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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 10.1


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Fortuneteller

Chapter 10.1 – Released Fright.

Hearing the small white rabbit in distress, Xiao Big Boss made a lightning decision. He used a sentence or two to quell the war.

“Mother, Father don’t argue any more, in the future Nuo Nuo and I will have two kids, one via caesarean section and one normal delivery. At that time we will know the outcome, whether caesarean section or natural birth is better.”


Why did listening to Xiao Big Boss words make Nuo Nuo sound like a mouse in an experiment? Also having two children – one via caesarean section and one normal delivery…… Nuo Nuo could not help but blush. When did she promise to give the Xiao family children?

Hearing these words, his parents were satisfied. They immediately looked very happy and they weren’t arguing any more. Therefore their attention immediately transferred to Nuo Nuo’s person.

Xiao Mother smiling at Nuo Nuo gently pulled her closer, “Xiao Yi said your name is Nuo Nuo, right? Good child, just then we were just joking. My old man is like this, so don’t mind him.”

Xiao Professor’s heavily snorted. In order to gain favour with her future father-in-law and mother-in-law, Nuo Nuo hurriedly gestured, “No, I came to your home too abruptly.”

Hearing this, Xiao Mother gazed at Nuo Nuo’s appearance and crooked her mouth in satisfaction. Good, really good; her eldest son has no need for her to worry. His girlfriend is also quite good, has dark eyebrows, big eyes, a solid look you can tell that she’s a good honest child.

But, most importantly, the dress she’s wearing is coincidentally the same floral skirt that she likes most. Nowadays there are not many girls with a sharp eye that can select her favourite dress and choose her eldest son. This child certainly can’t go wrong.

Xiao Mother, after some discretion, finally asked Nuo Nuo to stay for dinner. As it’s difficult for Nuo Nuo to refuse such kindness, she had to agree. Initially she thought his parents would certainly be hard to get along with, given the so-called “stay for dinner” is the interrogation and examination, and she heard that doctors emphasize cleanliness; from their room, changing clothes to general use of chopstick. However surprisingly it was quite a relaxed and happy meal, not much different from dinner in her own home.

From start to finish, Xiao Yi’s parents besides inadvertently asking Nuo Nuo’s name, which college she attended and where she worked, did not get to the bottom of her bank account balance. In this situation, Nuo Nuo somehow felt uncomfortable. So when Xiao Big Boss sent her home, on the way Nuo Nuo directly bombarded Xiao Yi with one hundred thousand whys, causing Xiao Big Boss to have a headache.

“Uncle and aunt are obviously very gentle, but why is it when they just got home they were so fierce?”

Xiao Yi was looking straight ahead while driving answered Nuo Nuo’s question, “In fact, the two of them, unless it involves academic problems, get along very well. So you have to remember, while talking with them, do not discuss any medicine related issues.”

After pausing, Xiao Big Boss added, “Including mosquito bite remedies, do not ask whether to use toilet water or meditation oil.”

Nuo Nuo panicked and nodded. She now finally understands a bit why Xiao Jun also refused to study Medicine. Just imagine there are two unstable bombs at home. Just talking about medical problems will trigger the Second World War, so who would dare to study Medicine?

She estimated Xiao Jun’s problem; just simply choosing what specialist field in medicine will lead to the two oldies into a fight.

Being mindful of this, the small white rabbit’s mind suddenly flashed a thought; she covered her mouth and shouted, “Oh! Xiao Jun? Xiao Jun went to buy Coke and hasn’t come back?”

Too negligent, she really is too careless. Because of Xiao Yi’s parents sudden returned, Nuo Nuo was in a state of chaos. While she was worried about whether Xiao Mother will question her about the skirt, she was also worried that the two oldies would be dissatisfied with her diploma qualification. The whole afternoon she trembled with fear shaking in her boots. Being in a trance, she completely forgot the existence of Xiao Jun.

Nuo Nuo took the seat belt and bit down, “What if something happened to Xiao Jun? We’ll go to the police now!”

Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss’s eyebrow didn’t even frown as he said, “Don’t worry.”

“Huh?” The one afternoon Xiao Big Boss has not heard from his blood related younger brother and he actually said “Don’t worry”?

“On the way back Xiao Jun definitely saw mother and father return with their luggage.”

Pausing, Xiao Big Boss’s expression darkened and said, “So he slipped away——”

Nuo Nuo’s heart palpitated for a while. She started to think over Xiao Yi’s use of the word “slipped”. So to speak, Xiao Mother and Xiao Father’s divorce scenario has happened more than one or two times, right? So a smart guy like Xiao Jun, holding a can of coke around the corner and seeing his parents return from Mars, disloyally left Xiao Big Boss and herself and ran off?

Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo laughed in spite of herself. Looking like a thief, she poked Xiao Big Boss’ arm and said, “Why have you never told me that uncle and aunt are so cute ah?”

Xiao Yi heard this and suddenly his two cheeks flushed red for a moment before coughing and said, “Unspeakable.”

Nuo Nuo supported her chin while staring at Xiao Yi who was driving seriously. She cannot help but smile, her Xiao Big Boss is shyer and lovelier!

The small white rabbit extended her claws and decided to tease, “When you were born, was it a natural delivery or caesarean section?”

Xiao Big Boss spiteful stared at Nuo Nuo. He turned the car into the district and under a cold tone said, “Before answering the question Nuo Nuo, can you tell me first, how did this skirt get like this?”


Nuo Nuo was stunned. This was in exchange for his reluctance. She was really proud to not be carried away, Xiao Big Boss earlier had seen that this dress … … had a problem.

The small white rabbit knew she could not escape the big evil eyes and instead took the initiative to frankly confess, explaining why she took leave to go to Xiao’s home. How the small white rabbit exploded the taps, how the small white rabbit turned into a water dripping rabbit, and then clearly relate in details how she turned into a clothes-stealing rabbit. Originally she thought Xiao Big Boss would laugh until his intestines knotted while listening. However after explaining resulted in Xiao Big Boss’s whole body exuding a gloomy breath.

Slightly squinting, Xiao Yi asked, “What you just said is the reason you came to my house?”

“Yes, because of Xiao Jun’s college preference selection.” Nuo Nuo’s top tooth hit her bottom teeth; Xiao Big Boss is getting very jealous? It’s like not like she went to find Xiao Jun to have a private love affair; she was doing proper business. Thinking of this, Nuo Nuo simply struck first, pretending to be angry and said,

“You have the nerve to say that you are the parent, even being indifferent about a big thing such as Xiao Jun’s university entrance exam and you went on a business trip when it’s so close to the deadline date, huh!”

Xiao Yi sighed and solemnly stated, “You’ve been tricked.”

“Ah?” Nuo Nuo dumbfounded, swindled? What does that mean?

Xiao Big Boss’s vision is deep as the sea and he slowly said, “Xiao Jun is a student recommended for admission. Two days ago Beijing’s acceptance letter arrived. Why would he need to fill out college preference?”

“……” Nuo Nuo was embarrassed. What is this? So to say, when there’s a tiger brother how far off the mark can the younger brother be? You two brothers are black heart wolves!!

Nuo Nuo’s hands grip tightly together, “Tonight when you get home, teach him a good lesson. Don’t mind me.”

Xiao Yi smiled brightly, “In compliance with your orders.”

After the couple deliberated, they decided they will return the skirt to its original place before Xiao Mother finds out the skirt is missing. Then all things will come to an end. Nuo Nuo finally breathed a sigh of relief. Originally she said in order to thank Xiao Big Boss for helping her place the skirt back she will treat him a meal this weekend…… well, as a way of dating, who expected him to work overtime at the company.


Saying so, Xiao Big Boss couldn’t do as he pleased. The game was originally planned to be released on Monday but suddenly it had issues. The Testing Department, Operation Department who had experience, finally came out saying they didn’t know what went wrong and were out of options. All day Saturday Xiao Big Boss personally tested and modified the bugs.

So Nuo Nuo as the employee and girlfriend could only silently support Xiao Yi, by obediently wait for Xiao Big Boss at home while playing《Huang Yan》. Playing without interest, her mobile phone suddenly rang, almost bouncing. Nuo Nuo grabbed her mobile phone and one look at the caller ID, her chin automatically fell off onto the table.

Hanging up the phone, Nuo Nuo didn’t know whether to say she has too kind of a personality, or attracts too many bees and butterflies (attracts too much attention).

Two days ago, because she was going to the Xiao house, she also met Xiao Big Boss and was caught by Xiao Yi’s parents. Nuo Nuo has been talking about her recent luck; she must have offended Bodhisattva and she needed to find a time to worship Buddha.

However she hasn’t had time to worship Buddha, but Bodhisattva had automatically sent someone to her door.


Yes, the call is no other than Xiao Wen Shu, the one that believes in Buddhism. Nuo Nuo thought, since the last confession incident, Xiao Wen Shu would automatically become a cannon fodder. She didn’t expect that he would unexpectedly call and invited her to go release some animals into the wild.

Xiao Wen Shu spoke with fervor and assurance over the telephone and said although they are not destined to become lovers, they are after all, brothers and sisters in Buddhism. So coincidentally with the freeing animals activity, he invited Nuo Nuo to join. Nuo Nuo turned her confused eyes and thought, although Xiao Wen Shu always mentioned the word “Buddha” with so little superstition and crossing to the point of exaggeration, but nevertheless, freeing animals… this meaningful activity is not a bad thing and compared to going to the temple to worship Buddha, this shows being more meritorious.

And most importantly, last time she spoke to Xiao Wen Shu, Xiao Wen Shu still calls her. That shows he still thinks of her as a friend, ahem, wrong, junior sister apprentice. If she refused then she will appear to be too stingy.

After thinking it through, with Xiao Wen Shu assurances, in the end Nuo Nuo agreed to attend the animal release activity at four in the afternoon.


suteki: and so Xiao Wen Shu the psycho is back again with a partner in crime! And Xiao Jun is so cunning, the small white rabbit can not beat a grey wolf at their own game haha.


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