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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 7.3


Chapter 7.3 – I like you 

Hearing these words, her mother’s mouth dropped open again big and wide, until her jaw touched the ground. She excitedly pulled her daughter asked, “Nuo Nuo, this, this is your home pineapple?”


Nuo Nuo ashamed, mother, the joke you say are not funny.

Nuo Nuo neatly dressed, she gave Xiao Big Boss a pot of brew tea and pulled her mother in the kitchen.

Her mother looked at the living room, living room is far enough from the kitchen, pineapple will not hear, just quietly said, “Nuo Nuo, this person is not the unit clerk that your father introduce? How come turn into your home pineapple?”

Nuo Nuo’s lips twitched, for the 101st time carefully correcting her mother, “He is not called pineapple, named Xiao Yi Xiao Yi Xiao Yi!”

Not fully understand her mother nodded, while trimming the vegetables on the side, she automatically spoke, “Cut the pineapple, pineapple cutting, no wonder can drive such a good car. At first I heard the yard Lee Mama say that the car was better than hundreds of thousands. I was also worried Xiao Wen Shu is involved in corruption, but how did you hook your boss on the line?”

“……” Because of her mother’s words “hook line” Nuo Nuo was thoroughly depressed, don’t speak so bluntly well, she just…… Thought, she grit her teeth to tell the truth: “Mother, in fact, he is my first matchmaking date.”




Above, her mother’s expression changed within one minute. From “what, how can it end up this way” to “you this dead child, even bring your boss home don’t tell us”, and then to the last “great, daughter found a big company, big boss, daughter to be successful in her official career!!”

Daughter knows mother best, Nuo Nuo saw her mother like this, Nuo Nuo knew she was daydreaming about the journey of thousands of miles, wondering how to sneak out, her father’s has returned home. It turned out that her father got a call from his wife, knew tonight its his daughter officially dinner with the future son-in-law, he smartly went home early.

Previously, her father because of business has been in the field, have not had the opportunity to play and meet “Xiao Zhang” face to face. Xiao Yi was posing as Xiao Wen Shu everyday driving Nuo Nuo, his identity has not been revealed. But her father and mother, always say “Xiao Zhang” please take care of their daughter, and how considerate, elegant manner, their heart was already delighted. Well…… This son-in-law they have chosen is not bad. Not only a stable unit, and was the leader of the right-hand man, life is so sensible. But when her father was certain about his son-in-law, Xiao Zhang bolted from the blue, called his Mrs. and found out that his “Xiao Zhang”, is not his wife “Xiao Zhang”.

Hearing these words, her father on the way home has been very angry, his daughter is so young, found herself a lover outside how can this old man’s with several decades experienced eye not see a good person? As a result, her father came home, and had a conversation with Xiao Yi, plus Xiao Yi’s identity, thought the things his daughter usually told him about the company, understand Xiao Yi was a good child, smart and capable, immediately left Xiao Zhang beyond the highest heavens, was really satisfied with Xiao Big Boss.

After the meeting, naturally eating an enjoyable meal. Xiao Big Boss opened his golden mouth and praise her mother steamed fish was delicious, and praise her father’s wall water painting was a painting prize. The two old people heard this could not close their mouth.

However, in such a beautiful and warm atmosphere, Nuo Nuo always felt that the meal was very strange…… But strangely, only herself think so.


At the dinner table, her mother and father from time to time asked Xiao Big Boss personal questions from parents, occupation, family background, Owl Wing production company, such a thing. How you think and what you feel it’s like…… Bringing her own boyfriend home to meet the parents.

And no matter what her mother and father asked, Xiao Big Boss answer fluently, he seemingly didn’t mind at all. While Nuo Nuo on the side eating finally remembered, seemingly herself and Xiao Big Boss was still arguing, he suddenly shows up, also bought a gift…… Also, don’t speak of the purpose, will be…… To dismiss her?

Because Nuo Nuo was in her own little world, she did not hear at the end of the meal Xiao Yi said, “At the end of the year my parents will move to a new house, then I will ask the two to eat a meal together.”

Everyone can hear the implied meaning that is to say: The parents to meet, then set a good day for the two children. Hearing these words, her parents tacitly looked at each other eye hastened nodded. Nuo Nuo still making blind and disorderly conjectures (daydreaming) still quietly eat rice, she does not understand why the other three people at the dining table was suddenly excited.

Poor Nuo Nuo, sold by her parents.

Until eight o’clock at night, Xiao Big Boss finally offered to go.

Nuo Nuo also obligated to send him out, she thought that she can quickly get rid of Big Boss. The results, to the front of the car, Xiao Big Boss refused to leave, he only looked into the sky, with a smile, “Nuo Nuo, now the cool breeze, moonlight present, we go for a stroll, okay?”


Nuo Nuo thought, Xiao Big Boss when did you become so full of talent, even enjoying the moonlight…… Today did he behave like a crazy person.

Xiao Yi allowed no time for explanation, he stepped forward to pull Nuo Nuo hand. Nuo Nuo sensitively jumped, she nervously swallowed her saliva, “Xiao, Xiao…… What do you have words to say, don’t equivocate.”

Xiao Yi arched an eyebrow, his fine facial features in the moonlight was lined to be more compelling, his mouth overflowed with a faint smile, the small white rabbit finally understands?

Here to ask Xiao Yi, heard Nuo Nuo piteously knits her brows, “In fact…… Today you come to my house I understand it, you want me…… To resign?”

At dinner, Nuo Nuo thought very serious, very serious. Xiao Big Boss able to scold her, also visiting, there is only one truth—— because she offended him, Xiao Big Boss wants to dismiss her? But her trial contract did not expire, this time suddenly resign herself, well…… According to the regulations, must pay some compensation. Xiao Big Boss was supposed to save the compensation? So came to her house to emotionally move her, enlighten her with reasons?

Nuo Nuo sigh, that she would be accustomed to seeing. She used to work in a small company, the boss in order to save some money resort to every conceivable means, it is to do well. But like Xiao Big Boss to personally visit for such a little bit of compensation, it was Nuo Nuo’s the first encounter.

Then, Xiao Big Boss face suddenly turned black.

The small white rabbit is very smart, there is a natural polished aura. Mo Zi Yuan also once said, a lot of things, other people may take two or three times training, the other may not necessarily understand. But Nuo Nuo was an exception, she will learn other things from one fact, often after she will find some related data. This is also the reason why Mo Zi Yuan backs Nuo Nuo.

On the other hand, Xiao Yi was most impressed by Nuo Nuo’s cleverness.

Often a lot of things you just think, she’s already done for you. It’s like a sleeping pillow has been pushed to the neck, or being sleepy, a coffee has been handed to you. It is this wisdom that tempts Xiao Yi.

But in some aspects, Xiao Yi thought of Nuo Nuo’s EQ (emotional intelligence), he really dare not flatter.

Dinner, date, special care plus when injured picking her up every day, today’s parents’ meeting, so many obvious moves, why Nuo Nuo mind would be so distant…… Dismissal?

Xiao Yi took a deep breath, close his eyes again, “Nuo Nuo.”


“Are you kidding me?”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo startled, what Xiao Big Boss said…… What does it mean? Nuo Nuo’s poked the palm of her hand and said, “So, not the day and time when I contradict you in front of everyone?”

Xiao Yi blink of an eye, eyes shining, “So you feel uncomfortable?”

Nuo Nuo nodded, “But, you suddenly come to my house, you did not say anything, also bought so many gift…… Some time ago, my old mother asked you to say for dinner you did not agree, the results today——”

No Nuo’s words, not completely, Xiao Yi interrupted the small white rabbit, and whispered, “Because today is a formal meeting.”

“Why?” Nuo Nuo’s eyes widened and stared at him, “What do you mean?”

Xiao Yi laughed with a smile, his eye full of gently leaned over, “Previously I refused to stay for dinner, it is because I did not want to use Xiao Zhang identity to have dinner with your parents, but tonight——” Xiao Yi then hesitantly replied using a metaphor, “Tonight seemed to sign a formal contract, set the relational meaning.”

“You’re not angry that during the day I scold you?”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi eyes light to nod, “Angry, that moment I immediately wanted to bring you back!”

In fact, the things during the day really can’t entirely blame Xiao Yi. As the company’s Chief Planner, he has his concerns and thoughts. Nuo Nuo is a rough diamond, as the mainland Lan JunYan began earlier in producing girl games, can better grasp the direction of the market and the game player preferences, but this man’s biggest problem is jealousy, but like some non-ferrous elements. When Xiao Yi used high salary to bring him over to the company, many people do not understand, but Xiao Yi thought they were: Take the essence and discard the dregs.[1]

Simply put, is to let the company to learn something useful for girls games from Lan Jun Yan, and then this wretched uncles, kick out. The suitable candidate, Xiao Yi and Mo Zi Yuan elected was Nuo Nuo.

So adjusting the team. Nuo Nuo as the only female producer, the orientation in the future is definitely more in female games. So Xiao Yi thinks twice, he can’t have it both ways, let Nuo Nuo give up “The Evil Kirin” project. This is the most helpless choice, also is the best choice.

Because the production people should understand, taking into account the two completely different types of styles of the project, work results will be very poor. When Xiao Yi had a talk with Nuo Nuo, the small white rabbit in a very well-behaved manner, nodded, but then secretly did this thing.

At that moment, it is impossible for Xiao Yi not to be angry, so will have to do later, but Xiao Yi did not think that the anxious rabbit will bite people——

Xiao Yi recovered from the memories, compromise and said: “It’s all right now.”

Nuo Nuo looked at Xiao Big Boss more and more magnified handsome face, completely unaware because Xiao Yi getting closer and closer, just listen to her own heartbeat accelerate, she shook her head, “I still…… Don’t understand.”

[1] 取其精华,去其糟粕: Accepting the good and rejecting the bad.


suteki: so Xiao Yi officially meets his future-in-laws. Our Nuo Nuo who’s EQ is zero will finally have the answers put before her. 


17 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 7.3

  1. Hahahah aha! Our Nuo Nuo is dense. Probably she never experience puppy love before

    So oh poor Xiao Yi! He has to work harder to make Nuo Nuo realize that his love is in front of her….


    1. Yes Xiao Yi does have to work hard, aja fighting mighty boss!~ we all adding oil for you

      Our Nuo Nuo has been in love before, her ex boyfriend comes into picture later in the story. I think she just has very low EQ…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “but Xiao Yi did not think that the anxious rabbit will bite people”
    It was so sweet.

    Love it.

    Oh and “I still…… don’t understand.” Really? I think you did. But you are waiting for the answer coming out from him, right??

    Little rabit learns to use feeling now xD


  3. He dares look down on her EQ, but he’s not better by much. How was she supposed to just guess his intentions behind changing her project? What I dislike most about him is how he REFUSES to be direct. He sees she’s dense, and he still doesn’t adjust. People like him usually struggle to compromise, so I cant help but have a bad feeling…


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