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Chinese Novel: Little Moon’s Matchmaking Mission (小月要做媒) – decembi



Little Moon’s Matchmaking Mission – A Xian Xia (仙侠) novel it’s set when immortals exist with a mixture of romance, ancient Chinese legends, God realms and political fight for the throne. The story follows the life of Yue Er, the niece of the Moon God (月老). On her first day on probation as a Moon Maiden Yue Er’s curiosity got the better of her, she spots a gold thread among the many shades of red thread. As if fate brought her there she accidentally breaks the three gold thread and falls into unconsciousness.

When she awakes her Uncle informs her that she has altered the fate of the future Emperor of the Yan Kingdom. She is to enter the mortal realms to find this male, and connect back his fate with the three other female figurines before it is too late. Thus she embarks on the adventure of a life time and meets Hsiao. It’s just a fluffy romantic comedy that will end with a very happy ending.


So the novel is finally completed with 17 chapters. What awaits her? How will she reconnect this man fate to the three women his destined with? If you like Jin Min in Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost (香密沉沉烬如霜) or Wang Yun in Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud (闲云先生).. you’ll definitely like the female heroine Yue Er that decembi has created.

I’m sure many of my readers are also decembi’s reader. You should know what a superb job as she has done for her first Xian Xia fiction piece. I admire people who’s has such creative talent to write such exciting and compelling stories. As for myself, I don’t think I have enough creative juice to think of any interesting enough to put down on paper and share with you. So what are you waiting for? Head over to decembi’s blog and read her creation, give her your support. 🙂


Character Description 

yue er

Little Moon/Yue Er (月儿)
Yue is the niece of the Moon God and a probationary Moon Maiden. All she wanted her whole life (a mere hundred years of existence) was to be a Moon Maiden and connect the loves of mortals with a red thread. However, on the first day of her probation as a Moon Maiden, she accidentally ruins the three golden threads of love for the future Yan Emperor?!
Hsiao (逍)
A mysterious traveller in white robes who roams the Yan Kingdom with a carefree heart, his no hook fishing line and a flute. The man who is fated to be the greatest Yan Emperor.
Prince Sun/Xi Yang (夕阳)
The legendary Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realms. He was born with too much power and rage at a young age. He only respects his father, the Jade Emperor, and his uncle, the Moon God. Hence, he felt a strong sense of jealousy and revulsion against the Moon God’s niece, Little Moon… only to realise too late that she had taken up his whole heart.

10 thoughts on “Chinese Novel: Little Moon’s Matchmaking Mission (小月要做媒) – decembi

  1. Love your pic for Yue er! It’s so pretty. And yeah, Decembi’s fic is beyond amazing…I keep expecting it to be made into a period drama of something.

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    1. yeah Moonblossom was saying to decembi that she should translate her novel into Chinese and get famous like those novelist. Then sell the rights to a production company for a drama to be made hahaha ^^”

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