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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 11.2


This is probably what Mo Zi Yuan wants to do to Xiao Yi LOL

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Cloudy

Chapter 11.2 – Senior Zi Yuan.

Although the incident was very embarrassing and shocking, Nuo Nuo soon forgot about the incident, but to her dismay, her personally delivering Xiao Big Boss lunch, he was quite calm, he entered the office again, staring at the computer and started cracking away at work.

Nuo Nuo while holding the lunch box filled with love felt frustrated. Regardless, Xiao Big Boss should have at least verbally praised her. It is still raining outside, so regardless of the weather she still came to deliver him lunch. Nuo Nuo felt tangled, she had to deceive and encourage herself: Never mind, never mind, wait until Xiao Big Boss eats her food that she prepared then he will certainly understand her intentions.

Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo placed the lunch boxes in front of Xiao Big Boss, with the chopsticks, she picked up a few pieces of shredded meat and placed it directly into his mouth, “Try some.”

Xiao Big Boss without taking his eyes away from the screen, naturally opened his mouth.

Seeing him slowly chew, Nuo Nuo stared at his mouth, his eyes suddenly jumped, this nervous feeling…… was something she had not experienced even during her college entrance examination……

But after all, this is the first time she personally cooked a meal for a loved one. Finally, she watched Xiao Big Boss’ rapid fingers on the keyboard stop, his mixed expression after experiencing five different tastes. Finally, she couldn’t resist and stretched to ask,

“How is it? Does it taste good?”

Xiao Big Boss was someone who did not express his emotions easily. Therefore, she did not expect much from him, just a slight nod would satisfy her.

As a result, Xiao Big Boss was silent for a long time, he closed his eyes until his mouth swallowed something before he could slowly migraine, “Nuo Nuo, who taught you how to make this dish?”

“My mother.”

“Then did she tell you that to cook a good dish, it is best if you try it first?”


Xiao Big Boss rather euphemistic and implicit expressed his meaning: This dish, is difficult to eat, if you do not believe me then try it yourself.



Xiao Yi I hate you.

Can’t you pretend it’s delicious? Will that kill you?

On Monday, the day Nuo Nuo officially becomes a full-time employee had arrived.

Compared with other new colleagues who entered the company, Nuo Nuo was a lot calmer. Not to mention her relationship with Xiao Big Boss. In just a few months, she had already entered the two project group and moved to the seventeenth floor office. With these two exceptions, everyone knew without a doubt that Nuo Nuo would become a formal employee.

Even so, in the morning Nuo Nuo couldn’t help but go to work feeling a little flustered. Full-time employment, never in a thousand to a million would she have thought that she would become a full-time employee. With full-time employment, it meant that her salary would increase, bonus’s received, year-end bonus doubled up, social insurance and housing fund all guaranteed. And the most important thing is that she is still able to go to and from work with Xiao Big Boss every day.

The thought of being able to be together with Xiao Big Boss day and night made Nuo Nuo’s heart fly out the window, she was completely inaudible to what the HR manager said.

In fact, Nuo Nuo this little rookie to full-time employment, she didn’t need Xiao Big Boss who attended hundreds of matters every day to approve. As long as Nuo Nuo’s boss Mo Zi Yuan approved, the Project Manager approve again, then Nuo Nuo can directly go to the Personnel Department Manager to sign a formal contract.

So this is the course that every new employee must take, arriving at the Personnel manager’s office to drink, whether it’s to signing or dismissal. Xu Mei Li, the Personnel manager is a thirty year old smart woman, seeing Nuo Nuo becoming full-time knew that this was an important moment she actually talk fugue, the corners of her mouth also seemed to have a non-slight smile, and she didn’t interrupt Nuo Nuo sipping her tea.

Her sitting here, in fact, did not require too much technical content. The most important thing is to look sinister, one can read the Big Boss’ mind is enough. This Xu Nuo who had not been here long, but Big Boss had already hand-picked her twice, once even directly moving her to the seventeenth floor, and then becoming an alternative administration lunch delivery sister.

Such a thing, it’s the first time Xu Mei Li encountered since taking the Personnel Manager position. So she clearly understood that this Nuo Nuo was not simple. Not to mention producer Mo Zi Yuan and now the Project Manager Uncle Li approved her to full-time employment, even if the two didn’t approve her to become a full-time employee, she would also not dare to presume to advocate, to really kick her out of Owl Wing.

Because according to her confidants report that Nuo Nuo even during overtime on Saturday and Sundays had delivered lunch to Xiao Big Boss. That is to say, the relationship between the two people is beyond what they imagined.

Xu Mei Li lightly coughed to reclaim Nuo Nuo’s mind, “Nuo Nuo, did you hear what I just said?”

“Ah?” Nuo Nuo was astonished, embarrassingly touching her nose, “I’m sorry, I was just thinking about things.”

“It’s okay, I mean, you becoming a full-time … …” Xu Mei Li had not finished her words before her office phone rang, Xu Mei Li smiled and apologized before picking up the phone call.

“Hello? Ah? Well, okay, okay, okay.”

After her brief conversation finished, Xu Mei Li stared at Nuo Nuo feeling complex. She swallowed her intended comments that she just wanted to say, stared and said: “Nuo Nuo, first put aside the full-time employment procedures, Xiao Zong wants you to make a trip to his office.”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo frowned, her chest unconsciously tighten.

Her small women instincts told her that things were not good. Not to say that full-time employment there is no need for Xiao Big Boss to intervene. She had officially joined the company so being summoned to see Xiao Big Boss, and also because the Planning Department recruited very few females. Xiao Yi is directly under the jurisdiction of the Planning Department, it is only natural for her to meet with him.

But now …… what is the situation?

Nuo Nuo nervously bit her lower lips and inquired, “Did Xiao Zong say what’s the matter?”

Xu Mei Li pressed her lips together, her expression became more uglier and said, “Ah, Mo Zi Yuan and Xiao Zong are in the office quarrelling.”

Nuo Nuo arrived on the seventeenth floor, and saw all the brothers secretly eavesdrop near Xiao Yi’s office door.

Seeing that Nuo Nuo was here, they all scrambled away, only Fei Long boss slowly walked in front of her and opened his mouth, finally about to speak, but ultimately turned into a hesitant sigh.

Nuo Nuo saw that everyone was acting rather strange, she became more afraid to face Fei Long boss with red eyes and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Fei Long boss patted the small white rabbit shoulder as comfort and said, “It’s all right now, Uncle Hai has gone into the office and separated the two. Fortunately they had not broken into a fight yet, just yelling at each other.”

Fei Long boss’ talk had been exaggerated, but at that moment, Nuo Nuo had to believe this and her neck slightly shrunk and asked, “What’s the reason that caused them to argue?” Wasn’t Xiao Big Boss and Mo Senior college brothers? She heard the original Owl Wing Production Company was a small workshops and when they didn’t even have money to buy employees social security, Mo Senior gave up on a well-known domestic online games company invitation and ran to help Xiao Big Boss.

So the two brothers, usually even if there were differences in work, could also be easily forgotten, much less like this gaffe, to quarrel in front of all the employees. Nuo Nuo went to Fei Long boss’ side and shrunk, howling to think; Could it be related to the lunch box incident yesterday?

Well, she admits, it seems a little like…… a peacock.

But given usually the brothers so loved to jokes about her and Mo Senior, and yesterday after knowing the truth, Mo Senior’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, the small white rabbit had concluded to this speculation.

Fei Long boss with a gasp said, “A word or two cannot clearly explain to you, you go in first, Xiao Big Boss is waiting for you.”

Hearing this, the small white rabbit did not want to go in, she stubbornly clanged to the back door. When Xiao Yi became angry, it is not like any ordinary horror, he is usually calm and sedate but today actually roared like an angry lion, though she has not personally seen it but one can imagine the horrors.

At such a dangerous time, Nuo Nuo didn’t want to die. The small white rabbit struggles and accidentally bumps open Xiao Big Boss’ door. People held their breath to see Uncle Hai with an extremely gloomy Mo Zi Yuan.

Nuo Nuo grit her teeth, seeing Mo Zi Yuan walk pass her, she slightly shouted, “Mo Seni——”

Mo Zi Yuan seemed to have never heard it, he didn’t even blink and directly walked past Nuo Nuo like she was air (invisible).


Nuo Nuo froze in place completely embarrassed, does he really…… hate her? Fortunately, Uncle Hai came to her rescue, seeing the small white rabbit present, he pushed his glasses and smiled, “Nuo Nuo you came? Go in, Xiao Zong is waiting for you.” Entering the office, Xiao Big Boss was buried in files, his hair covered most of his face, and she could not see a clear expression.

Nuo Nuo steadily yet embarrassingly said, “Xiao Zong, I’ll go brew a cup of coffee for you.”

Xiao Yi looked up, raised an eyebrow as usual and said, “I thought I’m not allowed to drink coffee, didn’t you say it’ll harm my stomach?”

Nuo Nuo sees Xiao Big Boss’ expression flutter, he didn’t seem angry, so she loosened her tone a little and asked with great care, “Just now…… what happened?”

Hearing this, Xiao Yi rubbed his temples hesitated before saying, “I have some differences on certain decisions with Zi Yuan, so——” Xiao Big Boss paused, then said, “It’s a decision regarding you.”

The small white rabbit hearing this made her heart and liver immediately thump in chaos, she wanted to ask but dared not to, she had to struggle by pinching her arm. Did she really guess right? Mo Senior and him——

Nuo Nuo consciously lowered her lip and carefully thought. Mo Senior recently does seem a bit weird, such as when their eyes meet he would smile at her, for example he would calmly remind her not to stay up late to write-up the scripts, like he loved dangling around her, he would detour through her working area just to have a drink of water.


Dull as the small white rabbit may be, she also found out that Mo Senior was not normal. However, because the small white rabbit was in a relationship[1], Nuo Nuo had been reluctant to acknowledge this fact.

Here Xiao Big Boss’ eyes gaze, he changed the subject and said, “A few leaders have decided that you will go into full-time employment.”

“Oh?” Nuo Nuo’s eyes light up, she looked up giggling and grinned, “Really?!”

Although she did not quite understand why Xiao Big Boss suddenly brought up her full-time employment issue, but the small white rabbit happily shook her tail, a dream come true. Today, her luck is too good, her career, love, double harvest, she must properly worship Buddha.

The small white rabbit was incredibly happy, when suddenly Xiao Big Boss brutally spoke,

“However, I rejected it.”


Nuo Nuo’s excited heart suddenly jumped, electricity directly cut off.

Her mind was empty, with only one sentence kept echoing: But I rejected it, but I rejected it but I rejected it……

Nice one…. But.

For several months, her dream of becoming a full-time employee bubble had burst. And this bubble was directly caused by her boyfriend. For a moment, Nuo Nuo could not describe the feeling in her heart.

Xiao Big Boss’ words simply pushed Nuo Nuo towards heaven, and then in less than a second, directly pushed her into hell. Such a big gap left Nuo Nuo was unable adapt. Does her character have such a negative value?

What’s the difference between Xiao Yi’s expression and someone telling you, “Congratulations, you have won the five million yuan prize”, but then say “but because of the financial crisis, the awarding units have gone bankrupt”.

[1] 名兔有主, funny enough that the author used the word ‘rabbit’ instead of ‘flower’, usually this phrase use the word would be flower instead. (名花有主)

suteki: Xiao Yi and Mo Zi Yuan is always arguing because of Nuo Nuo. and that concluded chapter 11! YAY! *pops a bottle and throws confetti* I feel like its such an achievement because we are half way through the novel 🙂 Hope everyone have enjoyed the novel thus far!~ hopefully I will be well enough to finish the novel, I recently caught the cold and my body feel so drained out and zombie like. *blows nose*  



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