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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.4


Chapter 8.4 – Shemale Marriage.

“Phoenix Nine Days” ten strong evidences:

One, name.

One called “Feng Yan Nine Days”, one called “Huang Yan Nine Day” as everyone knows, “Feng is male, Huang is female”, two lover’s name did not need to be explained.

Second, online occurrence.

Two gods are extremely low-key, but thanks to《Huang Yan》strong system, every time the two are online, it is obvious to everyone. As long as “Feng Yan Nine Day” is online, next minute, “Huang Yan Nine Day” will also appear online.

Thirdly, material.

Although the two gods very deliberately out of sight. They rarely occur together, they have never teamed up together and to obtain brush copy. But have you not found, if today “Feng Yan Nine Day” brush copy hit XX precious materials, the second day “Huang Yan Nine Day” would have the material to sell at the shop?

Buddha said, can not be said, cannot be said.

Fourth, fight the city

It is estimated that many comrades are aware of the service, the last day to help provoke “Feng Yan Nine Day” outside the city besieged, N despicable individuals cut the hero. It was worse than attacking the Big BOSS of the game. “Feng Yan Nine Day” dripping with blood “Huang Yan Nine Day” suddenly flew in from the side to help increase his blood.

Not to mention how “Huang Yan Nine Day” accurately locate “Feng Yan Nine Day” whereabouts, how you say it mostly be from a “copy of wind”, half a second time to the scene to rescue. Hey, us rookies know, there’s a couple of skills called “hold your hand” the players can instantly rush to their husband/wife and also transferred 30% of the damage to themselves.

Amitabha, although the two of them usually have passed like a pair of strangers, but at the most critical time, the affectionate husband and wife’s skill will betray you……

Fifth, regarding the confession.

If she humbly remembers right, the last time there was a night when the uppity “goblin” brush the horn. This goblin shouted their admiration, express their interest and seek to be taken care by “Feng Yan Nine Day”. The next day, was “certain party” was killed? According to reliable sources, that “certain party” was “Huang Yan Nine Day” jealousy match ah!


Nuo Nuo took a deep breath, and turn off《Huang Yan》forum webpages, but her small blazing flames eyes were still pouring immortal flames. Her hand should have not clicked, really shouldn’t——

At this moment, Nuo Nuo wish she could find a block of tofu and killed it.

Ow…… She almost to tangle death.

To be fair, as a successful white-collar women have left a bad taste, if Xiao Big Boss wore the vest in the game. No-one now would have hit herself crying, hanging too…… Hypocritical, too headstrong. But, the thought of the culprit admitting his crimes, Nuo Nuo wanted to grind her claws to scratch the walls.

Xiao Yi in a clear and calm voice said a light sentence “because you are a man” to dismiss her, no matter how she thought about it she was unwilling. Finally, Xiao Yi did not clearly explain the “Phoenix Nine Day” gossip incident, completely did not give her any acknowledgement.

Through this matter, Nuo Nuo found that Xiao Big Boss really is lacking disciple and needs training!

Previously because he was above, she was below. He’s the boss, she’s his employee. Nuo Nuo had to listen to him, speak without reserve. Xiao Yi thought herself as completely a gentle, good raising small white rabbit. But Xiao Yi had forgotten, that clay also has three parts soil, the small white rabbit is also eager to bite!

Moreover, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi relationship has now changed. After becoming a couple, Nuo Nuo has the right and the obligations to modify how Xiao Big Boss treats his girlfriend, and admit his mistakes with the proper attitude.

Small woman or, small temper. Nuo Nuo wants Xiao Yi to know, she also isn’t someone who can be provoked. If she starts a relationship and compromises, then later there is no way of telling what serious consequences will occur.

Such a calculation, Queen Nuo Nuo finally determined, frozen Xiao Big Boss for two days.

The concrete freezing mode: Do not return text messages, not answering the phone, not even going online to play the game.

To achieve the purpose of freezing: To kill someone’s arrogance.

On Tuesday afternoon the freezing method played a significant effect.

That afternoon, PinkBaby was opening a project meeting. She sees the Administrative Department Lin MM slip in quietly, close to next Nuo Nuo she whisper, “Nuo Nuo, Xiao Zong wants you to call him, have you called?”

Although Lin MM quite close, as if whispering to Nuo Nuo but the volume was…… Too loud that everyone in the conference room could hear it. Because hearing the key words “Xiao Zong”, the wretched uncle explaining in front of the projector also stopped, a pleasant smile face.

“Lin MM, Xiao Zong finding Nuo Nuo for something?”

“Yes,” Lin MM smile, stand up straight, “It seems to be quite urgent, so I just enter the meeting room to ask, I’m sorry to interrupt you.” That said, Lin MM did not look the slightest bit apologetic to interrupt the creepy uncle.

Boot-licker wretched uncle, naturally understand not to offend Xiao Yi’s confidante secretary and smiles deeper, “Since saying so, Xu Nuo you go call Xiao Zong back.”

Nuo Nuo who has been silent finally looked up, suddenly see the light, “Oh, I haven’t had time to call him.”

Lin MM wanted to cry, but there were no tears and anxiously hopping about, “That… Now out and give him a call?”

Nuo Nuo looked like she was contemplating, “Well.. now is not the time, aren’t we in a meeting right now?”

After saying that, Lin MM and wretched uncle were both petrified. Along with other colleagues, the conference room was completely silence. Wretched uncle unknown to the reason, thought that Nuo Nuo was deliberately set himself down, taking revenge for the report some time ago. Which is why Xiao Zong always thought he took a feather thinking its an authority arrow. If Xiao Zong thinks his not letting Nuo Nuo go, not letting her give Xiao Zong a call, wouldn’t he be dead?

Here, Lin MM eyes were also red, her this month’s bonus was hopeless.

Xiao Big Boss called this morning to say he had important matters looking for the Planning Department’s Xu Nuo, told her to call back. The results one morning has passed, one noon has passed, now seeing the afternoon has gone. Comrade Nuo Nuo was in no hurry, refused to make a call.

Because of this Xiao Big Boss was very annoyed and short-tempered. In the afternoon, Lin MM had already received three phone calls. She became a sandwich biscuit, both sides unable to attack.

“Nuo Nuo, based on our good friendship, please have pity on my shabby salary, go out and call back?”

Nuo Nuo with a blank expression, is ready to reject when office door rang again. At the door was the Administrative Department new face, Hua Hua. Hua Hua glitter with big blinking eyes and said, “Lin Jie, Xiao Zong called again, saying…… He wants Xu Nuo to personally answer the phone.”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo’s eyes flashed a bit of sly, pinched her chin and her mouth overflowed the slightest smile. Hmm, not bad. Finally, some progress, he’s willing to put down his pride and personally called to find her.

“Oh……” Nuo Nuo hesitation and pursed her lips, “Well, Lin MM you help me inform Xiao Zong, let him know try again and call back in half an hour.”

“Wh——what” Lin MM took a deep breath, one word one phrase. Today exactly what wind is Nuo Nuo blowing? Such extreme audacious words who would want to help Nuo Nuo convey, she can do it herself. She will not be rage to death by Xiao Big Boss.

At the same time, the other members also have turned petrified. Nuo Nuo ignored them and daydreamed, “Now aren’t we in the meeting, let him wait half an hour……”

“The meeting has been adjourn” Her words not competed, wretched uncles declaration stated very clearly, and then, holding his folders fled the scene.

( _ )

Other participants to hear such a sentence, but also relieved sigh and fled without a trace.

Any thing to do with Xiao Big Boss, Nuo Nuo is really quite crazy but she would not hurt herself.

Nuo Nuo was helpless, finally followed Lin MM back to the Administrative Department to make the phone call. Xiao Big Boss heard the small white rabbit’s voice, the first sentence he asked, “Why turn off your phone?”

Nuo Nuo wink, “Oh, no battery.”

“QQ no reply?”

“I did not see, the message must have been eaten.”

“Not return any of my calls?”

“This morning too busy to talk.”

“……” The telephone there was silence, Nuo Nuo was hesitating to continue the cool actor spare Xiao Big Boss this time. Then the phone came a vague natural light laughter.

Nuo Nuo was speechless and upset. Does Xiao Yi feel its quite odd and think she’s very naive, think she’s very bored, so he’s laughing at her?

“Don’t laugh.” Nuo Nuo grits her teeth, she really want a bite that Xiao Yi. She is very serious, very serious in a fight with him, how he can laugh?

The result, Xiao Big Boss just calmly replied, “Nuo Nuo, you’re jealous.”

Nuo Nuo palpitation, holding the phone, her scalp felt numb, how come she be…… Jealous. She just wanted to regain one round, she only wanted to train Xiao Yi well.

There Xiao Yi has said, “About ‘Phoenix Nine Days’ when I come back today I will explain it to you. Today, after a day of much effort Miss Xu you finally personally answer the phone. This also considered you have vented your anger, right?”

Nuo Nuo heard this, she suddenly felt a little discouraged. Why does it feel like Xiao Yi didn’t even get a little affected, but she felt a little awkward?

“I’m not angry, my mobile phone’s battery really died.”

“Ah, I think, it should now have electricity. I fly back tomorrow afternoon.”

Nuo Nuo paused, hear the words, someone will finally be back! Nuo Nuo lowered her lips, just want to say something, then heard Xiao Yi soft whisper,

“Nuo Nuo, I miss you.”


This single sentence, Nuo Nuo has been defeated. What small temper and jealously she had all disappeared in smokes. Sure enough, she also not Xiao Big Boss’ opponent.


suteki:  and that concludes chapter 8. I really love this part of the chapter because Queen Nuo Nuo has emerged! The grey wolf is finally tame! Tomorrow I shall be posting the 30 Questions on Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run. We will get to know a little more about our OTP.


29 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 8.4

      1. oooo…thank you so much!!! What would I do, without my lovely cat?
        but it’s strange, it automatically fill in all the info… well doesn’t matter 😉 thanks again


  1. Oh Nuo Nuo, our dear Nuo Nuo, you had such a good start, why did you let him had the upper hand?!

    Queen Nuo Nuo, you still need to show Xiao Yi our power! 😀

    Thank for the chapter, so fun and awesome


  2. Thanks for Chapter 8, sutekii! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I ran through the lists of possible people who could be Huang Yan. It cannot be another character Xiao Yi himself created, or else Nuo Nuo would have seen it when she logged onto his game account. Then that only leaves one other person who could be Huang Yan. Only this person can be around when Xiao Yi’s Feng Yan needs “her” the most and knows exactly where Feng Yan is in the game… Could Huang Yan be Xiao Jun, the little brother? However, if I were the author, to make the story funnier, I would have made Huang Yan’s alter ego Xiao Wen Shu. That would have been hilarious. Xiao Yi and Xiao Wen Shu could be soul mates online. Imagine both men’s horror when finding out who each other is in real life. Ha.


    1. Unfortunately this “Huang Yan Nine Days” identity isn’t anyone that has appeared in the novel thus far.

      However I do like your version of events with Xiao Wen Shu being “Huang Yan” hahaha


    1. Haha Xiao Yi the big bad wolf will huff and puff and blow down the walls of Nuo Nuo the small white rabbits heart.

      “my what chubby cheeks you have, so lovable and squeezable that I can’t resist swallowing you in my stomach”


  3. That so far is my most favorite part by far. Wahehe. Queen’s tail is now slowly showing, go go girl! I like that about Xiao Yi, he’s sweet when you least expect it to happen. Hehe. Can’t stop smiling here. >o<

    I want him, can't I atleast have a part of him, like, for real…


    1. That’s also one of my favorite ❤

      You'll be smiling non-stop with Xiao Yi’s sugar coated confession in the next chapter.

      Xiao Yi is all yours, have some sweet dreams of him cathdeary.


      1. I can’t wait to read that part, even if all my teeth rotten with this so much sweetness, oh my geez, why Monday seems so far away…

        I would feel guilty taking him though, what about you guys? And Nuo Nuo, will she curse me with her fangs and all if I just suddenly steal him away, or the employees for abducting their boss….


  4. Thanks for the fast translation. It’s so cute how Nuo Nuo is jealous. I’m guessing that Xiao Yi has two game accounts. When I play online games I also have two or more hehe.


    1. You’re welcome macopaleaf.

      Unfortunately Xiao Yi does not have two game accounts, although he does two characters in one account. “Huang Yan Nine Days” is definitely another online game player.

      On the topic of online games.. when I used to play online games I also have two or more different characters because I like to try different classes. Eg. Warrior or Sorcerer.


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