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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 9.3


Chapter 9.3 – Bath tub

Xiao Big Boss one sentence caused Nuo Nuo to magnificently spray on the scene.

Recently which parties of God did she accidentally offended? How can she be so unlucky? The first it was Xiao Big Boss returning early, catch the pair of affair lovers on the bed and now it’s Xiao’s parents.

If saying Xiao Jun is young, then the two of them alone in a room to say nothing happened, would anyone still believe? Seeing Xiao Big Boss and herself…… Nuo Nuo consciously looked hard at his clothes, because they were just kissing it has caused his shirt was wrinkled, their slightly guilty swollen lips and red eyes. How you see it, it does not feel harmonious.

But, most importantly, Nuo Nuo was still in Xiao mother’s skirt, she’s wearing his mother’s slipper and even her underwear… All were the possession of Xiao mother’s.

For a time, Nuo Nuo’s heart was in her mouth, a blessing not a curse, a curse can not escape. Today is doomed, to give her future father-in-law mother-in-law a below C level bad impression. Nuo Nuo thought that such words as “father-in-law and mother-in-law” her charming face became increasingly red, when did she start to become…… So toothless?

If Xiao Big Boss and Xiao Jun know, they must despise her. Nuo Nuo clutching her cheeks, her head smoked, on the side Xiao Yi’s parents had already entered through the door and she instantly hears the litany of criticism burst into the room.

“Nevertheless, I want a divorce!” Xiao mother entered the room and drops her luggage bags onto the sofa. Nuo Nuo was embarrassed, standing beside a sculpture, clearly ~ the picture of Xiao mother looks young and amiable, Xiao Big Boss and Xiao Jun obviously inherited Xiao mother’s smile.

But… … Her future mother-in-law who appeared so kind was in a meltdown. Nuo Nuo’s heads dripping drops of sweat, not conveniently thinking, later will she be able to get along very well with Xiao mother?

o (> ﹏ <) o

“Divorce, divorce!” Hearing these words, Xiao father walks behind, he also jumped three feet high in front of Xiao mother, pointing to his nose and said, “Oh! After so many years you think I want to tell you this, but you bitter and obstinate old woman? Hum! If it was not for the children’s sake, I would have left you ages ago, you now have the face to say it out first? But however!!”

Nuo Nuo was sweating, carefully swallowed her saliva, this is… … The legendary Professor Xiao who’s gentle and inoffensive? Although Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss had not known each other for long, but she also learns from a few words that Xiao father is MD, director of the hospital of C city, in addition is also the Professor of the faculty. Xiao Jun description of his old father is more specific: Will always wear white shirts, always wore beer bottle old-fashioned glasses, do not smoke do not drink, is not interested in mahjong, [1] not handsome, but his medical reports and has the potential of future generations of students.

Such a description, such as identity, together with the family portrait Nuo Nuo previously seen, Xiao father obviously respect is a bit pedantic, but a college professor without loss of humor and tolerance, but now——

Xiao mother clasped her chest, sniff and said, “Oh, look, Xiao Yi you see, this is your father, Professor Xiao, who you respect and admire, Xiao director, this is who he is, gee! Good! Since old Xiao you open your mouth first, we go get the divorce certificate tomorrow. The property we don’t need to dispute over, leave it for our sons.”

“Fine! Fine!” Xiao father takes off his old glasses, his eyes bulging almost out of orbit, “You think I’m afraid of you?”

“Enough!!” Standing in the middle two people suffering Xiao Big Boss holds his head finally shout out loud, his parents finally quiet down, long before lifting his eyes looking at everyone, “Who told me, both of you were out on the national medical lecture tour and will be back next month?”

Hearing these words, Xu mother still angry place her hands on her hips, “The nerve to say, this is your home, Professor Xiao, you ruined my stage, ruined my reputation, in front of younger counterparts let me be disgraced——”

“Who lost your face?” Xiao father ranged not waiting for his wife to finish, his red neck stares, “I said it is the academic scholarship! Our attitude to treat the scientific rigor——”

“Oh, you serious you serious? You are a dead old man.”

“You, you, you are an old woman, a tiger aunt……”

The seriousness of the situation, Xiao Big Boss was stuck in the middle of his parents, he can not advance and retreat. Rubbing his throbbing temples, Xiao Big Boss finally roared, “Do not say any more.”

Xiao Yi separated his parents and said to his mother, “Mother, you say first, what’s the matter?”

Xiao mother got her eldest son approval, valiant spirited her chest, trying to complain, just skimming see her most favorite floral dress standing straight in the living room corner. Xiao mother thought she dazzled, rubbed her eyes and look, turned out to be a pretty girl.

Nuo Nuo had stood watching the whole play and almost forgot her predicament. The result with Xu mother one look, immediately her hairs stood on end with unspeakable horror. Her teeth knocking unable to say a word.

Xiao Big Boss sharp eyes, naturally also saw his parents’ attention has shifted to Nuo Nuo body, coughed with vigorous strides walk to Nuo Nuo side and he patted her shoulder to appease, “Let me introduce to you, this is my girlfriend Nuo Nuo.”

Nuo Nuo was daydreaming, a face “you don’t see, can’t see me” look, her palms on her shoulder, hand slightly hard, the small white rabbit mind wandered back, her lips pulled into a little unsightly smile worse than a cry, “Uncle and Auntie ~”

The small white rabbit understands everything is over.


Perhaps their eldest son a cold heart and the cold-blooded guy would bring girls home, it was too difficult to make the two old accepted the facts, perhaps his parents were not ready to see daughter-in-law, anyway, to hear the words “girlfriend” coming out from Xiao Yi’s mouth, his parents were speechless, silenced.

No, no pull skirt lowered her chin, feeling wronged, what to do? What to do? Was she annoying? Did they dislike her? Or his parents see herself wearing his mother’s clothes. Oh god, who can save her——

Here the small white rabbit was so embarrassed that she wanted to hit the wall. On the side his parents look at each other, almost the same second expeditious retreat, teleport to Nuo Nuo’s side, said to be anxious moment, not waiting for Xiao Big Boss and Nuo Nuo react, his parents each on one side pulling Nuo Nuo’s arm.

So, among the ashes, Nuo Nuo was like Jesus Christ, frame in between the two.

Xiao father: “Xiao Yi’s girlfriend? Then you would get married later?”

Xiao mother: “After getting married, you will have children, right?”

For a moment, the small white rabbit and Xiao Yi thought the two old bizarre acts of senseless, one moment was noisy, and now echoed each other, what is this… … Horse God thing?

His parents separated by Nuo Nuo, their eyes warring N back, and finally in unison said, “If you’re going to have children, do you want caesarean section or natural delivery!?!”

“……” Mother and father, I want to go home.

After many years, Xiao Big Boss and Nuo Nuo had heard the whole story. So originally his parents both elite medical profession, joined the national speaking tour organized by the Institute, arriving in Xi’an, went to visit a student. That time the female students belly was huge, no more than two months before giving birth. Students and two teachers chat in the process accidentally disclose the intentions of a caesarean section, his father immediately questioned, think that caesarean is not only bad for the fetus. In fact, is not good for the mother either. He thought now young people afraid of hardship, afraid of pain were the destruction of human nature in the way to reproduce, committing the most heinous crimes.

Professor Xiao is getting more angry, more passionate, naturally the pregnant student dare not to say anything, ha ha smiled apologetically to wipe sweat while receiving an education. All the old man got pinch accustomed to Xiao mother not being happy.

What caesarean section? Caesarean section not only beneficial to a pregnant women, children head doesn’t need to be squeezed and obviously more clever than natural birth. The spontaneous pain a man can never begin to imagine, that is the limit a human beings can endure pain, then some people suffer a little pain gets dizzy, some mothers in order to produce, even endure such pains for three or four days. The most depressing thing is, sometimes also having an incision on the bottom, it is the path of cruelty.

The two old couples argued, big shot, leaving the student, leaving the Medical Forum, directly headed back home and that’s now the scene.

Xiao mother grabbed Nuo Nuo’s right hand +1: “Caesarean is good, the mother suffers less pain, is not susceptible to gynecological diseases.”

Xiao father not resigned to playing second fiddle, pulling her left arm +1 +2: “After a natural birth seven days will be able to move freely, the baby will breathe smoothly, also married life later coordinated.”

Xiao mother on the right +2+3: “Coordinated? You’re being rhetorical, do not take a man’s idea of imposing on a woman. When our children were whining, crying with pain, what were you guys doing?”

Xiao father: “You are upsetting the natural balance!”

Xiao mother: “Balance? Ha ha, now that the science and technology, air conditioning, TV, washing room is breaking the balance, your son does that what software company, what company, is breaking the balance, you go to destroy them! Go to Mars and complain!”

Xiao father: “I… I… I will not destroy the earth, but this is my daughter-in-law, I call the shots!!”

Xiao mother: “Bah! Did you give birth to your daughter-in-law? Can you give birth? You decide what? Xiao Yi also came out of my tummy!”

Nuo Nuo has been dragged into the noodles hand slowly looked up and finally erupted in trying to say at the moment, “Xiao Big Boss helps me ah ah ah——”

It was, sad reminders of the day.

Turned out that Xiao Big Boss parents can give birth to a such a genius person like him, but the genes are generally not strong!

[1] Mahjong 麻将 is a game that originated in China. It is commonly played by four players.


suteki: and that concludes Chapter 9! And lucky for you readers, I have decided to double post this week, so I’ll be posting Chapter 10 in part 3 tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. So who’s excited? Weee. 

Anyway, back to the novel, personally being a mother myself, I understand the point Xiao mother’s is trying to get across. Childbirth is the most painful thing any human can experience. I had a natural drug free labor so I felt every bit of the pain. *ouch*

So after becoming a mother myself, I really, truly began to appreciate and love my mother a lot more than I already did. A mother’s love is the bravest thing in the world. So my fellow readers love your mothers a lot more! Okay, enough of my rant with this whole mother and childbirth thing. ^^”

Remember how I mention Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi has two children in the future? Well, in the chapter 10 we find out the reason why.


16 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 9.3

  1. LOL! It’s hilarious how they have to decide whether it should be natural or caesarian at this early stage. Honestly. Deciding to divorce over such small argument can really only happen in fiction, still LOLing over it. And Nuo Nuo have not said YES yet, Boss Xiao Yi, how fast can you get…


    1. Yes a lot of things only happens in fiction… eg. those perfect desirable male leads, it’ll be one in a million to find in the vase of the ocean in real life.

      Nuo Nuo cannot escape as Xiao Yi already shot gun and decided to keep his small white rabbit all to himself. Our Big Boss is too conceited.


      1. Haha, the men part is true, but I can’t really believe you knowing that you are already married, you traitor.

        Nuo Nuo must be feeling like she is being forced in a shotgun wedding. I would feel suffocated if it were me though, more than romantic, unless I love him that much.


  2. That still made you a traitor. Well, I will forgive you for now, knowing that you will post the first part of Chapter 10 tomorrow. ;p

    I guess so, but loving a person and knowing a person are two different things. However deep your love is to another, you still should get to know one better before committing into something serious. But since it is a feel good novel, every unrealistic plot is warmly welcomed! A long as it makes us feel sweet and in love. Just ranting over my unromantic life. Anyway, I’ll go for now. And talk to you again tomorrow Suteki!


    1. I have the right to escape and fantasize for a bit from my hectic life LOL

      Fictions are always unrealistic, honestly I agree with you their development is too fast for me, I don’t think I can marry someone I haven’t known for half a year.

      But I have had friends who dated for 6 years and never end up getting married. Then they meet their next love and less than 6 months end up getting married and are happily in love after 4 years of marriage.

      Hahaha I email you, talk to me there! Let’s get to know each other a little.


      1. Sure will, maybe later or tomorrow. I would definitely love chatting more, with more personal topic. You will know how unromantic my life is, haha.

        I bet you were talking about yourself when you mentioned ‘your friends’, Hahaha.


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