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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 9.2


I think our windows are going to fog up from this intense kissing scene in this part. 

Chapter 9.2 – Bath tub

Xiao Jun stood obediently pointing his finger to the side, he did not to utter a single word. Next to the sofa, a handsome man dangled his legs while relaxing, seeing a dripping wet rabbit suddenly coming out of their restroom, he was neither nervous nor surprise, a pair of obsidian eyes blinking, flashing his unspeakable interest.

“Oh?” The man, elegantly held his cheeks, eyes bend, “Our bathtub… Do you really like it?” Nuo Nuo swallowed her saliva, with regrets as her intestines turn green.

Do not mention the bathtub king, not the mention, if you mention him, Xiao Big Boss actually is summoned…. But why is Xiao Big Boss home at this time? Didn’t he say, his flight is tonight?

OTZ…… Bathtub King, really wrong.

If, you travel back half a day in advance, wanting to give your family a pleasant surprise. And you find your brother making an ambiguous statement and he does not want to let you in, what do you think?

After entering the door, you find high-heeled shoes on the shoe rack, the sofa there’s a purse, and there’s a crash bang sound of running water from the restroom, how would you think?

When this person comes out of your bathroom, her dishevelled hair ends dripping cute little drops of water, and this person is your cherished girlfriend, how do you think?

Anyway, if it is her, she will make blind and disorderly conjectures (random thoughts)!! Nuo Nuo poked her hands, like a school student in trouble, she pathetic to standing in front Xiao teacher. And on the sofa Xiao teacher remained motionless, his deep eyes changed, but you could not see any point of thoughts. With only one hand supporting his chin in contemplation.

Nuo Nuo understand that this ordinary calm Xiao Big Boss even more terrifying, moment of silence just thinking of how to take care of her and Xiao Jun. Inner struggle, Nuo Nuo also think there’s the need to explain herself a little, so grip her claws and said:

“It’s not what you think it is!”

But at the same time Xiao Jun also spoke shouting the same words. Because it happened so suddenly, originally the silent depress living room, there’s now two people shouting, the atmosphere is even more scary, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Jun being at a loss what to do stared at each other with dismay, Nuo Nuo mind only thought:

Extreme thunder.

Really is…… Extreme thunder.

All of the things that happened today once again, let Nuo Nuo have deep doubts upon her own personality. Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss, his eyebrows didn’t give any indication.

“Xiao Jun, help me get a bottle of iced Coke.”

“……” Nuo Nuo blinked, feeling a little at a loss. Is Xiao Big Boss so furious that his brain’s been damaged? What’s he’s saying doesn’t add up.

On the side Xiao Jun also froze, scratched his head was puzzled and said, “Cola? There’s no coke at home. The eldest brother told you not the boys drinking cola——”

“Ugh!” Xiao Jun didn’t finish his words, it was Xiao Yi, who interrupt, struck the table, Xiao Big Boss, of course, then said, “Since there’s no-one at home, go out and buy it.”

Then, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Jun chins both fell to the ground.

Xiao Big Boss is so insidious, too stuffy! So the intention is obvious he thinks that people don’t know? Obviously there is no coke home, he said, wanting to drink, knowing this is a quiet Premium Apartment House, if you want to buy things you must walk twenty minutes to see the supermarket, its complete plot!

But the plotters (Xiao Yi) also has a pure expression, with a smile said, “What? Now you’ve grown up, big brother call can not move you?”

Xiao Jun:o(╯□╰)o

Nuo Nuo:/(ㄒoㄒ)/……

Xiao Jun + Nuo Nuo: “Big brother (Xiao Big Boss) shame on you!!”

He’s so anxious to get his brother out of the house, the small white rabbit is really in danger.


The door closing left a dull sound, without Xiao Jun, Nuo Nuo’s body started to tense and her lips whitened.

What to do, Xiao Big Boss looks very angry, from start to finish he did not say a word. If it is normal, he would at least coldly say one sentence, “Give me an explanation.” Nuo Nuo grit her teeth and decided to take the initiative, “I did not skip work, I took a leave of absence to come out.”

Xiao Big Boss seems to have not heard, eyes deep, long only patted his position, “Come here.”

Nuo Nuo pouted, a little dissatisfied with Xiao Big Boss action. She is not the puppy or kitten, what he calls her back? Moreover, Xiao Jun and her are innocent. They have nothing to hide, why would she be afraid of Xiao Big Boss?

Nuo Nuo uncomfortably tugged at her collar, “Xiao Jun needed to fill in his college preference, but you were not in, so I……”

“Come here.” This time, Xiao Big Boss almost squeezed out the words from his teeth, the small white rabbit thought and decided to first…… Listen to his words, and wait for Xiao Yi to calm down then explain. Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo went to Xiao Big Boss side, she had not had time to sit down, her waist was tighten, a pair of big strong arms wrapped around Nuo Nuo’s waist and took her into his bosom.

Because the thing was too sudden, Nuo Nuo let out a small “ah” scream, she looked up, and was hit with Xiao Big Boss eyes, facing his fiery burning gaze she had no way to think. The small white rabbit pounding Xiao Yi chest while in his arms, and shout, “Xiao……”

Her remaining words have been swallowed into the belly by Xiao Big Boss suddenly leaning across, Nuo Nuo eyes widened and only felt breathless. Xiao Yi completely did not give her the time to hesitate, his lips already mercilessly pressed down hard.

“Oh~” The small white rabbit mind went blank, and Xiao Big Boss body everywhere seemed to have caught on fire, burned without the care for the world. It happens his hot tongue and lips refused to let her out, repeatedly entangled in her mouth. As punishment, and like a declaration of territory ownership.

Nuo Nuo didn’t know how long, slightly dizzy, she was able to escape. Xiao Yi leaning against the small white rabbit with hot breath still surrounding between the two. Xiao Big Boss is still somewhat reluctant to use his tongue, he felt slightly guilty because of their swollen lips, and finally said,

“No matter what the reason, I’m jealous.”

Nuo Nuo crept in Xiao Big Boss arms, it took her a while to digest his words. Just…… Xiao Big Boss admitted to being jealous because of her?


Nuo Nuo’s mouth directly into a big O shape, black belly mensao, Xiao Big Boss who never exposed emotions just now, saying that he was jealous?! He is not to be kissed to hypoxia, did she hear wrong? Nuo Nuo’s index finger resting on her lip in a dazed state, she did not know how to respond to Xiao Yi, hears Xiao Big Boss say,

“I don’t care, you must compensate me.”

Nuo Nuo was silent for three seconds, then she had the desire to laugh out loud.

Xiao Big Boss without seeing Nuo Nuo’s expression, still holding his little white rabbit blinking. Earlier, she thought, Xiao Yi, Xiao Jun, even if the two men are very different in personalities and shares the same father and mother’s blood related brothers, Xiao Jun’s will to use his pair of wet eyes to play innocent and pure, even if Xiao Big Boss did not use these moves, if he plays pettish, he should also learn enough, right?

Yes, just then Xiao Big Boss facial expression and tone, obviously he is acting pettish!

“Snorts——” Nuo Nuo couldn’t help, she holds her belly laugh until her intestines start knotting. Xiao Big Boss is chasing his younger brother away, it is in order to act pettish. She never thought, the incomparable Xiao Yi will also have such a lovely/cute side.

Nuo Nuo cannot help but nod Xiao Big Boss’ nose, joking and said, “Even jealous of your own younger brother, so embarrassing”

Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss raised his eyebrows, he seems to be in a very good mood touched his chin, squinting slightly and said, “Ah someone leave this afternoon for no reason, deduct double wages”

Nuo Nuo’s molar hopping, “How dare you, do it if you dare!”

The two are enjoying themselves making so much noise, ding dong ding dong the doorbell rang. Xiao Big Boss thought Xiao Jun’s returned was very dissatisfied, he patted the small white rabbit’s head and went to open the door, while opening the door he said, “Why did not bring the keys?”

Here Nuo Nuo heard Xiao Jun returned, also quickly straightened her clothes, so she didn’t look too embarrassed. Just carrying sipped her tea, hears the sound of the door opening, instantly Xiao Big Boss paused before and emotional complexity shouting the sentence:

“Father, mother.”

“Poof——” Nuo Nuo carelessly sprayed out her tea.


suteki: and so Nuo Nuo finally get a chance to meet Xiao Yi’s parents. I gotta say their kissing scenes are always so hot and steamy.


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      1. Will be looking forward to that. >o<

        And yeah, this satisfied my thirst, thanks. I wonder how hilarious it will be… And the kiss was hot, I guess there is nothing more sexy than see your girl/boy fresh from the bath. ;p


    1. You’re welcome giginka! Yes I love it a lot too. My first modern c-novel has a special place in my heart. That’s why I wanted to share the love and translate it


      1. Oh that is true. I did not think about it. Really embarrassing. The characters are harassed by the author.


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