving Xiao Big Boss stunned in his seat. Gradually the corners of his mouth overflow with a faint smile. Nuo Nuo, don’t you know, food can not casually be given to the opposite sex?

I would suspect, you like me——

Xiao Big Boss lunch meal was delicious, nothing can compare.

In his mind, when a girls send specific food its more ambiguous than simply sending underwear. Full of love and hard work, food was like communicating with each other about their own health intention, and one of the most important role of food is that——

Like a rose represents love, carnation expresses affection. This bowl of soup was small white rabbit with shame and to say to himself, “I want to take care of you.”

Xiao Big Boss always calm, convergence heart, was beating.

Not long after, Xiao Big Boss mood was in a complete mess, well things had started from the meal. Usually after Xiao Yi have lunch will feel sleepy, or continue to indulge in work, but today after drinking the white fungus soup his spirit are flourishing. He even had the enthusiasm to take a walk outside and have a look at what the small white rabbit was doing.

The results just out of office, he saw a crowd of people gathered round Mo Zi Yuan seat twittering.

“Damn, Zi Yuan beauty your skin radiant or you recently gaining weight? Eat lunch and then desserts, surprisingly, this white fungus soup boil so thick, unlikely brought it from outside?” Fei Long staring puzzled at Mo Zi Yuan hands, a bowl of ice fire lotus white fungus stew soup.

Mo Zi Yuan dismissively said, “Well, this Nuo Nuo gave it to me.”

Saying so, just the sound the men’s of laughter no one spoke. In an instant, Fei Long gasped, first to speak out, “This, Xiao Nuo Nuo brought it for you?”

Mo Zi Yuan not answer all continue drinking ……

Fei Long eyes had light, he patted Mo Zi Yuan on the shoulder, and said, “Okay, ah, Zi Yuan beauty we all thought you were the ice face, wooden heart. I did not expect you to deal with girls so powerfully. Only in a few day, personally boil soup for you to eat, alas, not short of luck!”

Hearing these words, the next man Qing Chuan also laments, “Mo Ge, looks like you not far from success. At first my wife forced me to be a guinea pig for a month, every day pull me to go to her home for her cooking, the results will come to a successful issue.”

Hearing these words, a little brother tears up on the spot, “Nuo Nuo Jie (sister) is not honest, her and I are in the same group. Every day taking care of her, I treat her like a big sister, she makes a good bowl of soup don’t even leave a bowl for me?”

“Go!” Fei Long beat the youngest head, “Kid, you do not understand, food can’t just be sent, is there not a phrase called ‘To keep a man’s heart, you have to keep (satisfied) his stomach’? This is Xiao Nuo Nuo wanting to keep Zi Yuan beauty’s heart, what are you blind to get involved?”

“So we can not call Nuo Nuo ‘Dish Washing sister-in-law’? Instead ‘White Fungus sister-in-law’? or ‘Cooking sister-in-law?”

“It should be called ‘Zi Yuan sister-in-law’, right?”

The crowd roared with laughter, no one saw, Xiao Big Boss standing in the dark covered exudes hostility.


Nuo Nuo even send two of the same soup?!

Very good, very good.

After many years, when Nuo Nuo has become “Mrs. Xiao”, at a particular party, she heard the matter from a brother’s mouth, she vomited on the scene.

In fact, everyone was wrong, really wrong, including Xiao Big Boss and Mo Zi Yuan. She does not know how to cook, even fried rice with egg or scrambled eggs Nuo Nuo did not know, naturally can not understand “in order to keep a man’s heart,  got to keep (satisfied) his stomach,” the truth is sending the white fungus soup, the reason is really very simple:

Number one, her nagging mother, in order to block her mother’s mouth, she decided to send the white fungus soup.

Number two, because for one week Xiao Big Boss took her to massage, Xiao Jun mentioned Xiao Yi loves to drink, so she took it.

Number three, although Senior Mo words are usually mocking, but she can see that he was very cherish, this time she can get into the project group, or advanced to full-time employment, he is the greatest hero. Nuo Nuo wanted to thank Brother Mo, but it happens that Zi Yuan beauty always has nothing missing, nothing caught his eyes. Nuo Nuo thought it over and over again, think like everybody says, he such a workaholic, but no girlfriend, living and eating problems should always be poor, right?

So, second bowls of soup was officially sent out.

This is thoroughly, thoroughly two different story from what everyone else thinks!

Nuo Nuo was very upset that afternoon, she went to the third floor to the Art Department MM group chat otherwise, her lunch break on the seventeenth floor, she will speak with justice to correct colleagues jokingly, “This is made by my mother, if you like, I ask my mother make a bit more, send everyone a bowl.”

Unfortunately, Nuo Nuo never had the chance to correct the mistake, so what happened it is inevitable in the past.

“The Evil Kirin” game officially approved, weekly project meetings is naturally essential. May be surprising is that this afternoon, “The Evil Kirin” project meetings, Nuo Nuo has not been notified to attend the meeting. All project staff looked strangely at her and went into the conference room, Nuo Nuo quietly sent Lin MM from the Administration Department a message.

[ Planning Department Xu Nuo ]: Lin MM, why the group meeting notice does not have my name? Isn’t it already been announced I was the project group writer? Or…… writers do not need to participate in this meeting?

The information sent out for a long time, there was no reply. Nuo Nuo did not want to ask again, in front of the screen and foolishly waiting for news, almost until falling asleep. Nuo Nuo’s work QQ suddenly flashes up, she hurriedly open to see and was covered in cold sweats.

The information actually is Big Boss, a simple word he spoke with great momentum.

[ Xiao Yi ]: After half an hour, come to my office.

Nuo Nuo holding the computer mouse, heart thump thump beats faster. What’s so important, actually…… to let Xiao Big Boss himself personally send her a message, but something tells Nuo Nuo. This thing and herself not attending the meeting is very much related.

Nuo Nuo entangled, finally Lin MM reply came through.

[ The Administrative Department Lin MM ]: (cute smile) Nuo Nuo sorry, I just walk away for a moment. That…. about the meeting, Xiao Zong said he personally tell you, ha ha.

Nuo Nuo was silent, first Xiao Big Boss and then Lin MM after, the news time so accurate, no matter how you see it there’s a problem. Using her toes could guess her earlier question Lin MM has informed Big Boss. After asking him for his views, she just pretend nothing had happened and replied the message.


Bit her lower lip, Nuo Nuo suddenly felt a bit scared, half an hour after the arrival.

Half an hour later, the little white rabbit trampled upon stood in front of the Xiao Big Boss, heard the shocking news.

Nuo Nuo entered the office, Xiao Yi turn his pen again, “The Evil Kirin project script, you’re not in charge of any more.”

Nuo Nuo big almond eyes stare froze in place, she had no way to digest the words Xiao Yi has just told her.

No wonder when she just asked Lin MM she did not answer. No wonder Xiao Big Boss personally send a message to herself, however, “Why?”

suteki: uh-oh our Nuo Nuo is in trouble again, making Xiao Yi angry without even knowing.. Xiao Yi must have been so jealous that Mo Zi Yuan got Nuo Nuo’s soup too. Probably confused.. does it mean she’s also interested in Mo Ge too? LOL

Since I’m more free this weekend after my grandma’s 84th birthday celebration I actually have time to start on more translation. Happy Birthday dearest grandma. For those who read my about section knows I love to bake (even thou I’m not a pro baker hahaha ^^”) This is the mahjong green tea red bean cake I made her.



11 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 6.1

  1. Ha ha a confusing Xiao Yi! So funny that he was sooo happy for a second and the next one so angry… If he really takes her out of the project only because he is jealous, then he is a unprofessional man.

    And happy birthday to your grandma!! May I ask how old is she?


  2. seriously, she already got the feeling that her boss might like her, she should be more careful, she’s too careless lah.. i wonder why she didn’t say that ‘my mom cook this soup.’ at the first place?? she’s bring this to herself. serve her right…


  3. Sutekii, thank you for translating! These two are too funny!
    But, a note on the translation for your “western” readers 😉
    I think what you mean by a “heat insulation barrel” is what we normally call a “soup thermos” or simply a “thermos”
    Also, if you are interested , there is an saying in English, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Perhaps it is the saying you were trying to use?
    Again, thank you, thoroughly enjoying the story!

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