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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 12.1


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 12.1 – Marriage Proposal Refused.

Regarding the dismissal issue, Xiao Big Boss had his consideration.

Last week, after the small white rabbit delivered lunch to him, Xiao Big Boss had already started to think very seriously, ‘Maybe, Nuo Nuo really shouldn’t stay on in the OWL Wing company.’

Firstly, their relationship will sooner or later be made public, as even now many rumors are already circulating. Xiao Yi instinctively did not want Nuo Nuo to be the object of gossip and speculation.

Secondly, the Planning Department pack of wolves is becoming more and more audacious, when they were free, they liked to stand near or place their arms around the small white rabbit and flirt at will. Although Xiao Big Boss viewed himself as someone with a high tolerance threshold and was usually indulgent towards the Planning Department band of brothers, but this thing regarding Nuo Nuo, he could not!

Xiao Big Boss didn’t know how much longer he could tolerate this, he was afraid that one day he would inadvertently chase this pack of male animals out of the seventeenth floor out so that the only he would remain.

Thirdly, it seems that as long as the small white rabbit was in the office, his work efficiency would decrease considerably. If he suddenly heard a burst of laughter coming from outside, he would be worried about the pack of wolves flirting with his small white rabbit. If the project schedule was delayed and overtime was needed to speed up the progress, then he would worry that the small white rabbit would be tired and hungry.

To sum it up, there is truth in the old adage, “Office romances are not desirable.” So after much consideration by Xiao Big Boss with a stroke of his pen, he rejected Nuo Nuo’s approval to to promotion full-time employment.

Observing Nuo Nuo’s dejected and despondent countenance, Xiao Big Boss’ heart ached, and in a soft voice explained, “With your current identity in Owl Wing, it’ll be hard to get along with employees, and your family not in need of your wages, so……”

“Money is not the main issue!!” Xiao Big Boss hadn’t finish speaking, when Nuo Nuo shot up feeling outraged, with her eyes flashing a fiery passion she said, “Before I came to OWL Wing, my previous job wages were very good, I also got along with my boss and colleagues. It wasn’t easy for me to resign to come here to start over again, it’s not just about drawing a salary, but it’s because I love this job!!!”

This was the first time Xiao Yi had seen the small white rabbit angry, feeling startled he coughed before saying, “Nuo Nuo, don’t get agitated——”

Xiao Big Boss patted Nuo Nuo’s head to calm her down, the corners of his mouth curved up into a gentle smile and he slowly said, “Wanting you to leave, it’s because if we are in a boss-subordinate relationship, getting married won’t be easy.”

Hearing these words, the still grumpy, small white rabbit suddenly stiffened and was rendered speechless.

Is this a…… marriage proposal?

Xiao Big Boss embarrassingly coughed, and slowly turned his back to Nuo Nuo, because both his cheeks were glowing with a faint pink halo. He admitted that as a man he is very selfish, his consideration was focused on his future with his small white rabbit and not Nuo Nuo’s career prospects.

Nuo Nuo as Xiao Yi’s girlfriend in the company, may not be a big problem, but in the near future, when the small white rabbit uses the “Mrs. Xiao” identity to appear in the company, who would dare to give her pressure, assignments or professional guidance? Such a situation, is bound to lead to reduced efficiency. On the other hand, as “Mrs. Xiao’s husband”, he may not be able to tolerate others criticizing Nuo Nuo and her being ordered around.

So the best solution is that she resigns.

Xiao Yi didn’t know how Nuo Nuo would react, so after finishing his sentence he stood in front of the window, pretending to admire the scenery, his hands crossed but his palms were slightly sweaty. Well ~ he never thought that a day he would come, when he would be so nervous waiting for an answer.

The vintage clock in the office slowly swung its pendulum to and fro, after what seemed like a century had passed, and yet was actually only a few fleeting seconds, Xiao Yi listened as Nuo Nuo said in a low voice: “You want me to resign… so we can get married?”

Xiao Yi smiled, but he didn’t speak, for a long time before his nose made a “uh” sound.

At this moment, he thought the small white rabbit would very moved, be in tears, or so thrilled she would be unable to control herself. These were the various scenarios he had thought of, but he didn’t expect that the reality would be——

Nuo Nuo cleared her throat, and she calmly said, “So you are saying, there is nothing wrong with my capabilities? As long as we don’t get married then I won’t have to leave?”

Xiao Yi frowned, before he could figure out what Nuo Nuo meant, he heard her energetic voice saying, “If that’s the case, Mr. Xiao Yi, I formally inform you, I refuse your marriage proposal!”

At the same time Nuo Nuo came out of Xiao Big Boss’ office, Xu Mei Li also received Uncle Hai’s notice——Nuo Nuo has been officially dismissed. As a general rule, such a matter requires the Personnel Manager to personally find the party to have a talk, then sign the resignation letter, pack up, and finally go to the Finance Department to settle accounts.

However, with regards to Nuo Nuo, a person with such a special identity, Xu Mei Li felt helpless and awkward. She found Nuo Nuo on the seventeenth floor, the small rabbit staring at her computer screen in a daze.

It turned out, when coming out from Xiao Yi’s office, one of the small white rabbit’s close girlfriends, Su Su happened to send her an irrelevant joke. Nuo Nuo felt the need to unburden her troubles, to find someone to vent, so without thinking, she sent a message directly typing:

“Xiao Big Boss proposed to me.”

Su Su had always known of Xiao Big Boss existence, hearing this, she immediately sent a QQ jitter expressing shock.

[ Su Su eats meat ]: Awww, you’re getting married so soon? Wa hu hu, you haven’t even brought Xiao Big Boss to introduce to me, and you’re already going to get married? I hate you!!!

Nuo Nuo sighed with a bad taste in her mouth and typed the following line.

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: But I refused.


This time, the small white rabbit waited for a very long time, but there was no reply from Su Su’s end. Nuo Nuo getting really impatient, said:

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: Ey? Anyone there?

[ Su Su eats meat ]: Nothing, suddenly started twitching all over, my heart was beating so fast it almost jumped out of my chest. I had to swallow a bottleful of calming pills.

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: =__= What are you trying to say?

[ Su Su eats meat ]: You stupid idiot, are you all right? Are you suffering from brain cramps? Such a good man, a wealthy, handsome guy, yet you refused? You really refused?! Very good, very good, I applaud you.

[ Su Su eats meat ]: What about this, how about you give your Xiao Big Boss contact details to me, if you don’t want him… good! Give him to me, I will hook him in (seduce)!!

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: Don’t get too excited, I haven’t finished. Xiao Big Boss is too much. He knew I really valued this job, yet he used “after I get married, it’s hard for me to get along with employees” as an excuse to dismiss me. You know also how much I really like this job.

[ Su Su eats meat ]: …… you really do have brain cramps right?? How silly ah! After you marry Xiao Big Boss, he will belong to you, his company will also belong to you, then you just need to cajole him through pillow talk, how can he refuse to let you go back to work then?

[ Su Su eats meat ]: You’re a little idiot, you have not thought things thorough ah? Now that you have refused Xiao Big Boss proposal, not only have you lost an outstanding wealthy, handsome man, moreover, in the workplace, he’s the boss you’re his employee, he can make things difficult for you! You think you can still make a career for yourself in the OWL Wing?

Nuo Nuo read Su Su’s words, on the spot…… she was dumbfounded.

Yeah, why would she forget the first workplace advice her father taught her? You can offend anyone, just don’t offend the boss. Not only has she yelled at Xiao Big Boss, but also refused his marriage proposal, slammed the door and left without giving him any face. After this, how is she going to carry on working in the company?

Nuo Nuo scratched her head, leaned against the wall, it’s over… She’s finished, at that time she only thought to keep the job that she loves, she actually carelessly——

The small white rabbit’s head was in a whirl, when suddenly her QQ flashed. A large dialogue box appeared on the computer screen, with only a simple sentence:

“Nuo Nuo, let’s have a talk.”

Nuo Nuo blinked and took another look, the person who messaged her was actually——

Mo Zi Yuan.

The small white rabbit pursed her lips, not long ago Mo Senior and Xiao Yi had a big fight, Nuo Nuo’s little heart shuddered involuntarily.

What is this ah!

Milot Coffee Hall, gentle piano sounds like water flowing out.

In front of the windows, a man and a woman were sitting on in the soft sofa, sipping coffee while chatting. But it was obvious, the girl was very nervous, from time to time she looked around.

She accidentally hit a spoon, the clanging sound rang out suddenly and clearly through the quiet cafe.

Nuo Nuo finally found it unbearable and said, “Mo senior, both of us skipping work to come here, is it going to be okay?”

Half an hour ago, the cold as ice Mo Zi Yuan suddenly wanted to speak to the small white rabbits, Nuo Nuo did not have time to reply “Okay” when Mo Zi Yuan typed his second sentence, “I am opposite in the Milot Cafe waiting for you.” Then, he quickly went offline.

The small white rabbit had no choice, she had to quietly slip out. Although on the way she felt frightened, she did not encounter any colleagues, but this cafe was just opposite the company, she heard that the Commerce Department colleagues and clients would often come here to drink coffee, what if she gets caught?

suteki: What an unromantic proposal that was, no wonder Nuo Nuo rejected you Xiao Yi tsk tsk. Hmm I wonder what Mo Zi Yuan wants to say to Nuo Nuo.


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      1. I’m still really sick, hopefully I will be better by the end of the week. Yeah it’s winter here, pretty freezing at night but it’s incomparable to USA and Europe’s winter.


  1. agree…such a proposal… 😀 but he was so cute at start of this chapter …ahh our poor Nuo Nuo …wonder what will Mo Zi Yuan say … 😀 hope it will be something romantic 😀 but if you say you were yourself shocked I doubt that


      1. yeah, that’s true… I meant it’s better to have two boys in love with one girl then two girls to fight over one boy… don’t know why, but I feel like girls act strange (at least in most of novels or dramas or mangas) in these cases 😉 and its even better when man is in love before girl – girls act really so … not cool …. ahhh – when I see it in dramas I feel like crying, girls don’t act so stupid, writer had to be man in such scenario ….. anyway – I’ll stop talking nonsense 😉 thanks for chapter, I’m so looking forward to next part 😉


  2. Tsk tsk, what a way to propose marriage. And Big Boss, women decide whether they’d like to stop working once married or not, you cannot just dictate it to them, it would only cause unhappiness and regrets at the end and would often be the issue of arguments later on.

    Suteki, you’re still unwell? Eat lots of orange and calamansi or lemon juice with honey, drink medicine before sleeping and sleep a lot more. Do take care.


    1. Yeah Xiao Yi is too much of a male chauvinist… which is something I don’t like in men. >.>

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      1. Yeah, he has to work on that big time. Well, no one is perfect, he can work on it. I’d like to see how they are going to go from this oint.

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  3. That’s a beautiful news, get a lot of sleep tomorrow, and when you got lots of them, wake up and translate more for us. Lol, peace! You should be careful not to spread the virus to the child and no kissing for now. Hihi.


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