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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 1

I won’t be doing a full recap since I know peanuts or decembi will definitely do one, instead I’ll just do a mini recap. This is my first time ever recap so don’t expect something professional…

Watch Episode 1 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


         Our OTP meets at the hospital.

I’m guessing this is the new character added in the drama adaptation that wasn’t in the novel. Zheng Qi, creative director of the R & D Department

Shan Shan is shocked to learn the man in front of her is her company’s Big Boss.


We get a flashback in her home town. These children are so cute, doing a little dance to farewell Shan Shan.


Ohlala Shan Shan fantasizes herself as a successful business woman. Quite sophisticated and charming I must say.


This must be her best friend Lu Shuang Yi, who’s the novelist. I can’t remember if Shan Shan did live with her friend’s apartment in the novel. Anyone wants to clarify this and refresh my memories?


We’re told Feng Teng and Qi Shuai have been friends for more than 15 years.

A funny moment here, Shan Shan runs across and Feng Teng recognizes her. He wonders if she’s seen him, he doesn’t want to be since with the way he’s dressed thus ruining his image. LOL And because she lives nearby the basketball court he plays, whether he thinks whether he should change venue to avoid her in the future.


Shan Shan gets a call from her mother, informing her that her cousin, Xue Liu Liu has arrived in Shang Hai and will be staying with her.


Seem like someone is quite popular with the ladies. Even our female heroine thinks he’s quite handsome.


Shan Shan’s position in the company is a financial assistant. A crises occur, the figure of the contract has an extra zero and all her colleagues point their fingers at Shan Shan. She runs around in circles.


She apologizes and think she’s going to get fired, when she is told that Feng Teng’s sharp eyes have spotted the error and fixed the contract before any official documents were signed.


I thought the animation was quite hilarious. XD


How cute is Shan Shan’s hand warmer? She starts to question why she got into company, is she just a human blood bank that they hired?


The animations are just too cute *squeals*

At the end of the episode Shan Shan doubts are confirmed. She is merely just a human blood bank.


8 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 1

  1. Oh ho! finally a place to squeal about this drama! 😀

    I was afraid that the editing would be really shoddy because wasn’t this filmed earlier this year? But surprisingly, the editing has been even better than dramas that took forever to come out (BBJQ for one). I’m loving the original undubbed voices here even if the accents are different which I find to be very acceptable in modern dramas 🙂

    I’m loving how cute everything is and even the addition of 棋帥 makes “Boss & Me” more fun! LOL, I’m loving episode 3 because 棋帥 is quite the playful and clever friend 😀 😀 😀


    1. I’m so glad they didn’t dubb the voices!

      At the beginning when I saw Qi Shuai in the hospital I thought he looked a tab weird. But as the episode progressed he isn’t half bad. His interactions with Shan Shan are quite charming and funny.

      As for Feng Neng (Zhang Han) a little dull and robot-ish so far, but I will judge after a few more episodes.


      1. Hello sutekii! I LOOOOOVEEEEEEE Boss and Me. I have the chinese channel on cable and watched it with my family last night, the first 3 episodes. And, it’s SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. Hahaha. I think I will write something on it, but doubt I will be very fast. I actually like Feng Teng now. heehee. Oh and Qi Shuai is some head of their research department ❤


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