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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 4

Watch Episode 4 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Shan Shan asks Feng Teng whether she can return to the guest table because she’s currently under everyone’s watchful eye. Her every action is being scrutinized. BM23

It’s unknown what Zheng Qi sent Feng Teng but this only causes Feng Ting to openly show attentive towards Shan Shan. Meanwhile Shan Shan looks on jealously at Zheng Qi socializing with the ladies on his table.


Shan Shan congratulates Feng Yue and her husband on their baby son’s full month. She also tries to make a toast with Feng Teng but is hilariously rejected by his excuse of not being able to drink since his driving. So instead he pours his share of the wine into her glass LOL


Following closely to the novel, when Shan Shan announces she’s going to leave, Feng Teng holds her back, asking her to help him send off guests. On the way, sending her home, they stop and have beef noodles.


Shan Shan pinches herself because she thinks the events of today feels like a dream. The next day on the way to work Shan Shan spots Feng Teng car, she goes peek inside which leaves Feng Teng questioning if she plans on stealing his car haha.

And due to Zheng Qi walking Shan Shan into the company, rumors are circulating and her gossip noisy colleagues are on the hunt for answers again. She is extremely happy that starting from today she won’t have to eat pork liver lunch boxes. But her happiness is short lived because Ah May calls her to inform her, from today she will have to go up to the Boss’ office and get her lunch instead.


Again the next scene followings to the novel closely so I won’t elaborate either. But since her status elevate from receiving lunch box to actually having lunch with the Big Boss, the entire company is wary of this ambiguous relationship. (How cute are her gloves? >.<)

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      1. no suteki already watch last night after sleep 3 hours when wake up check that link here, there are 2 actually not saw episode 6, after finished episode 5 then look in that little screen show number 6 so watch all 🙂 I think maybe already come 5 morning your time or could be earlier I’m not sure 🙂 because when I’m watch it 10 my time .


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