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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 11.1


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Cloudy

Chapter 11.1 – Senior Zi Yuan.

Xiao Yi, I hate you!

Because of Xiao Big Boss’s sincere confession, the couple’s feelings suddenly deepen.

Nuo Nuo is not a young girl who only know how to enjoy love, she understand Xiao Big Boss treats her well, their one night dating makes her hearts contemplate how to return the favour. The next day, the opportunity finally came for her to shine.

The next day, in order to get the project’s progressing, Xiao Big Boss went early in the morning to the company and continued to work overtime. Originally, Nuo Nuo could lay comfortably longer but instead she got up early, and then slipped into the kitchen, seeing her father’s straight stare, making her mother yell, “Our home kitchen did not buy insurance.”

Also, Nuo Nuo thinking, she thought of how her mother had previously taught her a little bit of truth, which was “to capture the man’s heart, you first need to capture his stomach.” This sentence of wisdom credibility, exactly how highly reliable is temporarily unable to verify. But Nuo Nuo thinks that, if you really want to treat a person well, and you’re certain that you want to be with him over a lifetime, first you must have a homely appearance.

Therefore while pouring a small bottle of oil comrade Xu Nuo could not help but think for one whole night and finally decide, “I want to personally cook for Xiao Big Boss.”

After standing in the living room Nuo Nuo’s pride was scattered, her ambitions finished. The whole living room frozen for three seconds, three seconds later, her father to continue to drink his tea while reading the newspapers and her mother continued to watch gymnastics on TV.

Nuo Nuo was depressed, she had to repeat, “Mother, father, did you hear me? I want… to learn how to cook.” Although her expression has determination, but the mood is obviously soft three points, “Don’t ignore me you guys, mother, you teach me, today at noon I want to give him a meal.”

Nuo Nuo hugged her mother’s thighs crying yet her mother refused, “Come on, you have less to the east about the west to toss my old bones, you say yourself, so grown up now do you know what your own kitchen looks like? Where’s the salt? And where’s the MSG (Mono-sodium glutamate)?”

Her father sighed and nodded, “Yes, Nuo Nuo you had a habit of anticlimactic. A moment you say you want to learn guitar, another moment you want to learn how to paint. Whatever you wanted, father always bought for you, look at that grey guitar full of dust in your bedroom and that electronic piano that has not even been opened. Now that you’ve grown, the results show that, you are still without a single success.”

Nuo Nuo was embarrassed, she cried out to maintain her dignity, “I will not give up halfway, I’m learning to cook because of Xiao Big Boss, I will use love and try very hard and never give up!!”

So, Nuo Nuo actively protested, played Xiao Big Boss trump card. Her father and mother were helpless, they had to enter the kitchen and carefully give guidance to their daughter how to cook. The small white rabbit spent an entire morning and she finally made her first meal although it looks ugly, but it was a nutritious and delicious filled with love lunch. She packed the lunch happily like a little child and delivered it to the company.

Her mother and father seeing their daughter skip away leaving, they looked at each other and then at the food filled with love which she left and they secretly discussed.

Xu father: “Do you think that those dishes really have no problem?”

Xu mother: “Rest assured, although the taste is not flattery, but they’re absolutely cooked.”

Xu father: “I think it is cooked? I’m just afraid of Xiao Yi eating it, Nuo Nuo’s cooking confidence will be hit!”

Xu mother: “Don’t be afraid, Xiao Yi this child I see is very sensible, even if it’s bad, he will also coax Nuo Nuo happy.”

Xu father: “Well, that’s good. Then this Nuo Nuo left for us two, how should we deal with it?”

Xu mother: “Throw it away!”

Thus, under some deliberation, her parents without pitying their daughters’ food filled with love, poured it straight into the trash, hand in hand went to eat drunken birds. On the other side, Nuo Nuo is holding the lunch boxes sitting on the bus, she sweetly fantasies Xiao Big Boss’ surprised and happy expression knowing that these dishes is made by her.

OTZ …… Xiao Big Boss because of your poor stomach silently mourning for three seconds.

Nuo Nuo joyfully sends her lunch box filled with love, but never in a thousand, a million thoughts, would she have miscalculated one point:

Xiao Big Boss wasn’t the only person working overtime at the company.

Upon arriving on the seventeen floor, in a moment of dilemma Nuo Nuo found that there were a lot of seniors from the Planning Department, Fei Long boss, who has sharp eyes has spotted her.

“Hey, Xiao Nuo Nuo, what are you doing here?”

After saying that, all the employee’s that were concentrating on work looked towards the door and greeted the small white rabbit. Nuo Nuo subconsciously hid the lunch box behind her, while smiling said, “I left something at the company”

About  her relationship with Xiao Big Boss, Nuo Nuo has not informed any company colleagues, after all…… in the future it’ll influences leaders arranging set tasks for her. But obviously, today Fei Long boss is not ready to let go of her.

“Oh, what’s so important that you specially came back on a Sunday to take?” Fei Long boss’ nickname “Gossip King” was not obtained without reasons. In fact, when the small white rabbit came out of the elevator, he saw a lunch box hidden in Nuo Nuo’s arms, that moment he already knew, but now with a puzzled look he pretended to tease Nuo Nuo.

“Also, how do you know that we will temporarily work overtime on Sundays?” Having said that, Fei Long boss has stood before Nuo Nuo’s body, mercilessly exposing her. Nuo Nuo takes a few guilty steps back as she was struggling to find an excuse, while she was unprepared Fei Long grabbed the lunch box from the small white rabbit’s hand.

“Well well, it’s noon, who are you sending meal to?”

Fei Long boss decibel increases, the overtime employees crowd around the small white rabbit teasing due to boredom.

“Xiao Nuo Nuo, did you know we were hungry so you deliberately brought food here?”

“Cut your virtue, stop having delusions that dish washing sister-in-law will send you food. Dish washing sister-in-law certainly brought food for Zi Yuan Ge”

A brother intentionally emphasis the three words “Zi Yuan Ge”, Nuo Nuo hearing this felt her goose bumps bursts out, she shook her head like a rattle, “It’s not what you think, Fei Long boss, give me back the lunch box.”

Fei Long boss seeing the small white rabbit hopping anxiously, he got more excited and was prepared to open the lunch box to see what was inside, “Xiao Nuo Nuo, what are you shy about? Zi Yuan and Xiao Big Boss are still in a meeting. You see if this is good, Fei Long Ge in the past treated you like a dear sister, so share a little of this lunch box fill with love with me.”


Nuo Nuo wanted to cry, obviously the Planning Department is a group of men, but as long as she was there, they would ridiculously tease and gossip, why is it so? She simply wanted to send a meal, but they can play infinite imaginations, exaggerate the solution N times and then render to the other parts.

Even last week in the company’s own forum she saw the gossip post about Senior Mo and her. Now everyone has misunderstood that she’s delivering Senior Mo a meal, she would like to clarify this, but she was afraid it’ll implicate Xiao Big Boss. If they really open the lunch box and see inside the black potatoes and stick into a lump of butter shredded pork meat, her fame reputation will be ruined.

People eagerly anticipated and coward around Fei Long boss, just as the lunch box was being open, Nuo Nuo heard a clear calm voice behind her, “What are you doing?”

As soon as she turned around, the small white rabbit’s face was in tears, she anxiously want to relent to Xiao Big Boss’ arms, crying, her savoir has finally arrived. Fei Long boss seeing Xiao Yi and Mo Zi Yuan coming out from the office, still grinning indecently said, “Well, Xiao Nuo Nuo came to deliver to our dearest Zi Yuan a lunch box filled with love, we are ready to have a share.”

Although it is overtime, but the atmosphere was lighter than usual, coupled with Planning Department colleagues who was Xiao Yi’s brothers, privately they also mingle and seeing Xiao Big Boss at this moment is not really seriously, they became noisy again.

“Zi Yuan Ge~ your fortune is really good, Xiao Nuo Nuo helps you wash the dishes and now cooks for you, when will she help you create a warm home?”

“Yes, best give us two cubs to play with. (indicating Mo Zi Yuan and Nuo Nuo should have children)”


Hearing these words, Mo Zi Yuan have been silent, finally looked up and lightly shouted, “Nonsense!” Everyone was dead silent, they thought the joke has gone too far. Zi Yuan Ge was angry seeing the small white rabbit to beckon with his hand, “Nuo Nuo, come here.”

His tender eyes, gentle tone, which they have never seen before. Well, it seems Zi Yuan Ge interests has been aroused. Nuo Nuo was startled, make sure Mo Senior had just called her. At the same time, Xiao Big Boss’ mouth hooked a thin smile, he folded his arms to his chest while slightly glazing at her. Nuo Nuo understand, Xiao Big Boss such eyes means——

At this critical moment, if she does not expressed the truth then she would surely die. After a slight pause, the small white rabbit held her own lunch box, upright and said, “This…… you really misunderstood, I came to delivery lunch to Xiao Zong.”





Still silence.


In a heartbeat, in addition to the two parties, everyone froze in their positions. But at this time Xiao Big Boss’ smile flourished, ah not bad, this will teach these guys the small white rabbit is ultimately someone’s private property.

Xiao Big Boss and Nuo Nuo left the petrified coward, and affectionately entered the office.


suteki: her colleague and parents always brings laughter and more excitement. Imagine how struck they would have been seeing Xiao Yi and Nuo Nuo affectionately enter the office? Especially Mo Zi Yuan hahaha.


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  1. Haha, now that was a shocking revelation, to the men at least. I can start imagining how they looked like during the stilled silence, and start to guffaw. Now they have finally revealed their status. Hohoho.


      1. Big boss will be very happy about that. ^^ Excited to see how he’s gonna react to her meal ‘full of love’…


      2. Er, he’ going to throw up or something? I can picture him eating the whole thing though, however nasty the thing tastes. Even if Bog Boss have to take day off the next day due to food poisoning…


      3. Will look forward to that! Gotta read something first, talk to you later in the day. And I liked how cool Big Boss was that time, haha.


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