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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 7.1


And the first kiss has arrived

Chapter 7.1 – I like you

Mother, the jokes you say was not funny.

At noon the following day, on the way to the canteen Nuo Nuo was stopped by Lin MM.

Lin MM held her palms together, on the bridge of her nose doing the ‘please’ action, “Nuo Nuo, you look good, if your leg injuries still have not recovered. I can send Xiao Zong’s meals to your place, you help me take it in.”

Nuo Nuo sucks her tongue, “What do you mean?” Big Boss is quite scary? Lin MM also become afraid?

Hearing these words, Lin MM heavy sigh, lovely pouted and complain, “A recent project is not listed, every day Xiao Zong worked overtime. Sometimes at noon I send him a meal, then in the afternoon come to collect the bowl, the heat insulation barrels are lying there untouched. A few days ago, Xiao Zong mother called Uncle Li, said Xiao Zong recently had severe stomach pain at home, she said it’s gastritis, reminding Uncle Li keep an eye on Xiao Zong to obediently eat his meals. The result… hey! You do not know, we subordinates, how could we command the boss what to do, and Xiao Zong is the kind of that works so hard that he risks his life.”

Nuo Nuo listen to Lin MM saying that all in one breath, and thought, “So you find me? You don’t dare to command Xiao Zong, would I even dare?!” The last words she had with Xiao Big Boss seemingly from being transfer, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss has not had direct contact since, even encountering in the Planning Department, she just respectfully call a sentence “Xiao Zong” then would sneak out. Two people are clearly in a cold war, just because of the gastritis issue, let herself go and beg for mercy?

Lin MM heard these words, she anxiously hopping, “Oh, I beg you, Nuo Nuo. Can’t you send Xiao Zong lunch? I think he often asks you to go to the office, your relationship is good. I really really tried all kinds of methods, no matter what I say, at noon Xiao Zong do not want to eat, even too lazy to look at the heat insulation barrel. I freaked out, Fei Long boss advice me to look for you.”

Nuo Nuo head hanging three black lines, Fei Long boss you meddlesome!

Lin MM seeing Nuo Nuo did not to talk, know her heart is hesitating, hurriedly put forward a smile, “Nuo Nuo didn’t you say two days ago that you love the work atmosphere of the company? What, you think, if Xiao Zong is really sick, the company will face catastrophic prospect, the company will collapsed, and where will you find such a…… easy, so…… solidarity work environment?”

Lin MM paused, she mysteriously said, “And, if I remember correctly, you have one more week of probation period.”

Nuo Nuo pull her head more far, how does this and her probation relevant?

“Hey,” Lin MM sinister smile, pulling Nuo Nuo in and whispered, “You think, if Xiao Zong careless gastric perforation hospitalized, then even if Mo Ge, Lan Ge, Uncle Li, all agree that you become full-time, you don’t have Xiao Zong to nod and stamped of approval. Is it not same as being temporary employee?”

That phrase pointed out a disturbing dream!

Nuo Nuo firmly glanced at Lin MM, finally nod. Full-time employee in sight, self-esteem has to be put aside.

Confession, Nuo Nuo holding the heat insulation barrel went straight into Xiao Big Boss Office. Xiao Yi was writing copy, looking at the Department of Literature enterprise vision on this project, he devote oneself heart and soul pondering. One sound, he just looked up and greeted the heat insulation barrel in front of him.

Xiao Yi slightly angry, he was contemplating this Lin MM has gotten more courage, being mindful of this frown his brows, the sound consciously cool down a bit, “I told you, place the prepares heat insulation barrel lunch inside the lounge room, when I want to eat I will go get it.”

Nuo Nuo seems to have not heard, she placed one of the heat insulation barrels in front of Xiao Big Boss and said, “Today at noon the kitchen made some tofu fish sauce, shredded meat, lotus root and white gourd soup, aunt said, these are relatively mild dish, is good for your stomach.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi heart skip a beat, he hastily looked up to see a little round face. For a moment, Xiao Yi smiled. These few days who play small temper is not willing to eat the dishes? Seeing his cold, an unapproachable look. Xiao Yi was waiting for recent projects to settle, then find opportunities to fool the small white rabbit. The results in the end, this small white rabbit could not be stabilized.

Xiao Yi raised an eyebrow, really happy fall in his office chair backrest looking at the small white rabbit from head to toe, from toe to head. Seeing this Nuo Nuo felt so nervous, Xiao Yi can only to give up and said, “Not angry at me?”

Nuo Nuo, listen to the first reaction that is actually, here in the office, saying such a thing is indeed…… too ambiguous ah too ambiguous, if Lin MM and Uncle Li heard, she doesn’t know what will become of this.

Nuo Nuo pretend she didn’t hear, she grit her’s teeth, “Xiao Zong don’t say anything else, eat first, cold dishes is not good for your stomach.”

Xiao Yi fingers cross, since she came in, always mentioning his stomach? If it’s simply for this reason, wouldn’t he be a failure? Xiao Big Boss rubbed his eyebrows and leisurely command, “Go help me make a cup of coffee and bring it here.”

Nuo Nuo heard this, she was more angry, in front of Xiao Yi staring, “No, no! You drinking coffee on a stomach empty would be more serious, now you obediently eat lunch!!”

Then, Nuo Nuo first dumbfounded. She actually…… actually command the Big Boss, “now you obediently eat lunch”. Finished finished, Xiao Big Boss will shred her skin? Nuo Nuo waited for her fate and shut her eyes, a long time before listening to Xiao Big Boss: “The food in the canteen, not quite my appetite.”

Hey what’s this? Nuo Nuo blink, Xiao Big Boss seemed to be complaining to her? How she felt Xiao Big Boss tone like acting pettish? Nuo Nuo was frightened by her own imaginations, she hurriedly shake her head and said, “So you are not satisfied with the food ah, never mind never mind, I’ll go call Uncle Li inform the canteen——”

Nuo Nuo said that while to retreating, her intuition told her, she must immediately, immediately leave Xiao Yi’s office, or what happens next there is no guarantee. “Xiao Zong then you’re busy, I’ll go out first……”

Her words not complete, Xiao Yi’s hand fishing, Nuo Nuo is dragged into Xiao Big Boss embrace, lips meeting lips. Nuo Nuo’s face suddenly bright red, she quietly looked up, ah ah! Xiao Big Boss is also looking at her. For a time, Nuo Nuo cramped restless.

Xiao Yi looked into Nuo Nuo eyes, he quietly laugh and stroked the small white rabbit’s hair, “Nuo Nuo——”

He thought of some words need to explain, if not quickly fixed, maybe they will have more misunderstandings.


Knock, knock, knock

Xiao Yi was just going to say, the classic case happened: somebody knocking at the door. ( ^ )

Nuo Nuo jumped from Xiao Yi bosom, she put on a smile and went to open the door. However, one can’t avoid one’s enemy, at the door is actually…… creepy uncle.

Nuo Nuo upon seeing this, she appear to be reluctant. She wanted to take advantage of backing out the door while creepy uncle and Xiao Big Boss taking care of work matters, who knew creepy uncle looked at Nuo Nuo strangely and said, “Oh, one step ahead of me, the villain sues his victim before he himself is prosecuted.”

Nuo Nuo listens feeling at loss, creepy uncle have already strode before Xiao Yi, said, “Xiao Zong, since Nuo Nuo been in our working group, is reluctant to move into the small office, two not to listen to my command. Two days ago even make a fuss about refusing to modify the script according to what I mean. These are all well, I think this girl is sensible, slowly will be good, who knows taking advantage of her going out for lunch I found these inside her computer!”

When he finished, creepy uncle took out a whole slack of printed information in front of Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi frowned but pick up the documents, the more he look the more he frown.

Nuo Nuo listened to creepy uncle, she finally understood. Creepy uncle, you scum ah, you’re usually polite with me, I thought you were generous to others, but because the plot and slightly discussing with you, adhere to my own principles, then you hold a grudge?

Nuo Nuo hesitated, taking advantage of others away eating, to peep others work computer, but also so confidently say people are not able to count on his mind the idea of ​​what is normal. She estimated the creepy uncle took advantage when everyone was out, to report her, but he found that Nuo Nuo had “one step ahead”, thought she had told on him, simply “double-or-quits”. [1]

Creepy uncle not only are you sleazy but also sinister ah!

Nuo Nuo’s computer has not set a password, she felts that her work was righteous, work time is not a fish in troubled waters, if there was anything out of the recent indeed——

For a moment, Nuo Nuo really saw Xiao Big Boss’ hands fall off the file, glared at her, “Are you still with ‘The Evil Kirin’ project?!”

Nuo Nuo bowed, she knew…… in fact, she knew she should have listen to the superiors arrangement, develop the girl game project well, but the new script for “The Evil Kirin” the junior sector did not understand a lot of places, always ran to her asking about this and that. Nuo Nuo also very understanding, obviously this is her own script that she written. There was only a rough draft and main line, many hints are not marked, the junior cannot read is quite normal.

Two people came, two go. Also previously working in the group, then finally one day, junior came running to her in tears, “Xu senior sister apprentice, ah, this won’t do, every day coming here is not a solution either and why don’t you help me get the main line completed, I’ll refine the dialogue?”

Nuo Nuo was thinking, the workload is not very large, coupled with young girls develop a project team there was not much, so she readily agreed. But anyway, this thing is superiors “bad thing”, Nuo Nuo quietly amend “The Evil Kirin” script, there is no delay for the other side of the job, many times even fulfil the task ahead, but however her pigtail was caught by creepy uncle.

Nuo Nuo: “That Xiao Zong, I….”

“Needless to say,” Xiao Yi one sentence stopped Nuo Nuo, press the phone, her tone dignified, “Lin MM, call all the people from Mo Zi Yuan project team to the office!”


“Xu Nuo, I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

“……” For a time, low pressure office caused Nuo Nuo to be silenced.

[1] 一不做二不休: As well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.

suteki: omg we have OTP first kiss *squeals* I had all these imagines running through my head while reading that part. And they also have their first argument.


11 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 7.1

  1. The bald man!!! D:
    Why so… !!!
    While they were kissing!! Why..!!! *sob sob*

    Anyway I’m so happy that she found out that he love her… If she did not, I would call her *secretly* ‘stupid’ 🙂


  2. I honestly dont like the male lead so far. He mixes work with personal matters and cares not that it affects her livelihood. He seems too full of himself too and too possessive I hope he makes it up to her. and changes some of these things…


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