English Proof Readers Needed

Hi fellow readers,

To improve readers’ experience, I am in need of English proof readers for Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run. I know it’s a little late to ask for help since we’re almost half way through the novel already, but I just thought it’ll be nice if the chapters flow better. After hours of translating I tend to miss grammatical errors and not noticed whether the chapter flows or not.

I already have Pepe Le Pew helping with proof reading but she’s slowly doing the earlier chapters. If any body out there is willing to proof read before I post or willing to go back and proof read the chapter I have posted thus far are more than welcome. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please reply below if you’re interested or feel free to email me instead.

Sincerely sutekii


4 thoughts on “English Proof Readers Needed

  1. Hi Sutekii

    I’ve read on your website that you’re looking for an English proof reader, and hope to offer you my services.

    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    Kind regards


  2. Oh I’ve forgot to mention that I’m currently reading your wonderful translation of “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run”. So far, the editing is excellent. I didn’t detect any grammatical errors. Trust me, there are some which are glaringly obvious and frequently detract from the story and in my opinion, can cause a slight disruption to the whole reading experience. Needless to say, I understand your quest for a good editor.


    1. Oh thank you! I know there’s a lot of silent readers lurking around.

      Yes after I translate and read over the chapter myself, I still tend miss out on some errors without even realising it. >.<


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