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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 7.4


Second kiss, here we come! 

Chapter 7.4 – I like you.

“Well, I’ll let, you’ll see.” Then, Xiao Yi did not let go of the small white rabbit in his arms, leaned over and covered her lips.


Nuo Nuo’s heart heard a voice, her brain seems to have mechanically stopped and electricity cut off.

Between the lightning, Nuo Nuo felts his hot, warm and soft lips. Her heart surrounded sentiments, comfortable, very…… Enjoyable. Nuo Nuo closed her eyes enchanted.

She got, a kiss.

A Big Boss’ kiss.

The airy kiss didn’t last too long, when Xiao Yi let go of Nuo Nuo, feeling light as if she’s in a dream, her head heard a voice:

“Nuo Nuo, I like you.”

At this moment, Nuo Nuo felt she stepped on clouds.

In the summer of June, already made people breathless.


OWL Wings production company’s employees could not stand the hot canteen, instead had their meals in the office area. The air conditioning blowing on the side chatting while eating, there have been some similar dialogues:

“Well, Ah, today is twice cooked pork, greasy greasy, what to eat?”

“Yeah, canteen recently gone to now? No real meat!”

“I have no appetite, I’m trying to eat rabbit meat salad——”

“My fried chicken wings… …”

At the same time, Nuo Nuo also look forward to opening her small lunch box, her smile disappeared again. Suddenly, the East rabbit from the seventeen floor Planning Department came a roar, “Awww, why today is sautéed shelled shrimp, braised meat balls in brown sauce, I don’t want to eat braised pork trotter with soy sauce, do not want to see young chicken!!”


Every phrase was a gem.

This is absolutely provocation! Show off! Overtone!!

However, can not blame Nuo Nuo, why? Have to start from the kiss——

That night after Xiao Big Boss confess and kissed Nuo Nuo, go into the car and left. Although Nuo Nuo feel lightly weird, but it makes sense, contrary to expectation, although a little accident, plus…… Blush hearts as deer rattling, but Nuo Nuo still in comfort herself.

Never mind, never mind, just meat touch meat. Also very dark nearby, none of the neighbors saw, but Xiao Big Boss said, liking her, well, just let nature take its course. Late night in bed Nuo Nuo is tossed about, before she drooling slobber of dreams.

The following day. The small white rabbit went to work as usual, her colleagues also took the hint that Xiao Big Boss has no opinion on yesterday incident, Nuo Nuo slammed the door to avoid the events, what else did they have to say? Wretched uncles also seem to see the light, he seems to understand Xiao Big Boss and Nuo Nuo deep relations. The entire morning he was friendly and did not to find trouble for her.

As usual at noon Nuo Nuo went to get lunch, she took the lunch boxes to the office, suddenly discovered something was amiss: Someone’s office, chilly wind blowing. In addition to a plume of dark sun from the crack in the curtains in the slightest admit, no shadow.

Lin MM rushed to explain, “Xiao Zong last night came back to the company with a night shift. After dealing with some urgent documents, this morning at eight o’clock has flown by to the capital on business trip, for a period of half a month.”

Nuo Nuo: ( ^ )

Therefore, last night Xiao Yi leaving rather quickly was not going home, was back to the office?

Say so, Xiao Big Boss rushed to work last night, was afraid to see her today?

Say so, Xiao Big Boss is shy?!

Nuo Nuo because of her reasoning laughed until to her intestines started knotting, and she finally holds the heat insulation barrel mouth asked the sentence, “This half a month, what to do with Xiao Zong meal?”

This sentence Nuo Nuo only expressed politely, since Xiao Big Boss is away this half a month, she also can have half a month off, don’t need to bring lunch and wash the dishes? Unfortunately, the extremely intelligent Lin MM thought, reported this predicament to Big Boss, “Xiao Zong, Nuo Nuo seems to quite like your meal.”

The other end of the phone, Xiao Yi pondered and add a sentence indicating, “For this half a month, tell the small kitchen to continue work.”

Lin MM appreciates the thought, answer sonorous and forceful, “Yes!”

The implication, Xiao Zong rest assured on the business trip, the company thing she will help him do properly. Lin MM in charge, will work efficiently, will do it properly……

First, in order to appease Nuo Nuo, so it flattered, Lin MM just says usually when Big Boss has a business trip, the kitchen also still works as usual. So under normal circumstances, the person who brings lunch, will enjoy special treatment during Xiao Big Boss on travel. Nuo Nuo believed, silly stared, every day actually holding her own little lunch boxes to get lunch.

On the other side, small kitchen cook Auntie Zhang is not a fool, being in the company for a few years, whenever Xiao Zong was away on a business trip will not need special treatment——but for the first time. Pull the always well-informed Lin MM to inquire about it.

Hearing these words, Lin MM pretended to mysteriously frown, “Auntie Zhang, you know, we do administratively, what to say what not to say, is very important. One not careful, will lose our job, now Xiao Zong is a good boss, such a good company is not easy to find.”

Auntie Zhang hurriedly nodded, “That’s that, Lin MM I won’t be hard on you, your two words help remind me, oh hey, you do not want to eat meat dumplings? Personally, I’ll give you a bag to go!”

Lin MM heard this her two eyes bent a line, contentedly nodded and said, “Auntie Zhang, I tell you honestly, this Nuo Nuo is not simple. Neither the administration nor the assistant, but Xiao Zong likes to drink her brew coffee, you say why? Hey, bluntly saying, every day just want to steal a few more glances of her.”

Paused, Lin MM just pulls Auntie Zhang ear closer, “I guess it, maybe it won’t be long before, have you and I will have to bring Nuo Nuo lunch and brew her coffee!”

Auntie Zhang suddenly sees the light, so from that day on, the small kitchen meal had great changes.

To curry favor with the future boss, Auntie Zhang equivocates N many people about what Nuo Nuo like to eat, but Nuo Nuo as a child was not picky. Generally she’ll eat anything and any dinner, usually getting with others, they could not tell what she likes to eat what she didn’t like, overall, is a complete the omnivorous rabbit.

This way does not work, Auntie Zhang had to follow her own rules: meat without vegetables. Kids today, all are carnivores, the canteen food is good enough, employees haven’t seen meat was howling like a wolf. So Auntie Zhang figured, she rolled up her sleeves and changing the pattern repeatedly let Nuo Nuo eat meat, eat until the rabbit eyes turn evil red wanting to eat people and still not let go.

At first, Nuo Nuo also didn’t care, full of joy to go home to tell her mother Xiao Big Boss is Big Boss (I think she meant Xiao Big Boss is a wonderful boss), the food is too good not even a vegetable shadow is seen. One day, two days, third days and fourth days…… Nuo Nuo opened her small lunch box again, finally got cloying desires.

Moreover, the most unbelievable Nuo Nuo feel is, usually help Xiao Yi bring lunch, someone surprisingly lazy, help her pack the exact same food servings, before asking him to put down the documents to eat, Nuo Nuo also saw many dishes Xiao Big Boss food consists of. Seemingly, probably, like…… The food she had this time, compared to when Xiao Big Boss was eating, more than three or four times the amount, right?

With this idea in her head, Nuo Nuo suddenly felt the guilt of bribery and corruption.

Could it be…… Auntie Zhang thought of herself as a Xiao Yi side “highly favored person”, want to take advantage of Xiao Yi not being around to “honor” of herself, after will do well in the company? Although Nuo Nuo is a small citizen, but this awareness is still there, had this doubt, the second day she politely told Auntie Zhang, in fact she wanted to eat a little light.

Auntie Zhang thought, the second day noon, inside the lunch box there were many Longjin prawns.

Nuo Nuo, once again express, she wants to eat some fresh seasonal vegetable dish. So the next day at noon, inside the lunch box there were white melon fried minced chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and soaked chicken feet.


Kung Pao Chicken yum…

Nuo Nuo depressed, not being politely anymore, this time bluntly said, she does not want to eat meat. And the second day noon, inside the lunch box there were stir fried tomato and egg.

Nuo Nuo even toughen up her heart, in order to avoid more misunderstanding, specific examples: to eat vegetarian melon and foods such pure vegetarian spinach, vegetarian cabbage.

This proposition really embarrassed Auntie Zhang, only wanted to let the future wife eat well, and make her happy, Auntie Zhang and Lin MM had the idea of two braising. The next day, Nuo Nuo saw her lunch box had vinegar leavened cabbage, joy and tears were streaming down, again good white gourd soup, within the soup a round fish ball.


Nuo Nuo looked at the round, tender fish ball soup, hot air through the mist. Suddenly the trance, that it is not fish balls, is more like her body figure from eating more than a week’s worth of meat dishes.

Plump, chubby, before long, she can be like this fish ball, roll around.

At this moment, Nuo Nuo was really looking forward to, Xiao Big Boss early return. Because, she wanted to tell him, the small white rabbit is eating grass. “Carnivorous rabbits” how you think about it, it is not cute…….

The little theatre.

On the weekend, her mother prompted by a sudden impulse. She decided to give her husband one day holiday and personally cook for her precious daughter, she asks them, “Good Nuo Nuo, mother today will cook you some good food, what do you want?!”

Hearing these words, the small white rabbit typing in front of the computer suddenly hesitated, she was petrified.

Xu mother also startled by startled, feeling worried about her daughter’s touched her head and said, “How are you? Didn’t I say don’t be in front of a computer every day, at work you’re in front of it, after work still in front of it, look look——”

Not waiting her mother to finish, Nuo Nuo’s have been eerily shaken up ranging before her mother finished. She quirky shakes up her shoulders, pumping about, tiger mother instantly also silent.

For a moment, the small white rabbit eyes had light returned, her mouth fast rolling back a few dishes, “I want to eat carrots, white radish, spinach, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, leeks, seaweed, cucumber, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, wax gourd and also eat watermelon!”

Nuo Nuo took a deep breath, she finally finishes the dishes, inexplicably back to her eyes evokes two red lips. Xu mother’s eyeball pop, her chin directly fell to the ground. The child…… When did turn into a wolves look like the expression, appetite like a sheep?

That night, her father and mother had some discussion, and a toss about, they finally put the dishes on the table.

Nuo Nuo looked eyeful at the meat, she suddenly roared: “You, you!! Didn’t we agree on eating vegetable dish? Why is their meat? Wow, I want to eat white cabbage, Chinese cabbage, small white cabbage, water spinach……”

Her dad seeing, with deep hatred and resentment held his daughter’s hand, the old man wept bitterly, “Daughter, your father is sorry, why would you be possessed by ghosts, let you and Xiao Zhang that Buddhists go on a blind date, you can’t really believe in the Buddha, to follow Buddhism ah!” Hearing these words, her mother also in tears, “I can tell you, Nuo Nuo, I was hoping you give me grandchildren! If you become a nun, I will now die before you.”

Nuo Nuo: “I, where are you thinking too? I don’t want to become a nun!?”

Her father and mother staring at each other, in unison said, “If there’s no idea, eat——”

Nuo Nuo: O__o

Xiao Big Boss, save me——



suteki: and that concludes chapter 7

OMG this part is so hot and steamy I got so excited translating it. XD and omg can I add how funny her parents are? *rolling on the floor* Tomorrow there will be a surprise post on another introduction to a novel. Keep an eye out for that. 

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    1. Hehehe Hanny I thought you’ll be waiting, hope you enjoyed the chapter.

      Xiao Yi will come back with a bang! I love the future chapters, was so much fun translating them.


      1. haha yes I’m waiting lol but I was thinking you’re still busy reading so didn’t want to disturb you and went H&M shopping online to buy kids shoes for my elder sister 🙂 wah then I will be waiting when Xiao Yi go home hope Nuo Nuo will get many kisses 😀


      2. ah I was thinking in Melbourne already open long ago:) in Jakarta also just open last year if I’m not wrong 🙂 yeah I like kids range especially the shoes for little girl 🙂


      3. The Sydney store open one or two years ago, but for Melbourne unfortunately only recently.

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  1. It seems like all black belly bosses like to fatten up their little rabbits. Don’t men in China like slim women? 🙂

    Can’t wait for Xiao Yi’s return. And I can’t wait for the appearance of the ex- boyfriend! It is hilarious seeing Xiao Yi jealous.

    Thanks for updating so quickly, sutekii.


    1. When I read this chapter I imagine a fat rabbit rolling around.

      Oh Mel, we don’t need her ex-boyfriend to make Xiao Yi jealous, there’s already *ahem* Xiao Jun and Xiao Wen Shu there to trigger his jealousy.

      But her ex-boyfriend will spice things up 😉


      1. Xiao Wen Shu is hilarious. There should be a dream in which the mist slowly parts and a woman’s shadowy figure emerges. As Xiao Wen Shu ventures closer, she turns, ever so slightly, so that he sees her profile. In his dream state, he suddenly recognizes that profile. It is Nuo Nuo! So she is his concubine from his past life, the love of his life who was torn from him by the evil emperor of the opposing country! He runs toward her, but suddenly, another dark shadow appears, the tall shadow of another man. This shadow yanks his concubine away… The mist closes in again…and Xiao Wen Shu wakes up! Now that Xiao Wen Shu knows Nuo Nuo is his concubine, he will keep on bugging her! Ahahaha!


      2. LOL Mel that had me laughing because I can just imagine Nuo Nuo freaking out and bolting to the other end of the earth with Xiao Wen Shu hunting her down.

        With your creative mind, you should look into writing a modern fiction. ^^”


      3. Imagine what Xiao Wen Shu will think when he sees Xiao Yi around Nuo Nuo? He will assume Xiao Yi is the shadowy male figure in the dream, the reincarnation of the evil emperor of the opposing country who kidnapped his concubine! Ahahaha!

        Yeah, thanks, but I don’t think I am very good with modern stories. I think I will stick to writing about sword fights and wuxia.


      4. Thanks, but it might be a while though. Moonblossom is still researching and blog shopping. Like I said, it is no big deal. My stories aren’t that great, so there is no rush to read them. I am kind of hoping owning a blog will give Moonblossom more incentive to translate more stories.


      5. WordPress I quite good and easy to use, but there are quite of different blog websites to choose from.

        Well remember to send me an email when its up and running so I can visit 😉


  2. Totally hilarious! ROTFL
    Her parents are so funny! She was like, dying to eat vegetables, and everyone around her just kept on feeding her meat even when she was clearly asking otherwise! Poor poor Nuo Nuo, reminds me of Shan Shan. And I’m kind of looking forward for the return of Ex-bf too. ^^


    1. Don’t get too excited her ex-boyfriend doesn’t appear yet. I just started translating chapter 11 and there’s no mention of him yet. I don’t actually remember when he appears since it’s been a while since I read the book but think he will appears from chapter 12 or later.


      1. Guess that would be just proper as they have not even started yet. How could Xiao Yi leave just like that without hearing her reply I don’t know. Anyway, he should be back soon. Thanks for translating and updating daily. I love you Sutekii, you’re blog is one of the reason I get to be excited to go online. I’m a happy blog stalker since I get results every time I visit your site. See yah again tomorrow!


      2. Aww cathdeary your comments makes me happy 🙂 It’s readers like you and my usual readers that comments and share my love for the book that keeps me translating and updating almost daily.


  3. Ahh Sutekii your regular updates make me happy each time too. I always leave your blog with a big, silly grin on my face. Love your translations and absolutely love this funny, romantic book you’ve chosen to translate!


    1. Hi inno,

      That makes me happy to know my readers leave my blog feeling giddy and happy, whether to start off their day or to end their night and may be fall into a light and fluffy dream~


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