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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.3


Feng Yan Nine Day & Huang Yan Nine Day 

Chapter 8.3 – Shemale Marriage. 

At eight thirty in the evening, Xiao Yi negotiations finally ended. He returned to the hotel without the slightest fatigue. He hasn’t even taken off his coat, the first thing he did was call his small white rabbit.

The phone turned on, there came the sweet sound of the small white rabbit’s voice, Xiao Yi eyes curved, softly said, “Nuo Nuo, did you obtain a copy of the activities yet?”

In fact,《Huang Yan》book of activities was not great importance. What Xiao Yi care about was Nuo Nuo’s laughter. Despite the heavy task of this business trip, but as long as at night, returning to the hotel, listening to her voice while processing documents. Occasionally look up at the game and seeing Nuo Nuo still struggling to fight monsters, is sufficient.

Yes, in fact, Xiao Yi original purpose playing the game, was the same as Nuo Nuo sending him the message—— he just wanted to find an excuse to contact each other. After the kissing that night, Xiao Big Boss received a phone call from Uncle Li the Project Manager. The game company that originally agreed to invest “The Evil Kirin” game suddenly changed their mind and want to divest from their stocks. This is a great blow for the OWL Wing production company.

Helpless, Xiao Yi had to have a meeting over with the Company Executives, produced a plan, personally flew to Beijing early next morning. Next, in pitch-dark go through negotiations, survey competitors, every night dragged terribly fatigued body back to the hotel. Xiao Yi did not want to call Nuo Nuo, because…… He was afraid to hear her voice, he would be tempted to fly back to see her.

Just, wait a bit longer he thought——

Wait, just a week after. The negotiations had progressed, Xiao Big Boss relieved to sit in front of his notebook, he downloaded《Huang Yan》. Just as he was hesitating to contact Nuo Nuo, asking her to take him to upgrade. Nuo Nuo’s text message came through first.

Therefore, to a certain extent, Xiao Big Boss and Nuo Nuo had a great chemistry of understanding. Next, is to upgrade and marriage. As the negotiations were finalized, each night Xiao Yi returned to the hotel, modify the contract and scheme, but even so, he will still have time to be online, let Nuo Nuo take him to upgrade.

Only in this way, whenever he sees the document he would be mentally and physically exhausted, as soon as he looked up, to see their own shadow gave him a peace of mind.

“Hu hu, too good, Xiao Zong you have reached level thirty.”

“Well, tomorrow there’s a Valentines Day event, are you busy? Do you have time to participate?”

“This… Xiao Zong you don’t need much experience, just occasionally fight monsters”


Whenever he see the small white rabbit talkative or complain, Xiao Yi feels physically and mentally more relaxed. Like now, as he opened the game while holding his mobile phone he continued, “I immediately go online, you wait for me in Changan City.”

On the other side Nuo Nuo seemed to be absent-minded, for a long time before sighs: “Don’t worry, I didn’t sign up for the Valentines event.”

Xiao Yi rapid typing on a keyboard finger pause, “Why?”


Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo not willing to pout.

Xiao Big Boss even ask her why? A stumble may prevent a fall, this is Xiao Big Boss own price for deceiving her. In fact, she should be stronger, she should not obediently nod her head to what Xiao Yi says.

Nuo Nuo’s grits her teeth and finally told the truth, “Today I logged into your account, found there are other characters!”

《Huang Yan》game, one of the service feature is an account can create three characters. In fact, Xiao Big Boss creating another character is not where the problem lies, the fact is this character called “Phoenix Nine Days”.

Although Nuo Nuo is a player that plays a stand-alone version of the online game, but even so, she was not completely unaware of the “Phoenix Nine Day” gossip, also know parts of the story.

“Phoenix Nine Day” is actually two game players. One called “Feng Yan Nine Days”, the other called “Huang Yan Nine Days”, both veteran game players. As the two names says, one is a male, one is a female.


Two people together dominate this service becoming the first PK masters. The first to take unscrupulous merchant wealth. The first gangs on the list, does not want to pay attention to other game players. But at the same time, the couple rarely spoke to each other in the gaming world so very little gossip scandal broke. In the words of game players, so “low-key it is appalling”. And it is such a low-key, added a sense of mystery.

The game player who can only YY daydream, this female and male have a love affair, but it’s just a rumor, could not be tracked.

Now, with more and more new game players joining, these two veteran level panda characters rarely online, but Nuo Nuo never thought Xiao Big Boss would actually be “Feng Yan Nine Day.”

At first, Nuo Nuo still hold fluky psychology, she wanders in case the game can have the same kind of the name, so mysteriously logged in “Feng Yan Nine Day” character. The results the online world channels automatically refresh:

This service first master [ Feng Yan Nine Day ] online,《Huang Yan》welcomes you back!

This game is so depressing, as long as the ranking of the first celebrity was online, for a time the game world exploded.

[ World’s Flower Shadow Angels ]: Wow! Great God! Hold Great God’s thigh!

[ World’s Yellow Hair Monster ]: Oh, I thought “Feng Yan Nine Day” ID suicide, so you’re still alive.

[ World Sour Plum ]: Yes, you haven’t been online for a million years.

[ Word Tactic Bear ]: Great God, did your wife “Huang Yan Nine Day” and you have an argument, so you’re not playing the game?


Nuo Nuo was scared, direct tears ran down.

And because of this afternoon, then, Nuo Nuo holding a mobile phone against the wall and grieved. All Xiao Big Boss fault, she had never seen such a big battle, the whole world is given a warm welcome, but because “Feng Yan Nine Day” appeared online the population of Chang An City, was instantly surrounded around game player be bursting at the seams.

She completely looked like a monster from Mars——

Nuo Nuo was angry, in fact, was not angry at Xiao Big Boss “Feng Yan Nine Day” thing. After all, Xiao Big Boss playing online games had nothing to do with her, also does not matter, he didn’t tell her he is “Feng Yan Nine Days”, it is the privacy of others.

But the problem is that——

Xiao Big Boss obviously is a game master, no “teeth” to posing as a young rookie let herself take him to level up for more than a week, but she also silly enough to happily fight the monster.

Nuo Nuo reading this, she vomits blood. It’s completely…… Being completely sold and also help others earn money.

Xiao Yi listening to Nuo Nuo words, also estimation her react, paused and smiled, “Oh, I almost forgot, this account…… I had played a long time ago.” Flaw in the plan, he forgot.

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo stamp with rage, Xiao Big Boss unexpectedly was so calm, so calm.

“You played before, why did I have to take you?!”

The mobile phone there was a moment of silence, and finally said, “Because you are a man.”

O __o

At this moment, even though Nuo Nuo was fired up, but because Xiao Big Boss one sentence it was a poured into ice.

Because you are a man——

Because I am a man——

Because two men, there is no way to get married——

So I changed to female to flirt with you——

The truth was told, Nuo Nuo was silenced.

Even when Xiao Big Boss was exposed, also answer so open and at ease, be righteous and self-confident?


suteki:  This part is not as exciting but we do get to see that Nuo Nuo does have feelings for Xiao Yi or else why would she be jealous of an online player.


16 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.3

  1. Xiao Yi is “Feng Yan Nine Days” while another online game player is “Huang Yan Nine Days”

    Fenghuang (鳳凰) is a mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. The males are called Feng and the females Huang.

    “Huang” is used to identify a female Phoenix. So Nuo Nuo automatically assumes this is a female game player.


  2. Even if I am in her position, I would also be speechless. That’s just too sweet my tooth is aching, I like that, why do guys don’t court me like that. Rrrr. But who is that Fenghuang Nine Days? Rival????


    1. I don’t think guys like that exist, even if there was their probably all taken or hiding behind the screens.

      Huang Yan Nine Days… I can’t reveal his/her identity because it’ll ruin later chapter. But there’s a little explaining in the next part on Feng Yan and Huang Nine days relation. So cathdeary I can only say endure my dear friend.


      1. Haha, guess I should also practice the art of endurance the way Wang Yun does. Or maybe just a part of it or it will be too crazy.

        Yup, just patiently wait I will. Thanks Sutekii. ^^


      2. Haha, great news for me then! (^o^) Thought I’d have to wait for how many many chapters more to find that out like that of the ex-bf thing, touche. Will look forward for tomorrow’s update. More powers Sutekii. :p


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