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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Xiao Big Boss’ 30 Questions


Greeting Friends and family! I’m your host Mars Meow, in order to celebrate the Big Boss Xiao Yi successful confession, while pursuing Nuo Nuo, I hereby present you a special interview. Please give your applause to welcome our guests.

1. Name?

Xiao Big Boss: Xiao Yi

Nuo Nuo: Xu Nuo

2. Gender?

Nuo Nuo: Female.

Xiao Big Boss: …… (gives a killer look)

Meow: Uh ~ skip this question ! *Tears ran* I obviously created my own son, why am I afraid of him?

3. Age?

Xiao Big Boss: 27.

Nuo Nuo: 23.

Meow: *Surprised!* Xiao Big Boss, you only 27? Why so young? How old were you when you founded the company? I remember you entered the workforce two years ago, where did you gain the experience and manage to established enough capital for a new company?

Xiao Big Boss (relaxed): Ah, during college I worked at a professors company, is that not allowed?

Meow: Yes, you can.

4. Own personality?

Xiao Big Boss: Calm, restrained, tolerant (patient).

Nuo Nuo: Serious, hindsight (slightly slow response), a little…… too obedient. ^^;

Xiao Big Boss (laughs): Regarding the last point “too obedient” is a good thing, our Nuo Nuo is very good and lovely (cute).

Meow: Nuo Nuo, do not be fooled by him. Also, how are you patient? Shy on the outside but wild on the inside (闷骚 It refers to people who look plain, cold or even dull outside, but inside they are volatile, charismatic, hot and sexy)!

suteki: Sorry such a hard word to explain…

All readers (kicked Meow): Who’s fault do you think it is?!

5. Describe each other’s personality?

Xiao Big Boss: Cute, persistent, gentle.

Nuo Nuo: Black belly, overbearing, shy on the outside but wild on the inside.

6. Is there anything you’re not satisfied with?

Xiao Big Boss: No.

Nuo Nuo: Too perfect.

Meow: Oh Nuo Nuo because Xiao Big Boss is so perfect, do you get low self-esteem?

Nuo Nuo: Ah, being around him I always feel the invisible pressure, unlike being with Xiao Jun I feel so comfortable.

Xiao Big Boss (dangerously squints): ……

Meow: It seems like after tonight Xiao Jun will be very miserable.

7. Most favorite place (body part)?

Xiao Big Boss: Eyes.

Meow: Why? Explain?

Xiao Big Boss: Nuo Nuo’s eyes are very pure and innocent with no impurities.

Nuo Nuo (steaming): …… The question is too evil, I refused to answer.

Meow: Oh? Why? Ah, I know, is your favorite place very sensitive, right? Quick to say it!!

Nuo Nuo (blushing): Xiao Big Boss’s waist…… in the past I wanted to try hug him from behind…

Xiao Big Boss: ……….

Meow: Ah! Xiao Big Boss, your nose is bleeding. Nuo Nuo seduce you, this is pure seduce!

Nuo Nuo: I said I didn’t want to say it.

8. Most dislike place (body part)?

Nuo Nuo: Eyes, too sharp, seem to be able to see through people like minds/hearts.

Xiao Big Boss: …..

Meow: Why you are not replying? Your nosebleed has not stop?

Xiao Big Boss (slowly): Eyes.

Meow: *Sweat* You’re not joking with me, how is it your likes and dislikes are the same place?

Xiao Big Boss: Nuo Nuo’s eyes staring at me, I can not resist the desire of doing something bad.

Nuo Nuo: The next question next question!

Meow (smirking) : Nuo Nuo, you’re shy?

9. Place and time you first meet?

Xiao Big Boss: My office, April 1st.

Nuo Nuo: His office, May 24th.

Meow (anger): What Nuo Nuo said is correct, Xiao Yi you’re too much. You don’t even remember when Nuo Nuo came to your company, is Nuo Nuo insignificant?

Xiao Big Boss: Well, I always felt like I’ve known Nuo Nuo for a long time.

Meow: You do not have to explain, points deducted.

10: First impression of each other then?

Xiao Big Boss: …… a passerby.

Meow: Why? Xiao Big Boss you are getting too much, you actually think Nuo Nuo as……

Nuo Nuo: Do not blame him, not blame him, I can only be considered delicate in appearance. Every month so many new people come into the company, if Xiao Big Boss used his heart to evaluate every one wouldn’t be too strange.

Meow: *tears* my daughter is still so understanding and gentle, and what were your impression of Xiao Big Boss?

Nuo Nuo: …… a passerby.

Meow: = _ = Nuo Nuo, this is your revenge?

Nuo Nuo: At that time I never thought there would be relationship with him!

Meow: You two are really a perfect match.

11. If you were to send each other gifts, what would you send?

Nuo Nuo (thinking): Personally cooked a dish, the last time I gave white fungus soup, because Xiao Big Boss thought I cooked it was happy for half a day.

Xiao Big Boss (tightly pursed lips): ……

Meow: In such a short time, you can’t think of it?

Xiao Big Boss: Can you send out yourself?

audience vomits blood and faints.

12. If the other party to send a gift to you, what would you hope to receive?

Nuo Nuo: It doesn’t matter, as long as there’s heart.

Xiao Big Boss: It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s from Nuo Nuo I’ll like it.

Meow: Mensao Boss, in fact on your mind you’re thinking Nuo Nuo best to tied a bow to herself as present to you, right?

13. An animal to describe each other.

Xiao Big Boss: A small white rabbit.

Nuo Nuo: A big grey wolf.

Meow: Ah, which is actually very consistent with the truth.

Nuo Nuo (hand grip): But I’m putting effort in taming the big bad wolf to an ash wolf.

Xiao Big Boss: As long as Nuo Nuo likes, I’m more than happy to be tame.

Meow: Nuo Nuo see? This is the Xiao Big Boss challenging you, add oil!

14. The relationship between the two of you now?

Xiao Big Boss: Couple.

Nuo Nuo: Superior-subordinate relationship.

Meow: Did I hear it wrong?

Nuo Nuo (shy poke fingers): So far, only Xiao Big Boss confessed, I have not agreed.

Meow: On this issue, Xiao Zong how do you see it?

Xiao Big Boss (laughs): It does not matter, my Nuo Nuo is easily shy, next question.

Meow (sweating): Great confidence.

15. Place and time of the first date?

Xiao Big Boss: June, a matchmaking tea house.

Nuo Nuo: June, a matchmaking tea house.

Meow: Ah, no doubt about it. But you two were each other this first blind date, and first date was successful, the relationship is pretty special, very rare indeed.

16. Level of intimacy now?

Xiao Big Boss: Well, kiss.

Nuo Nuo: Xiao Zong, you are shy…..

Meow: What’s the reason for the first kiss?

Xiao Big Boss: Next question!

17. Satisfied with the current progress?

Nuo Nuo: Satisfied. Only thing is.. the development seems a little too fast.

Xiao Big Boss: Satisfied.

Meow: Xiao Boss you hypocrite, in fact deep down you’re not that satisfied, right? Wanted to go to the next step as soon as possible, followed by another right?

Xiao Big Boss: I’m really satisfied. Nuo Nuo has always been the food in my belly, she can’t run away. If one does not devour the taste slowly, the flavors would not come out.

Meow: Nuo Nuo, do you hear? This man is full of confidence, be sure to give him a lesson!

18. There are thought of further developing the relationship?

Xiao Big Boss: You ask this question not fear of contradicting?

Nuo Nuo: See how the situation is.

Meow: Hey Xiao Yi, you see Nuo Nuo is more generous, quickly reply.

Xiao Big Boss: Not thinking about it.

Meow: Answer has no sincerity, all men use their lower body to think, you really mensao,  can you really not think about it?

Xiao Big Boss: You asked this question without preconditions, I really do not like premarital sex, because this of kind behaviour is irresponsible, so——

Meow: So?

Xiao Big Boss: Nuo Nuo, we get marry earlier.

Nuo Nuo: …… who brought up this issue?

19. How usually call each other?

Meow: This question rather normal, right?

Xiao Big Boss: Nuo Nuo, small white rabbit.

Nuo Nuo: Xiao Big Boss, Xiao Zong.

Meow: Huh? I thought Xiao Big Boss does not like it when you privately call him “Xiao Zong”?

Xiao Big Boss: Ah, because it feels very strange, but asking her say my name really is too difficult. (hands on forehead)

Meow: Hrmm.. how do you say it? Nuo Nuo, can you say his name once for me?

Nuo Nuo (blushing): …… Xiao Yi.

Xiao Big Boss (continue hand on the forehead): See? Stuttering has gotten worse.

Nuo Nuo: I’m not used to it!

Meow: You have to give way, take it slowly.

Xiao Big Boss: Ah, I thought about it, just change from the “Xiao Zong” to “husband” more a sense of accomplishment.

Meow: If this is the case , from “Xiao Zong” change Yamete[1] (雅蠛蝶) Would not it be more rewarding?

Nuo Nuo (jumps a small fire): Meow Mom! You’re not harmonious!

20. When did you starting to like each other?

Xiao Big Boss: Probably the first blind date, originally went to fulfil my mother’s wishes but I was very surprised to received an unexpected gift.

Nuo Nuo: I…… do not know either …… seems like slowly.

Meow: Ah, it is possible to understand, within time love is formed (日久生情了).

Nuo Nuo: No, you do not even understand the meaning, I want to say I was forced to!

Xiao Big Boss (head tilt sinister smirk): Oh?

Meow: Next, next question.

21. When was this relationship confirmed?

Xiao Big Boss: Before business trip, yesterday confession.

Nuo Nuo: Before his business trip, yesterday confession.

Meow: Xiao Big Boss is truly efficient!

22. Each other is your ideal partner?

Xiao Big Boss: Yes.

Nuo Nuo: No.

Meow: Huh? Nuo Nuo you resist badly. Oh, what is your ideal partner like?

Nuo Nuo (daydream): Just like my father.

Xiao Big Boss: Uncle …… what type is he?

Meow (smirking): Xiao Yi, you really care about this point.

Nuo Nuo: My father does all the housework, all utilities, laundry, cooking, the whole package, a typical house husband.

Xiao Big Boss: ……

Meow (taps Xiao Big Boss shoulder): It seems a little difficult to achieve Nuo Nuo’s ideal standards.

23. Two have argued yet?

Xiao Big Boss: No.

Nuo Nuo: Yes.

Xiao Big Boss: Nuo Nuo, “Phoenix Nine Day” (凤凰九天) thing was not arguing.

Nuo Nuo: Count, I was seriously in a fight with you.

Xiao Big Boss: Anyway, no.


Meow: You just had a fight……

24. If the other betrayed you, what would you do?

Xiao Big Boss: Nuo Nuo will not.

Meow: What If if ……

Xiao Big Boss: No what If, Nuo Nuo still won’t.

Meow: Xiao big boss is too confident with himself, and Nuo Nuo?

Nuo Nuo (fist): Find someone better than him, make him mad!

Meow: Haha, looks like there’s sign of wall climbing omen! Nuo Nuo add oil!

(Meow fly PIA (kicked) by the audience)

Readers: You incited guy!

25. Thing you want to do together the most?

Nuo Nuo (fuming): …… What an odd question, skip skip!

Meow: Nuo Nuo, your obviously thinking of nonsense!

Nuo Nuo: Being in the Planning Department for a long time, I’ve seen and heard too much, naturally will think nonsense.

Xiao Big Boss: Ah tonight I will go back the group of guys and seal their mouth with glue.

Meow: Oh, good horror! But Xiao Big Boss you did not answer the question, the answer must also be 18+ rating, right?

Xiao Big Boss: Watching TV together.

Nuo Nuo: Huh? Why?

Xiao Big Boss: Embracing Nuo Nuo watching TV, one side watching one side cuddling.

Meow: I knew that you were a perverted wolf!

26. What do you find the cutest?

Xiao Big Boss: All.

Nuo Nuo: Can I not answer it?

Meow: Would be awkward to disclose it?

Nuo Nuo: Well…

Xiao Big Boss: Actually, I also want to know.

Meow: You want to know so that in the future, you can seduce Nuo Nuo, right?

Nuo Nuo: Nonsense! It is hair! Xiao Big Boss hair is very soft and very fragrant, and cuddly, very cute. ^__^

Xiao Big Boss: …… (deeply hurt expression)

Meow: Explaining it for half the day, Xiao Big Boss your charm compared to a teddy bear, haha, tragedy!

Nuo Nuo: I told you I didn’t want to say it!

27.  Think you know each other?

Nuo Nuno (frustrated): I do not understand. Seems like there’s a lot of things I do not know of Xiao Big Boss.

Xiao Big Boss: Do not worry, take your time.

Meow: Then does Xiao Big Boss understand Nuo Nuo?

Xiao Big Boss: Of course.

Meow (smirking): Hehe until Nuo Nuo marries and changes then you will know .

28. Accept each other’s life social circle?

Nuo Nuo: Xiao Big Boss social circle is not that the Planning Department, very acceptable.

Xiao Big Boss: I think I should keep Nuo Nuo farther away from others is a safer plan.

Meow: People that are alike attracted each other, birds of a feather flock together. Xiao Big Boss always felt fellow brothers in the Planning Department are too wolf, so to say Xiao Big Boss you——

Xiao Big Boss: Okay, next question.

Meow: = __ =

29. If the other is not around, what will you do?

Xiao Big Boss: As long as there’s time, I will send a text message or call her.

Nuo Nuo: Go to work as usual, eat as usual, leave work as usual.

Meow: From the two expressions, I can tell who’s love is deeper.

30. The last question, thought about the future?

Xiao Big Boss: The future? Of course marriage~

Nuo Nuo (nodding): *thought* Xiao Big Boss when you allow me become full-time employee?

Meow: Well, Nuo Nuo when you think of the “future” it’s to become a full-time employee?

Nuo Nuo: Well ah, what’s the problem? I still have probation period for a week, Xiao Big Boss this time travel back to just right, HOHO!

Meow: So you’re happily waiting for Big Boss to return from the business trip because your full-time employment has hope?

Nuo Nuo: Of course! Oh, and also I don’t have to eat fried food any more.

Meow: -__-| | | I kindly remind you that the guy sitting next to you is fuming.

Nuo Nuo: Well about the marriage, I have …… thought.

(Xiao Big Boss restore calmness, staring expectantly at Nuo Nuo)

Nuo Nuo: That …… I marry you in the game, play with you for so long, even if there’s no credit but there’s also hard work, right? So when the time is appropriate, can you raise my wages a little-

Meow (vomiting blood): Nuo Nuo is intentional and deliberate.

Nuo Nuo (continues to play innocent): How ~

Xiao Big Boss: Today when I return to the company, I will have the Personnel Department dismissed everyone!!

Meow: *Sweating* Xiao Big Boss’ jealousy, directly fired his own company. *three seconds of silence.*

The interview will be a successful conclusion.

[1] Yamete (colloquial in use) is a Japanese term that you say when you’re trying to stop someone in the middle of a sexual activity. Full expression is yamete kudasai (formal use means please stop)


suteki: its nice to get to know a little more about  our OTP and get an insight in their thoughts, especially Xiao Yi. I had fun reading and translating this. Nuo Nuo is always funny as ever! Enjoy your weekend I shall see you on Monday.


14 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Xiao Big Boss’ 30 Questions

  1. Yamete (colloquial in use) is a Japanese term that you say when you’re trying to stop someone in the middle of a sexual activity. Full expression is yamete kudasai (formal use means please stop)


  2. Haha, that was awesome. Nuo Nuo is still pretty tame at this point. And at this point, its pretty clear who loves whom more. Well, in true life, when a guy fell in love with a girl, he does not have marriage linked with that feelings, unlike women who automatically think of marriage when one falls in love.


    1. Hahaha the roles are reverse here, just like in the game Huang Yan how he’s the female while she’s the male. No wonder he thinks differently to normal guys. Glad you liked it.


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