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Introduction: Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》 / Days of Cohabitation with the President《和总裁同居的日子》 – Yi Jin《忆锦》

This novel is actually quite funny, typical overused contract marriage, but has its own merits that appeals to me, its light and fluffy with many funny moments which you’ll be laughing as you read. Although I have not finished the novel I still think it’s worth mentioning. The novel contains 66 Chapters. Since Peanuts has translated the Prologue, I shall translate Chapter 1 as usual.


In the past when someone mentions getting married, Du Lei Si (Durex) will certainly feel fearful enough to flee.

What is so good about getting married? Organizing a wedding ceremony is akin to spending money like running water. After giving birth, you must also raise the child. If you don’t maintain yourself well, you will get out of shape. As a result, maybe a vixen will grab your husband and take away your baby.

Not getting married! Definitely not getting married!

However, fate is like this. Whatever you are afraid of, unfortunately it will give to you.

I was walking on the street, minding my own business. Yet, it is also possible to encounter a stranger proposing marriage. He placed a dazzling diamond ring right in front of me. This handsome guy kneels down with one leg and looked at me with such sincere expression, “Miss, would you please marry me?”

This, this is like which drama?

After pondering over it, this surely must be a stunt from whichever television station’s new program. Invite a celebrity to pretend to be a passer-by to propose marriage. This year with the economic crisis, being a producer is not easy.

Thus, out of kindness, I accepted the diamond ring. Only to find out that all these are actually real! The diamond ring is really and truly genuine diamond from South Africa. Moreover, the groom is also a genuine rich man!

Actually, this is just like the legend of marrying into a rich and powerful family? I always feel in front there is the belly black President who is like a ruthless wolf watching me attentively, and if I am not careful, he will tear me apart and shallow me into his belly. Whereas behind there is the crowd who does not know the truth, standing in a circle and watching as the drama unfolds. I still have not explained clearly, but Mrs. President’s fame has already spread quickly from mouth to mouth.

This time, Du Lei Si really feels regret.

Who can tell me, can I not marry ah?

(Credit: this part is translated by Peanuts on bookshushengbar)

Chapter 1 – Bad Girl Du Lei Si.

Durex: The world-famous condom brand in the world is sold in more than 150 countries and occupy the leading position in more than 40 markets, Durex brands account for 26% of the world’s four billion condom market share, is the world’s first condom brand.

The wind is mild and the sun is bright. An idyllic scene.

Du Lei Si put on a distressed long face as she’s walking on the street.

The cause of student Du Lei Si’s frustration has three reasons.

The first reason is, her boyfriend of three months Zheng Xu Xu suddenly put forward to break up with her. Because he can’t stand that each time he went out to see his friends with his girlfriend, while introducing her to others, “This is my girlfriend Du Lei Si.” It made him feel like a condom salesman.

The second reason that let student Du Lei Si frustrated was just three hours ago, she was fired from her newspaper job that she’s been working for three years. Because of the financial crisis, the newspaper company had to lay-off people. And the new boss saw her name, thought that her name was too vulgar, will tarnish the newspaper’s positive enterprise culture, and is not conducive to social harmony. So student Du Lei Si unfortunately was settled by the boss.

The third reasons that let student Du Lei Si frustrated, when she held onto the cardboard boxes ready to pack up and go home the bank suddenly called her. They said this month’s her credit card has been seriously overdrawn. She no longer can continue using it and within a month she must pay off the credit card debt otherwise it will affect her future personal credit rating.


Within a day, Du Lei Si went from a having a man, a job, a credit card and an urban female reporter suddenly becomes having no man, no job, a homeless person with no money. So it is not an ordinary bad situation, at the moment she is lost beyond words.

But her day’s bad luck didn’t seem stop here, just when she absently crossed the road, a bicycle suddenly flashed from the side, almost passed her, and then quickly rode away.

Du Lei Si stared as the bike sped past and lamented: These days, even a bike can reach a speed of 70 yards!

Suddenly an old man came up from behind, patted her shoulder, “Young girl, your bag was robbed.”

Du Lei Si was surprised to find that, she only just placed the bag on the pile of cardboard boxes was gone. Half a year ago, she spent thirty dollars at the night market to buy the fake Gucci bag have grown wings and taken off.

Such a bag someone would still steal, no wonder now days even a broken bicycle would be stolen!

Student Du Lei Si suddenly sympathize with the flying biker that grabbed her bag. As you can imagine, when the robbers open the zipper off the bag, seeing that there’s only a five-year old Nokia mobile phone that can’t even send MMS, and deformed whisper sanitary napkins. After this, what reaction should the flying biker have? He would be angry and smashed his bike, right?

But she did not feel sorry for the robber for a long as she soon realizes that she doesn’t have any sanitary napkins on her causing her to bear the surging rapids flowing, quickly being drenched. And worst today must be the death of her, she was just wearing a pair of white trousers.

Du Lei Si suddenly felt like crying, how can one be unlucky to such a degree? She usually does not trample on flowers or grass ah, even her home’s cockroach she is reluctant to kill, how did she encounter such things?

So, she decided to take a shortcut, with the fastest speed to go home to prevent a bloody tragedy to occur on the streets.

She deliberately chose an unusual way, her hands holding onto the cardboard boxes ready to gallop when suddenly a person stops in front of her.

No. Specifically, this person is kneeling in front of her.

Kneeling down on one knee!

“Will you marry me?”

She didn’t have time to react when a sparkling, dazzling object has appeared before her.

So big, it was at least ten carats.

Student Du Lei Si, who in this life only had worn 925 silver rings was thoroughly shocked!

Now she had only one thought: This man’s character is good, she has encountered a reality TV show personnel!

TV does not have to play so well, some guests attended XX programs, the TV station will randomly select passers-by in the street and told him to communicate. In fact, they have long secretly hidden a camera.

The thought of the camera, Du Lei Si became nervous.

If she suddenly flooding, then wouldn’t the national audience witness this? Her dignity would be lost! While she was in a torment, the man who knelt in front of her became impatient, he intentionally coughed.

With this cough, Du Lei Si moved her eyes from the bright dazzling diamond ring to the host of the ring, and then again she was shocked. No! Horrified!

The man looks a little too good?

Wheat-colored skin, a pair of deep eyes with no confusion with a handsome appearance, slightly domineering tall and straight nose, two pieces of thin lips tightly pursed, his handsome yet elegant, restrained brow with some mixed taste. At this time, this pair of eyes is staring at her without blinking.

Such a handsome man Du Lei Si has only seen on the television before. Now a real life human being suddenly jumped and appeared in front of her, Du Lei Si temporarily unable to adapt.

If it really is a reality TV show personnel! How can an average person look so handsome? Besides, this man’s face looks a bit familiar, could he really be a big star?

By this time her heart was in a fierce struggle, whether or not to accept this false marriage proposal? If she accepts, the TV props are fake. Anyway, she should just give the guy a little face, let him have a stage to retreat on the show. But if she do not accept and on the momentum of him kneeling. Soon there will be a large number of people, not knowing the truth will surround them and not only she cannot walk away and most likely a massacre will happen.

Du Lei Si’s heart divided, she accepted the ring from the man’s hand, to be exact snatched the diamond ring and ran in the direction of her home.

“Wait.” A strong hand grabbed her arm.

“May I have your name, please.”

Wow! Now this reality TV show personnel are so dedicated and professional, even ask for her name, Du Lei Si quickly replied, “My name is Du Lei Lei.” This is the name she often gives when confronted by a stranger asking for her name and why would she inform a stranger whom she will never encounter again in the future that her real name is Du Lei Si? Applying Zheng Xu Xu phrase: I’m not selling condoms!

The handsome man thought for a moment, “Phone number?”

They even need her phone number? Does the TV program need to contact her in the future for a return visit? Isn’t that a little perverted?

But the man’s aura is so strong, iron like heart, if she refused to tell him her number he will not let her go.

Du Lei Si clearly felt her M triggered at any moment.

She decided, “My mobile phone number is: 136XXXXXXXX.”

Then, taking advantage of the moment the handsome guy inputting her number, Du Lei Si stride with the fastest speed, quickly disappeared in the boundless huge crowd.

At the same time, the tall and stocky figure stood there in a daze, watching the direction Du Lei Si disappeared. After a moment, his eyes returned to its usual calmness, his mouth unconsciously smirked.

suteki: So what did you think of the first chapter of the novel? Hahaha, I love funny romance novels. The Chinese online version I’m using is this. I think this is the unpublished version of the novel, so the Chapters are divided differently to the published novel. For those that can understand Chinese can listen to the radio drama here. Those that can read Vietnamese can find the translation here. I would say I kept true to 96% of the novel original context, while changing a few things to make it flow a little better.

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  2. the introduction has me lol-ing…it’s funny n interesting way to open a story.
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  9. Hi, this is my first time commenting in here, thank you for the intro, It piqued my interest to continue reading this with the help of machine translator, though a lot of detail is missing in translation but I still get to laugh at her silly act. I’m currently at ch.30 of 60-something from the net.


    1. I like how they wanna meet in the middle, though the story is typical but its also nice. DLS is really silly and stupid, but LJ can’t help to love her. LJ also learn to consider her feelings and try not to always walk in front of her. Like his sentence from the extras “From now on, I will be your doll.”


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