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MV: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》

Since the drama has officially started airing, so to get into the hype I’ve found two the opening and closing songs of the drama to share with you. So upset I can’t watch the drama live, will have to wait until tomorrow and search for Episode 1 😦 Thank you bingu for sharing the link. ❤

I will update and share some screenshot goodies of episode 1 when I have time.



6 thoughts on “MV: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》

    1. Yeah that’s because Boss & Me fills in the whole ‘Geat China Dream’. With all those other dramas pushed back I’m happy at least one that I’ve been anticipating to finally air!

      Have you started watching it yet?


      1. According to peanuts the drama will air 3 episodes per night except 2 episodes on Saturday and Sunday. Which is a bonus, 3 doses of the drama each night is great ^^;


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