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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 10.3


Chapter 10.3 – Released Fright.

The answer is no doubt a great blow to a nerd who first time dating in years. So on the way to pick up Nuo Nuo, Xiao Big Boss speed can use the word “whirlwind” to describe, seeing Nuo Nuo actually stood side by side with Xiao Wen Shu on the roadside waiting, his face was extremely gloomy.

He even envisioned N kinds worst outcome, but he also never thought the first date involved a third-party. This moment, the million years nerd’s expectation and longing heart was cut off throw up to the ground and shattered.

Nuo Nuo know Xiao Big Boss’ mood certainly not good. After the car parked on the side of the road with great care, she was contemplating on how to slowly explain to him on the way back, but driver uncle not being smart, tilting his head as he look at Xiao Yi and said, “Small junior apprentice sister, is this your boyfriend?”

Nuo Nuo nodded, she was afraid to look at the driver’s position.

“Since that is the case, would you send Master Hui Hai and us brothers back to the city? We don’t know what time the tow truck will come.”

Master Hui Hai smiled, said no objections. Xiao Wen Shu eyes perfectly straight staring at Xiao Yi, he too…… had no objections. Nuo Nuo was choked speechless, is this not creating chaos? In a ten-mile radius anyone can feel Xiao Big Boss’ evil spirit aura, but Xiqo Wen Shu still want Xiao Big Boss to send him back to the city?!

Nuo Nuo cling her claws onto door, thinking of what to do when she heard an overcast voice say from behind, “Come in.”

This caused the small white rabbit to shiver, feeling quite bad.

Silent all the way, every direction the atmosphere was more strange.

Nuo Nuo looking at the speeding bullet scenery out of the window. In fact, just in the car when the atmosphere is still active, right? Or Master Hui Hai really do not have a good eyesight and he get in the car regardless of Xiao Big Boss radiating a terrible rage. Master Hui Hai seeing Xiao Yi as a glittering as a living Buddha, his little shiny thief eyes stare at Xiao Yi for a moment then let out a breath, and he finally said:

“Amitabha, benefactor, want to convert?”

Nuo Nuo in the passenger seat she felt disgusted and wanted to vomited her internal injuries. Not to mention how upset Xiao Big Boss is now, even if he was in a good mood, but his also a thorough materialist, what god in his eyes are all phantom. Now this Master Hui Hai even use a blade to cut a hole, he is an incredible immortal who’s not afraid of death to pull Xiao Big Boss to convert.

Nuo Nuo is trying to say stop but she sees Master Hui Hai doing the V sign a of benign countenance, and said, “The temple’s monthly incest oil money is only two thousand yuan.”


Nuo Nuo’s one eyes brimming with radiating vigor, if she remembers correctly, just before the con artist monk told her that it was two hundred. How is it to Xiao Big Boss, it went up ten times?! In front of the Buddha, sentient beings nor equal?

Nuo Nuo grit her teeth, her head with cold sweats said, “Wasn’t it two hundred?”

“Definitely not,” Master Hui Hai look pleased with oneself, an enigmatic said, “Though the world is Buddha’s, but everyone Buddhist roots there is a shallow depth, this benefactor hall of impression is full, he has high spirits. One look and I can tell his Buddha fate with is very thin.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss who has been silent suddenly sneer aloud, “Fate?”

Master Hui Hai thought the convert door was open, his eyes flashing away nod, “Yes!”

“Do you believe it I can cut this fate?”

Master Hui Hai frowned, “How?”

Xiao Big Boss pondered before he slightly squinting and said, “You talk nonsense again, I’ll kick you off.”


At this moment, Master Hui Hai who have a glib at telling stories, also quietly silence.


After sending Xiao Wen Shu and Master Hui Hai away. Xiao Big Boss did not say where they were going, he just continued driving the car. About another half an hour came to a halt in the private road. Nuo Nuo can not overcome her own feelings swallow her saliva, she knew, the assembly interrogated has just begun.

The small white rabbit lowered her head, is contemplating how to account for mercy when she heard a calm voice and looked up,

“Huang Yan Nine Days is my college room-mate buddy, is a man.”

“Ah?” The small white rabbit originally waiting to be scolded didn’t hear what she imagined to hear, but instead she heard an irrelevant sentence, then blinking, her head down for three seconds to react Huang Yan Nine Days is what?

Is not in the game, the rumours that Xiao Big Boss had with that person, right? Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo suddenly see the light of Xiao Big Boss strangest words. Oh ~ room-mates, and also a man, not sure is a male animal, she is not a fool, but Xiao Big Boss also deliberately emphasized the word “man”.

The reason for this is because …… because some time ago herself fiercely, mercilessly ate vinegar.

= __ =

Xiao Yi sigh, and lower a third of a soft tone, “I promised you, when I come back will give you an explanation.”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo felt like she just made a big mistake, she felt incomparable, “Aren’t you going to ask me what had happened?” In fact, on the “Phoenix Nine Days” scandal, later Nuo Nuo thought very carefully, she felt herself was really laughable. It’s just online, even if the other side is really a girl, even if two people really had been married in the game, but it was all in the past, the past. Isn’t she a reality version of the small white rabbit, also afraid of data fabricated of small Phoenix?

Therefore, after Xiao Big Boss came back from the business trip, Nuo Nuo never asked half a sentence about the “Phoenix Nine Days” thing, but now Xiao Big Boss took the initiative to bring it up, Nuo Nuo was in a complete mess, and he did it, so herself would be honest with him, right?

Xiao Yi patted Nuo Nuo’s head, he seriously said, “Nuo Nuo, this is the first time I fall in love, I don’t know how to express my feelings nor do I know how to treat you is the best. I can’t be the same as other men every hour and moment be with you, because I need to manage Owl Wing company. Also I can not always listen to you, because some things my decisions are more mature and more stable than you; I don’t know how to speak too much sugared words……”

Speaking of which, Xiao Yi then paused, he only tiny rugged his eyebrows and said, “However, I will try to do my best. No matter what date, or the two of us getting along together, every small detail I will put my heart and soul into learning. So today you not telling me about meeting Xiao Wen Shu thing, I will not listen nor will I ask, because the ‘Phoenix Nine Days’ I also did not tell you, this is my fault. I am not qualified in return asked you what happened today, but I had no way not to be angry nor jealous.”

“So, do you understand?”

Then, Nuo Nuo whose eyes has been slightly moist, nodded, then shook her head.

Xiao Big Boss kindly feelings, she had received all. He thought for her own good, but he was afraid he used the wrong way, so he said he would dedicate and put in effort to learn. In doing so when he felt he wasn’t doing good enough, not ask how and what. Such emotional words, any woman listened would have been moved, let alone the words spoken from Xiao Yi’s superior’s mouth.

Shaking her head, because no matter how the small white rabbit thought she could not figure it out, just then even Xiao Big Boss said ‘first time falling in love’, did …… she hear it wrong? But Nuo Nuo turn around her black and white eyes and then thought again, with Xiao Yi’s workaholic lifestyle, his habit of never looking at people when walking past them, uh …… no love for so many years can be considered normal.

After all, the more outstanding a person is, the higher their standards are. But——

Nuo Nuo pouted, she finally found it unbearable asked the question that was in her mind for a long long time.

“Why me?” She is not beautiful, not smart enough, not rich, but the vast sea of humanity, he found her.

Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss smile, he mouth out a slight thin smile, “In fact, I was actually thinking, why are you?


One word, Nuo Nuo was completely Seckill. The car just created a little warm atmosphere were all washed away.

I also think, your looks is general, a bit stupid and simple-minded, your home there’s a pair of funny clown parents, why did I chose you?

Xiao Big Boss, you are cruel!

You really……  don’t know how to speak a little sugared words!

suteki: and that concludes chapter 10 .. to be honest Xiao Yi is the most jealous male lead I have ever read, hahahaha it shows he really does cherish and care about Nuo Nuo but it’s almost over the limit of being a psycho control freak himself. His little confess is super sweet *swoon* I hope you enjoyed the extra treat of double chapter this week. As always I shall see you on Monday with regular updates. Have a great weekend!


27 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 10.3

    1. It’s hard to believe big boss is 27 and haven’t been in love but considering he had spent all his time in managing and expanding his company I guess a genius like him won’t have time for love.

      I think Nuo Nuo parents are equally as funny as Xiao Yi’s parents


      1. It’s Xiao Yi’s first time falling in love so I don’t think he ever had a girlfriend. The novel never mention any ex-girlfriends. Nuo Nuo is the more experienced in the love battle field.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Suteki! I read your post yesterday ( I have to pay the repercussion of not brushing my teeth before and after I read this chapter) so my tooth ached to the point of not being able to comment. JK :D.

    It’s LIFE itself, the real reason. As I’d have liked to say yesterday, good think they did not fight and he did not spat at her but gave a confession instead. So Phoenix is a guy, hohoho, you’ve been jealous over a guy Nuo Nuo.


      1. My teeth are holding up okay, its my gums that is aching this time. 😉

        Yes, expect XY to be so sweet. So i guess they will officially be a couple next chap right?


      2. Nya, can’t wait to read that. And I’d love to be your editor but I’m not so good with grammar that much to be confident so I would pass for now and learn few more. How’s the search going?


      3. No, sometimes I fail to comment due to reasons such as TOO BUSY, TOO TIRED or TOO LAZY among other things, haha. Sometimes I think that you are awake and kicking 24/7


      4. Hahaha we have different time zones remember. But I reply quickly because I have wordpress app on my mobile phone so when someone comments I know lol.


      5. Thats cheating. Lol. Maybe I should get one too. But I only have internet at home so it won’t serve any purpose anyway. So you’ve decided to do eastern palace for the next translation?


      6. Yes because I have karma jumping onboard with helping me edit, proof read and input her own translation after I’m done with the chapter drafts. Which is good news for my readers. We will have a better translation to read.


      7. Wow! Karma will be having big tasks in her elegant hands then! She is such a workaholic and angelic girl, helping all us out. ^^ That definitely is a good news. Are you going to do Big Boss and Palace at the same time?


      8. Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run will update as usual until I finish the novel. As for Eastern Palace updates will be less frequent because Karma has Dragon Flies, Phoenix Dance translation projection with afassun on her blog. Plus she just got a new job so she’s still trying to work out her schedule.


      9. That’s so very fine. Bring it on! Double translations, I hope you don’t tire yourself out. Are you sure? Your job is pretty taxing as it is afterall…


      10. After I’m done with Black Belly Don’t Run. I will slow down with Eastern Palace and take a much needed break. Lately I’ve been so stressed out that I’m breaking out *shocker*


      11. Yeah, I know exactly how that feels, the way I always feel like resigning every day. Haha. Just so I could sleep a little bit more. Go have as much rest as you’d like once you’re done with BBBDR, you have my permission as your solid follower, just about a week utmost though. Peace.


      12. Lol. Now now, humor me just for now. Now people may blame me once you suddenly go MIA. Guess people will bother me left and right why I even gave you any permission, I bet they will tell me slaves are slaves, they don’t have time to rest! Go on and update the next part! Something like that. I bet they won’t even say that to you and will blame it to the old poor me. There goes my wild imagination, I guess I should go and get some beauty sleep and I might make a better conversation after a good long rest. Until later Suteki! ^^


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