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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 7.2


Nuo Nuo in the game BOSS

Chapter 7.2 – I like you. 

Ten minutes later, the “Elegant Bamboo Pavilion” project team was gathered in Xiao Yi’s office, creepy uncle on the side stood watching a good show. Lin MM seeing the situation, cough, “This thing, Mo Boss know? Also, Xiao Zhang responsible for the script, you’d better explain this thing.”

Then, Nuo Nuo instantly got up , walked straight outside. This move, stunned everyone those present gasped. Lin MM froze for two seconds, ran over to pull Nuo Nuo and whispered, “Nuo Nuo, what are you doing?”

Nuo Nuo was silent, she fearlessly said, “If your company is not divided, and confuses right from wrong, spying on other’s privacy. Body curves, such intimate scenes is more than enough factor to out tint the game production company, I think, I do not fit in here.”

Paused, Nuo Nuo looked up with shining eyes, facing Xiao Yi and said, “I give up opportunity for full-time employment!”


And then bang, Nuo Nuo closed the door and left.

Out of the office, Nuo Nuo directly typed a written request for leave to the Personnel Manager, she leisurely walked on.

Originally a formal leave procedure should be the employee gives one day notice in advance or a half day leave to the Personnel Department, Personnel Department consent, employee holding a note to their immediate boss, the boss signs the agreement, and then find the Department Manager, Department Manager sign consent forms to leave.

At this moment, Nuo Nuo didn’t care so much, leaving her written request for leave, carrying her bags out of office building. The Personnel Manager was not clear what just occurred, hesitated for a bit before calling out, but Nuo Nuo pretend not to see.

Nuo Nuo time at the company was not long, but it was a special series, Big Boss personally consent her onto the seventeen floor Planning Department. Big Boss nod and allowed her into the Project Team. Big Boss personally authorized the dinner dishes, now…… It is not directly connected in asking for leave to go home?!

The Personnel Manager is a human semen, he naturally knows the importance on flattering the Boss. Now that Nuo Nuo’s identity is unknown, and Mo Zi Yuan Boss, several senior seemed to have an ambiguous relationship, the situation is unclear, he can not easily offend her. So, the Personnel Manger still struggling whether to end or not, just reported the fact “Nuo Nuo written request to leave has not been approved, had gone home”, Nuo Nuo had already been on the bus.

On the bus, Nuo Nuo also have chest tightness, her fists clenched, she wished she had a human mattress that can let herself have a good beating session, and this human mattress best surname Xiao, name Yi.

Die Xiao Yi, stupid Xiao Yi

What without forethought, he called all team members from “Elegant Bamboo Pavilion” to his office? Without thoroughly investigating, he have to help that creepy uncle?

Nuo Nuo felt very wronged, in fact she always believed in Xiao Big Boss. In addition she think he makes brilliant, decisive decision-making. Using her mother’s words is a “person who do great things”. So for a transferring the team, though Nuo Nuo’s heart complained, she was reluctant to give her son “The Evil Kirin” for others to raise, but she had never doubted Xiao Yi’s decision.

Perhaps, Xiao Zong always feel wretched uncles really talented, hoping she can learn——

Perhaps, Xiao Zong always feel that the company has only one female writer, after a lot of female games she will have to participate in the project, hope she can slowly begin to understand——

Perhaps, Xiao Zong thought that “The Evil Kirin” script problem is not too big, quickly let her into the next project——

But…… No, not at all. All is not!!

Wretched uncles is a thorough loser, “The Evil Kirin” project team also because this sudden removal from the team was so busy. She just used the spare time to modify “The Evil Kirin” script, what’s wrong with that? She is not good for the company? For the game to be more delicate and perfect?

Nuo Nuo grew more and more angry, she returned home to find an excuse, said the company was shut off. Open the door in her bedroom playing computer games on beating Boss. Occasionally when Nuo Nuo is bored, also go online to chop chop monsters, to kill time. But today is obviously want to find an outlet to vent, wishing each knife cutting the monster was to Xiao Yi’s body.

The results, Nuo Nuo was magnificent in Boss abusing.

In fact, this is very normal. Nuo Nuo with a level sixty, all equipment a small white swordsman even no team dare to defy, under no daddy mammy protection conditions, armed with a copy of “Blood Jade Lake”, is a brave warrior not afraid of death. Not only that, Nuo Nuo had to play the BOSS, ended up being Seckill, [1] really is…… not worthy of sympathy.

Nuo Nuo pouted up face, staring at the game herself lying on the ground, her character’s eye is X.X shape, still countless mobs by Big BOSS and walked back and forth on her body cruelly whipping her corpse, has finally calmed down and sigh slightly, “Even you bully me ah——”

Sure enough, and as long as the BOSS involved, there will a second murder, it’s not a great thing.

The online games against BOSS, dying she will gain some experience, unlucky she will lose some equipment, but in real life against Big Boss?

Finally Nuo Nuo has calm down and she began to seriously think about what to do next. In front of so many people, said too much, not only she swept Xiao Big Boss’ face, accused of company is not divided, using color elements to please the market……

Ah ah ah ah!

The thought of these, Nuo Nuo had a headache, this kind of situation there’s no way she can stay at the OWL Wing production company, right? The more Nuo Nuo thought, the more she became depressed, the more she think the more tangled she got, until finally, she fell asleep at her table.



And then woke up again, the days have gotten dark. Nuo Nuo vaguely heard her mother’s laughter from the living room.

“Mother, is really noisy.” Nuo Nuo was wearing flip-flops and yawning. The result, in the middle of the yawn, Nuo Nuo saw the living room scene, then she abruptly swallow the other half a yawn back into her stomach. What is this… … situation? Why is Xiao Big Boss comfortably sitting in her home’s sofa drinking tea and eating fruits, and her mother on aside cheerfully talking?

Has she not waken up?

Nuo Nuo consciously rubbed her eyes, and then open to see her mother ran and pat her head, “This child.. really, other Xiao Zhang has come for a long time, watching you sleep so I didn’t woke you up. Can you, after waking up, at least get dressed then come out again, this——”

Xu mother was angry at Nuo Nuo, she followed her mother’s finger and looked down, great.

It’s not summer … … Nuo Nuo came home, took a bath and changed into her pajamas for home, and now she only wore sleeveless Winnie Night gown, how rude and impolite, but … … what made Nuo Nuo wanting to run into the wall is… … she was not wearing any underwear.


Plus a just woke up blindfolded (most likely inside her eye there’s filth), her nest like big hair. Nuo Nuo clench her fist up choking, unable to imagine now how dirty she looked, how big of a shadow (bad impression) had left in Xiao Big Boss heart.

Mother, please tell me this is really a dream.

The atmosphere slightly awkward, one time chicken pop head Nuo Nuo could not advance or retreat, but froze in place in tears, her mother feel embarrassed to Xiao Yi hang up her lips, wisely change the topic, “Xiao Zhang you too, come, it is not like we’re meeting for the first time, why buy so many gifts?”

Nuo Nuo feeling slightly hypercritical, next to Xiao Big Boss she saw a hill pile. Hearing these words, Xiao Yi also correct himself, shook his head, “It natural to buy gifts, after all, it is the first time eating dinner with Nuo Nuo parents, and today is a formally to know uncle and aunt.”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo supported her chin and frowned, how come it sounds so strange, the more she listen to the more it’s like…… the first visit of mother-in-law son-in-law? Nuo Nuo hesitated, listen to her mother happily laughing, “Gee, Xiao Zhang this child ——”

“Aunt.” Her mother words didn’t finish, Xiao Yi really shook his head to interrupt, pause, rose, “My name is Xiao Yi, I’m Nuo Nuo’s boss, today thank you very much for your hospitality.”


[1] Seckill 秒杀, originated from the online game Legends and relates to the strength of a warrior who can kill his enemies within seconds.

suteki: omg that scene of Nuo Nuo waking up and walking out made me roll on the floor! Nuo Nuo, how embarrassing! not wearing any underwear XD still clueless as ever! And Xiao Yi finally reveals his real identity to Nuo Nuo’s mother. Duh Duh!


13 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 7.2

  1. haha I can imagine you must be busy laughing when translate this 😀 ….thanks sutekii , looking forward for the next chapter 🙂


  2. Wait wait wait!!! She did not wear underwear… Is there at least something hidding her….??? I mean is it something like a dress? Or something like a huge tee-shirt (sexy moment)??

    Xiao Yi must had liked it 🙂 plus was in son-in-law mode right in front of her mother xD


    1. She is wearing a thin sleeveless. She at least is not naked, just close. ^^

      Thank you all this time for the speedy translation Sutekii!


  3. This is so hilarious, I think what she meant by no underwear is no bra. I hate it when someone randomly visits our house and I’m braless. o>-<


  4. What is that guy thinking?
    I think it’s great Nuo Nuo is finally doing something other than to quietly put up with things. I disliked how easily bullied she was before. However, her quitting was rash. Rather than run away, she should have defended herself in frint of others. Only after making it clear she did nothing wrong should she quit and walk away proudly. People should be aware it’s her superiors who are unfair, not that she isn’t capable.


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