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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.1


Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi in the game Huang Yan.

Chapter 8.1 – Shemale Marriage. 

Xiao Yi, you had been lying to me!!

On the seventh day of Xiao Big Boss business trip, Nuo Nuo found it unbearable.

In addition to looking forward to Xiao Yi coming back to free herself from the meat situation, Nuo Nuo felt herself…… Kind of miss Xiao Big Boss.


Originally in Nuo Nuo’s heart, two people kiss is like signing a contract, both sides are by default to further confirm the ambiguous relationship between them.

Moreover, that night Xiao Big Boss rightly confessed that he liked her. However, now the situation, Xiao Yi did not even half express liking her?

Seven day trip, phone call? No.

Text message? No.

Not even a half sent an email……

Mindful of this, Nuo Nuo could not resist a slight sigh, what does Xiao Big Boss heart think? If he do not like her, all the things he’s been doing can not be explained. But if he likes her, how can he be so calm and quiet to travel on a business trip, even before the trip did not call to say hello?

Nuo Nuo being a little woman was tangled, she finally decided to take the initiative. Who told herself to miss that person a little?

Nuo Nuo holding her mobile phone, she spend the whole night, wrote to delete, delete and write, spent more than an hour, she painstakingly compiled a text message, which reads as follows:

“Not available? If available press down





Still available? Then press up XD.”

Check N times, to determine the content is correct, Nuo Nuo grits her teeth and pressed send, success.

She waited for approximately half a minute, after estimated the person has received the text message. Nuo Nuo pretending to panic, but in reality calmly sent a second message, which reads as follows,

“I’m sorry I’m sorry, Xiao Zong, I made ​​a mistake.”

Nuo Nuo admitted that she is really boring. But she could not put down her pride to contact Xiao Big Boss. Nuo Nuo is like all women, when she says yes, but actually means no. Next, just waiting for someone to reply. If, Xiao Big Boss text back here, she can ask him when will he be coming back, what has he been doing recently, did he think about her…… No, no, did he think of Xiao Jun. But if Xiao Big Boss does not reply to her message, she just made a mistake and will not to lose face.

So she patiently waits, during dinner with her mother and father, wash the dishes, took a walk after dinner, gone home and washed her clothes. Until ten thirty in the evening, her mobile phone still quietly lying on the table, without moving. Nuo Nuo felt slightly depressed, maybe…… Xiao Yi was really busy on the business trip? So busy, don’t even have the time to return a message, Nuo Nuo felt discouraged to even think.

Nuo Nuo was like a deflated ball, when contemplating whether to wash up and sleep, her text message ringtone rang.

Nuo Nuo almost bouncing rushed to see her mobile phone, a message box, desperate. You have new information, the sender: desk, phone number: 13800138000

Nuo Nuo supports her chin with a gasp, optionally with her index finger press “view”, glance into the content of the message: 1354XXXXXXX has been successful in charging 100 Yuan for you, recharge time is July 31, 2010 at 22:02..

Nuo Nuo was speechless, her eyes bulging. She was shocked by the reason, in addition to heaven pie, someone outside would actually be rather baffling to charge her phone, more important is, Nuo Nuo felt this number was familiar. This wouldn’t be——

Before Nuo Nuo had time to check the number, her mobile phone already began to shake, impressively the name displayed on the screen: Xiao Yi.

Nuo Nuo swallowed her saliva, her heartbeat slow, still trembling, opened her mobile phone, “Hello?”

“Little idiot, my mobile phone service has been suspended, it’s got no credit.”


Many years later, when Xiao Yi and Nuo Nuo are parents of two babies. Nuo Nuo still can clearly remember the day Xiao Big Boss said these words, her heart full of sweetness and happiness. This kind of feeling goes beyond Boss confession.

In other words, if Nuo Nuo knew prior to this feeling that the slightest hesitation and uncertainty, and at this moment, as “silly” word that has completely evaporated. Seven days of waiting and suffering, but also with these two words were left behind.

That night, Nuo Nuo even dreaming, the corners of her mouth had a slight sweetness.

After Nuo Nuo learn she really serves to be called a confused small white rabbit. In fact, when she sends text messages, Xiao Big Boss came back to the hotel in the bathroom. Xiao Big Boss was washing his face in the vanity. He came out from the bathroom and saw Nuo Nuo text message, when he called her mobile phone again a standard female voice came through, “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed can not be connected. Your service has been suspended.”

Because the hotel Xiao Big Boss stay at was built on a hillside, no human habitation, let alone buy recharge cards. Xiao Big Boss didn’t say anything else, all dressed up and drove it out of the hotel. Half an hour before finally entered the big city, to charge Nuo Nuo the bill, and be able to speak with the small white rabbit.

Nuo Nuo finish listening to the explanation, incoherence, her head knock the table: “I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

The results, Xiao Yi calmly said, “No need to apologize, how would you compensate me?”

The speaker has no intention, listener interested. Nuo Nuo heard this, could not help but blush, her mind sway all over that kissing scene. Fortunately, Xiao Big Boss was not present, otherwise it would have been a disgrace.

“How do you want me to compensation you?”

“Well, I’m in《Huang Yan》[1].”

Nuo Nuo was silent, speechless.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Big Boss actually plays online games? “Huang Yan” the 3D Q version of the game that you can’t just play yourself?

Nuo Nuo said with great care, “You are……”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi generously to admit, “That day I went to your home and saw you playing, so…”


Xiao Big Boss, can you not…… Be a little tactful?

Nuo Nuo grasping her head, didn’t know how to answer so instead listen to Xiao Yi again, “As compensation, you help me to upgrade.”

Nuo Nuo, playing online games is not the same as others. Other people play online games because pressure in real life, find satisfaction in the game; or because the game, there’s a lot of MM (girls), fun and amusing; or because the search team, everyone together brush copy (fight) the BOSS. But Nuo Nuo playing online games, has always been alone.


Now, now playing online game, the purpose is very simple, killing strange monster was very cool and refreshing. When not happy in the real life, her heart is not happy, into the game to lead a group of monsters, even put a few group skills, or a knife tortures the monster to death it let Nuo Nuo feel very cool.

So Nuo Nuo playing games one did not like teams, two do not like team help, has always been a loner. Play the game process is the next task——fight monsters——to complete the task——and then the next task. Nuo Nuo’s close friend joked that, Nuo Nuo playing online games can create a stand-alone version vibe.

In summary, Nuo Nuo suddenly has to play《Huang Yan》with Xiao Big Boss and when she master a level have to let him upgrade with profound respect and humility. She doesn’t like being in a team and is afraid of trouble. But now she’s actually taking Xiao Big Boss to upgrade, no matter how Nuo Nuo thinks it still feels awkward.

But fortunately, Xiao Big Boss deserves to be called a genius, not ten minutes into the game his completely familiar with the operation, Nuo Nuo with Xiao Big Boss reached level eighty of the holy land. After the team placed Xiao Big Boss in a safe place, she went alone on a mob.

Nuo Nuo playing online games, there’s another great feature: Never offline. But of course, she plays games that fight monster is very satisfying, very decompression. If with plug-in, mechanically staring at a computer screen rushed to kill them, then what is the point?

This is one of the reasons Nuo Nuo is not willing to do team task and play together with others, can people hang at night, can you manually fight a night of monsters? At the moment, because of Xiao Big Boss, Nuo Nuo is passionately excited to chop down strange monsters. In less than half an hour, Xiao Big Boss has upgraded to level fifteen. Xiao Yi upon seeing this, typed one phrase ‘The clouds are pale and a light breeze is blowing.’

[ Team I’m Xiao Yi ]: Very good, continue to play, today up to level 20.

[ Team Nuo Nuo inaction ]: Oh.

Nuo Nuo listened to Xiao Big Boss command, obediently to kill the monsters. But her heart is slightly grievances, people play online games, have been spoiled by boy love, boys takes girls to upgrade, sending them equipment. But her here, how it is reversed?

Xiao Big Boss is obviously strong by himself, even his online name is domineering——I’m Xiao Yi.

One look at this name, and “I am Obama”, it’s the same nature, look like a celebrity. However, such a domineering, no time is allowed for explanation. People would actually think his a toy boy, let a girl get fight monster to get his upgrade was a bit strange. Nuo Nuo do not understand, but dared not to ask, not easy to play half an hour, Xiao Yi finally on the level twenty. Nuo Nuo seeing this, she immediately shake its tail and typed on the keyboard:

[ Team Nuo Nuo inactive ]: (cute smile) finally level 20

[ Team I’m Xiao Yi ]: Well, then we get married.

[1] 凰焱 Flame Phoenix


suteki: In this part we get to Nuo Nuo that does like Xiao Yi and misses him. We all know the phrase, time apart makes one heart grow founder. And is Xiao Yi proposing to Nuo Nuo? *gasp* just kidding not literally. 


23 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.1

  1. Thank sutekii 😀 Oh in the future they will have 2 babies haha so cute 🙂 . I’m curious with the last ( well then we get married) ? Haha what happen next 🙂


      1. The last part… it’s actually not what you think it is..

        And yes its super cute how they have 2 babies together. In chapter 10 you actually find out partly the reasons why they have 2 children. And the reason is actually quite hilarious.


      2. It does… if you consider online gaming marriage, an actual marriage? Still super cute online wedding 😉

        I actually left that cliff hanger to make readers think their actually going to get married. Haha I’m too evil ….


  2. Married…

    Xiao Yi, you are too much xD

    Nuo Nuo is the man here lol, I found their interraction too cute for words.

    Thank for the chapter !!


  3. That was so cute, although I did not understand about the part phone call. Xiao Yi does not have the load to call her or he can’t call her because because she does have a balance on her account too?


      1. Thank you for clarification, the two of them playing the game is just too cute. ^^ Can’t wait to read her reaction on the next part. And can you clarify the part where she has to compensate him, but for what reason? She just send him a message right? And that part is just too cute, I can’t remember how many times I ‘accidentally’ sent a message to ‘the wrong person’ too… when someone is not texting me and I’m so missing ’em.


      2. He wants compensation because the hotel where he’s staying is on a hillside, no human habitation which means its deserted with nothing around.

        He had to drive into a major city which was half an hour away just to recharge in order to talk to her. Such effort of course he wants something in return. A wolf would never let himself be at disadvantage.


  4. Lol
    Kinda miss xiao nai and wei wei when i read the online game part..
    Hi, i’m new on your blog..
    Thank you for the awesome job translating these novels for us..


  5. I don’t mean to be disrespectful or rude however you might want to have another person proof read your translation as it is quite difficult to understand.


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