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Manga: A Kiss To My Prince (왕자님에게 키스를; 왕자님에게Kiss를) – Kim Hee Eun


Artist: Kim Hee Eun

Status: Complete, 5 Volumes, 22 Chapters.

Summary: Everyone always says to set high goals for oneself. Sei-Ann, an orphaned young lady who was raised in the care of a noblewoman, does just that when she decides she’ll become the prince’s bride. With above average looks and ambitions that would rival that of a king, Sei-Ann is determined to leave her social status behind and become the wife of the next Crown Prince. Ever since she was a child, she knew that she was somehow special and was meant to go places. And even if it meant enduring a marriage with the most hideous looking prince, she feels it would be a small price to pay to claim her fate as the First Lady of the kingdom.

(credits: Infinity Studios)


Character Descriptions


We meet our female heroine Sei-Ann, a former noble girl whose family falls on hard times, forcing her to work in a countess’ kitchen. She decides to become a palace maid in order to marry a prince and make life easier for herself, but soon, she discovers that her name isn’t just Sei-Ann. Also, the story of the former powerful family Antweif is stirring up the court, and the three princes uses all possible means to spill out the truth.



The real crown prince. At first he tries to help Sei-Ann get closer to Prince Joon but it turns out that the prince Sei-Ann was looking for was Sian. He orders Sei-Ann to spy on Joon although it is against her will. Sian, Yu-Jen, and Joon share the same father, but Yu-Jen and Joon have a different mother.

Prince Joon

The Prince that Sei-Ann thought was a crowned prince. Sei-Ann tries to get him to like her and she soon finds out that the real crowned prince is Sian. He owns a bird and told Sei-Ann to take extreme care of it. He wears a pendant that has the symbol of the Royal House Antoweif on it. He said it belongs to someone precious to him. He once mistook Sei-Ann as another woman, maybe the one he was in love with, and once he realised it was not her, he was mean and spiteful towards her.

(Character Descriptions taken from wiki)



A Kiss To My Prince I wouldn’t say its the best manga I’ve read, the story development doesn’t make you eager to read more but its an enjoyable manga to read if you really have nothing to do and need something to read to pass time. Personally I don’t find the female heroine too interesting, she’s a bit dull for my liking. The character development isn’t the greatest, and the plot is quite average. If I had to pick a character I like the most, it would probably be Prince Joon. If you’re interested after reading the summary and character description you can find the manga here.


2 thoughts on “Manga: A Kiss To My Prince (왕자님에게 키스를; 왕자님에게Kiss를) – Kim Hee Eun

  1. Hm I feel like there’s a lot of mangas that are about the heroine falling in love with a prince/king or a rich guy. I wish there were some mangas that would be the other way around!


    1. Maybe there is… but we just gotta dig through the haystack to find the hidden treasure. But so far all the manga’s I’ve read none can’t replace Chang Ge Xin in terms of excitment.


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