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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 12.2


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 12.2 – Marriage Proposal Refused.

She has just offended Xiao Big Boss, if she commits another offense of “work time AWOL (unauthorized absence)”, most likely she would really lose her job. Nuo Nuo felt restless, however, Mo Zi Yuan was calm and oblivious, after sipping his coffee, his deep voice said: “Nuo Nuo, has Xiao Yi told you everything?”

When the small white rabbit heard this, she felt startled and agitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth and nodded. It seems… the matter of Xiao Big Boss wanting to dismiss her, Mo Senior was also aware. With this knowledge in mind, Nuo Nuo’s heart tightened, she could almost glimpse his innermost thoughts, but her perception was fleeting and her line of thought was almost lost.

Can it be, the Mo Zi Yuan, who regards Xiao Yi like his own brother, is falling out with Xiao Big Boss for the first time because he wants to dismiss her?! If this is really the case, Mo Senior without a care for their years of mutual affection and kicking up a ruckus, what could this mean?

The answer is clear, but Nuo Now the turtle had retreated.

Her slender fingers unconsciously clenched her skirt, in a moment, Nuo Nuo was entranced by Mo Zi Yuan’s melodious, deep male hovering overhead, “Xiao Yi and I argued…… because he wanted you to leave……”

Nuo Nuo took a deep breath, smiled and jokingly said, “Other than making up little stories, I’m not good at anything else. Zi Yuan Senior, you really think too highly of me, I’m really overwhelmed!”

Hearing these words, Mo Zi Yuan’s eyes started to gleam, with an intense expression he said, “It’s not your ability that I value——”

When the small white rabbit heard this, her smile stiffened, and her heart went “ka cha”. She finally understood, perhaps …… Zi Yuan Senior calling her out here had nothing to do with Xiao Yi, nothing to do with her resignation, but ……

Nuo Nuo blinked, she dimly heard Mo Zi Yuan faintly say, “The reason he wants you to resign, is it because of marriage?”

At this word, Nuo Nuo felt more calm and nodded her head, then she realizing she already rejected Xiao Big Boss, shook her head emphatically.

When Mo Zi Yuan saw the small white rabbit nodding one moment, then shaking her head the next, his originally gloomy mood was lifted and laughed out loud. He must admit, towards Nuo Nuo, he did have some strange feelings. Previously, when Fei Long and the others were teasing them, he didn’t think much of it. But when, he did not know, he started to realize, the eyes of this girl are very bright and very bewitching, as if they possessed some strange power of drawing him in.

Not pretty, but she possessed delicate features;

Work was not perfect, but her writing was full of life;

Personality wasn’t particularly unique, but when she smiled, it was full of sweetness;

Not particularly good at speaking, but she frequently enlivened the mood.

However, it is just because of these “buts”, which enveloped him so tightly, that when Xiao Yi said, “I want to dismiss Nuo Nuo”, his feelings exploded.

Earlier on he could realized something was going on between the two of them, but at that time Mo Zi Yuan thought he could not mind, but when he found out the two may get married, his heart’s deepest desire finally unraveled. Can’t her go, can’t let her resign. At this moment, in fact, even Mo Zi Yuan found himself amusing, how could he deceive himself and others by using the high-sounding excuse, “Nuo Nuo is a talent, her leaving is the company’s loss” to oppose Xiao Yi; didn’t he even have the courage to admit that he was jealous?

With a wry smile, Mo Zi Yuan said, “Nuo Nuo , if…. if there wasn’t Xiao Yi….”

Mo Zi Yuan hadn’t finished speaking, when Noah Nuo resolutely and decisively interrupted, “If there wasn’t Xiao Big Boss, then we wouldn’t have OWL Wing company, I wouldn’t be working here, and I wouldn’t have met you, Mo Senior.”

A polite and calm, small white rabbit frankly destroyed Mo Zi Yuan’s last hope.

There are some people and some things, that have been long destined by the heavens. It will not change because of our choices, it will not bend to our will, because it was always just so. However, when we have not arrived at that moment, we wouldn’t realize it either.

From the beginning, Mo Senior, you’re not my type.

Even if there were no Xiao Big Boss, that person will not be you, being so cruel to you, it’s because I hope you’ll search for the person you’re destined to be with. With a sigh Nuo Nuo concluded, “Mo Senior, the person you are looking for is not me.”

After a long silence, Mo Zi Yuan finally regained his former expression, tightly closed his lips and said, “Nuo Nuo, thank you.”

Nuo Nuo shook her head with a smile, and regained her usual timid small white manner and said, “Then Mo Senior, could you do me a favor?”

Xu Mei Li, manager of the Personnel Department, because of Nuo Nuo’s dismissal issue, was in a dilemma.

Considering Nuo Nuo’s relationship with Xiao Big Boss, Xu Mei Li felt she could not afford to offend this esteemed goddess. On the other hand, she could not understand how Xiao Big Boss’ mind works, one moment he’s elevating Nuo Nuo to the skies, the next moment he wants to dismiss her.

Xu Mei Li spent ten years working in the Personnel Department, it’s her first time struggling. In the midst of her struggles, Planning Department’s star producer Mo Zi Yuan called her, and issued a simple command, “Nuo Nuo has been approved for full-time employment, you are to prepare the contract.”

Hearing these words, Xu Mei Li was surprised, cautiously she probed, “But Xiao Zong——”

“Xiao Yi and I have already discussed. A little later Lin MM will contact you.”

Xu Mei Li immediately acquiesced, indeed after hanging up, Lin MM bounced in a moment later. “Xu Manager, Nuo Nuo’s full-time employment application has been approved, all department leaders have examined and signed it, you can have a look and issue the contract.”

Xu Mei Li was at a loss, she specially took a look at the last page of the application, in the last box was a lively and vigorous signature. After confirming that the words “Xiao Yi” was not a forgery, she started to gossip:

“This time it’s like this, what the hell is going on?”

Lin MM’s blinked her glittering large eyes, after confirming that no one was around, she whispered, “Manager Xu, don’t you know? My guess is, Xiao Big Boss had a quarrel with Nuo Nuo, Xiao Big Boss was being petty, so he refused to sign Nuo Nuo’s full-time employment application.”

“Then now why did he agree?”

Lin MM smirked, “It was Mo Senior, the peacemaker, just now I saw him taking Nuo Nuo’s full-time employment application to find Xiao Big Boss.”

Two people whispered to one another, everything seemed to be clear…….

At the same time, Nuo Nuo and Mo Zi Yuan were QQ chatting……

[ Nuo Nuo inactive ]: Zi Yuan Senior, thank you.

[ Mo Zi Yuan ]: No need.

Nuo Nuo’s fingers paused on the keyboard, bursting into tears: Zi Yuan Senior seemed to be more distant than before.


Well, she must admit it’s her fault, she obviously made use of a good person do a thankless job, getting Xiao Big Boss to sign her full-time employment application. However, she had no other choice, after refusing to get married, she didn’t need experience to know how hot-tempered and frightening Xiao Big Boss could be.

At a time like, the guilty offender should not appear. But things have come this far, for the sake of this job Nuo Nuo had already resisted Xiao Big Boss’ beauty, how could she give up halfway? So, the small white rabbit after much deliberation, decided the only way for Xiao Big Boss to sign her full-time employment application without getting angry was——

After looking at the screen with a guilty expression, she quickly typed her words in an attempt to ease the atmosphere.

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: Then…… when you gave the application for Xiao Big Boss to sign, did he say anything?

This sentence was sent out for a long time before there was a response, still cold words.

[ Mo Zi Yuan ]: No.


For a moment, Nuo Nuo felt dizzy, that word was swinging to and fro in her mind.

No need for Mo Zi Yuan to describe, she could also imagine that scene, Mo Senior places the full-time employment application in front of Xiao Big Boss, that person’s black face, a pained look of forbearance while pausing, before signing the papers.

Knowing Xiao Yi for such a long, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Jun have reached a consensus: The unhappier Xiao Big Boss is, the angrier he gets, his face expressing an increasing look of forbearance. Neither happy nor sad, eyes as deep as a pool. But the more Xiao Big Boss is like this, the more a person gets afraid of him.

A famous person has said: “If we don’t explode out of silence, we shall implode in silence.” The calm before the storm is what the small white rabbit is most afraid of, causing her to tremble with fear, also, she is very conscious of her own situation, “explode out of silence” is Xiao Big Boss, while herself, “implode in silence”.

Mother, save me ah~


Why did her brain short-circuit and offend Xiao Big Boss?

Nuo Nuo was contemplating hitting the wall when Mo Zi Yuan sent a stream of words.

[ Mo Zi Yuan ]: What are your plans from now on?

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: Ah?

[ Mo Zi Yuan ]: If Fei Long’s spreads the rumor, I estimate it will be less than three days before the entire company knows about the relationship between Xiao Yi and you.

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: ……

[ Mo Zi Yuan ]: And based on my understanding of Xiao Yi, even if you won this round and passed full-time employment, he would have other ways to make you resign.

This time, Nuo Nuo didn’t even have the strength to hit the period key. In her mind, the loud sounds of thunder were booming. Her heart only had one idea:


Thoroughly finished!

Xiao Big Boss wasn’t a person to give up that easily, now not only did she forsake the embrace of a beauty for her job, in the near future, Xiao Big Boss will still be sweeping her out the door. With things like this, what’s the difference between losing one’s wife as well as one’s soldiers?[1]

[1] 赔了夫人又折兵 can also mean losing the bait along with the fish; to pay a double penalty.

suteki: And that concludes chapter 12!! Did anyone see that coming? Zi Yuan Ge affections for our Nuo Nuo? OMG!~ No wonder Xiao Yi was so eager to put a ring it on. XD I remember one of my readers asked me whether we get to know about Mo Zi Yuan feelings.. now we do. This is all for “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run” this week. There will be new chapters released on Monday.


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  1. 🙂 he was nice… its so heart breaking to do….. but I wonder what will Big Boss do now… 😀 can’t wait for it… thank you suteki 🙂 hope you are feeling better 😉


    1. Big Boss will do something which i find really cute and sweet.

      Thank you giginka I’m still unwell but I have taken sick leave for the rest of the week. So hopefully I’ll recover by Monday.


  2. That’s good that are finally taking a rest until the end of the week. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    1. What is a man to do, after his marriage proposal is rejected? Obiviously is turn to his play boy experience childhood friend!

      Thanks cathdeary, I’m on sick leave just at the right time, I can marthton through ‘Boss & Me’ huhu.


      1. Wow, we’ll get to know the Phoenix guy?

        I’m envious, I won’t understand the thing even how many times I watch that drama, this is such a dilemma.


      2. No, not “Huang Yan Nine Days” roommate, he comes appears in the novel around chapter 14.

        This is another close friend, Zhong Yan. They grew up together.

        I guess you’ll have to read peanuts review and wait for english subs to come out then =/


      3. Hmm, we’ll see what would the playboy guy will come up to and if it’s even effective.

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  3. tbh, i don’t really like the writer put ‘mo senior interested in nuonuo’ in the plot. i just don’t like because i don’t like if he and bigboss have awkward relationship after this becayse they were buddy since college.. i think its fine if he find nuonuo is cute but to like her.. it’s really a turn off to me. *sigh* guess i have very weird taste..

    curious how bigboss act after this.


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