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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 10.2


Chapter 10.2 – Released Fright.

Nuo Nuo’s idea is very simple, besides simply walking around in a circle at home waiting for Xiao Big Boss to finish his work was very boring. After reaching confluence, except Xiao Wen Shu, as well as a pair of thirty year old husband and wife, and…… The eminent monk Master Hui Hai that Xiao Wen Shu mentioned.

Nuo Nuo’s lips twitched, although Master Hui Hai is dressed very ~ monk, bald-headed, clothed shoes, clothes are also standard cloth green, like a monk. But given the master can have such an embarrassing apprentice like Xiao Wen Shu, plus a few years like “XX open the BMW”, “a monk of marriage” and so on were news she never heard, Nuo Nuo automatically retained three divided opinions of Master Hui Hai.

Xiao Wen Shu sees this, fear that Nuo Nuo did not believe the enlightenment monk, added, “Nuo Nuo, in fact, this time inviting you to come, is also thanks to Master enlightening me.”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo eyes wide open, what’s the meaning of this?

Xiao Wen Shu coughed, his eyes sank far away, “Actually, after coming back from your house the other day, I was not happy, the master saw me and told me a story. Say there were three individual making their way to the forest, finds a naked woman’s body, the first man, seeing the dead body got scared and ran away; the second man sees the dead body shook his head, took off his clothes and clothed the woman; and a third man walked straight past and buried her.”

“The master said, you are the woman, I’m the person who gave you the clothes, meeting you in this life is to repay my kindness, which was the piece of clothing. The kindness is repaid now, so you left. While the other day your boyfriend was the man who buried you.”

Nuo Nuo was silence and her eyes lit up.

Although she was very depressed that Xiao Wen Shu compared herself to a dead female corpse and compared Xiao Big Boss to the man who buried her. But the moral of the story is really meaningful, Xiao Wen Shu can put a few neurotic words to persuade her, maybe this is Master Hui Hai is really an enlightenment monk.

The small white rabbit eyes clear with her hands on her chest and wagged her tail, enlightenment monk ah! It is like the epic the kind of play, know N much major principles, whose heart is particularly calm, a master that can make men and women click into together! It was the first time she saw such a legendary master.

Nuo Nuo’s eyes were happy, when she was preparing to rush over and reverently shout “master”, and listen to the old monk smiled warmly, and then hand in a V word position said,

“Amitabha, benefactor, wants to convert? A month of incest oil money is only two hundred yuan.”




Above all, Nuo Nuo’s mood and expression.

What kind of con artist and monk is this!!!!

Although Nuo Nuo wanted to fly a punch towards the “enlightenment monk”, and another fly lick towards Xiao Wen Shu, but since she had already come, freeing the animal will continue.

Freeing the animal is actually very simple, just a few people to the vegetable market (yes, matchmaking didn’t destroy her own eyes, it’s a vegetable market) to buy some small fish and shrimp, rabbit, chicken, fully loaded with a large cage of animals, and then carried to the outskirts to release.

Accompanied by husband and wife have a car, a group of people AA brought ​small animal and drove to the outskirts to release. The event ended, Master Hui Hai holds his beads praying, did not know what he was chanting, time for everyone goes back. Although the way Nuo Nuo suffered enlightened by the monk with Dhamma talks and trying to convert her, but the journey was fairly smooth.

One afternoon, Xiao Big Boss hasn’t called, which means the work is not over yet, very good very successful. Because the more the small white rabbit and Xiao Big Boss got to each other, the more she found this person was more hypocritical than women. Occasionally, when she and the company’s professional brothers talking, joking, clearly his face looks fine, in the office of a pair benign countenance look. But when the two are alone, they will begin to argue and he will throw a tantrum.


Therefore, every man has a most pure most naive side, Xiao Big Boss is the most jealous, will take acid water type of men Nuo Nuo had ever met in person. So from the start, Nuo Nuo did not intend to tell Xiao Big Boss about today animal released. Anyway, he’s working overtime, it’ll be unnoticed. [1]

But Nuo Nuo would never thought, after releasing N many animals, her character has not received any merits back. On the way back to the city, the car drove half way, suddenly the driver turn back and said, “It seems…… like we ran out of gasoline.”

Nuo Nuo was depressed and she wanted to hit the wall, and indeed being together with Xiao Wen Shu is not reliable. No matter what how great the master is, or same kindred spirit brothers and sisters, are representative of god. They clearly knew how much distance they had to travel, knowing that this village is far from any stores, how can uncle not fill up again ah ah ah ah——

Nuo Nuo cried without tears, “What are we going to do now?”

The driver: “I don’t know, in addition to the car having no oil, my mobile phone also has no battery, there is no way to call a tow truck.”

Master Hui Hai: “Amitabha, all revel.” [2]

Xiao Wen Shu: “In fact, this is not bad, we have just to save those small animals. Now wait for people to rescue us, the Bodhisattva has arranged everything, really, is karma, also not bad!”

Nuo Nuo: “…..”

What kind of people are these ah!!

Finally the reliable uncle’s wife, faint puffs and answer, “I hit 122, I have notified the Department of transportation.”

Although they notified 122, the other end also says it will soon come with a tow truck. However, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss had an appointment at five o’clock has quietly approached.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Nuo Nuo’s mobile phone rang on time, she did not look at the caller ID to pick up, there came Xiao Big Boss nice male voice, “Nuo Nuo, I finished my work, I can now come to pick you up.”

Nuo Nuo bit her lips, shaking her head like a rattle, “Don’t worry do not worry.” Doing overtime will be good.

Hearing this, Xiao Yi chuckled, “Nuo Nuo I’m sorry, I originally agreed to date…… Well, how about this, when we go eat, you don’t need to treat, what do you want to eat?”

Nuo Nuo daydream struggling half day and said, “You really do need to worry, I’m currently…… Ahem, also out, my friends suddenly had something come up, about an hour or so I’ll be back.”

There was a pause before Xiao Yi asked, “Where are you?”

“I’m with my friend at a store drinking coffee, she and her husband quarrel.”

A voice just fell, Xiao Wen Shu looked like a thief came over, his eyes complex glanced at her mobile phone, and sadly said, “Nuo Nuo, is that person who buried your body looking for you?”


For a moment, Nuo Nuo froze in place, unable to speak. Such a close distance, Xiao Big Boss couldn’t have heard what Xiao Wen Shu said, right?

She’s finished——

Someone’s pot of vinegar fell, even from mobile phone, she also can smell sourness.

Sure enough, Xiao Big Boss pause finally said, “Where are you?”

The same phrase, but different tone, Nuo Nuo understands that Xiao Big Boss is angry. She is known from the beginning this person most hated deception, and obviously Xiao Wen Shu and she had nothing going on, so why lie? But now it seems like there is something.

Nuo Nuo sigh breath, she knows she could not deceive Xiao Big Boss, frankly said, “We in the countryside waiting for a tow truck, the car ran out of oil.”

Xiao Yi was startled, he did not ask who “we” was but simply ask for the specific address and left with the words “I’m coming to pick you up.” before hanging up the phone. The small white rabbit squatting on the edges of fields silently looking into the sky, it seems…… Xiao Big Boss is angry!

Xiao Wen Shu hesitated before he came over and whispered, “Nuo Nuo, the person who bury corpse is coming to pick you up?”

“……” Nuo Nuo was silent for a long time before she finally broke down, “You bury the body, your whole family buried the bodies!!”

Today she must have been out of her mind, to agree with animal releasing.


Xiao Yi as a perpetual standard of nerd, [3] his has always been lived by the law.

At seven o’clock in the morning gets up, one hour of morning exercises, eight o’clock, eat breakfast, eight thirty has coffee while watching the news, nine o’clock leave home, at nine thirty arrive at the company. Such habits, even lighting could not move, even if there’s nothing to do on the weekend, Xiao Yi will automatically wake up at seven o’clock in the morning.

But this Saturday morning, Xiao Jun because playing the game the previous night brushing copy played until nearly four o’clock in the morning. He climbs up to go to the bathroom, yawned after passing older brother’s room, trance, he saw Xiao older brother sitting on the bed spacing out while staring at his closet. Xiao Jun severely pinch his supple and tender cheeks, determined not to oneself in a dream, subconsciously looked back at the hall clock.

Ten twenty-two, seven seconds.

Usually this time, older brother will be in the company to work overtime, or reading the newspaper, how…… Today…… Xiao Jun rubbed his eyes, pretty sure not blurred, he pushes the door into Xiao Yi’s room.

“Older brother you——” his words half said, Xiao Jun was immediately struck dumb shocked by the scene in front of him. His older brother that has always been incredibly neat his bed was covered with clothes, suits, shirts, T-Shirts. Xiao Jun who got scolded N of times because he casually throw things, made his room into a mess, his eyes fell to the ground.

If now that he was not dreaming, then it must be older brother got brain cramps.

But on the other side, Xiao Big Boss hands still cross meditating, younger brother came in for a long time, in a slow tone said, “You say…… On the first date what are you supposed to wear?”

Xiao Jun died vomiting blood, he never thought that a person with a nickname such as “brain machine” would be thinking of such a silly question as “what to wear on the first date.”

Yes, the brilliant Xiao Big Boss for the first time is indeed thinking about his and the small white rabbits date, how to dress? The suit is too formal, sweatshirt too casual, is with this devout and expectation to the appointment, but all one’s efforts wasted.

Because the reasons for the sudden overtime, Xiao Big Boss had to shorten the appointment time, but even so, Xiao Yi still looking forward to the first date with his girlfriend hoping to leave a wonderful memory, what they talk, what to eat, after eating whether to watch a movie or drink some coffee, every little detail drill in Xiao Yi’s mind a thousand times. The results he finally, not easy to catch up on work, gave his dearest small white rabbit a call and got “I’m in the countryside” dialogue.

[1] 神不知鬼不觉: God will not know, spirits will not sense.

[2] 一切随缘随缘: All is up to fate, let fate decide.

[3] 宅男 Zhai Nan is Chinese slang for a male geek or nerd.


suteki: How cute is our Big Boss trying to think of what to wear on his first date with her? I also really like the mortal of the story that Master Hui Hai told Xiao Wen Shu. Next part of the chapter we get to hear Xiao Yi’s heartfelt confession. So sweet.. 


17 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 10.2

      1. 😀 well she is lying to boyfriend and he just say loudly that…. its like he is doing it on purpose, like revenge for last time, when he was telling her to stop loving him and big boss came….


      2. Oh I understand what you mean now, it’s just that you had the two sentences together so I thought you were referring to Big Boss being the person with no common sense


      1. maybe he will tell her after they get married as a wedding gift. Just like “It started with a kiss” drama where the younger brother tells the female lead how his older brother liked her a long time ago and kissed her when she was asleep in the hospital.


  1. The tantrum part was so cute Suteki! What Xiao Yi is doing is such a girl thing, girls just can’t decide what to wear when going out for a date, how cute of him. The animal releasing is such a disaster but I guess it will give an outstanding result. ^^ Can’t wait to the romantic part tomorrow. Nya. >o<


    1. Yes his actions already tells us who’s more infatuated.

      And I can tell your tooth will be aching from Xiao Yi’s romantic speech when you read the last part to chapter 10 tomorrow


      1. I should listen to that and brush my teeth first before reading tomorrow for prevention. Haha. You are spoiling us Suteki, you love us too much, thanks. ^^


      2. Hes just too good to be true, it’s a good thing I know he does not exist. I used to think when I was a little child that the drama my family were watching were really happening in true life. Then falling in love with all the more unfindable (if that’s even a word) men in animes and manga. And the Meteor Garden or the taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango got aired and the rest or tantalizing Korean dramas, all these ideal men the world… of fiction. Huhu.


      3. Yes they only exist in drama and fictions. Mostly fabricated. But it doesn’t mean these type of men don’t exist in reality. They do have imperfections, not as perfect as their painted out to be. Same as anyone else in this world. It’s just that we’re so caught up in the romance development that we tend to look pass the flaws.


      4. Haha, yes, just that I haven’t met them yet. Or either they are married, taken or gay. Or oneself is just too choosy for words!!! Too blinded by idealism.

        Xiao Wen Chu is not what you’d call a rival I guess. He is just a hilarity to story. Let’s see if the ex would be what you’d call a worthy rival. :p


      5. I’ll say Mo Zi Yuan and Nuo Nuo’s ex-boyfriend Ran Qing He can consider as Xiao Yi’s love rivals. Although there isn’t much fighting for the girl. Since Nuo Nuo’s heart is locked in already.

        And I can finally say Ran Qing He appears in Chapter 15 since I just finished drafting that chapter not long ago.


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