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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 9.1


Chapter 9.1 – Bathtub

Mother and father, I want to go home.

After Nuo Nuo had the phone call with Mighty Xiao Big Boss, her mobile phone really did have battery.


After rebooting, in addition to receiving Xiao Big Boss three text messages, one missed call, and a signature “young brother” text message. Nuo Nuo froze mid-step, she just realized it was Xiao Jun. In order to avoid Xiao Big Boss frenzy chase, the two were forced to take up such an ambiguous name, so Nuo Nuo almost did not recognize it.

Nuo Nuo opened the text message, the content was very short:

“Once you’ve received this, reply quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nuo Nuo screen was full of thriller exclamation marks, frighten even her mobile phone almost flew out. She quickly dialled Xiao Jun’s mobile phone number, someone picks up, then there came a plaintive wailing sound.

It turns out that Xiao Jun’s entrance examination just ended, he is facing the first major turning points in his life – filling in his college preferences. At such an important moment other little Prince and Little Princess not to mention having their mother and father help choose their school majors, even their grandparents, aunts and uncles would all orbit around him (her).

But Xiao Jun here, the reality put in front of him is:

His parents have gone on a medical field tour……

His elder brother is on a business trip……

His uncle and aunt is on a holiday vacation……

His grandpa and grandma is up in heaven.. three is the lack of a……

So, pathetic Xiao Jun filling in his choices thought of calling Nuo Nuo. The results, he’s shut down…..

Nuo Nuo listening to the story, her heart straight pumping. Thinking of Xiao Jun’s wet, such as fawn pure, delicate and charming black eye and his situation now. Mother’s love not received, her female instincts kick in.

Nuo Nuo thought of when Xiao Jun was most helpless, the first person he thought of is not his teacher, but herself, but she was actually ruthless and in a shutdown state, she was feeling quite guilty. After she answered the phone in the afternoon, she did not hesitate to ask for half a day leave and went straight to Xiao Jun’s home.

The small white rabbit thought, Xiao Jun a small brat child, after such a crucial moment, but no one care about, he will be very, very dispirited. But in fact, when Xiao Jun picks up Nuo Nuo at the station he was shining, dance for joy, his two pointy ears cocked behind, there also seems to be a tail wagging and shaking. No matter how you see it…… He did not look like a poor baby hurt.

But particularly in this case, Nuo Nuo also is obviously being lied to … … Well, no, is brought to Xiao Jun’s home.

Nuo Nuo sat down on the couch, she sees a big family portrait on the wall and is instantly awakened, Xiao Jun home is also Xiao Big Boss home. Staring at the photo she see’s a cultured gentle smile Xiao Yi with his arms draped over his mother’s shoulders. Nuo Nuo’s heart thump thump straight into chaos, suddenly, her little face also reddened.

She’s done, finished, she just saw a picture of Xiao Big Boss. Would she sprayed blood and die when he returns from the business trip and she see the real person?

Xiao Jun sees Nuo Nuo staring at the family portrait, haha laughed and described, “This is my irresponsible father, and this is my irresponsible mother, and…… adhere to the feudal patriarchal elder brother.”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo feared of being found by Xiao Jun that she was staring at Xiao Big Boss picture, she quickly recovers her sight and changed the subject, “Uncle and Aunt is quite young.”

“How can they not be young?” Xiao Jun shrug and wink, “for two professors without anything but academic at heart, they have nothing to worry about, naturally they will be young.”

Nuo Nuo patted Xiao Jun’s head to appease, “Well, didn’t you want me to help you to fill your preferred choices? Go get the information out, we’ll screen your favorite colleges.”

Here Xiao Jun’s head was patted by Nuo Nuo, his were eyes sharp, shortly before disappearing behind his tail visibly shaking, “Don’t worry, although it’s urgent, but I’ll submit no later than the day after. After all, I’m a genius. Nuo Nuo, it’s the first time you’re in the my house, I’m taking you on a tour, okay?”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo thought for a second, her hands stuck in Xiao Jun also forgot to re-track.

Visit… … the rooms… …

In other words, she can see the bedroom where Xiao Big Boss sleeps, his office, the bath…… tub where he lies soaking…. Nuo Nuo being mindful of this, her eyes bulging like big bells, her mind also instantly appears some discord bathtub scenes.

Nuo Nuo felts the blood rushed straight over her head, the air condition blowing and the hot wet liquid flowing out of her nose.

{{{(> __ <)}}}

Nuo Nuo hands clutching over her nose as tears ran, it’s too late to listen to Xiao Jun calls as she rushed into the toilet, this, this is…… So embarrassing. Clearly, it is hot summer, why she was actually…… Thinking of such colored things.

Nuo Nuo hid in the bathroom, with a paper towel wipe her wretched nosebleed. Not wrong, because the weather is too hot, she had a heat stroke nosebleed. Finally calm herself down in front of the mirror, she heard Xiao Jun outside anxiously banging the door, he seemingly still yells something. But because of the toilet was relatively closed Nuo Nuo also could not hear clearly.

No, did she frighten this child?

Nuo Nuo touch the tip of her nose, she suddenly stood up, clutching her nose as she ran into the restroom. If she was Xiao Jun, she would also feel very depressed. Nuo Nuo hallow a laugh or two, even though the outside can not see her, but can hear her so she said,

“I’m fine, I just need to wash my face——”

Nuo Nuo said this then she turns on the tap, wanting to clean her face. The results……

Now, now haven’t finished speaking, in an instant a roaring sound of rushing fountain automatically submerged under the last part lines. Nuo Nuo kept the tap in an open position, just behind gurgle the ejected “spring water” pouring her into a drowning petrified chicken.

Xiao Big Boss, can you tell me why your home has a hose tap god?!

Outside the bathroom Xiao Jun was in tears, flexing the walls and wailing, “I shout outside, telling you my home taps burst, you wouldn’t listen ah!!”

Opening the tap the results were severe, Nuo Nuo was very depressed.

Nuo Nuo, the soaking wet rabbit stood in the middle of the living room, she grievance stared at Xiao Jun, looked at the sofa, feeling too embarrassed to sit. She’s dead today, wearing a long…… Knee-length dress, is now a spraying “fountain”, directly caused her to become a mobile hose.

She walked from the bathroom in the middle of the living room dripping all the way, now how could she have the face to “sit down to steady her nerves”. Nuo Nuo again stroked the water under her chin causing the ground wet and then she took a glance at Xiao Jun, suddenly…… She felt like crying.

Why am I so unlucky ah ah ah——

So, Sichuan (colored/sexual) is evil, it’s been the bathtub that caused her to be punished. And, at this moment the most important thing is, because it’s summer, Nuo Nuo’s dress is very thin, incidentally, also a bit brighter, thoroughly drenched with water. Now the soaking wet rabbit, let alone a skirt, even her underwear is wet through.

So…… Therefore……

At the moment the wet skirt was clung to Nuo Nuo. In fact, there was not much difference from not wearing any. Nuo Nuo’s face was white, then red, even with Xiao Jun as a child, after all, men and women are different, this situation caused two people very very embarrassed.

Xiao Jun face slightly floating flush, evil face aside, coughing, “That, although it is summer, but Nuo Nuo you still can catch a cold very easily, why don’t you go take a bath. Apart from my restroom water burst, the others are good.”

Nuo Nuo bitter face wrinkled and slowly nod, “Good, but——” but, after bathing, she could no longer wear her wet skirts and bounce out, what to do about the change of clothes?

Nuo Nuo bit her lower lip, she thought for half a day, and did not know how to open her mouth.

Xiao Jun also seems to understand Nuo Nuo’s thoughts, placing his fist in his mouth and cough uneasily, “I’ll get you set of my mother’s clothes. You bath first, blow dry your dress and then change. Also, also……”

Xiao Jun paused again, even his ears burned red impediment to spell out the key sentence, “and my mother’s underwear, I, I’ll tell you where to find them, you also get a set, yours may be too wet…… May temporarily can not……”

( _ )

Sunny! Clear! Thunderbolt! Lighting!

The soaking wet rabbit can not wait for the thunder to strike her, sending her back home would have been good too. She’s actually, discussing the topic of women’s underwear with an eighteen year old child, and the most discredited points is that she actually resorted to borrowing someone else’s mother’s underwear.

What to do, what to do, her own rabbit skin was blushing red.

Nuo Nuo ravel to ravel, but in contrast, taking a shower and change her clothes than being in the wet was good. So on balance, she dingy went into Xiao mother’s room, stole a pair of underwear and a dress and dingy went again into the Restroom.

During the entire bath, Nuo Nuo dare not to have any creepy YY thoughts and daydream, she just keeps holding the highest consideration of assurances and finished washing. After she finished bathing, Nuo Nuo quickly washed her wet clothes and underwear, clean, ready to take out to blow dry.

For Xiao mother’s underwear, Nuo Nuo heart was not willing to wear. After all this stuff is too personal, using someone else’s underwear is a very rough thing. But being in he Xiao’s home, Nuo Nuo is concerned being in a strange environment, she can’t just wear a skirt and face the “relatively calm” Xiao Jun.

So after struggling and hesitating to go, the small white rabbit finally with tears used Xiao mother’s personal possession. Because she felt too embarrassed, Nuo Nuo dawdle in the bathroom for a long time before she prepares herself to go out and see Xiao Jun. The road from the bathroom to the living room suddenly became very long, long. The small white rabbit took a deep breath, straining and suppressed her mad jumping heart, only pretending to easily rub her hair walking into the living room while giggling.

“Ha ha, Xiao Jun’s home bathtubs are so big and comfortable!”

Her voice just fell, Nuo Nuo’s left foot has just stepped into the room, she saw the situation, only hearing her heart beating, her right foot could not move, frozen in place.


suteki: oh dear Nuo Nuo what are we going to do with you? You’re simply hilarious! I wonder why she stop dead in her tracks…


18 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 9.1

  1. It’s amazing how Xiao Jun can easily fool her to see him, and everytime, she need gets mad. What an amazing sister in law material. I finally read your update, been out yesterday and watched Transformers in IMAX, the hardship you have to go through to watch a good movie. I have a queationy, is she wearing her blow dried underwear by the time she went down or the mother in law’s underwear? ^^


      1. Ah, how embarrassing!

        Transformers is VERY GOOD! No dull moments, you will be holding your breath up until the last moments, I suggest you watch it IMAX and better reserve the tickets online before going to the mall if you don’t want to walk around for 6 hours doing nothing just because the early screenings are all sold out. Its a 175mins movie too.

        Going back, on the bright side, Boss gets to see her right away after he gets home, just that I bet he’ll get jealous again as Xiao Jun is the reason she is there and not him. Next part must be very awkward.


      2. MAKE OUT!!!? O_O Will be looking forward to that part! Can you post that later, the earlier the better, haha.


      3. Ah okay, I’m a good child and I’ll wait. Will be looking forward to the next part. Enjoy the rest of your day.


  2. The small white rabbit thought, Xiao Jun a small brat child, after such a crucial moment, but no one care about, he will be very, very dispirited.
    – (/___-)

    “This is my irresponsible father, and this is my irresponsible mother, and…… adhere to the feudal patriarchal elder brother.”
    – nice introduction baby!! xD


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