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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 5

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UPDATED: vietsubs here


Shan Shan thinks of the incidents that has occurred with Feng Teng and she knows he can never fall for someone like her, pushing those thoughts on the back of her mind, she starts to play some game. The name she created was “Beat the Boss and have good sleep/dream”, after finishing her game she comes up with an idea to avoid having lunch with Feng Teng, pretend to be sick!


Not even half a day and her act have been blown without her realising, but instead of getting angry Feng Teng worries that she will catch a cold in this weather, since she’s not wearing enough. Oblivious to what’s going on, she enjoys her instant noodle. After she finishes her lunch, she does a funny dance, which Feng Teng follows… Haha


One of her finance department colleagues informs her boss that she has obtained her CPA (Certified Practising Accountants). She intentionally emphasis she’s got into the company with her capabilities, not based on personal relations. Shan Shan then says, she didn’t get into the company based on personal relations, but her ‘blood relation’ LOL


Seems like today Shan Shan isn’t the only one who’s caught out in their lies. Luckily Feng Yue is smart covers up for her older. Feng Teng seeing she’s still putting on the unwell act, he informs her from tomorrow onwards she won’t have to pick out his vegetables for him. I find the actress that plays Feng Yue really adorable and likeable, I’m liking her performance thus far.


Because of the some document issued arise, this affected Shan Shan’s mood, the usual bubbly Shan Shan is like a deflated balloon with no appetite, she even restore to eating in the back staircase…


Feng Teng is one step too late, someone has beat him in the game. Zheng Qi finds Shan Shan crying and lends a shoulder for her to  cry on and tries to comfort her, with Feng Teng observing afar. 


Zheng Qi and Feng Teng have a man-to-man talk. We get an insight on Feng Teng’s views of Shan Shan, when Zheng Qi questions him ‘it is due to his identity as Big Boss, he is unable to put aside his pride to court her?’

Feng Teng says: “Shan Shan is really special, she’s completely different to the women that’s around me. She’s simple-minded, and adorable.”

He’s afraid once they start a relationship she might change.


She receives a call from her parents, asking why she hasn’t called back in so long. Their relationship is really sweet and you can say they’re very close. Her parents only want her to be happy.

It seems like Shuang Yi has gotten herself a boyfriend, Du Fan. Liu Liu questions Du Fan sincerity because in the beginning he was courting Shan Shan, suddenly his target as changed to Shuang Yi. The following day Shan Shan is extremely happy to know she has finally pass her three-month probationary period. The episode ends with Shan Shan receives a congratulatory text message from Feng Teng.

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