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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 6.2


Production Team Boss Lan Junyan. EWW such a creep

Chapter 6.2 – One soup, two sent. 

Xiao Yi looked up, tightly pursed his lips. “Recently ‘PinkBaby’ project group need to develop a love magic girl game, because this is the first AVG form of the game, the majority of the audience will be female. You are the Planning Department’s only female writer, so after some discussion with Zi Yuan, decided to let you transferred.”

Nuo Nuo was silent, so saying, Senior Mo also agreed to this? For a time, Nuo Nuo felt somewhat embarrassed, although able to do a project is a good thing, after all, the leaders think highly of her own abilities, also a bonus. >__< but, “The Evil Kirin” how should she help?

People who write, to own every piece of work is just like any son, who is willing to give their dear son to others? Nuo Nuo somewhat felt embarrassed.

“If I don’t participate in ‘The Evil Kirin’ project team, what about the script?” Two days ago, Xiao Big Boss also said that ‘The Evil Kirin’ script had many places that need to be amended, so suddenly transferring team members… her heart did not taste good.

Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss raised his eyebrows and said, “The Evil Kirin script Zi Yuan will be solely responsible for, and you leave it at that. Going back to the other group, Project Managers will come to you later.”

Nuo Nuo pouting, she was not happy about it. The company is really….. too too too inhumane. Finally on the third floor had her own sisters and a good relationship, the result was suddenly transferred on the seventeenth floor. And now have to spend much time and effort, finally familiar with the procedures Mo Ge’s project team and established a revolutionary employee friendship with the team, but now she’s gotta change teams again?

Xiao Big Boss everything about him is good, if there was something bad it would be: Too overbearing too macho, to mobilize the project team and the position, should have inform his employees, and discuss with the others, let others be psychologically prepared, right? Now that’s it like this, and what is the difference between a fait accompli [1] tactic?

Nuo Nuo pause, she could no longer tolerate someone, so she seriously said, “Xiao Zong, I believe that such a change means not at all reasonable science, I wrote ‘The Evil Kirin’ script. If change to writers now, the whole scripts taste will change, because Mo Ge and my style, our expression are entirely different manner. The best method is for Mo Ge to advice guidance on how to modify the synopsis, I’ll write.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi’s eyes darken, “You think?”

Nuo Nuo felt her surrounding temperatures plunged, she knows that Xiao Big Boss is already angry, she bite down nodded, and said, “I hope Xiao Zong can agree with my pick on the two projects, requests and simultaneous. ‘The Evil Kirin’ is my first work, I don’t want to give up!!”

When he finished, Nuo Nuo had been afraid to close her eyes. The results of angered Xiao Big Boss is totally unimaginable. But waiting on her own, it seems like the silence of death.

Nuo Nuo grabbed her dress for a long time. In addition to the air condition fan swinging and strained by her own intense quiet breathing, she did not hear any words from Xiao Big Boss. Nuo Nuo was surprised, she finally opened half an eye shot, to see Xiao Big Boss sharp eyes, too late to swallow, she heard Xiao Yi coldly say:

“I don’t want to give up, because of Mo Zi Yuan, right?”

If you are dissatisfied with your boss certain arrangements, what should you do?

Directly storm into his office shouting, or cold violence, purposely not cooperating with colleagues, to ignore the task assigned down? Nuo Nuo is taking resistance by…… refusing to bring lunch and washing the dishes.

Yesterday, after being driven out of Xiao Big Boss office, the inexplicable small white rabbit angrily sent Lin MM a message, saying, “My leg still has not agile, from now on I will not be sending Xiao Zong lunch!”

Speaking with such a tough attitude, it is Nuo Nuo’s first time. Because Nuo Nuo quite clear, this information will be accurately past to Xiao Big Boss. She silently protested in anger.

What with what! Herself clearly was very serious, very serious discussing work arrangements with the team transfer issue to Big Boss. The result someone changed the subject, he jealously said herself is reluctant to part with Mo Ge. Nuo Nuo haven’t digest those words, when she was completely driven out.

Nuo Nuo felt very angry, very anxious.

Lin MM very soon responded, haven’t had the time to smile, said “Good.” Seeing the message, Nuo Nuo suddenly regretted a little, how to think and what to feel…… herself felt like children at odds, resistance too small, woman too weak, even she can give birth to a little “playing hard to get” feeling.

In front of the computer screen, Nuo Nuo head knock the table, her heart cried: Big Boss in the end what are you thinking ah ah ah——

Her super tangled problem: There are signs that indicated that Xiao Big Boss, looks like, it seems, is probably interested in her.

Although this assumption had Nuo Nuo herself also very overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, but all Xiao Yi abnormal behavior had to let her wonder. On the other side, Xiao Jun told her, Xiao Yi attentions for her is to put on a show for the female doctor, had heard the news. All Nuo Nuo’s thoughts had been blasted, not right not right, mentality is slowing down, thinking things has come to an end. Unexpectedly Xiao Big Boss said such jealous words, a ten-mile radius can smell vinegar (can tell his jealous). Nuo Nuo is not a fool, her sense of smell was no problem, naturally can also smell, but, again, what reasons should be used to explain this?

This is not like the Fine Arts Department of the MM like to write slash fiction like that, Xiao Big Boss in fact really likes Mo Ge, so not like he’s jealous of Mo Ge, but is jealous because of her? To transfer her to the other team is afraid she will meddle with Mo Ge?

Nuo Nuo thought of half, her goose bumps have stimulated, uh…… It seems that recently she has been to the third floor less to play, the Fine Arts Department sisters are too strong, only a few days she began to YY.

Nuo Nuo ravel to ravel, she work must continue. “PinkBaby” unlike Fei Long Team and Senior Mo “Elegant Bamboo Pavilion”, is a newly established production team. Project Manager Li Shu said, “PinkBaby” is a new project team it’s set up for young girls love game. Production Team boss Lan Jun Yan is a game making master coming from a rival company. Nuo Nuo shook his hands, she can definitely learn more things and this time the company attached great importance to the development of the game, and it will be serialized, expect Nuo Nuo to do a good job.

Before the project, because Nuo Nuo’s fame reputation “Dish washing sister-in-law”, soon the “PinkBaby” project team members and her got to know each other, and more about the Producer Lan Jun Yan news. Just as Li Shu said, Lan Jun Yan’s background is not small, Nuo Nuo was a little kid, rolling on the ground playing in mud, others have already begun to make games.

But this Lan Jun Yan best works is to develop girls game, Xiao Big Boss dig people over, wanted to combine Chinese ink painting with the Owl Wing production company, to create a fresh and cool China archaic girl form of game, and add the pet and home system in the game.

A conversation, Nuo Nuo felt herself has wronged, Xiao Big Boss. Perhaps, Xiao Big Boss really did not mean anything else, but simply keeping an eye on his own employees. Plus she’s the only female in the Planning Department, so he transferred her over, just wanted her to learn more.

Nuo Nuo maintained her guilt mood until Producer Lan Jun Yan entered the conference room, that guilt disappeared in smokes.

Because…… Lan Jun Yan entered the room, Nuo Nuo was automatically silenced. The boss really live up to his name, obviously called Lan Jun Yan, name so free, easily uninhibited name of God, the results almost surprising almost everyone, a completely bald uncle.


Zhao Ming Ge next Nuo Nuo sees her petrified, whispered, “Xiao Nuo Nuo, forgot to tell you, this Lan Jun Yan has a reputation as a bad man. And you can see, well, you being the only female in the project team, in the future be more careful! This can not compare to your beauty Senior Mo.”

Nuo Nuo’s tears ran, Xiao Big Boss is intentional, absolutely deliberate!! Although work and personal emotions should be separated. Although every day she has to see Senior Mo poker face, but it’s still a pleasing face, Nuo Nuo’s working mood will rise a lot.

But…… now….

She must have offended Xiao Yi, so he treats herself like this.

Nuo Nuo bit her lower lip to comfort herself, “Although Lan Jun Yan boss looks a bit plain, but also cannot use the word ‘sleazy’ to describe him, right?”

Hearing these words, Zhao Ming Ge shake his head and sigh, “Xiao Nuo Nuo come on, a thirty-six year old bald, not married, cannot find a girlfriend, and a weird uncle that play colored girl games like ‘Refine Beauty’, you can count on him not to be sleazy?”

“……” Nuo Nuo bit her tongue unable to pronounce the sound. At this moment, she really want to shout out “Refine Beauty”.

Because of all intimidation and trick by the seniors, Nuo Nuo has been avoiding the bald weird uncle like a plague. In addition to work, she absolutely will not go to the small “PinkBaby” project team office. More, the weird uncle asked Nuo Nuo to move into a small office, more convenient to communicate, invitation was firmly rejected.

Fei Long team member, teasing Nuo Nuo saying she’s reluctant to part from Zi Yuan beauty. Nuo Nuo at this point can only take it, into the left ear come out the right (simply ignore). Anyway, she just sitting in the lobby is safer than with weird uncle in an office. And every time Nuo Nuo went to consult Uncle on the plot or script, the small office had many of her colleagues, so in the course of time, Nuo Nuo finally let down her guard.

Aside from weird uncle staggering amounts of hand dolls and big Captor Sakura posters, in fact, overall weird uncle…… was a relatively normal. The plot, Nuo Nuo according to  weird uncle written request is also quite smooth. While Nuo Nuo thought everything was in order, weird uncle is not as terrifying as the brothers say he is, the strange nature of the wretched uncle was finally exposed.

Mid-day lunch break, Nuo Nuo went to the third floor the Creative Department, find the MM group to play. Shen Xiao Xi pulled her aside complaining, “Nuo Nuo, hum, what weird Uncle has arrived on the seventeenth floor? How come I’m so unlucky, I’m responsible for the painting of his project set (set up, is the character set, artist needs to plan depicting the character clothing, equipment or special requirements, designing characters and equipment).”

Nuo Nuo listened to the word ‘weird uncle’, her heart beating pit-a-pat ached, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Xi’s tears ran, “What requirements is each sister clothing material to be less, colors a little brighter, then moving on a curve! Turn here turn there, is it not to turn my clothing designed to be more exposed? Also say the skirts I painted are almost to the knees, and now aunt on the street don’t even wear. I’m really speechless, since when do we also need these color elements to attack the market? Why draw pictures? Just have them naked!”

Another MM listened to Xiao Xi, tearful, and leaned in and nodded, “I was responsible for the battle game scene. Uncle also dislike the fighting animation saying it is not bright enough, said the best way is to have the kind of the thigh lifting with fan, chest meditation, skirt float fighting skills, I……”

The two MM instantly find a sense of pity being on the same boat, had been talking for a long time only to find that Nuo Nuo didn’t speak, again, and then looked up and saw Nuo Nuo forehead hanging three black lines. For a long time, Nuo Nuo finally said, “You just need to add that? Uncle now wants me to change the plot, plus add intimate scenes between men and women.”

In short, everyone was blew off.

The two MM Creative Department being at a loss what to do, they patted Nuo Nuo on the shoulder, mourning, “This uncle, indeed is sleazy enough……”

Shen Xiao Xi: “Nuo Nuo, in fact, as a writer, you can also stick to your principles!”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo’s face darken.

Why not insist? She argued, emotionally moving, and with reason, unswerving adhere to the principles. Nuo Nuo was smart enough to say, “Xiao Zong transferred me here, in fact, I value a women’s status, the teenage dating game originally developed for female players, I think that the excessive element of color and light words will cause the player’s resentment.”

Unfortunately for Nuo Nuo, strange uncle mouth reveal a touch of smirking, “Offensive? Female players? Who told you this game was developed for women? You as a woman, the game you played had girls falling in love? Tell you the truth, accounted for the majority of game players is developed for male! These are the elements they like.”


Nuo Nuo was going crazy, her head on the table she felt like dying.

Xiao Xi touched Nuo Nuo’s head, choking, “It is not, you write it.”

Nuo Nuo catch her breath, she did not spit it out. The world, it really is, “Refine Beauty” obscene.

[1] Fait accompli is a french word: An accomplished fact; an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it.

suteki: and that concludes chapter 6. hahaha Nuo Nuo’s way of revolting is by not bring Xiao Yi lunch and washing his lunch box! LOL this had me cracking up, she’s so simple-minded but super cute ^^” 

What’s wrong with Xiao Yi? Sending Nuo Nuo to a crazy sleazy superior! Poor girl always meeting psycho


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