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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 6

Watch Episode 6 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Shan Shan is surrounded by her colleagues, they corner her wanting an answer. They all have one question on their minds, is it Feng Teng or Qi Shuai’s that’s her backing her? Du Fan announces that her boyfriend is him to save her.

Linda says the Boss is in a mood is gloomy, and we find out it’s because Feng Teng think Du Fan is Shan Shan’s boyfriend. When one’s mood is bad, of course everything you eat doesn’t taste good.


At the cafe with Liu Liu and Shuang Yi, Shan Shan apologizes for using her husband (Du Fan) LOL. Shan Shan receives an SMS from the company informing employee they have banned “office romance”. Nice one boss, this is how you’re going to stop Shan Shan and Qi Shuai being together?

Feng Teng decides to travel to Korea for a business trip on Christmas Eve to clear his mind, Feng Yue questions him whether he’s actually going on a business trip or because of Shan Shan. He said to his sister, “Sometimes being too smart is not good.”

The following scene follows closely to the novel where Ah May informs Feng Teng that Shan Shan misses him. Mind you, which she didn’t say. In the novel she goes to the office to tell Feng Teng she doesn’t want to pick his vegetables anymore, while in the drama, it because her colleagues wants her to persuade the Big Boss to reconsider banning “office romance.”


Once she’s done with overwork, she finds Liu Liu, sitting on the staircase all alone on Christmas night, they go to the basketball court have a girl-to-girl about her relationship situation.


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