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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.2


Woah isn’t our Xiao Yi a pretty bride XD

Chapter 8.2 – Shemale Marriage.

Nuo Nuo sees Xiao Yi answer, she was severely startled and she even for a moment reacts by hitting a row of ellipsis.

Xiao Big Boss is really thinking of…… Changing sex? Clearly they were fighting monsters, then suddenly said to settle and get married?!

Xiao Yi probably guessed Nuo Nuo’s reaction and lightly touch back a word.

[ Team I’m Xiao Yi ]: I see on the website home page, characters that are level 20 and above can get married. The couple have many couples task, the experience value is very high, is there a problem?

Nuo Nuo see Xiao Big Boss reply, brainwaves before typing away on the keyboard.

[ Team Nuo Nuo inactive ]: I am male!

[ Team I’m Xiao Yi ]: Exactly, I am female!


When Nuo Nuo play online games, in order to avoid being harassed, she did not hesitate to choose the male character. But she never thought Xiao Big Boss would play she-male. 《Huang Yan》characters at the beginning, men and women all look-alike; unified hair, uniform linen, unified barefoot. Characters have to upgrade later to buy their own equipment, such as hairstyle can slowly see the sex.

The game’s producer had explained the reason for doing this is more realistic. Because when babies are born at the same time from the appearance, it is very hard to distinguish between male and female.

Nuo Nuo just hurry to try to level Xiao Big Boss, she also did not open his profile view and is now surprised to find Xiao Big Boss is actually a female. She’s immediately shocked with internal injuries.

[ Team Nuo Nuo inactive ]: Xiao…Zong, what are you thinking? Why are you playing a female character?

[ Team I’m Xiao Yi ]: Then you? Why you play a male character?

Nuo Nuo seeing this awe-inspiring justice.

[ Team Nuo Nuo inactive ]: Anti harassment!!

[ Team I’m Xiao Yi ]: Me too, anti harassment!!

[ Team I’m Xiao Yi ]: So let’s get married.

Just as Nuo Nuo was drinking saw Xiao Big Boss’ last words, the tea in her mouth directly splashes on the computer screen. Too horrible to look at the screen, Nuo Nuo suddenly had an insight, perhaps, Xiao Big Boss really not at all interested in the online game, he’s playing “Huang Yan” is entirely in order to marry her man?

Xiao Big Boss you, really too mensao[1], too evil.

Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss in the online games successfully married, because they’re unknown, there were no friends to congratulate them, no grand wedding, no world horn overwhelming scraper, just two people in front of Yue Lao promised their undying love life for each other, tied a red thread, and the wedding was complete.

“Tied a red thread” in 《Huang Yan》is more famous, male and female game player agreed to marriage, Yue Lao with his long sleeves sat hanging over the clouds with his brilliant skills the bride and groom head will appear in colorful clouds. And then the moment, the clouds turn into a glittering red string, slowly falling, hanging men and women left and right foot after half-quarter of an hour before disappearing.

The couple’s initial skill is when they just want to know where is the other half, to display their “tie red thread” skills. The red thread will appear again, following the red thread will be able to immediately find their “husband” or “wife”.

Despite a low-key wedding, first time groom Nuo Nuo (-__-|||) excitedly pulling Great Beauty Lady Xiao to sentimentalism cliff for fireworks. Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss could not help smiling can in front of his screen. This place; sentimentalism cliff only had one purpose and that is used by the game player to commit suicide.

In the game, the General was forced to commit suicide, in addition to the killings was to trap by emotions. So when planning《Huang Yan》the developers put a very romantically named “sentimentalism cliff”. Naturally, it became heartbroken people’s skyline. Newlyweds going to the sentimentalism cliff for a honeymoon, it was the first time Xiao Yi heard of it.

Looking at the sky fireworks, with the small white rabbit sitting on the cliff side by side appreciating the view, Xiao Yi finally could not resist asking, “Fireworks on red lake or the purple bamboo forest not good? Why sentimentalism cliff?”

On the side Nuo Nuo paused, then typed, “Sentimentalism cliff sunset is very beautiful……”

Xiao Yi see this, his slender fingers on the keyboard pause, then realized in every girl’s heart they look forward to a romantic wedding. Even if this is a game, the small white rabbit still wants to make the most beautiful memories, so she wants to find a special place of scenic and pleasant to view the fireworks and celebrate.

Xiao Yi stared at the small white rabbit, who was watching the fireworks, “Nuo Nuo, later I must give you a grand wedding.”

“Why?” Nuo Nuo on the computer side was startled, she inserted a sweet smiley face, “Not need, it is just a game.”

Moreover, in the game herself is the groom, if she really wants to fill a grand wedding, it’ll also be herself, right? In fact, Nuo Nuo blushes thinking about it, Xiao Big Boss during this travel period, every night being able to accompany her online two or three hours is very good.

While immersed in her own small world Nuo Nuo did not know what Xiao Big Boss said was not implying to the game’s wedding but their real wedding.

Regardless of how it said, Nuo Nuo and Great Beauty Lady Xiao were freak lovers that became a sweet couple. Nuo Nuo has accustomed to every night in the game with Xiao Big Boss to do the task together, brush copy. Although most of the time is her throwing herself and shedding blood fighting monsters, while the quiet calm Great Beauty Lady Xiao be sitting nearby admiring the scenery and gaining experience, but Nuo Nuo still feel at ease.

After all, she is the “husband”, she has the responsibility to protect the “wife” is not too far-fetched. 《Huang Yan》online had outset to be closer to real life, the girls in the game shed more blood than the boys. In addition to defense, attack sent a larger margin than the boys.

Is precisely this reason, it attracted a large number of male game players into the game to tenderness toward female players, most be willing to act as bodyguards, and the reason why Nuo Nuo initially did not hesitate to choose male character.

Well the reason was very simple.

One she didn’t seek her own husband in the game.

Two she did not have to seek to be protected in order to upgrade levels, natural blood is thicker so prevention is better.

But Nuo Nuo didn’t expect that one day she will take the responsibility to protect the tender white flesh of Great Beauty Lady Xiao. But this young couple only lived in harmony for a few days, two people had disagreements. The beginning in differences, we have to begin with the Chinese Valentines Day event over the weekend.

The weekend coincides with the Chinese Valentines Day occasion,《Huang Yan》held “Valentines Lover” activities, the rewards attracted many game players. The task itself was not difficult, they have to collect materials, beat small strange monster, most BT but let couples each answer some tacit questions of understanding, if an answer is not consistent then the task will fail.

But the understanding questions only count for a few, as long as the two young couples prearranged the answers, on the side reading the answer is not difficult. BT conditions to participate in the activities is that both sides must be husband and wife, the second is to want to participate in the activities. In addition go to Yue Lao and sign up, also every hour must, be in the Qing palace with six small matchmaker boy repeating the words until finished then they can receive a copy of the activities.

This means that in order to participate in activities, both husband and wife must work together online three-hour or more. Because it is Saturday, Nuo Nuo was on holiday so it does not matter. But Xiao Big Boss was still on a business trip, he did not have a holiday. The young couple had some discussion (in fact, raised questions by Nuo Nuo, Xiao Big Boss command to resolve), decided since Xiao Yi is busy with official matters, before returning to the hotel, Nuo Nuo would log in to both accounts, register first.

Nuo Nuo is natural at multitasking, but after seeing Xiao Big Boss game account and password, there was the presence of God.

Game account: woshixiaoyi

Password: nuonuo5201314 [2]


Great Beauty Xiao, can you be any more direct?

Nuo Nuo embarrassed blush and coy an grin disregard the true meaning of account numbers and passwords, after she quickly after entering the account number to enter the game, she moves the mouse over the selection interface preparing to sign “I am Xiao Yi” role. Her finger-flick, Nuo Nuo was shocked by the scene in front of her.

For a long time, Nuo Nuo was stunned before muttered, “I can’t believe Xiao Big Boss is… …”

Xiao Yi, you’ve been lying to me!

[1] 闷骚 Mensao, this word is a really hard word to explain but it’s simply mean don’t judge a book by its covers; shy on the outside but wild on the inside.

[2] 我愛您一生一世 5201314 means “I love you always and forever”


suteki: I thought the two playing online game together was super cute. Kind of way of bonding I guess? My husband and I used to play Aion together. What has Xiao Yi been hiding from Nuo Nuo *grasp*



29 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.2

  1. Ehhhhhh? Why is there a cliffhanger? Wuhu…. We’ll have to see tomorrow then. And how could Xaio Yi be so careless, if he knows he’s been hiding a certain something from Nuo Nuo, why did he give her his account info.


      1. Hmm, that’s a thought to be reconned with. Assuming that she liked him in her pre-amnesia state, it’s still somehow hard to happen when they have not even met much, or even met at all, maybe from a distance but that would be all.


      1. you!! that sound so like you are laughing at me !!! thats so not nice from you!!! when you know it…. 😦 béééééééééééééééééééééééééééééééééé (thats me crying in my language)


  2. This is so cute that Xiao Yi is using Nuo Nuo’s name as his password. Ha, I think he started to play this online game just so he could marry Nuo Nuo in the game. I assume this is not the type of game Xiao Yi normally likes to play? This is like adapting his taste in food or movies, etc., to suit Nuo Nuo’s tastes. So sweet. So how come Xiao Yi doesn’t have to hang out with his business associates on this business trip and has time to play online games with Nuo Nuo for 3-4 hours per day?

    Let me guess what Nuo Nuo discovered at the end of the sub chapter… Xiao Yi originally signed up to play the game as a male, but then switched sexes to female the minute he found out Nuo Nuo’s character is male, just so his character could marry Nuo Nuo’s character? Is that correct?


    1. You’re right, really good analysis Mel. 😉

      As for your other question on how he has time to play online games it’ll be explained in the next part I’ll be posting up tomorrow. We get to see Xiao Yi p.o.v of things.


      1. It’s not that I have good analytical skills. All I had to do was think like a guy who is trying to court a girl. 😀


    1. Hi Myohmee,

      Welcome aboard! Believe it or not I actually had to search up what 520 meant hehe *embarrassed*

      I’m happy you’re enjoying them and having some laughter from it.


  3. thank you for your translation ^_^I am a new stalker to your blog hehe,
    does 5201314 mean something like ” I love you forever”? I don’t get this part ^_^


  4. Thanks for the translation… So is the 5201314 “我愛您一生一世” somekind of a slang in the text message words? Because I have no idea either. 🙂 It does sound similar to the pinyin words for the characters “wo ai nin yi sheng yi shi” vs the number “wu er ling yi san yi si”. Anyhow, it’s cute…


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